Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Marmar says:

    the phone is available only in 64GB that is bad please available all internal storage options so i make purchase of cheapest one

  2. Javediqbal says:

    Panasonic eluga icon mobil price

  3. Abu Usama says:

    a vastly superior camera; to give the new versions dual camera with flash technology. boast a slightly larger camera or may be 13MP camera on the iphone 7 pro model

  4. Sonu Avrin says:

    as compare to the last phone called samsung note 4 it is so hard to make xperia device comparable

  5. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Following new gen galaxy series are ordinary oversights in the device sphere, but South Korean has been a die-hard to give their next devices extendable card slot for increase memory, until now in the galaxy s6 successor

  6. Salima Jalal says:

    Grand prime has wonderful specs and it is design only for the entertainment purpose not for the other purpose. People who uses camera and other simple feature would love it but if some one play games so this smartphone is not recommanded.

  7. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    It is a high end mode, more high priced than any Smartphone ever made by Koreans because it has bit same price tag as the iPhone and offering more nice experience with the Android

  8. Kossay Kh says:

    The Smartphone and a actual step onward for iPHone and a Smartphone that is actual delight to use, grasp and experience.

  9. Meqdam Adel says:

    boldest new tech can be seen on their new 3D device quick action and new ideas, especially for Mail, viewing and uploading

  10. Ch Waqas Murtaza says:

    previously we seen moto x family got such features with the positive and friendly price ranges and now as so far they updated nexus family and google nexus 5x has pretty good features also design is premium

  11. Abdilah Lafouini says:

    though, it soon Samsung can fix, with the next Galaxy S and it is rumored, Galaxy S Edge also come up in March 2015 and these devices may be well-matched with Samsung VR.

  12. Souqmobi says:

    Hi Claudette, Following are the prices for UAE Middle East only. Regards Souqmobi.com

  13. Mintu Sarma says:

    The style is here but the stuff is not present Microsoft has put some amaizng design but they have forget to put the wonderful specs in it.

  14. Saamir Nijar says:

    8 MP, [email protected] front facing camera is something make it more extra ordinary and cool that i know. stereo sound rec and they have a great video camera at all that i know

  15. Alkateeb says:

    Although, in good turn of OnePlus One like phone that play two factors, all together at very cheap prices but with excellent performance. Hence the name "killer phone of 2014". All this is true really

  16. Mansy says:

    dual sim lumia 630 is nice But Ram 512MB :( that make it not much quick performing device however love Nokia style

  17. Mahdi H. Alramadhan says:

    the major improvments on this phone is with the size of the Moto E, they give Lollipop and 4G LTE

  18. Al Rafay says:

    some of the reasons by which i recommend to update iOS 9.2 on iphone 6s because now the apple siri has features and fully support some other traditional languages include Arabic language support

  19. Nazek Mostafa says:

    well there phones are much more slim than others whereas there is previous devices which has same handling more comfy then rivals

  20. Muamahd Ali Alward says:

    the Smartphone will need to support the new features like Live Photo, but it will be deprived of the functions 3D Touch. news screen will remain the same as in the 5s model.