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  1. Khodr Aziz says:

    Lightning to USB Cable and as well USB power adapter is in the box of mini 3ipad

  2. Rafique Jokhio says:

    Selfie camera is not sufficent as it is just of 3.7 megapixels. Front camera has to be more good so that you can cilck images when ever you want and in your desire angle.

  3. Qasaf Khan says:

    After all, I have entire the best I can liking in the wider-screen section as I am demanding to get away from.

  4. Dldar Zaxo says:

    speed test make it simple to know that who leads in manner of the performance and quickness in each thing

  5. Mokhtar Ougad says:

    But after the release of Xperia Z5 sometimes with 4K-display leadership on a formal definition images taken over by Sony.

  6. Taleb Abu says:

    Wireless battery charging is a high point quality of many Android phones, so numerous industry viewers feel that Apple is subsequent in line to accept the technology.

  7. Ali Abu Jassar says:

    All the handsets from the past is not have ultra-sharp Quad HD resolution like this; I am talking about the versions S3, S4 and S5. Specifically creates the little mini GS6 the more pixel-dense phone even that it work awesome

  8. Panhwar says:

    The display is really remarkable and more better compare to note 4 and basically some things are even not high bit low like battery

  9. Steve Zidan says:

    To start the battery power comparable Surface Pro and other devices. x86-tablet Microsoft, like Apple iPad 3 has a battery capacity of 42.5 Wh

  10. Imrana Sheikh says:

    In the backside body of the iPhone that is fixed lens with the pixels 8 MP sensor and has resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

  11. Chaudh Ary says:

    Additionally Samsung and LG have listed some curved extra screen phone, the market there are a wider curved screen concepts to design products.

  12. Ahsan says:

    the more bigger display the more better for using like a tablet, i like big display smartphone like samsung galaxy a7 because i do not want to use tablets.

  13. Musaddiq says:

    g3 will be a master phone as compare to all xpera and galaxy series....

  14. Samir Samra says:

    it is one of my fav series of smartphone.. because in this line up i found good camera, better performance of processor, and the phone looks very good and thin

  15. Hassan Moustafa says:

    really i love the S Pen that makes easy for users to go to anywhere more instantly.

  16. Syed Shaukat Ali says:

    not against the pal but the screen is not good where as gap among the edges and the screen is not that great.

  17. Shan Jan says:

    the phone is being awesome with the perfect RAM and processing speed; will appreciate the makers of Motorola phones, and even for casual users might be more pleasant to work in the reasonable prices

  18. Fidelina Mejia Rondon says:

    This phone got famous due to its gold color...it was a new change in the apple handset and people lovee this change that time...

  19. Hassan Hama says:

    I think Apple has done something good in this smartphone its M8 Motion Co-processor is really very good and provide the best result while operating the phone.

  20. Mukesh Notani says:

    Good for a normal user like mom and dad because I have one and my mom like it so much.