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  1. Kanwal Aatif says:

    If we talk about the price this smartphone is cheaper and it is having the specs same as the other expensive smartphone like samsung and HTC but the main thing is this that they are asking a lower amount.

  2. Nubin says:

    How will i order this product

  3. Muskan Katariya says:

    Fast access videos, music, and photos from other devices, then enjoy them on your new LG G4 that I see next

  4. Fatima Zohra says:

    The camera is of 13 megapixel and works according to what i want. I love the camera result. The front camera is also very fine and good to take selfies.

  5. Madrid Ramos says:

    all the time apple make best as it can smartphones... equipped with all best and most unique looking design

  6. Hafid Dardar says:

    Fantastic display and also for those who like big smartphones are the best yet option. S Pen still questionable is say that because s stylus is not yet fully tested in each task by me

  7. Nayaab Khan says:

    then Korean has been a die-hard offender of together the detachable battery capacity and the extra storage choice, till currently.

  8. Pipo Yahiaoui says:

    there is always bit thicker devices by xperia but has reallyn amazing abilities in manner of performance and yest best for gaming xperia new z5 premium is

  9. Ahmad Murad says:

    Screen sizes, battery life and camera these are three things that i want from apple to be more improved and what now battery is same, camera is bit has some changes with the features but same 8m. and screen size for me is remain same with the similar one

  10. Issam Yasin Krdghli says:

    That is an imposing and violent price point beside Apple's $399 for the newest iPad mini 3 or even the $299 worth of the iPad mini 2.

  11. Ali Alabadi says:

    5.5-inch display instead of 5.1 inches phones display is looks great but that phone because of so huge size not good to handle for longhold

  12. Sohail says:

    good to know this pad are usefull in many purpose

  13. Almansy Libya says:

    The main screen has the most popular settings, including the flash mode and HDR.

  14. Dadoa Mal says:

    utmost ease to use this phone features and also i like dual sim version of the moto g. uad-core snapdragon 400 processor is same use in lg g2 phone

  15. Shafi Afaan says:

    the no of pixels is all right also battery performance looking nice

  16. Nusaiba Ahmad Khan says:

    this or the new s6 edge+ model which has more nice features and specifications I found but the screen size is more big the phone edge has important features but still in found it not so much needy

  17. Yosf Wafa says:

    You can as well connect the main screen with the curved in fact, both are apart of each other well the functionalities are different.

  18. Faiz Khavala says:

    next-generation after the two brilliant devices but not there is any leaked image of iphone new coming phones frame and other like that

  19. Saad Alrashaedh says:

    It is interesting to analyze how Apple works, even their phones within Hardware are poor compared to top-end Android

  20. Basel Syrian says:

    s watch work with this?