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  1. Tawheed Apalo Islam Das says:

    not this smartphone is hima windows phone there is still a mystery behind this windows phone or they unveiled it with the WP10

  2. Khaled Alkassar says:

    look like a good tab.. capable of many things

  3. Ahmed Khan Khakwani says:

    4g LTE support totally or not on this model or samsung unveil another model of this one

  4. Nazim Nisar Memon says:

    Desire 816 price tag is good set by HTC as compare to other phones by Sony and Samsung, But not the Ram is too much high and camera is good

  5. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    the price should be like the last edition because as 2015 come every one is busy with the next Samsung phone and HTC M9 so as LG G4 is coming... they should set a best price tag and marketing strategy

  6. Rachida Sghaier says:

    it is bigger so as the Phablets but low battery capacity as compare to other rivals; developers need to launch any new updates for the software so battery issues resolve

  7. Abdul Moeez says:

    I compare prices for all online stores and now planning to buy desire 816.. Hope this phone is good and powerful in performance

  8. Osman says:

    from the front their is big changes also they are reducing the dimensions and make phones edge bit more smoother by making it round

  9. Nabeel Paroya says:

    The screen size is just the similar as the original ipad air, but imagines more high resolution in support of good battery and CPU performance is all ok and zero gap in screen.

  10. Signorina Asma says:

    yes this is ultra slim but 32gb version prices are still high

  11. Mahmut Dilekci says:

    The most usual insight is it stems from iCloud holdup errors in iOS 9. Few of the users approximately their statistics was misplaced when they reinstated their Apple 6S from an remaining Apple Samrtphone backup (in the case of additional devices)

  12. Ciwan Hassien says:

    If you are too lazy to watch the entire two-hour presentation, and even in the English language, we offer sit back and enjoy the show!

  13. Mohamed Khatib says:

    the new Verizon edition of the note 4 is also come now with a really best price tag i really want to buy this phone and now it is possible for me to buy this one

  14. Naina says:

    hi i would like this s7 silver and 64 gp

  15. Habib Mcce says:

    In general, we continue to find the Touchwiz interface overloaded options and features not always easy to discover.

  16. Fadya Jobaily says:

    iOS 9 makes the wast applications work even more faster as well as before apps need not much ram and not cache issue like the Android Google OS but the software ofcourse smooth

  17. Halgurd Jaff says:

    i not like phones wich do not have good camera, not quad core processor and able to do multi tasking as well.

  18. Shah Qaim says:

    From a manner of CPU that is going to be faster and yes the RAM is further more included with support of next Android version… Samsung looks great with this kind of stuff; the note got QHD Display and the Alpha like body.

  19. Youssef says:

    from where did you buy buy it ?

  20. Ibrahim Onbashi says:

    Future packed among premium features, the Lumia 535 supports a colorful stylish external look, more reliable and in sunlight on a wider 5inches display and a advanced quad-core processor for a fastest Smartphone experience