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  1. Sameha Khater says:

    and hopefully be more common this type to competed with the galaxy s6 and the new series of upcoming motorola x generation in 2016. which also has metallic body and offering some of the same specs list as nexus 6p has

  2. Hassan Alsaleh says:

    Meaningful Apple's relatives as I expect that Apple Pay to come for with more victorious future than Google Wallet.

  3. Raghib Jamel says:

    A great security feature that use in both new phones. price are just ok, but Not a Sapphire Glass Display ??? is it is right . so how this phone is better with display if not apple using its own

  4. Rami Grade says:

    lt is he phone that is currently holding the value is the iphone 6 and now the more upgrade models arrived with functions like 3D touch that is great news for many!!

  5. Mohamed Elmalwany says:

    anything ever has before but now become more enhanced

  6. Muzammil says:

    when coming s5 active in markets..??? and how is this phone look like ... like galaxy s5 or something else

  7. Mahmoud Affash says:

    I am using this phone and not this is too nice in manner of display as compare to Galaxy Phones

  8. Alaa Abdelatif says:

    Such a short time due to the fact that the company wants to offer a new product as quickly as possible buyer for expensive models is especially important

  9. Mufeez says:

    I am selling a brand new Nexus 6 (used only for 10 days) that I purchased directly from Google. Call me on +971558811624

  10. Helmy Gamal says:

    It also packs NFC (Near field communication) and with the wi-fi element it is all successful, permit it to be use as element of the modest and most latest Apple Pay system

  11. Abdullah Mohammad says:

    applicability of NFC can be known as nominal, it is not just a complete compliance among the standard, and the usage of proprietary tech for NFC wtih ApplePay

  12. Salhi Mar Ouane says:

    as compare this phone to the note it is not much nice. Display is low, camera is ok but battery performance is not good

  13. Safaa Jabbar says:

    that would be more grateful for us as they give more nice and thin body and ofcourse the same body size give us more big screen by reducing home key buttons on the apple iphone 7

  14. Shahbaj Khan says:

    5S is really a new kind of a smartphone which is design not for a perpose of keeping a smartphone but a DSLR result camera and many other reasons as well.

  15. Noor Eleyoon says:

    It is probable that Apple has arrived up with a some new ways to interact with the iPhone using their new ideas. It might be odd to keep out the very popular 4.7-inch iPhone from the experiment

  16. Surjit says:

    HTC Desire 816 price in Lebanon?

  17. Asi Souria says:

    nexus 5 has much fast sharpest design with the true colors but little bulky phone

  18. Hmod Hmod says:

    Remote Control Function and also the phone has the nice quick focusing features with the camera

  19. Faten Shanab says:

    The best smartphone with an amazing camera result. The only thing that makes it down is the battery problem but i think it would be solved by the Apple in their next model.

  20. Mohideen Nazimudeen says:

    a good option for me as need a dedicated mobile phone for gaming with durable life. Galaxy s7 edge has good battery mah compare to predecessor s6 edge and also do-not-disturb mode is enable that is responsibe to block the notifications while playing games