Find Micromax Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Harrow Vivero Tsukimotto says:

    you are saying right they are offering a nice grip in hand with this phone... as we say with the Galaxy ALPHA and now the enormous beautiful S6 Edge

  2. Muhammed Naqsh says:

    not inch specification is over the nexus 6p so why use this phone if the prices are high

  3. RASHID IQBAL says:


  4. Azam Jutt says:

    so nice

  5. Hewa Sulayman says:

    NFC on the samsmung phone is usable for different things whereas apple smartphones can only be used for mobile payment just like the same with the iphone 6s. however their plan is to extend the usablity of the apple pay

  6. Aarif says:

    any new update for lenovo a526 phone.. i having issue with my wifi connectivity that is why trying to update my os.. or something else need to update

  7. Rakesh Ahirwal says:

    A large screen phone with a powerful specs inside and for those who loves to have a smartphone but want a style there you are.

  8. Lgraine Elbachir says:

    three giants are now on lead; nexus, lg and Samsung with their all premium devices5 MP Duo front camera is not been tested by many

  9. Usama Javaid says:

    Large, high-quality screen display of the device 4G support in UK and i not yet found the detail that this phone 4G supports UAE as well

  10. Iqbal Mugal says:

    This is quite slim and looks so beautiful. I like its design without the home button. The perfect design for me. :)

  11. Amr Abd Elwahed says:

    Metallic body and better construction quality of the m8 and this phone has NFC, Expandable storage

  12. Faiyaz Ansari says:

    but Note 5 gives me the usual work opportunities, particularly with a stylus pens. communication quality is slightly better.

  13. Albashiq Albalkhi says:

    display are very narrow on the galaxy Samsung note 5, mainly next to those curved edges, and the phone fromt outer side look really elegant compare to the galaxy s5 and previous note 4 and note 4. South Koreans has taken a material leap onward here in terms of unique scheme.

  14. Ibrahim Mithoo says:

    It would be a normal smartphone as sony is concentrating on producing normal smartphones.

  15. Jawed Ahmed says:

    In the settings of this different phone , you can also easily set the basic display for missed calls and voice mail, as well as add an indication for any installed application.

  16. Melad Tag says:

    user-friendly operation with the unique brands watches not sure about with the iOS because i do not use watch with Apple software

  17. Sukiena Twair says:

    I am in waiting of the updation available for lollipop 5 for this phone I have this and I need to unlock all features of 5.0 os

  18. Emmy El Awady says:

    so the s5 you recommend or this one or the xperia z2 compact because all these two compare to grand prime is ok

  19. Susau Mua Fonorito says:

    well it is been very hard to set this phone prices cheap... because there is good camera and front camera also the speed of the phone is looking all ok

  20. Faheem John says:

    Can you please specify the right like of these products