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  1. Asaad Abdullah says:

    very different TouchWiz updates on the smartphones and the tablets by samsung also while connectivity to sim

  2. Amr Hamed says:

    Other roles appear above the keyboard in 4-line hardware, content-based text input field. This behavior is really good and joyful.

  3. Fysal Ahmed says:

    In general, the phone is compact, has a metallic elements and fits the definition of a fashion phone.

  4. Hadraoui Aek says:

    immersive stunning screen and the P-OLED screen first use by LG in the flexible model

  5. Qader Shsmsh says:

    hdr functionality is always good and reliable in samsung galaxyline up phones.. that helps in giving clear imageu and videos as well...with natural light

  6. Ihtesham Gujjar says:

    corning glass is a nice protection to the phone and best for scratch proof.

  7. Adnan says:

    i love HTC smartphones can not wait for it to be an owner of this spectacular new HTC phone

  8. Abd Eido says:

    among the best of the market, to see that they get the rest to improve

  9. Helmi Manar says:

    Black, White two models but not find anywhere in uae 16GB black thanks

  10. Hamid Yasin says:

    Very good call me 0555611502

  11. Abu Anas W says:

    good phone

  12. Eyad Sy says:

    So the Samsung phones in both manners design and construction has not such kind of quality and Android phone are not much fast as they say

  13. Shaker Sharif says:

    well s5 I am using and it looks like many things they mdoified and borrow from the galaxy s5 phone; but huge different among both phones prices

  14. Faisal Mustafa says:

    The front-facing camera, the ambient glow, and the proximity sensor are as well in the part and the mouthpiece and the additional stereo speaker be able to establishing underneath the screen

  15. Hassan Aljmali says:

    microUSB Type-C to USB cable, 1.8A FastCharge wall charger and more things on it and is this all include inside the box of lg g5?

  16. Jamal Khan says:

    what is the price now a days

  17. Masa Dyaa says:

    marshmallow rollout is official now and I am using phone with marhsmallow right now but recently saw iphone 6 plus and want that

  18. Manoj says:

    I like this device.... So where is purchase .....in Saudi Arabia..... Dammam.....

  19. Ahmed Mansour says:

    any deal for this phone?

  20. Mohamed Younes says:

    promises to be each bit as powerful as their previous phone but the s6 is not got resisance with the water because galaxy s6 comes out without IP certifications