Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Obaidah Mohammad Alsibai says:

    this is dual sim model and tell me that if there is most advance LTE connectivity included on this ?

  2. Abu Sayaf says:

    good apple. i am sure amount set for this iphone 6 is well and because of its rich specs prices are high... obviously is a great phone because manufacturer is Apple

  3. Mfmf Sad says:

    well they not make the first time this kind of high phone.. previously with the note edge i really surprise

  4. Sada Khan says:

    Feature packed best of all time front face secondary camera....but why Bezel heavy design... i want this phone to be like xperia t3

  5. Subhash Chandra says:

    hi brother truthly it s price is AED159. where will its gets .please give me some information. OK

  6. Guindy says:

    what a lag phone is this... only dual sim is a new feature on it ... same as lumia 525

  7. Shima Sarhan says:

    Sets Ambitious Price point well that is bit high for just after 3 days but still some how people manage to buy this great one

  8. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    Style Moto X and Nexus, waiting to be said about them, I keep a flame of hope.

  9. Abdul Aleem says:

    Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery is not a good selection by nokia to include in this phone... i except that battery will be 3000 mah .. because is not much slim

  10. Yuseff Nasserr says:

    mean really!!! this is best phone and not other phone has touch id... look at nexus 6, moto x

  11. Rachid Tour says:

    The curvy feeling is more like the flip flop Smartphone as we take a look on the oldest devices, and is supposed to picked up even more of the voice of the individual persons even though I did not become aware of phone calls

  12. Mubarak Musa says:

    they now jump to the new iOS but the camera remain similar why not they are improving the pixels.

  13. Farha Khan says:

    Same design as the s6 but look more impressive because of dimensions and sides one larger and one smaller edge is available

  14. Franklin Molina S says:

    there is so good seamless metallic body well the quality material is for the first time used by them, Exynos 14nm 64-bit Octa Core i recommend to you

  15. Sitti DHang Bint Adam says:

    and what about the hima windows phone model when it makes its appearance or it is another Android mysterious phone

  16. Shoaib Jee says:

    You can say that this particular smartphone is meant for those who arenot consern with the entertainment as It has just wonderful body not a wonderful stuff so that you can entertain yourself…

  17. Daniel Sami says:

    the best yet successor to the modern big phablets with the most amazing lighter, improve battery and display

  18. WaLaa Abu Omar says:

    Versus this mobile phone to the other new high end models the big advantages is the graphic and the ram acceleration to their gpu and storage

  19. Yasir Ali says:

    The Galaxy Alpha replace the silvery plastic edge with a correct aluminum frame. It does not wrap just about as much surface as the iPhone and the plastic on the backside is not the most excellent even by Samsung values.

  20. Khadija Amin says:

    It raises a height of stylish design and a variety of silently ground-breaking facial appearance that are in different ways worthy of Sony, Appl, HTC,