Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hassan Shams Ali says:

    The Smartphone is the best Kiktat version of Android 4.4.4, with the shell TouchWiz, it is as well the modest version, as the flagship of the company.

  2. Nassir says:

    Some color, lots of flash and I like the black color with the combination of the silver than; in platinum gold might be more expensive than

  3. Ahmed Azaam says:

    not mandatory updates for this phone than its standard version but the efficiency of the device is even looks faster in the 128gb version

  4. Razzak says:

    balance power and performance optimization of the comparison fails..even in the state of the screen of htc m8 can also be put out blind operation.

  5. Khalid Mansour says:

    I am looking to order for zenfone 5 gold in qatar can u support me

  6. Hudaid Ali says:

    The tablet is thinner 8.99 mm just in dimension and as well more lighter (676 gr.), Changed the display settings: the device has received 10.6 "higher-res ClearType display with a resolution of 1080p - the same screen installed in the heart of the Surface Pro 2.

  7. Abdou Maghribi says:

    well the prices seems to be low than microsoft surface pro and has all the capabilities; well a nice substitute of their macbooks without any doubt

  8. Salih Ahmedm says:

    well device performance is really well optimized finally with the new marshmallow update. I really like the camera of the samsung galaxy s7 that is really amazing and front camera has nice wider angle

  9. Mohamed Jhon Aziz says:

    so the size is still small as compare to iphone phablet

  10. Samah ALdolemi says:

    the great thing is the 4k display that ever body knows.. And amazed by seen the performance of the phone that is very smooth and faster than other phones

  11. Mymo Mymo says:

    not this is a mystery that who use this kind of phone 2nd another screen has some interesting feature and is required.. You can make your phone more durable and do your all daily task with it without give too much impact to battery.

  12. Shanu Khan says:

    Years back, HTC's flagship devices demolish under the Desire brand. In current years, the Desire brand has been lifted to more reasonable oriented devices.

  13. Heri says:

    Should be resolution at least 2 k or 3 k on this configuration.. It is FHD Only... Overall very good spec

  14. Ismail says:

    I want to purcahse yuthupia in Saudi Arabia Riyadh where i can find it.

  15. Batuhan Baris says:

    same design as galaxy s6 is using with the edges but iphones has more smooth edges compare to the galaxy and the galaxy note 5

  16. Mai Attia says:

    great to have this phone and major updates I found with the new iOS on iphone 6 over predecessor

  17. Ramo says:

    Hi guys, I first had a note 1, later a note 2, and later a note 3, when is this going to stop ? Well I think I will buy the note 4 edge also ! Well done samsung, hope you don't come out with something new in 2015 .

  18. Abbas Hamdani says:

    nice Aluminum unibody one of the best features on the iphones. at 720p video recording

  19. Mohamed Youssef says:

    camera of the new launch in 2016 samsung phones destroys actually iPhone 6S because it is far more greater with the 12MP same as iphone and far more greater in quality

  20. Shakeer Ali says:

    Space bar bit small - medium this time and the width of two typical key - & NBSP, but It is not I think is a big problem, or any issue with that at all.