Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Rose A Zeiny says:

    watching videos is possible now even in sunlight bit saturations are different than its precedessor

  2. Jiwan Chikhou says:

    global uk verison prices or local prices ? Please tell me which carrier

  3. Mehmet Ali says:

    while people want removable battery and really batteries need to be more durable to the rivals. Very few internal updates over the xperia z5 and yes the flexibility of their features are many same to this new family

  4. Sam says:

    This lumia 1020 will be more selling phone.

  5. Minhaz Ahmed says:

    YU Yureka Note Yu 6000 Price in Qatar QAR?

  6. Rawend Hattab says:

    so the nexus 6p has some of the same capabilties with more pixels and low prices; will be a reliable one

  7. Rizqar Lukman says:

    The phone can provide a 30 hours of music playback and those who love to listen music a lot. this would be the best choice for them.

  8. Muhammed Sbl says:

    Good camera in bright light and as well the performance of camera in twilight is very good. phone weight is also like

  9. Alkareem says:

    i am truly waiting for Microsoft Surface Mini .. to get my hands on wonderful device

  10. Vinod says:

    When it comming to uae

  11. Rahul Solanki says:

    This smart watch is not just a watch but it is a small monster having so many different Apps and mulitiple entertaining stuff inside

  12. Khaled Frzat says:

    with this new Air 2 apple just play with its design and body. is pretty amazing and outside is still most perfect

  13. Seif Mohamed says:

    where the brand smartphones unconditional champions, even with not the most powerful batteries.

  14. Nihad Abdulzahra says:

    you are right about the similarities whereas you can find many alternative with the same specs list but not any phone with marshmallow is pretty nice working for you in this cheap prices as lg nexus 5x got

  15. Mustafa Dukeen says:

    the size is something people find their phnones hard to be hold btu now giving a bit similar kind of feeling in hands

  16. Rasol Salim says:

    so all the versions are available in market cellular and wifi and single version of both with all storage options what about 128GB silver cellular and wifi

  17. Ammar Othman says:

    droid maxx or moto maxx with the body of moto x

  18. ALI says:


  19. Muneem Ajmal says:

    larger screen but not too large as i say that phablet are not good to use with one hand and keep easily in pocket big phones is really a damn not possible thing

  20. Hudhafah says:

    Xperia c3 Compact combines a bright display and the latest audio technology from Sony.. also include best of all time front camera now