Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Tahir says:

    Gaming is best on Samsung galaxy A8, i have just installed the Pokemon Go on my A8, and it is running so smoothly, the maps are loading fast as well as the character, thanks to Adreno 405.

  2. Qadir says:

    past i check orignal model iphone 5,... and not find anything useful and more improved like sony and samsung . but after 5s it is a successful phone that is continue to support lte and other connectivity options

  3. Dilshad Khoja says:

    samsung is going to known as a company that produce wide smartphones. Like Apple produce expensive smartphones. samsung will make a new market like it has made for its other products.

  4. Aree Jaff says:

    is this prices are for supreme camera edition?

  5. Boyca Uc says:

    when the new iPhone come they first of all set a best event date and then just people got crazy to buy this one. iPhone new got a best look and in hands very nice smoothness

  6. Mohammad Badawi says:

    playing in high quality and doing so more things my battery is also heat up instantly and also consumption of battery is because of marshmallow as i found...

  7. Abdul Fattah says:

    stylus functionality know that this is a very very large phone.. But samsung change the market and peoples mind when they unveil this new note 3

  8. Aishtaiwi Aishtaiwi says:

    specification wise this phone is so good has all the quality technology included and in future there is more possibilities that this phone variant iphone 6s has the next iOS 9

  9. Amir Acteur Saif says:

    LED-backlit IPS LCD display type apple is using always in their iphones where as super AMOLED is the same with the display in think

  10. Hitham Saeed says:

    i bet on this that lunia icon be a massive innovation of this year

  11. Youssif Ibraheem Ali says:

    Tell me either it is necessary to be branded as Korean Samsung and not Apple? just supposed it that samsung owns more RAM but why people looking always for things with maximum feature also it is necessary to keep in mind about the quality of each feature

  12. YAssmin Elnakib says:

    now in waiting for the grand 3 to be come in the market.. But please samsung not increase the screen size of the phone size of the grand 2 is all ok

  13. Abu Bakr says:

    for those who love this kind of beasty phone this is biggest concern here. perfect size and not just the size is big also thick and more light in weight. Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus, meaning this nexus 6 is pretty big.

  14. Paywan Sami says:

    yes i also see some conecpt images may be leaked for the galaxy note 6 smartphone where as the front camera is on the mid of the top screen and also there is bezel less screen as not we seen before

  15. Alsaddig Esea Elninee says:

    I like the new xperia z5 because there is similar kind of design but high end features

  16. Agnar says:

    the crisp visuals for the iPhone 6s and 1080p screens resolution; some polished software makes it little impressive but still it is close to iphone 6 apple phone

  17. Mahmoud RZ says:

    a lot of ordinary people like to compare numbers of pixels of camera and resolution of their phones to apple and other phones.. I am not waiting for the galaxy s7 series actually in waiting of lg g5

  18. Ahmad Abuanas says:

    yes the camera and many hardware of the specs are looks to be same as the samsung s7 phone but with the edge you can do alot more than

  19. Nasim Savik says:

    About lollipops and relationships, contact notifications and other contains the lock screen ShopRite Classic.

  20. Simo Hwiwa says:

    I am previously using Xiaomi Smartphone and facing an issue while updating lollipop..