Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Manel Ryehi says:

    alloy glass on the phone is just on the one place. Nexus logo printed on its back is just same as we seen in the nexus previous devices but not such big logo

  2. Mohamed Husam says:

    have 64gb version for dual sim support ? What is the price of lg g5 dual sim version?

  3. Melvin Bello says:

    When will be available in Riyadh?

  4. Hisham Anwer says:

    always the metallic design make it look different in hands but the glass use on both sides front and rear going to make it look elegant

  5. Noor Alshams says:

    Excellence With Edge as same as the Sony phones are!!

  6. Eman Shahin says:

    although the release of the latest device and is the space slight flanked by the two giants Samsung and Apple.

  7. Tamara says:

    Great cell at low budget hardware iz just superb...support whatsap....bigger display bigger battery nice keyboard good music quality camera iz okk okk....speaker iz awesome..

  8. Mohamed Yassen says:

    Softer software now many programs are nice and been more fast easy to use also. Embedded battery helps iphone 6 plus to maintain this phone life

  9. Thanaa Ka says:

    Advantage of the latest phone is with the display that is retina and mail application is really working so fie with such landscape mode it is perfect

  10. Shireen Anis says:

    white and gray two colors but need a bold color that look solid and more unique in hands as compare o s5 I like grand prime more also it is better than core galaxy

  11. Mahd says:

    where is your shop in madina or makkah

  12. Rona Alshibany says:

    One feels that camera manufacturers of smartphones - on the right track, and crept close enough to the quality of compact cameras; after the G series phone there is another big

  13. Faraz Sarwar says:

    Apple keep itself in a limit and thats why a large nmber of people love them a lot. The phone is not so big and not so small but the thing is you'd going to love it while you keep it in your hand.

  14. Jamil Ali says:

    but phone battery capacity is too much low .... it should be more than 2000mah. but overall good design phone for messaging, media, and internet browsing

  15. Albhohayti says:

    Id be surprised and find it best in term of many things than; an excellent snapper with wider lens and dual lens offer in lg g5

  16. Reyaj Ahmad says:


  17. Ayman Alamer says:

    As for the cost of other good tablets from Apple, the cost of iPad mini 2 now starts at $ 269,

  18. Mohammed Qudah says:

    LG g pad is really looks an awesome innovation of this year... although that is why LG is my favorite one

  19. Khalid Alhadi says:

    the camera hardware set for the note 7 galaxy will be more greater than 20MP or be more identical within the same 16MP camera lens

  20. Afaf says:

    I think HTC is kidding with peoples now ... in this modern era .. this latest smartphone having 4 mega pixel camera only !!!!!