Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ruby says:

    I want to buy this Samsung Galaxy S4 Purple 16GB LTE. How?

  2. Zuber Basha says:

    5.5-inch model arrive from corner to corner as a rear wider "iPhone".. But Phablet thickness even less than 5S - 7,1 mm.

  3. Faiza Eltrhoni says:

    And the thickness of the connector leaves almost no room to maneuver: so over Lightning is only about 1 mm, which could be saved without affecting the connector itself.

  4. Zaher Shbair says:

    aluminum and sturdier glass just got new updates well the shape is same. For me it is a magical device and i am going to buy it soon

  5. Mohammad Z Qadoumi says:

    there is wireless charging feature but still not able to more fast charge my iphone

  6. F says:

    the suspense is killing me

  7. Asma Lynda says:

    matching some of the features with its brothers phone huawei and lg nexus 5 has some of the same features but not the hardware

  8. Muhammad Abu Ahmad says:

    Apple's iPencil just work like similar to the stylus; but well balance and built is good as compare to the stylus actually

  9. Malik Haj Hasan says:

    there are nice series coming in 2015 with the lumia names .. 535 is so best and now this

  10. Jonathan Sanchez says:

    except this phone got addition of a fingerprint sensor packed home keys alike similar as the S5 equipped with it.

  11. Goga Islam says:

    As in support of the best design and the lot of promises they just goes on top. Meant no one either HTC is capable to make experiments in such position as they

  12. Karim Alshikh says:

    In general,... because of what a nexus biggy one gives the impression of an empty sleaze. And I love the display of the phone which has perfect ppi

  13. Naji Suliman says:

    torage, upgraded and also battery and best to know about the new lollipop

  14. Sallama Haddad says:

    Also, players can easily now connect their Facebook account alongside with the Sony Entertainment Network account which is for free.

  15. Bertal Zeinab says:

    yes the dimension of the Smartphone is good and well built phone is this.

  16. Resulcan Dasdemir says:

    one of the best around us and a true successor model of the last nexus 6 phone launch in 2015 withing motorola brand name

  17. Ajayakumar says:

    i want lecog max2 Price in uae send me the details

  18. Muhennd Kazem says:

    The nano-SIM and cardslot trays on the left side of the edge experience now even more solid than before, are simple to right of entry and stay nearby credit to a little rubber seal.

  19. Zuhaib Khan says:

    Speed data transmission via Wi-Fi has tripled (802.11ac standard is supported instead gradually aging 802.11n).

  20. Mahmuod Salama says:

    me using the watch