Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohd Mustafiz says:

    I like it very much, if the screen size maximum 4.3 inch and external Sd card slot.

  2. Hatem Saouassi says:

    new android but old blackberry tradition make it look really ugly

  3. Faisal Addaher says:

    I dont believe that iphone 6s plus is a such better option for me right now, and it is easily the one Id pick over the 6s because of the size.

  4. Acc-Doaa Abdullah says:

    this smart phone is not a doubt awesome and nice but as compare to other 5.5 inches devices there is some qualities need to enhanced

  5. Aafiya says:

    an excellent smartphone that runs on the platform Android, equipped with best hd display..

  6. Sammar says:

    The top edge of the fuselage are set infrared sensor and microphone... i tested this phone it is good but not big in width just large with height.

  7. Aalee Abdul says:

    any news of pre orders of galaxy alpha?? Metal-framed for samsung samrt phone is toughest thing I realized that

  8. Abdullah says:

    many peoples love blackberry Phones because they all are packed with new features..many things are now new in blackberry z3 phone

  9. Salah Lkhlidi says:

    And at the touch of a stylus reacts not only basic, but the curved area of the screen.

  10. Arif says:

    I want to this iPhone 4s 64 gb

  11. Khaled Elzahar says:

    first of all after buy this watch you have to make pair of your watch with your smartphone device.

  12. Sharafadeen Ismail says:

    i see the specs and pixels density is the most high no other used such before but the premium has one more thing different that is the use of alloy and metal with glass in back

  13. Abo Malk says:

    to be honest battery must have 4000mAH battery capacity because after this all awesome technology like 20MP camera, 3GB Of RAM and 1440 x 2560 pixels with best 587 ppi pixel density people run all the high end application, play games and do multi tasks on that phone so required more power

  14. Aseel Hussien says:

    the key, with the Smartphone and other Accessories, and much more, with the charging unit.

  15. Soufyane Ansal says:

    This is enough to ensure the smooth operation of the system is quite fast loading programs.

  16. Ghulam Loole says:

    a really good tablet this time by Nokia so i hope the prices are not similar as ipads

  17. M Rafiq Rasheed says:

    The camera is the best part of this particular smartphone and the LED works really perfect along with the camera.

  18. Sh Amer says:

    a3 is not good because there is low pixels of camera and not the sensor working so fine with the low light

  19. Omar Mohamed says:

    as seem the pictures of the BlackBerry Classic that might be have the similar primary camera as the BB Q10 has equipped.

  20. Katija Hassan says:

    It is quiet light in weight than other phones with the same dimension but pcaks all premium metallic finishing and covering of glass