Find M36i/C5503 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Adibeh Idrees says:

    My final belived regarding the apple iphone 6 is that the choice might be complete entire of the relaxed if there was truthfully a state-of-the-art edition of the 4-inch apple Smartphone launch in 2013, not a “special edition” which known as “s”

  2. Kumar Dileep says:

    there is some more improvement required with the battery because lumia 535 display is more improved and because of that battery instantly low down

  3. Al Faris says:

    5 megapixel front-facing camera is very good step but should be 8MP camera on rear side to make this phone high end Smartphone. However this is most remarkable value

  4. Majdi Alsaleh says:

    Each element of the boxes, each accessory in just yells about how a quality product in hands.

  5. Alhasan Nc says:

    800 dpi pixel density tells us that are necessary for consuming content on a smartphone UHD.. Still more resolution as compare to galaxy view tablet 18 inch by Samsung

  6. Mohammad Awny says:

    And one more detail: the protected glass is round and curved slightly this time, not just the right but the left, where there is no screen - just a while. This bend side of the Note approximately non-existent due to the border and because of the fact that the screen is flat, but still it seems very interesting and amazingly mind the iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus, where such rounding glass has turn out to be one of the most major fact Chipset In general good

  7. Khaled Kintar says:

    I have this phone it is a nice phone but not such faster as I am expecting

  8. Yasir Salah says:

    it was supposed to be one of the most better looking and most high end phone come this year and is all ready to lead the market

  9. Adeel Mateen says:

    excellent capabilities of note with stylus I not feel much comfort because it is hard to draw

  10. Moustafa says:

    but the charge speed of iphone 6s is fast has proven their quality features at the other side. a big size variant of this phone is the impressive 6s plus and some worthy updates is possible in the future

  11. Zahraa Al says:

    On the left side, as always that located rocker volume control. However, with one difference that has picky recording modes besides the usual.

  12. Khaled Shaalan says:

    Iphone 6 plus is a wonderful phone and i like to take pictures with it because its camera is really very good.

  13. Umniah Fajr says:

    when xperia c3 is releasing in the markets please tell me i want to buy this sony phone....cmera was soo bad it it true...

  14. Dahar Ayoub says:

    will be turn out to be give more extra time with their new update OS features and more capacity may be given to the upcoming

  15. Emre Altun says:

    i also recommend you all this comment because the galaxy s6 edge prices are too high than the normal phone and still not promising feagtures updated with the extra screen that amazed us

  16. Abdulrahman says:

    J100F has dual sim slot support?? And what about the removable options on the samsung j phones

  17. Sol says:

    where are you from

  18. Layun Prado says:

    518 ppi pixels for this phone where as still this phone has more resolution and good dpi compare to today's high end phones by their rivals. 1440x2560 pixels resolution and note 4 is awesome phone upgradable to v6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

  19. Said Salman Shah says:

    I want p 9 lite mobile how much

  20. Apas Rabi says:

    the excellence of performance that is phone gives... you can also combine many functions and it is not too long life of the battery of this phone but it can be say that the it is good phone in such prices