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  1. Abd Aljaleel says:

    Update For T-Mobile there is new updates with the lollipop not sure when the verizon and other carriers got the firmware update

  2. Affaf says:

    i found this phone battery in give maH quite powerful and higher in capacity and capable to work for a long while... i phone 5s battery compare to other iphones are quite differ

  3. Hiba Khan Odho says:

    I have seen the demo and its resolution is like crystal clear so fine body design and an amazing look is providing some new kind of a view in it so samsung lovers be ready samsung is going to show you intresting stuff.

  4. Hilal Hoti says:

    what about the front camera of the phone what is the pixels??

  5. Amazigh says:

    its camera is still not good as compare to previous version of tab 3, do not know what is the big difference between tab 4 and tab 3

  6. Arkan says:

    Finally, the report aims at that of Note 5, or slightly below, with just under command of AMOLED on the Galaxy S6, and there are plenty of screens, plain , place themselves above the Note 4.

  7. Gohar says:

    l80 looks another similar phone ... with same specs...

  8. Nisar Satti says:

    Owner of the phone might notice that lots of Display and visual is now improved with the applications as before some icons are little blury

  9. Fahad Waqas says:

    I think that Apple is a company who is now making profit thatís it thatís why they are foucing on making stuff they have no idea that what they are producing and thatís why apple name is going down.

  10. Farhan Hami says:

    I want a big size tab and i found it in Apple air 2. The 9.7 inchs of big screen is really very good for my and this i can see so many things and can do so many things.

  11. Maicaella Johns says:

    its being too late when I heard about this phone and still no news

  12. Aykut Yilmaz says:

    you are right drain the battery life of the phone also

  13. Alhady says:

    CPU, successively running at higher incidences (not to remark the option of enhancing the architecture), joined among the clear wider GPU enable 6s spread the normal set by the predecessor gen Apple tablet

  14. Roheena Khann says:

    The elevated no of orders propose Apple is expect important insist for the both Smart phones new come and eager to keep away from supply shortages

  15. Munira Alali says:

    Microsoft is now really crazy because there phones are keep coming but all has minimum level of specs not high end phone is come

  16. Fahad says:

    I know this phone is bigger this time and more fast in performance.. New cortex chipset is included on this phone

  17. Hussein Bhutta says:

    a new added camera that is also best for selfie ... you can take photos with hd,. and if you get your hands on this phone cehck out the features with video recording at 240 fps..lapse video mode is the best mode

  18. Hayah A Maray says:

    With the Huawei Mate S you can do also the same things but with different operating system means for Android fans there is also a same experience of force touch is available.

  19. Eslam Simo says:

    the camera features of the apple and the new sony z3 plus also as compare to oneplus 2 phone looking more premium in dim light also

  20. Fares Alfares says:

    the back side is still similar to the previous note.. as they are not redesigning there models but still note has the same boring body.. i like it more when there is metallic smooth slimmest body