Find Meizu Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hassam says:

    when LG GX F310L available in Dubai markets

  2. Habib Mcce says:

    In general, we continue to find the Touchwiz interface overloaded options and features not always easy to discover.

  3. Mahde Beghdadi says:

    a good value for money and reduce in prices also over the edge plus model a big difference. Ingenious handwriting recognition with the stylus finally got required upgrade in note 5

  4. Haroon Anwar says:

    but phone has low quality 8mp camera... i want a good backside camera as well like.. xperia z3 ... which will include 20 mp camera...

  5. Karo Rasol says:

    w-lan and other connectivity features are work really really fast. I am using my iPhone6 since last week and it is always give me good feeling in hands it looks fresh all the time

  6. Alina Gean says:

    this phone get now kitkat

  7. Khalid says:

    People compare Samsung galaxy S series with iPhone, but in my point of view, there is no match of Samsung Galaxy S6 with Apple iPhone 6 or 7, iPhone technology is far ahead of Samsung Smartphones.

  8. Rachid Farya says:

    The HTC One mini 2 is also another affordable Smartphone (we just contrast it to the Galaxy Alpha) and the LG G3 mini is up till now to be coming.

  9. Sherien Nasir says:

    I want to buy Lumia1320 phone. Hows the battery life in heavy usage?

  10. Rasme Attiah says:

    they in reality makes the leap to the 4 GB of RAM, but we also benefit from the long diagonal screen because Samsung has integrated a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. We

  11. Aamir Hamaa says:

    if it is also able to upgrade to kitikat 4.4.2 new android OS???

  12. Osama SemSem says:

    there is a real boundary between the main part of the screen and the curved area?

  13. Nouur Kadiri says:

    anyone tell me how this phone looks any official detail about this phone and screen size is ok and specs all are ok also new ios is coming with this phone so hope with best

  14. Rameez says:

    i m using this phone and having problem with my battery... i know this phone is heatup very far,... but its battery unable to give 4 hrs now

  15. Arej Hs says:

    The camera of the Note 4 as compare to iphone 6 has perhaps, not weak display.

  16. Shah Haider says:

    i need the prices please give me

  17. Mathew says:

    Hi, I like to buy Lumia 525 ...your feed back... in UAE..price..pls

  18. Habeeb Alfan says:

    can some one help me, where i can buy this phone in dubai ??? Amazing phone

  19. Erika Al-Bunyan says:

    how much is its battery ability and how much it is durable in power saving mode...???

  20. Salim Akbar Bhiwani says:

    20.7 megapixels of primary camera is very hillarious. You can take multiple images with the help of it. I think that Sony has some really very good kind of stuff.