Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ale Alale says:

    it looks so elegant and more big than its predecessor

  2. Danish Khan says:

    A single annoying thing alongside with entire of the cases of the battery is than you required to use a headset expand all with the help of plug in as like before but with the case there is some problem with that

  3. Saly Elsaba says:

    I prefer the look of the other nexus, Samsung note and Huawei mate. Motorola phones as well look kind of bulky but they are awesome in performance. The lack of Bezels is awesome even tough.

  4. Laith Alsana says:

    on wrist it is always greatful to have apple watch and i like their device lighter weigh and obviously they are continously launching some applications with more modifications at all

  5. Thuraya Hadi says:

    because of more slim dimensions there is lack of more mAh but with the new lollipop might be need low consumption

  6. Madeeha Ali says:

    The front camera of 4 megapixels is not just good but I think it the best smartphone for a user who like to have some really very good stuff.

  7. RS Choudhary Singh says:

    I think this particlar smartphone is better than the Samsung s6. it has a wonderful design and a large screen along with a heavy resolution that can make the color more brighter and image looks so fine.

  8. Dilzar Dilzar says:

    because this watch made by Apple i know has good display and become the best selling wrist watch ever

  9. Kashaf says:

    want Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in dubai can you please tell me where can i buy this device.. and is the shipment is free for surface pro 3 in uae

  10. Dani says:

    Any update for HTC One dual sim as most cellphone lover is waiting for.

  11. MUHAMMAD says:


  12. Shahab says:

    design is impressive, highly advanced smart-phone arrived with many new accessoris and gadgets like smart watch .. I like 5s iphone

  13. Alamer Alhr says:

    Xperia z is the wonderful flagship when it come people say it is so expensive phone and Apple is Apple but compare this phone to iPHone 4 you like Xperia Z

  14. Mohamed Ibrahim says:

    It now sure that google using the Wallet same by Samsungto more with no trouble pair with things alike your Smart Camera, at the contrary you did not actually see people by means of it eachday.

  15. Rashid says:

    This is a not support moisture protection...This also should include the speaker, it is quieter and less quality in comparison with the asus and lenovo phones(not to mention the HTC desire).

  16. Hany Mohamed Sayed Ali says:

    Good exposure and many of that kind of things that make galaxy s7 to stand alone on the list of top class phones come so far. it is a brilliant successor after s6 but not make that sale

  17. Safeenah says:

    what about its camera… it is good than z2 sony phone and galaxy s5?? Or just similar to it.. If similar I will buy 5s and if more than it than definitely I buy 5s

  18. Mohanad Totti says:

    with the most amazing display that is QHD and with the max level of 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and the new S Pen stylus all the features it is great of all time. A true innovation note 4 is

  19. Abdallah Ali says:

    native Android and the s7 galaxy battery life is enough to give you a day I play many games on a day and have no heatup problems

  20. Rami Souleman says:

    so the extra features of the display will detail the battery life?