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  1. Uroosa Farooq says:

    The smartphone has a huge battery and those who wants to use a large battery use this particular phone it will let you at a place wher you have never been before.

  2. Naveed says:

    I need please deliver to me 0528448589

  3. Eatemad Khan says:

    saturation is very important and allows hardly make a proper booster listening. A big downside to correct very quickly.

  4. Faisal Addaher says:

    please give us the prices of galaxy s6 plus 128 gb lte silver model and rose gold color for 16gb lte

  5. Hicham Idressi says:

    Upgrading in many of the major aspects to its previous devices, but to be more useful of its branding and innovations with the software as well as hardware this time

  6. Haroon Anwar says:

    but phone has low quality 8mp camera... i want a good backside camera as well like.. xperia z3 ... which will include 20 mp camera...

  7. Akram says:

    expensive phone is this... but some how i will get it soon as possible

  8. Waseem Mehar says:

    what is the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

  9. Alfaroq says:

    Does xperia t2 ultra DUAL have corning gorilla glass ? from its backside the phone seems to be that it has glass too shining and bright.....

  10. Fares Alfares says:

    the back side is still similar to the previous note.. as they are not redesigning there models but still note has the same boring body.. i like it more when there is metallic smooth slimmest body

  11. Choreographer Vicky Naryal says:

    They are working to fix the problem of hanging and thatís why they have remove the SD card from the smartphone a bad step for a good prpose.

  12. Hassan Alalwani says:

    By clicking on the oblong button on the side (it looks like a volume button), you call the contact list, where you can make a call

  13. Imran Arif Yusufzai says:

    battery is likely to be more durable with the new OS update 5.1.1 I can now test it and mine with this new os work fine

  14. Mubashir says:

    display of the phone is excellent ... i always believe in sony either it is sony tv phone or other sony accessory.. it is capable to do things with excellent performance

  15. Alaa Adel Eldamarisy says:

    I more often than not start with a brief review of this phone with the introduction of this brand which is also the first phone, but now it is not required. The site already has materials about OnePlus One that I found.

  16. Fauzia Njeem says:

    These wasted associates and possible dissatisfactions are fewer unbearable regards to the Apple Watch, and the skill a lot more include new way to see notifications

  17. Ahmad Zein says:

    why not camera is well. it is high mega pixel but still giving me blury images why??

  18. Hamza says:

    Hi ? want cat S60. I dont know how Much dirham Please send mee Mail.

  19. Surjit says:

    HTC Desire 816 price in Lebanon?

  20. Musthaq says:

    kindly sire please give me the price of amazon hd fired 7 in uae.. and tell me in how many options is this tablet is available in the markets..