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  1. Salah Fathy says:

    Compared to its other Android rivals such as htc m9, lg g4, nexus 6p, Huawei mate s that nhas a very limited selection of features within the resolution and perfomance compare to galaxy s6 phone this year

  2. Gassan Jarrog says:

    has promised capabilities and after the update of next OS will be light one more than 2 days without any doubt. Thums up for Samsung

  3. Zhiyar Sabah says:

    this LG phone is absolutely amazing!! The camera is good and all the things relate to this phone is too... it is extremely capable to give u best and instant performance

  4. Amer Ali says:

    where it was really just a burden to the user, and the user experience Technical literal point reduction . Imacs are also good looking and similarities are some inside

  5. Jitender Mehto says:

    I want to buy Note-3 from UAE if any one can help for shipping please help me

  6. Riad Mohamad Deeb says:

    8-core Exynos works actually fine and the free bezel design also

  7. Loma says:

    hi, im having pblorems with my activation of my mms.... im s talk and text user and i cant even send for the activation of my cherry mobile stellar mms settings, can u help me on this matter. thanks a lot...

  8. Madut Mayar says:

    the most strongly affected by the heating 3D-calculations. However, even with the forced frequency regulation play most titles can comfortably

  9. Saima Zaidi says:

    The screen is really very and i think this phone is only for those who loves to enjoy the game and videos over the big Screen.

  10. Abd Al Alim says:

    tell me what u people found best in nokia xl phone... only that it supports little bit android OS application on something else and newAbd al Alim

  11. Saeed Abu Wahid says:

    Waooow what a phone and the screen resolution is very high. I always capture pics with my note 4 and it seems like DSLR photos.

  12. Nabil Amen says:

    Main camera Pixels of this phone is not awesome but has all similar in characteristics to the modest phone cameras that were in the flagship last year, provides pretty picture quality, as you can see for yourself.

  13. Mhmd Barkal says:

    terrific service, especially since a few weeks ago was upgraded to Lollipop on galaxy s6 model have 128 gb model. really protecting the screen and other hardware looks pretty

  14. Mosaraf says:

    like this phone

  15. Algazali says:

    it will be more better as Asus improve its processor however it looks great so far in reviews ...

  16. Nidal Abdullah says:

    stunning design but not use it easier because need to make a new way to do lot of things

  17. Saif says:

    hello der, Ay want it,Sper and very Nice. HELLO !! i want g flex it is super and very great smartphone

  18. Tarek Allam says:

    Though, important updates to the iPhone 6S camera skill, an innovative form of pressure-sensitive navigation called 3D Touch, and a quicker computer all unite to stay the next-generation

  19. Hikmat Omer says:

    By convict, you might not have to go away with the iPad air to pay in the shops, you almost surely favor to iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus.

  20. Rehan Rana Randol says:

    LCD Screens are cool and the note 3 has full hd display; best phone for photography with the dim light some improvements are even required