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  1. Asif Zameer says:

    what changing on the next version.. just need to upgrade.. snapdragon chipset... graphics, pixels and camera.. but overall yet this phone is a compelete package of best phone with water proof featutre

  2. Saif Albayati says:

    Unfortunately, the advantage of a quick-to-market at Sony could not, and at the same time also created a rather controversial product in terms of minor flaws, it will refine and after-market.

  3. Muhaymin says:

    does it able to do wireless charging like apple iphone… … and sorry for this kind of question but is any phone is capable to charge through sun light :)

  4. Ahmed Ubed says:

    this is the amazing thing best camera for taking pictures and making videos. the perfect is Apple.

  5. Zia says:

    Awesome smart phone. Love it

  6. Mazen Jakish says:

    big size phone best to play games on htc m8 phone... a bit like a double-click on the lock screen feature bright version

  7. Griadlle Najdawi says:

    slightly smaller and slimmest but now everybody need these two capabilities in any flahship. need more fasrt performance and especially battery life

  8. Husnain Mehmood says:

    as well the honor 3c has good features alike this phone and prices are more budgted

  9. Javed Qadri says:

    I agree entirely except for your last comment about waterproofing. I love that feature and the security I have that I can drop my phone in a puddle and know it'll be ok. Increasing the resolution also diminishes the relative power of the graphics chipset which is a major downer for me.

  10. Amina Moussa says:

    if Lumia 1820 includes snapdragon 805... than it is something new ... otherwise it looks like similar one as previous Lumia's

  11.  Mukter Hossain Sajid Sajid says:

    I love the design of the Straps and this is really very good, That an electronics company is making products like this.

  12. Raveen says:

    if that mobile isRAZR XT910 4G internet and 16GB storege so please call me i need that mobile sir 0552339100

  13. Lasanthi says:

    Can i know price? And need to buy.

  14. Maisa Hablouess says:

    Very relaxed attitude of the xperia z line up with the AMOLED just there is a low resolution in the first one but after that all is dubbed with most advanced of its time features

  15. Mahmoud Kaytou says:

    It is not spine light nor is it a element. You would not sense similar to you have be to the gymnasium when transport it about.

  16. Nor Enon Othman says:

    for some people there is a whole new experience of using then PHABLET size phones because this is first time Apple give us phablet with such high specs list

  17. Nazar Hedo says:

    Perhaps you can recall another platform, which was very attractive to this audience - MeeGo

  18. Samida Roy says:

    I like the curve and the style of this smartphone as it is best in providing some amazing style and amazing look. LG has done some serious home work in it and that’s the main reason it is appricated by many users.

  19. Saif Shaikh says:

    i like its camera, along with the LED flash light. i want them to do something new in their next models

  20. Taha Doaa says:

    1.4 GHz Cyclone is a good feature that apple use this time and with new iOS 8.1 update it works totally fine