Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Bin Naser says:

    Dual front-facing speakers and so nice battery capacity that is 3220mAh the superb sized big phone…

  2. Hassan says:

    What is the model number of Note 4 Gold is it n910u or n910c or n910s

  3. Rj Zilaan says:

    The mp3 tone is really providing quality voice and a clear sound so if you like to listen songs you can listen with out having headphones.

  4. Saleh Ali says:

    the best feature that i like more than its camera is its multi tasking ability with much smoothness.. also this phone include 4k display

  5. Mahmod Bahre says:

    iOS 8 and iCloud that enhanced and three models are available silver and space grey is good but the most beautiful one is Gold and i buy 128gb

  6. Yahya Alshaikh says:

    the screen is really scratched resistance... sony make phones that is the best value for your money

  7. Ktesh Tareff says:

    Usually as not like before, in landscape you can do lot more also play games in HD and there is a whole new experience of that, watch hd videos and lot more you can do with that

  8. Yousef Ameen says:

    to be honest no one actually know what they are unveiling either desire eye has some good things but they fail to make impact in market

  9. Ali Raza says:

    This is also being used in the Laptops of Apple.. Apple said that it has design iOs 8 in a special way that it can rn on both its devices and can perform well on both. Same stuff done by Windows in windows 8 and 10

  10. Sumaia Zaydi says:

    could be challenged by the South Korean phones and last year we not see mini variations and now even apple start offering top notch hardware on their small screens which is a nice step if the prices of the smartphone is economical

  11. Mohamed Fathi says:

    As we have talk about before in section within, September 24 BlackBerry creators determination formally unveil two QWERTY-smartphone

  12. Iqbal says:

    It's a nice mobile. I will buy it 3 months later.

  13. Milad Alghadban says:

    huawei phones has also cool interface plus their phone has nano-coating that make phone look more premium and also more resistance with splashes

  14. Sanah Amyn says:

    High quality camera which is not just amazing but it is very unique as there are many new feautres for the user which no other company is providing.

  15. Afaf Adnan Al-Hassan says:

    Wi-Fi + Cellular version is bit costly but is a good carrier support than other tablets with the same specifications, really athe performance is best

  16. Nusayb says:

    it is not a good phone..having many issues.. now..handset continously disconnected while browsing through wifi.. for 3g usage moto g is not perfect phone

  17. Rachid Inan says:

    nice small one as compare to iphone 6 the features looks still stron and the display is fantastic

  18. Ahmed Ali says:

    What about this phone as for Verizon Sir? I think it is yet have more time remain to unveil this plan and do not be too surprised with Google Smartphone because many of more variants I think coming soon.

  19. Sultan Thahims says:

    Mate 7 need to get new lollipop so how can i do that tell me any way because i am yet using Mate

  20. Mohamed Yussef says:

    The new iPad 2 features Air NFC in its bowels, but it is not active at the moment.