Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Omer says:

    what is the current market price of Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active?

  2. Boughanmi says:

    desire 816 operates with the HTC's Sense 6 UI on top of Android 4.4 KitKat and comes up with the usual BlinkFeed and Motion Launch features found on the M8.

  3. Walid Tito says:

    Samsung knows what it is doing and they have a team of sensible people who let them know about the decision that is this right or wrong.

  4. Obaid Bin Khalifa says:

    Awesome smart phone. ...battery pack up also.....

  5. Mxare Mohamad Salih Mzoory says:

    results of all our performance tests smartphone hardware filling and the duration of its battery life.

  6. Sanjah says:

    water proof???

  7. Ali Kerhani says:

    hardware has manythings that further more I believe is something best with such price point.

  8. Kader Coki says:

    so what is new about the Tizen platform. S voice is same, notification view is similar, but Non-Samsung Android compatibility

  9. Aneesh Thomas says:

    Vat is the price in saudi?

  10. Javed Iqbal says:

    exactly there is Apple next operating system running on this phone

  11. Arain says:

    wait more 3 years may be

  12. Sardar Nasir says:

    thanks both

  13. Abdullah says:

    i like this phone it is pretty and side look of the phone is very best many peoples love sony Phones because they all are equipped with amazing new hardware and specs are good..

  14. Seff Eleslam says:

    but in fact their battery score is bit durable plus some of the noticable upgrades we seen in the apple iphone se like phones.

  15. Suffiyaan says:

    also neo version for this mobile is for those who not afford note 3Ö but s5 mini is more good than this phone so buy it,Ö also available in dual sim version

  16. Abo EL Zahar says:

    the icon is become more sharp with th lollipop.. There is all ok with that phone

  17. Wahab Mirza says:

    Apples Iphone 6 has a wonderful camera and thatís why it is good for for those like me who can take images any where and the qaulity of the the picture remain same.. I donít have to keep my DSLR along with me always

  18. Abdul Tarek says:

    backside of thie moto phones are very pretty quite similar in look as compare to htc family phones..but prices are really low. and specs are rich,.. i love to buy this kind of phone not a big thing but good for normal usage

  19. Subhan Mujeeb says:

    high resolution outputs plus no of good things. Camera is more enhanced display of this amazing note 4 gives the real life colors and one more thing a clear and vivid output with sharp details