Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Tamur Alabyad says:

    offering many things in just big versions and now even in the smallest models. I like small iphone se because it is lighter in weight and not hard to carry in pockets

  2. Ajan says:

    LG optimus L5 white 32GB 3G. I need buy this phone.. is this 199 dhs?

  3. KaZa Mezaa says:

    suggest me the most affordable phone like this one by any other brand

  4. Almansory says:

    not lenovo is a good brand for high quality phone… but making good looking smart phones… and I hope in future lenovo invent something new and innovative

  5. Azza Diab says:

    I want a fingerprint scanner and as well a water and dust resistance body on lg g3 prime

  6. Amm Misr says:

    In the pocket of his trousers and jeans fit, but in the summer wearing shorts OnePlus One will not be so convenient.

  7. Muhammad Sadiq Malik says:

    The processor is of 2 GHz (Snapdragon 805). It is down from the Note-4 and Galaxy S6..however the s6 has 1.7 but the have snapdragon 810 so i thing it would beat 805 2GHz what say guys..??

  8. Rizwan Khan says:

    you can not alter the battery life or bigger the Smartphone’s capacity and room via microSD card slot both new phones have been give up for in manner of the built quality and wireless charging functionality is now offered by Samsung also

  9. Hasan says:

    Whats a price of LG G Pro Lite and when available in Damam?

  10. Elsie says:

    When will it be available in Port Harcourt, Nigeria?

  11. Riad Mohamad Deeb says:

    8-core Exynos works actually fine and the free bezel design also

  12. Ismail Saad says:

    new bold look for Samsung. it is such an elegant new update by Samsung another best looking andpremium design

  13. Shuzain says:

    this phone looks perfect to me... stylish bright colors and nice screen size

  14. ALsalahi says:

    6.8mm thickness of the galaxy s6 modela and the brother phable has 7.6mm thickness also the more big size. compare prices to the galaxy s6 and even galaxy s7 is still note 5 is high priced model

  15. Lubna Javed says:

    I love the bill payment method because it is unique and totally new and I think firsly introduced by the apple that you can pay the bills by using the wrist watch.

  16. Waves Sea says:

    Camera UltraPixel moved to the front side. She In the video she showed herself perfectly, the picture is bright and clear even in low light.

  17. Ahmad Alqassas says:

    note 3 is for professionals with the best features and 32GB, 4G LTE dual version I am using right now

  18. Fahad Mimed says:

    Actually this thing is just possible either you put your stylus backwards instead of the way stylus needs you to put inside your Samsung note 5.

  19. Crazee Saurav says:

    Samsung is trying to get the higest rank in the market and as we can see that Apple is making mistakes so it is becoming more simpler for the Sasmsung

  20. Aykut Yilmaz says:

    you are right drain the battery life of the phone also