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  1. Ibraheem Iawyer says:

    Apple has to join the variety once more alongside with the luxurious 4-inch, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch editions – a ‘mini, medium and larger” move toward – entire of the sharing the equal build materials and all the internal features.

  2. Chol Kat Mayol Kat says:

    nice forcast found here about the new note5 helps me to find out which is best one for me thanks

  3. Mohammed Al Obiedat says:

    delivery until September 25 or may be next month, but in years as we take a look for the iPhone 6 few blessed consumers have received their iPhones slightly earlier same I am expecting from them this time.

  4. Mahfouz Taha says:

    the prices are fall down for some while but now again the price of iphone 6 is very high and it is beyond to my budget

  5. B Talib says:

    ok the style and design is not much change but what about the features and hardware improvement? not any phone this year come with this kind of technology and offering high resolution and Samsung Note 4

  6. Malek Ahshad says:

    In fact, this we all know Home button with it all, well, very simple.

  7. Shady Abdelkany says:

    can this big phone is able to keep alive up to 14hrs with 3g 4g

  8. Halid Rslan says:

    Trial is good but it obtains manufacturing ability to go after them entire retail shelves. Samsung contain retailing points no shock there - and they pull it off well, carry on the Note Edge to all the stores is required.

  9. Shaik Faizan says:

    16 MP sensor Sony works wonders. Camera Apps can be run in a split second from the lock the screen of the phone

  10. Majeeb says:

    Apple iPad Pro was originally conceived as a device-oriented business segment, so the fear of loss of revenue due to the late arrival on the market, Apple is minimal.

  11. IMRAN says:

    I want to need Samsung f210 battery black colour

  12. Anissa Al says:

    When you are using Stylus Pen as much as this, battery life that might be the great thing than; alos included wireless charging will be an extra capabilities that samsung note 5 got

  13. Hannah Butt says:

    when we will say hi to Apple 6c phone when iphone 7 come?

  14. Amar Yaser says:

    Samsung confirmed that this is the next phone arrived with the S6 a successor model of the S5...

  15. Tafi Rachid says:

    closest to the note 5 in the size but has major poorer things over the shapness and the graphic is not so much good

  16. Dody Elsayed says:

    is it a droid turbo 2015 edition? The same price of this model in uae as for other markets?

  17. Jalal Taher says:

    what is your fav application for fitness and health… mine is HealthKit it is so best and now expectation is to more updated with the new Operating System

  18. Md Mamun says:

    I think that the iPhone 6 is not good but the iPhone 5s is really very good. This is one of the famouse smartphone is the world.

  19. Salah Aldin says:

    And Apple has additional 3D Touch, a trait it talk a group concerning when proclaim the 6s previous this month

  20. Mohamed Salah says:

    Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat) is upgradable to lollipop when this phone got released?