Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Saeed Esam AL-batrikhi says:

    huge smartphone with powerful stuffing and not just that is the main thing as well have ability to play those games you excite about

  2. Abo Aeade says:

    no problem with that most awesome device; just tell me about the new note 5 which is in hands look awesome than this

  3. Mahmoud Jad Ali says:

    For hovering Apps different must execute a long force down on the rear button bring up a upright bar that list the all apps well-matched among this device mode.

  4. Najam says:

    Isn't there any radio on this phone really?? why motorola not include this feature it is very needed one

  5. Faraz Saeed says:

    is LG Nexus 5 available in Blue colour

  6. Ahmed Ali says:

    To unlock your device, you can set different fingerprints and a backup password if the fingerprint scanner is not working.

  7. Balakumar says:

    0568529963 bala

  8. Noor Houbary says:

    The huge phone propose a improved experience while playing games, watching HD Videos and screening snaps, Absolutely, but few users have establish it hard to employ with single hand this phone..

  9. Saghir Hussain says:

    is Apple iPhone 5 16GB black colour available in Doha?

  10. Khan Asif says:

    U know any samsung galaxy mob with fm transmitted

  11. Antrikash says:

    go for 5s because it hat 64 bit processor which is is way faster than s4. In future the apps will come that will support only 64 bit processor. Apple camera is way better than s4. Apple is a premium brand and has very good resale value. for more information you can contact me at [email protected]

  12. Faissal Rawan says:

    the consumer may have their own headphones, but there is hardly a headset with support for Android

  13. Salem AL Omer says:

    In addition to then going to be the mainly significant thing to think when choose which iPhone is made for you.

  14. Kristina Queen says:

    glass-backed design is really awesome i recently see the phone advertisment on media channels; specifications are even awesome

  15. Syed Haque says:

    It become obsolute not just because it is luxurious fashionable thing also with the budle features as they are offering

  16. Amr Ahmad Ramadan says:

    About sound usually say nothing, but in the case of the HTC One M9 I simply must mention the outstanding volume. The technology makes the smartphone BoomSound excellent alarm clock for the most desperate fans to sleep.

  17. Tauseef Usmani says:

    The camera is not according to my need. I need a big camera which can provide me the wonderful output when i capture the image. but i was so disappointed when i saw the result.

  18. Abd Elaziz Saleh says:

    well many now just copying there design as like before see the galaxy s6 and new lenovo and huawei phones comes up with totally same backside

  19. Mohammad Usama Nazir says:

    The battery should need much more power because with the heavy games and tasks it low down as like the previous 5.

  20. Aleem says:

    its outstanding mobile, specially display is awesome.