Find Meizu Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mark Gil Relox says:

    front button mode is still the classic oval Samsung Home button entity combining two virtual keys are used.

  2. Mohammad Hussain says:

    The curve offering a really nice and suitable handling but bit large phone than normal phones; it will be even more nice if they make it little more compact in such features

  3. Jamal Al Saed says:

    Premium devices with attractive price points;

  4. Muaeed Saeed says:

    i recommend this iphone 6 plus as many peoples saying there is so hard to use this phone with single hand whereas which phone right now with the same sizes has such nice handling as apple is offering right now.. this is great, slim and really in all circumspect their are new features

  5. Ashraf Ali says:

    as compare to g2 and note 3 this phone is not good... but battery capacity is much better and good for gaming phone as well... i like htc phones

  6. Abdul Basit says:

    i think Nokia Asha 210 will be available market mid of Jun 2013.

  7. Asad Khan says:

    i want to buy this

  8. Aljehishi Saed says:

    One of the most highlighted aspect of the Nexus 6 that is that this phone also support compatible turbocharger , which provides ultra-fast charging.

  9. Talha Alsood says:

    excellent features inside this phone.. so i love the better power saving mode of samsung.. also you can easily change now usb charger and Quad HD Display with more pixels make this phone a best yet monster

  10. Alsaddig Esea Elninee says:

    i want this to buy in contract so where can i buy note 5 in gold 128GB LTE contract in dubai

  11. Saad says:

    i do not find this phone more bettery than the galaxy s7 edge because it has not such nice high resolution and design of the samsung phones are more good looking and smooth

  12. Elkili Ali says:

    540x960 only in 5 inches smartphone their is some kind of a joke. i mean look at the high prices of the phone and then look at the hardware of this phone

  13. Nisar Aga says:

    It seems that instead of mobile we all want (a battery that lasts you have to take), only focus on to see who the sema more to make mobile, damaging in most cases the battery life.

  14. Salem Mohamed says:

    it is too early for that-and still maintains the TouchWiz layer long is lighter and less invasive, which probably all users thanks.

  15. Hasseeb says:

    8inches screen size is ok not too bit not too small mid range specs

  16. Elmasry Ola says:

    13 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and all good needed features inside but one thing is missing that is the perfect powerful battery

  17. Omar Abbas says:

    well the beauty I think is the note 5 and also the display looks great. but nexus is also offering such nice vivid colors as compare to galaxy s6 may be it is a nice option withing the same prices

  18. Taha Adnan says:

    Everything is as integrated metal ring around the Home button.

  19. Afganulla Mohammad says:

    is this phone also coming in pink color?

  20. Moris Fahmy says:

    It is even decent to understand South Koreans take these steps like using edge screen and may be 3d technology in future, as tougher Smartphones are somewhat that all of us wants to see in the samsung galaxy note 6