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  1. Abn Alwtan says:

    With no issue widget disassembled and playback full high definition streaming video, and work in a browser so as i need the same with the edge new

  2. Azzani Abdullah says:

    Just because of the MicroSD the Phone is not getting the Popularity in the market and this is the main reason of theior low sale in the market.

  3. Basel Agha says:

    tell me the release date of the device and what is the screen size.. I know they are all set to compete with the iPhone 6s and Note 5

  4. Abdul Hakeem says:

    I am using yet HTC incredible S but now i want to change my phone, but i am puzzle that which phone i buy... HTC One or HTC One Max ... give m some opinion

  5. Mohammed Zia says:

    When it will launch in UAE??

  6. Sara Mustafa says:

    In fact, there are advocates who say Apple hardware where Windows works best is in an Apple machine.

  7. Khaled says:

    where in kuwait

  8. Saeed Syrian says:

    7420 Octa-core is the most superb processor ever use in any Smartphone or any other phone with the same specs is out?

  9. Ahmed says:

    when phone is coming in markets and tell me the expected prices for this lumi 530.. is it is cheap phone??

  10. Joe Mando says:

    If you have a lot of money in your pocket than here is the master piece for you, drain the iPhone 6 and go for the Google Android Phablet phones.

  11. Elmasry Adel says:

    all the same features but really a great color and body. fingerprint scanner is same the changes is with the body design and This is smaller than the Galaxy Note 4

  12. Paam says:

    Dude.. have lil sense... the rates mentioned in apple website is for two year contract with specific carrier.

  13. Rebar Armany says:

    A similar ability predecessor G Flex becomes about 180 seconds.

  14. Teta Beba says:

    i buy the new lg g5 and it is really faster and good looking phone finally after a long time. something different but not that elegant with the graphics of g5

  15. Omar Alqayyeh says:

    prices should be more less because of no camera in this phone... also phone is not for brand like samsung and apple.. so why still expensive prices

  16. Saleh Azad says:

    apple now proved that they has an ability to make all kind of gadgets even it is an amazing watch that is so personal.

  17. Kurniawati Desy says:

    The edges of the Smartphone have been used to let for stereo speakers required this feature because htc is using this and got really nice response from consumers

  18. Ali ELagooz says:

    their claim is to give it more battery life, more ram and performance abilities improved even it seems to be an advanced model. But after the launch we all knew that it is a burdern in your pocket actually not I prefer iphone 6 plus over iphone 6

  19. Alshareef says:

    a zooming wheel on this mobile phone is just another additional accessory of this mobile phone; so it is actually more than a Smartphone

  20. Hussam Al-Shaheen says:

    from the backside of the device there is surprisingly more compact body looking more elegant