Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Donia Eladly says:

    Sanpdragon 615 and 2 GB RAM is read to show the best ever result. They would take you in a new world which is just for you and for your dreams.

  2. Mohamed Korani says:

    this phone really performing nice but just lack of apps always with blackberry

  3. Pair Work says:

    The package is well however there is alumunium is 60percent powerfull than other aluminum but still light in weight which is the most fantastic.

  4. Saif Mohammed says:

    As some of the users who often requireds always galaxy dev ice to use it with single hand now have this note 5 but bit still more bigger but nice handling, I appreciate the reduction in dimensions and better ergonomics infact overall nice design.

  5. Ghozlan Ahammad says:

    If the market is destined to go to the standard Nano-SIM, it would be good to do it quickly and smoothly, and not stretch the process for years.

  6. Baher Ali says:

    As for the battery performance, the device is not quick discharges and with the use of 3G and LTE it gives more hours as compare to rival with same display brightness and options.

  7. Samar Al Baba says:

    robust feel and the nice over the last year edition with the alloy usage and the great color combination they use

  8. Ibrahim Jamal says:

    Pure Edition gets storage of 64GB

  9. Oussema Ben Lizem says:

    Then the iPad Air 2 come out, delicately altering the touch-sensing skill that digital styluses relied ahead, violate few and dipping the correctness of others. Stylus developers silently recognized that innovative hardware miht be desirable

  10. Na Amr Shaaban says:

    The Smartphone width, however, is increased slightly, less than 1cm, and then the keyboard is still used in vertical well with the thumb, being able to easily reach both the Q that P.

  11. Ahmed Suu says:

    watch sport by apple is the best watch coming i think i really like this watch and wear it as it come

  12. Oslop Almalti says:

    thie front camera is not good the next model should have packed 8MP front facing camera

  13. Wasseem Aprahim says:

    after many of the practicals I found that it is really remarkable and brilliant benefits with the physical new body attachments but without that all it is just a simple phone remains not to compete with the latest galaxy s7 and other phones with the same cost

  14. Abdul Salman says:

    fantastic looks and build quality... i think affordable value for money.. thnx for these price comparison get most cheap yet available rates for this phone here

  15. Mona Rezk says:

    The result makes me love this Smartphone and thats why i am using this phone. The result is really amaing and i thing it is a wonderful step by the nokia for promoting its self not by android but by Microsoft OS.

  16. Memon Sbl says:

    Air Drop file sharing, iCloud Keychain, Twitter and Face Book amalgamation, and many other exciting features as well.

  17. Ritaj Algerai says:

    Shorter battery life than rivals so not this the only thing also has low screen size and the class leading performance than others is a pros

  18. Thanseer says:

    I want 2 by samsung mega 14.3 screen bt wat is the price in QR

  19. Muaeed Saeed says:

    that is great as they are keep modifying the design to make it as possible as slim and more friendly to our pockets.

  20. Muhammed Drash says:

    audio quality of the phone iss really nice because no such noice while talking as well making video calls are better