Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Emad Lamin says:

    Yes, unfortunately, due to the premium design, Samsung had to give up moisture protection, but in this case a cool look and tactile feel is really important.

  2. Naser Aliraqi says:

    quite comfortable because of its slim body and light weight

  3. Hamza Saraj says:

    they adopted the design of the galaxy a series but still a series is not much premium as this phone is

  4. Ayham Aljbawi says:

    the camera of the xperia z3 runs a standard automatic mode, when the smartphone itself adjusts everything, and the user just selects the filter

  5. Ahmar Syed says:

    There are many not included in the iphone such as HDMI but as compare to iphone rivals as well they have no HDMi and this kind of features.

  6. Ahmed Ail says:

    which is trying to distance itself from the first model, but who have decided not to hide here, let us simultaneously changing the amount of RAM and ROM in different versions.

  7. Meeso Haddad says:

    as compare this one the the nexus 9 which one is best with high performing capabilities suggest me

  8. Issam Yossef says:

    it is a true beauty in your hands but also too much high rates they are offering. Incomplete microSD card support on the new phones not like it is that before

  9. Ata says:

    when coming nokia xi n dubai markete and what is d price n uae?pls inform me on my email.

  10.  Shoaib Farooqi says:

    The body is really very good and i think that the Smartphone is wonderful. Black barry is a good name in the market and i think you need to think over it before buying any other smartphone.

  11. Mohammed Aref Altahhan says:

    According to rumors, the tablet will be equipped with 8.9-inch display with a resolution of 1440x2560, 64-bit processor

  12. Khaled Eddhabi says:

    equipped with a landscaping feature no shutter button control and new instant in camera feature that allows users to capture photographs and selfies at best result

  13. Faraz says:

    best budget smartphone but wht about new moto e it is also a good one.. specs, Battery Life, Display all is ok and price tag is also low instead screen size

  14. Baker Talib says:

    tell me that is Microsoft Applications are working fine of the Google Android. want to run OneDrive, OneNote and Skype

  15. Ayham Kabani says:

    motorola was the first one to make wooden casin and that is very well with the design and not feel heat up issues on these phone.. I like galaxy phones and want same wooden housing on its back

  16. Mohamed A. Hadry says:

    tell me return is possible for this mobile with the carrier du? or if i want to change the model to etisalat?

  17. Rebels Libya says:

    which brings up five diverse accessible functions and features, Undoubtedly the touch display is amazing, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inches display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution Full HD and Super Amoled display is amazingly bright,

  18. Sunil Ranjan Katta says:

    It has a large battery as LG has. Only those smartphones companies are showing good quality of products which are not famouse in the market.

  19. Ahmad Hadi says:

    the same advantages may 5s get with the new OS update

  20. Taimoor Ali says:

    who say battery life is not good... this big phone is able to make 19hrs talk time... that is a much good performance for this kind of big phones