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  1. Mukesh Pareek says:

    A high defination of camera is amazing and I think it is the best to shoot any video and any event that you think it has to be recorded.

  2. Mohammad Shoaib says:

    HTC is really working in the right direction and this could be seen in their smartphone and the quality in their smartphone which is very wonderful.

  3. Aasia Asim says:

    this is the great phone..!! no hang issue as many people saying that this phone has some lag with the hang out issue... but yes in some multi-tasking phone got heat up

  4. Mohamad Nimer says:

    The flagship is equipped with Full HD display diagonal of 5.5 inches.

  5. Marmar says:

    Optical image stabilization, dual-LED (ring) flash on camera of this phone and v5.0 (Lollipop) is something new that is more better

  6. Salama Mohammed says:

    What about the gorilla glass protection in this phone again not included why?

  7. Basel Abu-jafar says:

    in golden color actually galaxy s6 is the most amazing looking device really its shiny like a star I love the mobile phone color and finishing

  8. Ali Hamish says:

    the graphics of the phone need much improvement the phone has much more space already so the ppi density need to be add

  9. Abdul Shaoor Chishty says:

    Iphone 6 plus is a special kind of a smartphone and thatís why it is getting the popularity in the market and it is also maintaing the name of Apple as well.

  10. Osman Tawar says:

    When Apple's attainment with the A9 chipset with the Motion Co Processor actually jumps to sheen is when you understand that you can cut and edit these huge video files in real-time right in filming with the iMovies.

  11. DE Effendi says:

    through keep stuff all in one place, you are definite the most excellent likely skill in terms of strength and speed, and Koreans has prioritized that for the S6.

  12. Abdullah Alahad says:

    Great feel and always apple deliver us superb cameras with now beautiful screens. so much power in there I'm pretty sure apple in future gona lead the PHABLET market

  13. Shiraz Abbas says:

    the new options to save battery will be updated on mobile phones with the iOS 9; tell me about the watch os is the battery saving mode option is updated?

  14. Sam Aadi says:

    it is an awesome device and its design makes me a fan of Nokia but its battery is not much perfect as i expect it is very poor

  15. Ahmad Zuhir says:

    Android M releasing 2015 that as well offering a lot of new features support for 4K displays for the first time.

  16. Mohamed Abo Salah says:

    creating an interface smoother and faster, without unnecessary details and app.

  17. Mohanab says:

    actually these phone is not such water proof as company is claiming it is. some test reveals that the edge phone is more well prepared and more strong actually

  18. Tmam Fares says:

    But the built-in memory to 16GB decide on the deployment of the rest: audio, photos, , books and pictures.

  19. Waleed Almuntasir says:

    Safety glass Halo Back when pressed in the lower left corner simulates the pressing of the upper left corner of the screen, just where the majority of applications and standard iOS interface is a reset button.

  20. Abdul Moen says:

    this smart phone looking more good and good looking then fino phone... i check phone hardwares