Find Micromax Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nazmul says:

    How I buy it?

  2. Sohaib Wedyan says:

    which one by them is more nice the new moto x phone or the new nexus phone.. well i think the performance of the nexus is more good and better lollipop updates

  3. Ahmed Fauzi says:

    Reach ability does not solve the problem,. When compared to the flagship smartphone on Android platform there is some issues

  4. Wesam Layas says:

    This phone is fantastic featuring more wide angle and lens and got good selfie camera

  5. Abdulrahman says:

    J100F has dual sim slot support?? And what about the removable options on the samsung j phones

  6. Akbar Ali says:

    not the phones are water proof but yest the iPhone is scratch proof and glass protection this time is perfect… I need sir Glass Screen Protecto to protect my phone screen … where can I get it?

  7. Basma says:

    Although both based on the same set of UI system to create, but because there are many different hardware configurations

  8. Ali Hasan says:

    they are using IRIS scanner now to give eye recognition to their phones. may be other pro phones by lg has more innovative features like that.

  9. Snfoor Azar says:

    that is even look elegant in hands I just take a small review of that phone. Camera is beautiful also

  10. Mubeen Adnan says:

    is this device is water proof??

  11. Mohd Sofiyaan Khan says:

    model got many recent updates

  12. Awe Esom says:

    the huge phones is now liked by many peoples and yes there is need of a powerful durable battery that is include in this phone

  13. Wali Lazkin says:

    poor battery life other wise as compare to all the new phones; as well as the nexus 6 huge one!! this phone featuring perfect display, RAM, Camera and lot more you may love

  14. Ahmed Zeni says:

    there are many videos from rumors regarding to the construction design of this kind of phone which obviously i think they can apply on the upcoming iphone in 2016 really a nice designs

  15. Yasser Al Taieb says:

    2,550mAh non-removable battery that is low specs in manner of durability of the device.. but it is the only disadvantage in this phone

  16. Alfayad Mo says:

    4K video is made your battery perform low and heat up as well if you are using following feature in iphone 6 but may be the next model has so much new in that way

  17. El Sayed Abd El says:

    But the main sensation is not the point: she hits the high price at which the Korean company has to sell their new smartphones

  18. Honey Singh says:

    resolution is low but the graphics and animation quality is very good. I love to have this phone in my pocket. I always recommend my friend to buy this phone.

  19. Shimaa Mohamed says:

    g f70 and lg cookie both phones specs are quite similar also design looks same

  20. Moayed Al Aboudi says:

    is there is Graphite color available for this phone and I can customize my lg phone; can I personalized my rear leather case