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  1. Mohaned Alhamarony says:

    Phablet stop required more power and life but as they notice that there is need they just improve the performance and as compare to 2014 year model there is much more upgrade features to give battery more durable life.

  2. Sayad Ahmed says:

    Again we find an iPhone designed iconic and another big update yet to see with the iphone 7 codename obviously next project for the developers

  3. Ali Azwar says:

    Same camear of 1.2 megapixels like the iphone 6 has. No new changes and no new things so that a difference could be make.

  4. Husam Al Khaled says:

    It is likely to position marketing from scratch, well; you can discovery stability among presentation, working time and screen qualities compare to the last gen in the new gen phones. It is like a walking little master; as continuously essential to maintain a balance - in agreement with its Apple branding and tradtion

  5. Saleem Ed says:

    yes the os is upgradable to the next one but not sure about the lollipop 5.0

  6. Kaharij Ali says:

    not bad latest tab by Samsung a good one...

  7. Shuzzain says:

    find Moto e as a good in performance and cheap phone... waiting for its availability in markets

  8. Star Herki says:

    is a beating 4,000mAh heart, which you will required to maintain that wider screen resolutions lit up and that muscular CPU performance is humble for many

  9. Yusuf Lotun says:

    a new iphone experience for us because this time your smartphone is all capable to responds with subtle tap and by use of different touch with different force different applications open up.

  10. Savio says:


  11. Doguscan M-Latya says:

    some inexpensive smartphones have such kind of build however there is nice design for the premium xperia z5 only

  12. Yousif Alshamery says:

    what about the payment plans if I buy in contract base any details?

  13. Alaa Derbas says:

    By the way, GALAXY Note 3 the world's first smartphone with 3 GB of RAM no other in that time has such specs and hardware.. The leading phablet and best selling phablet still

  14. Yusuf says:

    The processor include on this device is in fact what they did the more challenging this time for their rivals due to it is not the SoC 810

  15. Abdulmuhmin Tangkian says:

    the last year model that might be so called a replica of the iPhones is now got more valuable features with the new name mi5.. the perfect features as expected

  16. Sulaeman Najeeb says:

    love this amazing smart phones... it come with lot more accessories as well.. like new ipod so apple is the best brand 4 me

  17. Ghsot Joe says:

    By the way, I do not quite understand why the company abandoned the normal supplied and included stereo headset - of course,., but I would recommend for use with Z Ultra such a solution.

  18. Mohsin Jaffer says:

    so this phone i think is even more expensive that the iPhone 6 because the Edge has more features and as before the limited edition has expensive price point

  19. Samr Alsamrae says:

    should I buy this one in uae? Because s6 in uae prices are low after the launch of the s7 and the s7 edge phones

  20. Hamegy Egy says:

    all the navigation and other buttons of volume, power button placed at right position as people not feel bad while pressing keys with single hand