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  1. Samir Beiruti says:

    With just aheating problem the image of this phone is getting down, Else the phone is wonderful.

  2. Anas Jawabra says:

    The phone has a battery and the charging problem and this is one of the worst phone produced by apple.

  3. Al Anida Dalora says:

    This is a unique idea and i think all the smartphones compnies would have to bring it in their smartphones.

  4. Yahya Bouazzi says:

    Its is a great phone with great features and design but the main issue i faced is the low battery timings. It could not be use without charging on daily basis regularly.

  5. Daniel says:

    compare to most of other big screen flagship phone is perfect.. next-gen smartphone is expected to be lot more in it...

  6. Rehab Maghawry says:

    expectation with the new apple watch 2 as it is totally differ from the previous watche and will be more eye catching. they do not going to make the glass round but may be more bezel less and large screen on the 2017 version of apple watch

  7. Abd Dawood says:

    the future is already here with Apple this is the best thing to wear with hands

  8. Ali Khalil Almansor says:

    obviously there focus is display as we take a look on the all previous family they continously increasing the ppi and screen resolution

  9. Athahir says:

    4GB of RAM which is same amount of ram given to next galaxy s7. Obviously what more they going to give the next phones

  10. Seraj Ansari says:

    Seraj ansari 0971526448965 Xiaomi redmi note2 pink 32 gb lte after 1 week please contact me

  11. Ameen Maghrabi says:

    The secondary camera might now carry out its function at the most excellent level, even both Instagram just flood the Selfie, it is time to move away from there.

  12. Brahim Moulati says:

    less pricey than the iPhone so why note the most luxurious phone I buy instead of high pricey low end iPhone

  13. Abdul says:

    how is this warrenty ? where this product

  14. Hadi Shoaib says:

    The quad core inside this amazing monster would make you have the best gameing support and some really very good speed so that you would enjoy with this smartphone.

  15. Jazib Ali says:

    A wonderful Smartphone having a perfect specs which is according to me and I like it so much as it has a large battery.

  16. Jamel Hameed says:

    for multimedia all the xperia phones are good.. good audio quality and smoothly play music

  17. Qader says:

    but Z3 blackberry intangible threshold crossing it requires a compromise larger screen size is more ergonomic .

  18. Aisha Khalil says:

    After the presentation and before entering iphone 6 on special all pondered: in support or not? The way that a few renderers cam is not performed.

  19. Aboud Khalil says:

    if they give the affordable price tag to the sony xperia x than it will be a best attraction for consumers. however i not believe their is something outstanding this time

  20. Suleyman Mohammed says:

    The latest phone is thinner than its last edition and the battery capacity and frames meet the most 5.5-inch PHABLET size instead of "uncompromising league" of those models which are big in size and not such bezel free