Find Meizu Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Medo Aboseta says:

    new OS update is available and now this issue is been resolved

  2. Nik says:

    i have iphone [email protected] 35000 INR n note 3 @ just rupees 27000 INR .. all new branded cell phones are available just contact me on whatsapp +919545292525 .. im from India ..

  3. Mido Samy says:

    not they capable to do lot more that is why once again the same like device with same 5.2 inches body size..

  4. Umaima says:

    The price is little high for oneplus3 smartphone than other countries. please make it cheaper

  5. Haikel Abdelli says:

    Midnight Blue color is really different but look so much elegant not this is like Samsung phones that look little cheap in hands as well with the same material usage.. but why not they made more nexus devices with small size and same like dimensions..

  6. Kentz G. Saturnino says:

    now many of the options are come with the each collection.. I like the edition of gold carat that is pretty but not there is any buckle with the Apple Watch Gold..??

  7. Helmi Manar says:

    Black, White two models but not find anywhere in uae 16GB black thanks

  8. Afaqullah Khan says:

    This is a god fone in Samsung

  9. Endris Abdu says:

    the usage of the s- pen is good as you can now as similar in predecessor note 3 draw and for the business persons it is a good selection

  10. Samer Ebraheem says:

    Apple has not elapsed about the disgrace with portable in the pockets of jeans, "6 inches diagonal size" because 6S iphone, seemingly cast in a tough aluminum and smooth has a more dependable attention of the screen resolution.

  11. Riaz Gondal says:

    It come along side with the storage of 16GB capacity (as does the apple phone) and there are no other options, but memory cards are dirt more become cheaper these days.

  12. Zigo Emmanuel says:

    it is the best phone i have ever used so ever. i wish to still have one

  13. Faheem Hassan says:

    This is not just a wrist watch but it is a smartphone in your hand and it would work as if you are using the smartphone. It has so many features and functions and I think It is best for kids they would learn so many things from it.

  14. Tufael Chowdhury says:

    The body is an all-metal "crib." In those places where the iPhone 5 glass inserts adorned, now also metal, separated from the main part of the strip of plastic.

  15. Mores Kilarje says:

    but this is not the single handed phone.. a big size phone bust has maximum build qualities you like it

  16. Jagadish says:

    please let me know t o buy brand new E5 or E6 and price for both models. mode of delivery or place to buy

  17. Mustafa says:

    the cases and the covers are available suggest me any case offering resistance with water

  18. Wazni Kahla says:

    a beast of a phone in more ways the headache for the others specially xperia and htc phones it is a nightmare

  19. Robbie says:

    what is the price of constellation?

  20. Sama Alasad says:

    great features of their new 12MP camewra a good quality and a bit more sacrifices with the design as well this time with the new samsung s7 this is why we seen may be more things on samsung galaxy note 5