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  1. Saed Siyaf says:

    better than a laptop?? no it is just a bad thing that is waste of your money.. i really not like by seen this one specs ..

  2. Zena Alhorane says:

    I love the Nexus devices because I am using this one right now and upgraded from nexus 6 to 6p. I actually, really do. But one of my good things is somewhat I had not even fantasized was likely — excessive durability. And not only UNLIMITED battery life but good durability give you full day

  3. Ahmed Salh says:

    Either to some extent with the innovative design, as well as few alike hardware’s that mark it out as a bit differ to other rivals specially xperia z ultra

  4. Al Taha says:

    Li-Ion 3220 mAh battery why not as note 4 has.. display is better than note 4 and many features instead of battery.

  5. Mahmoud Hasan says:

    for day to day use the battery is really impressive with the usual iphone 6s; and iphone 6 plus is not that durable than. Array of palms than and seems to be such a big deal among the UI

  6. Tag Muhammad says:

    suggest modest improvements that everybody is expecting but i want design like iphone with the same specs and size

  7. Nahyan says:

    it is not mega pixel but ultra Pixel as well ... The quality of a picture >4 Mega Pixel with Ultra-pixel....

  8. Abeel says:

    isit is available in Dammam?

  9. Osman Ibo says:

    pretty stronger with the similar alloy usage but different dimensions and weight so there is no bendgate issues anymore

  10. Wafaa Islamia says:

    ppi screen was bit low I am not expecting this from apple these days

  11. Ali Wahbi says:

    they actually amazed every body with that phone

  12. Mujahid Rizwan says:

    I need Samsung galaxy s801 call me 0567517400

  13. Ghafoor says:

    how can I save my battery and make it durable as possible.. Is there is any application for that… suggest me the one

  14. Ashfaq Prince Ahmad says:

    the performance of the camera of the Samsung phones right now compare to apple, HTC and other mobile brands is really bad.. The dim light result is very bad

  15. Laion Osama says:

    5-megapixel Facetime High Definition camera but useful camera improvements like the 4k ultra video capturing capabilities

  16. Rose Sa says:

    I dont know when but LG would be the best samrtphone company in the world and Samsung would become the company which is not even recomamaded.

  17. Said Akasbi says:

    but they keep holding some of old school thoughts as the button on the bottom to open home screen not actually something required and necessary in the phone. There are also some of the reports about the galaxy s7 Plus model

  18. Jawad Masood says:

    I am looking for Nokia 7230 phone to buy, if you have then please do let me know. Many Thanks

  19. Hnd Ali says:

    need more advanced audio options promise to provide a multi-directional video playback.

  20. Nathan Huang says:

    I say that after upgrade from iphone 6 from plus yest there is good big screen size but I notice that messagin is far more comfortable in the compact size device.