Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Haji Mohamed says:

    with a modest development environment there is really a need of all the same features as its rivals are using.

  2. Goo Da says:

    the both phones new iphone 6S and iPhone 7 are just coming in 2015 so that is the great response after the best sell of iPHones in 2014 last period.

  3. Abdo Salah says:

    Live Photos is a latest feature they give to the new gen phones but can we the user of apple iphone 5s are capable to use such features also as it captures 1.5 seconds of movement

  4. Arslan Manzoor says:

    720p resolution is a v.low need to improve the res

  5. PRAMOD says:

    I need this Asus Fonepad 7 FE171CG

  6. Akam Shexbzeny says:

    The only criticism I can understand is related to the fact that with the projection on the back of the iPhone

  7. Christian says:

    Please i need nokia lumia 925

  8. AbdulQader says:

    i consider that this is something unique and very effective by HP

  9. Omar Toumi says:

    after a long time now they step in to give use something innovative in all manners.. More amount of ram, nice battery, nice camera, nice design overall the phone is great except one thing. As lg g5 is bit thicker phone compare to rivals

  10. Emad says:

    Am in Dubai how to buy it

  11. Moataz Abdelmagid says:

    as like the brother phone there is no option for cardslot but really nice options with the camera.. Also hdr mode for both front and primary cameras

  12. Thapan Anas says:

    wow now Apple become a copywriter and start making big phones with similar specs as samsung, lg

  13. Zara Ebrahem says:

    Just force technology will be used to the maximum by there user and also a sole reason to grab the attention of their consumers, just finish it iOS 9 and it is awesome, and probably it will be a very interesting tile glass and metal combination we will see in future iphones.

  14. Morad Alharbi says:

    so found the issue on the plus variant the Blue screen is first flash to red and then the logo of Apple arrive but can not turn it off just anyone guide me to how is it get disable.

  15. Unknown says:

    yes i agree with u!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yazan Amel says:

    1.76 pounds just that is really good you can everywhere easily take this one with you the surface is good line up

  17. Samira Khalfaoui says:

    AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile are the carriers this is available while the pixels resolution of this one is too low and the prices are high. noticable difference in this phone is just the size

  18. Mohammad Walid says:

    Any body knows when this phablet will be available in the market?

  19. Omid Jafari says:

    Either you going to spend maximum time with that phone you can notice that all the hardware is well and some specifications somehow more extenders with the performance but not the phone exterior look is so good.

  20. Ahmad G Mayyas says:

    iPhone 6 is an excellent smartphone in many points of view, which you use with such ease that it is impossible not to appreciate it