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  1. Shazia Hassan says:

    You would be loving it as it has some good kind of stuff inside and playing games would never be so much good before this monster Smartphone.

  2. Suleiman says:

    note smartphone in black color look good.. but it look more premium and good in hands in silver and blue color... blue is my favorite one

  3. Mohmmed Nour says:

    Google nexus is really very good and a wonderful smartphone. This phone only has one problem whihc is the heating problem, and if nexus work on iot they would get rid form it.

  4. Melhem Melhem says:

    So while listening to the music playlist, if the user while playing it turn up the volume to maximum the red screen switches on…. So what actually the work of this screen is there is any enhancement with that need??

  5. Maria Dabees says:

    3000mAh is one of the biggest battery in all those smartphones which are having the same specs and launch in this year.

  6. Jamous says:

    Ridiculous Design this Samsung phone is totally looking ugly

  7. Aziz says:

    Does your HTC Velocity 4G have a broken or damaged screen?

  8. Faseeh Ahmad says:

    how this phone feels in hands any one get its hand on turbo

  9. Saber says:

    i am from Oman, and have no idea yet when this Windowsphone will be available here

  10. Safia Bhutto says:

    Is Apple more improve the battery life of the iPhone 6 please tell me I want to know that.

  11. Alan Warner says:

    Yes on my first impressions all the things that creates the Samsung S6 and also the edge edition more good as I wonde, infact it is so nice

  12. Hussen Almazruai says:

    5.2 inches screen size with the 554 ppi pixel density is the advance and far more better than the apple phone, as well phone has Fingerprint sensor and it is (PayPal certified)

  13. Ayo Ayota says:

    Built-in noise cancellation and also the screen size is quite large .. i not want steep price for desire 610

  14. Mudassar says:

    in Pakistan 17500.

  15. Abo Sarya Taan says:

    One thing i want to mention here about the galaxy note 5 and even in all new coming phones is that while calling or making video calls and recording when notification arrive and we are chating with someone else battery drain instantly as well as our smartphone performance become slow and same issue with apple smartphone

  16. Raees Mushtaq says:

    7.1 mm no doubt the phone is good but not apple make the world most slimmest high end phone. glass screen is perfect and ideal i like it.

  17. Amamra says:

    offering outstanding battery life that is durable enough and give you best hours. In your pocket the phone is quite big

  18. Bonaa Alkhaldey says:

    A rarity desire to push out to become alot better. USB 3.1 or an older standards all are now gone as expected in the previous launch note 5.

  19. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Prices are now updated.

  20. Medhat Yasseen says:

    iOS 9 will bring a slew of cool new features to iPhones and iPads, including the upcoming iPhone 6C and th iphone 7 the new features are Force Touch, a revamped keyboard, iMessage improvements and lot more seen in future