Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Noor Eleyoon says:

    not they grab attention of consumers yet not sure why

  2. Sanjay Chivakula says:

    S6 is a next generation Smartphone and if you want a smartphone having a tough specs so this would be best for you.

  3. Ahmad Abo says:

    google realize now it is a war between the big ones in manner of display and actually design matters. The most annoying thing in todays phonesa are alloy body

  4. Arsalan Shah says:

    incredibly impressive mid range device with the good quality display, performance and a lot more given to it.

  5. Ahmed Fayed says:

    the graphics with the such high pixels going to be like xperia z5 premium I think

  6. Fouf Fatoosh says:

    Work with the s Pen with the hands, as well la small delay when writing notes to search out used to, also to the lack of resistance on the paper.

  7. Alhalabi says:

    mini 2 specifications are good but its prices are much expensive ... i will go for ipad air that is much good and perfect and bigy one

  8. Farhad Jaff says:

    many things add to this phone design ahead of earlier edge model instead of plastic as well

  9. Abdullah says:

    I need this mobile huawei ascend g6

  10. Aafiya says:

    an excellent smartphone that runs on the platform Android, equipped with best hd display..

  11. Baraa Qasrawi says:

    Antenna design framework (all among which passed the signal from cell towers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) on the top and bottom of the rear side of the new iPhone 6/6 Plus arrive out not very successful.

  12. Amal Mohamed says:

    so they include 256GB? it is like a joke to me because such phones not even need to get so extend storage options. iphone Se comes in three models 32GB, 64 gb and 128 gb

  13. Yahya Aliyu Yaqub says:

    i am the fan of the note series and using note 5 but now plan is to buy new galaxy s7 which looks a prettier value for me not a phablet but has all such capabilities

  14. Abo Alkasem says:

    With the new phones updated camera but still not the OIS capable to perform like galaxy devices; may be CMOS sensor be more useful

  15. Mansoor AlNajar says:

    how long is the delivery to Abu-Dhabi? is it dual sim?

  16. Asim Mughal says:

    i need nokia asha 503 my cell no plz 0555020169

  17. Somia Elfakeer says:

    replica specs of iphone; this is international level copyright

  18. Aamir Alyasir says:

    may be we going to see a perfect juice up device; fast charge technology in a short time you will fully capable to charge your iphone 7 just like the same manner we seen in galaxy s7

  19. Adam Smith says:

    16m colors and display type is similar looking in hands as compare to xperia z2 and other phones. In this line up of prices

  20. Taha Ataar says:

    The built has had a renovation, too. Even it is a lot greater in many things to the M9 or iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 and iphone 6s? But it still looks not much delegated to me as iphones are with the beautiful exterior