Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nour says:

    ry watching movies on this smallest screen :)

  2. Saeed Atif says:

    the amount of memory is really impress; but why not they enhanced as well the screen resolution and ppi more than 500 make this phone really attractive to the user. However waiting to get my hands on this oneplus 3 phone

  3. Shailendra Ahmed says:

    you can enjoy this ultimate entertainment. all the times, at any place

  4. Rama Aghm says:

    So the cheapest one found here is the sport watch while the all editions got the similar processor Apple S1, and the operating system iOS but the flexible watch got the Retina AMOLED that is different..

  5. Mohamed Clalu says:

    with this motorola phone you can as well easily transfer your files with speed, but not found any infor that how can i upgrade to Android 4.4.2 immediately and easily

  6. Ahmad Hussin says:

    if they give the edges black finishing than it might be look really amazing because it is slim and that make it look elegant

  7. Muhammad Faisal MAlik says:

    The only stuffsabsent here to complete the iPad mini gaze are a home key, chamfered ends, and an Apple symbol.

  8. Mohammed Kashan says:

    when it available in dubai?

  9. Pervaiz Humjana says:

    The overall speed of the nexus is excellent, despite the increased resolution and, at the same time almost identical Snapdragon chipset that is performed great with the Android platform, the Smartphone runs smoothly, without delays and slowdowns.

  10. Abod Ahmad says:

    i think this media pad is full copy of HTC one .. spec are same

  11. Amm Misr says:

    1599 aed for this phone might be a great value if they are offering in such price nexus 6 128gb model..

  12. Shafiq Barisal says:

    AF works totally great and much more instantly performance as compare to the iPhone latest and by holding a point on the screen for a half-second or two, you can save adjust the focus and exposure for a seperate frame.

  13. Nihad Abdulzahra says:

    American has a modest A9 SoC and M9 co processor chipset which is best now a taptic engine is as well modest, which offers more real-time tactile response when you touch the screen.

  14. Zahid says:

    Hi I'm looking for this phone Htc 8s window if someone have contact me plz 0555024356

  15. Bhatti Saab says:

    In difference to the primary camera, front camera Sony Z4 may not get new lenses, and does not rise the resolution.

  16. Husain Abazeed says:

    Therefore, the power button in the One M9 moved from the upper end to the right side, now it is under the thumb of his right hand. It is logical and convenient.

  17. Hussam Libya says:

    it is quite possible but not i think their is any change to give iphone waterproofness with the force technology. but possibly iphone 7 has good watertight features as suggested

  18. Hafizaa Ayesha says:

    edge phones has both good material housing and finishes which give a strong feel in hands. also identical in performance because the new OS optimize the applications more well than before and it is the best phone for the gaming instead

  19. Abd Aboahmad says:

    Need to do some work before selecting the device because now even in many stores you can find different sales offer but there are many variant as well available. S6 Dual SIM and more phones with different accessories are also offer in some stores

  20. Sibarat Ali Sheikh says:

    but not this look beautiful because of lack of round shape