Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abdallah Jourjos says:

    But motionless existence able to give and make use of entire additional inordinate korean device landscapes which is really great

  2. Bechir Est says:

    inside the box there is battery, charger, headset, USB Cable, Adapter

  3. Shahid Ullah says:

    unbeatable battery as they are claiming because the phone got more mAh battery than its rival but performance is not so much well with the maximum setting and while playing games in the xperia z3

  4. Abd Al Rahman Lord says:

    If you suddenly do not like the color saturation of the display than i think you not know a thing about good smartphone

  5. NIyaz Munazzileen says:

    you can personalized the phone but will be something change in the cases because of use of glass 4 on the rear

  6. Tawfiq Hassan says:

    my plan is to buy this phone soon in future

  7. M Rami Tawakol says:

    Unlocking the smartphone is obviously the game, but especially the "private" mode, which allows the phone to hide certain content that is fly.

  8. Trfehksa Wlaa says:

    playing games in this phone is a whole new experience … you can set the notification of football and other sports and see remarkable updates easily not touching your phone…

  9. Saafir says:

    find one serious suspect on this phone . Something wrong with battery not when using at high recommend usage.. Also now low down quickly after normal usage

  10. Ajesh says:

    How I buy this

  11. Shamil Drbas says:

    Samsung KNOX corporate applications and data, such as e-mails, contacts and calendar

  12. Sulimaan says:

    waiting for lg g2 gold prices from saudi arab

  13. Amarali says:

    you can shoot best with the galaxy s7 camera it is really brilliant phone and i appreciate the developers for that.

  14. Ghozlan Asghar says:

    s pen is just ok little bit improvement with that but still need a work

  15. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    in some of the common problems i found this phone big size a bit issue

  16. Sid Ahmed Alji says:

    i found this device little bit more different because the edges and sides is not as they before. Nice handling of the phone and little edge screen make it look more slim from sides and smooth sensor

  17. Asher Ahmad Alvi says:

    I just take a look on the new unveil by sony phone called xperia c5 ultra just see the screen this is so amazing that is what I am expecting from Samsung to make

  18. Sharjil P says:

    1.5 GB RAM but same performance as 2GB of RAM but low quality of the camera in the low light

  19. Emad Bazeed says:

    this phone does not have the always on display either after the new OS update. slope off on either side of the edge has some similar features on the other side

  20. Omar Madi says:

    the big size phone is still be a worth value for me