Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Yousuf Khan says:

    Few say it use additional battery than the good Smartphone, few say it force get wider to obtain efficient when that time revolve approximately.

  2. Gulash Korkmaz says:

    is there is cardslot option for the g5 phone and gold 32 3g is available in uae markets?

  3. Afzal says:

    Nokia Lumia 1320 is awesome cell phone, i am waiting Lumia 1320 in Qatar.

  4. Amal Mnhs says:

    I find a review in a blog that sony also working on 4k display phone which is supposed to be code name as xperia z5 plus model. Well there is a new trend of "Plus" name

  5. Murtaza says:

    it is such a very nice and better looking smartphone with very reachable price

  6. Yosef Ahmad says:

    In a regular part of the strip contains icons of music and video players, photo galleries but there is something more interesting and unique with the display with the curves sides

  7. Akshatha says:

    see the specs of this phone it look like that some of the feature are bit low as compare to new note 4

  8. Wafoo Farag says:

    Automatic answer a call when you hold the smartphone to your ear (even if your device is connected Bluetooth-headset)

  9. Ahmad Galool says:

    The rear camera of Note 2014 model perhaps not even weak as compare to nexus… with such display has as well good camera with the 16MP sensor.

  10. Ahmad Owais says:

    performance is ok with this phone... but application having still some problems i just say to u good luck

  11. Salim Fatma says:

    the display is ok but not as compare to the note 4 like big phone.

  12. Shubham Verma says:

    This smartphone is good but when I play games it gets heated at the back and this is annoying because you would have to stop playing.

  13. Azhar says:

    i want to buy samsung galaxy mega 6.3 .what is the price in saudi arabia

  14. Mohamed Mando says:

    BL setup and custom equaliser and there is earphone that is nice package now with the phone

  15. Ahmad Alkhalil says:

    4128 x 3096 pixels for the nexus and the iPhone has 3264 x 2448 pixels and 8MP camera units

  16. Eslam Isam says:

    with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack now in future we can not see such things and just like the iphone 5s as there is many things new come with this mobile phone they after 3 years changing their tradition

  17. Zaid Daood says:

    camera is 16MP?

  18. Mushtaq Jaffer says:

    it appears that the effect is not obvious, with retinah display hd screen for the overall performance impact is still very large. Apple to power and balance performance, the performance of the processor will be a certain amount of reduction

  19. Abdul Mughni says:

    i Wonder to light alerts such as Galaxy S3 texts??? i see in the image at the top light?... Galaxy Mini should have these notifications

  20. Ahmad Alhmoi says:

    no IR blaster on the iphones why? Also there is absense of the expandable storages on the Apple phones and other devices as well which is a needy option to include on.