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  1. Mani says:

    I am waiting.iPhone 7

  2. Mustafa Khalid says:

    The design is amazing and if you are searching a gift for someone so this is the best gift you should give to your love one and If you give it on a nice place the moment will become yours.

  3. Hashem Dghj says:

    But there is one con I found that is the battery that is very low and not is much improved in that way

  4. Khalid Mansour says:

    I am looking to order for zenfone 5 gold in qatar can u support me ¿

  5. Eslam Mohamed says:

    12 Inch screen size in support of multitouch screen renders 2160 x 1440p high enough resolution attracts many.. also WiFi hotspots and Palm Block Technology is the best first use

  6. Umer Rasheed says:

    The design is fine but it is not a new one my dear instead you can say that is a rebuilt design but in a new way and if you think that it is good for you its what you think.

  7. Khaled Ahmed Altalaa says:

    Adreno 420 graphics processor and 3 GB of RAM can already somehow quick enough to give fast browsing and smooth experience

  8. Nilesh Patel says:

    loveley phone... i am expecting something like that from samsung ... i disheart when i see galaxy s5... because it looks a bore phone...now hope this device come with all beauty

  9. Hobhob Tarek says:

    As enabling the 3d apps and other like this with the heavy games the phones all has some issues especially the Xperia phones have never capability like Note 4

  10. Ibrahem Ababneh says:

    What is not liked in many, containing me, the plastic strips that pass through the top and bottom area of the rear side of the device?

  11. Afnan Alloush says:

    note 3 s pen work find not it is too bad as compare to it to the surface pro 2 pen… handwriting is good with s pen stylus

  12. Brijbasi says:

    i need this mobile

  13. Ahmed Silivanay says:

    fancy new features and wow-factors for their fans and right now it is a big deal for us to buy all the accessories even is their is any issue after the update of the new software on their phone.. if anyone buy it?

  14. AlSharif Nofal says:

    While I hate the word “phablet,” when I am previously using Apple phone and there is no reject that it is cooperative to contain a term for what is attractive a sole in every kind,

  15. Kentz G. Saturnino says:

    now many of the options are come with the each collection.. I like the edition of gold carat that is pretty but not there is any buckle with the Apple Watch Gold..??

  16. Kuldeep says:

    Only 4mp in htc

  17. Ana Ahmed Gaber says:

    thinner than its predecessor but what is about the battery capacity.. It willl be more less mAhs

  18. Aliya says:

    real compact digital camera in rear side of this phone... capable to take superior quality pitcures i like htc phone now... previous phones are not much better except htc one series

  19. Abu Rafey says:

    Depending on anywhere the device is sold, the Nokia Xl approach with a bunch pair of JBL headphones.