Find Micromax Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Loae Baya says:

    is there is front facing flash on the device?

  2. Djallal Kab says:

    here is the replacement of their own htc m9 series but actually original basic model is far better than this. iterative design executed and sunlight result of their devices are awesome

  3. Yanal Alwafe says:

    Surprisingly, both the smartphone will be able to fully support 2 sim-card.

  4. Adam Fattal says:

    It has a 20 megapixel of camera which is best to take the Photos even in the dark and or in the lights. The Smartphone has a powerful flash which can light up your image.

  5. Aachar Khaled says:

    I suggest you to buy this phone if u are in searching of a small size and high end best phone yet. In black it is awesome

  6. Hmzah Abuordon says:

    want this phone and just here i got the best prices... thanks

  7. Mustafa Hadi says:

    2 GB of RAM, where as Android smartphones put 3-4 GB ram to their phones as there is need to optimize their software with more amount of ram time after time but not same with the apple

  8. Prashant Kumar says:

    previously I noticed that the galaxy s5 sound quality is not that good but then galaxy s6 arrive with a lot better and different sound speakers.. The same position of the both speakers at the bottom on the samsung s7 new than with more noice cancellation

  9. Elghany says:

    this is exactly what I needed because their is not that kind of weak battery now in the xperia devices

  10. Tamer Majali says:

    They has a standard with the aluminum unibody still no other model have this.

  11. Shams Tabrez says:

    Your right but the thing is, HTC has stopped producing unique smartphones..they are producing just the simple hand sets with some of the changes in the varients and a couple of changes in the models p)

  12. Faizi says:

    what is the price of samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 in india?

  13. Puja Thapa says:

    s is well nice wearable watch as compare to this one.. the prices are bit high but high end features

  14. Gayas Majid says:

    this is a best fantastic Smartphone and i love this phone

  15. Adv-Mohammad Odeh says:

    No new features but their glossy design on the both sides front and rear make samsung looks stunning than ever.

  16. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Midnight Blue D10831 is available now ?? Please give me the prices I want the white versions and of course the storage is 64gb approx… is this is lte version?

  17. Aurangzeb says:

    I want Panasonic eluga a price and delivery please send me details

  18. Mohamed Alnakeash says:

    Generally, transform Smartphone within and elsewhere, Apple did their finest as possible representatives of the "iPhone" to date.

  19. Salah Ashraf says:

    what are the prices than for the note 7?? dimensions, dual-edge screen hich backed the phone in its class. can't grip a two-handed phone possible but may be if more less dimension and the note 7 may be more small in sizes

  20. Khaled Shaalan says:

    Iphone 6 plus is a wonderful phone and i like to take pictures with it because its camera is really very good.