Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Presha Sharma says:

    In general, the ratio of the diagonal and resolution is excellent on the galaxy s6 but galaxy s5 less display features.

  2. Faizan Ahmed says:

    gets big changes in Watch OS 2 but the next version got little more round design with more smooth and thinner edges

  3. Mobark Farraj Almalhem says:

    bit similar phones of htc coming now as apple iphones from the bottom and edges the same feel in hands also but expected to got dual sim slots, 4k screen and video capturing. Also I am searching for best in class camera phone and in waiting for the htc m10 to be arrive in the markets so i can compare it to others

  4. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    I need the little screen size phone because it is familiar to seriously put in pockets and form aspect I need the expediency of a actually light model. I required a discreet smartphone.

  5. Hussain says:


  6. Aurangzeb Kp says:

    HTC m8 mini is the best mobile phone EVER.....

  7. Mohameed Samah says:

    To be certain that the following Smartphone some issue is concerned, it is sufficient to indicate the serial number on the program page.

  8. Muhammad Qays says:

    As the fans of them now manage also PowerPoint for iPhone with full support of the wearable new Apple Watch that is so nice feature and first time use by any wearable

  9. Ali M Aboushhiwa says:

    In this mode the iPhone is just using graphics designed for the iPhone 5, stretching it to full screen.

  10. Al Torres Lugue says:

    curve is really ver beautiful and i am thinking that how would i use those curve menu. i mean to say i have to use my other hand or should i need to use only my one hand for the menu if i need to use them confuse

  11. Shahbaz Adil says:

    Nowadays, Smartphone companies are also in the competition of battery life ratings and LG G4 will also do marvels in the sales graph if it will offer worthy battery specs.

  12. Naveed Ashraf says:

    The Samsung smartphone build up for its outstanding reactivity (thank you super AMOLED display) that spirit and make perfect applicant for near realism applications.

  13. Amarigh Mostapha says:

    the crop section is improved and with the video feature there is lot of things modify. The view is changed with the new iOS and the speed you may like the speed of the phone

  14. Jasmine Urwin-Collier says:

    But I am missing a landscape mode because it is not like other phones as the Android 5- inche phone visuals are

  15. Hasan Abdullah says:

    Hi MAJ, Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4 is easily avaliable in Kuwait city.

  16. Mais Soub says:

    I want one note 4 pink with white gear 32gb..as fast as possible

  17. Musa Ibrahim says:

    will price less than the galaxy s7 of the htc m10 as previous we seen the cost of the htc phones are low as compare to the earlier reports. Low-light camera shots will get a big boost in the htc phone but not more enhancement expected over galaxy s7

  18. Shahoda Mon says:

    16+ hrs yes this is fantastic job done by Motorola with Moto X phne it is best

  19. Jake says:

    when will be the launched in abu dhabi? and is that really the real price when out on the market?

  20. Khumeir Shams says:

    apple is using the Willow Glass that is the another thing that make this watch best look