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  1. Abu Ahmed says:

    There are a lot of major things that arrived on the based operating system but the iOS 9 has so much new things to do with the het siri and live photos like features

  2. Tauheed Asghar says:

    Heating issue which makes the games slower and I hate it when it do it with me.

  3. Anish says:

    I need same this answer

  4. Doaa Atiah says:

    Nokia is presentation off the Android tablet N1 at its stand at the MWC 2015, at present beneath way in Barcelona.

  5. Abdul Rehman says:

    Android 5.0.2 is a lollpop i think Google is kid and what he eats he make the os of that particulr stuff hahaahhah But just think what would be the next....We had kikat then lollipop now i think we would have hotdogs hahahahahha

  6. Takfa Takfarinas says:

    on-board memory solution such as 16GB / 32GB and 128GB storage capacity like these in all phones right now but the issue is with the cardslot

  7. Nizam Uddin says:

    A larger screen having a wonderful resolution and providing a fastest speed this is Apple and I like Apple only for these reasons.

  8. Lmrabt says:

    galaxy s5 3 variants are coming or only one?? however waiting for s5 zoom specifications and release date

  9. Haroun Kadri says:

    iny size though with bit more thicker body because of use of more battery capacity and claims to be the most high end with the intriguing idea

  10. Riccardo Lemugang Dzimiri says:

    Either you have spent lot of time to check the hardware but it is so hard to compete the performance with the iOS structure mobile phone… well it is extremely fast phone

  11. Hikmat Omer says:

    Samsung has OLED screen and apple using the rettina also a sharp and nice colors combinations on the Se. but its excellent for an LCD what apple is giving right now on the iphone

  12. Sameh says:

    xperia z2 price???

  13. Al Hameed says:

    desire 610 is not good buy desire 816 if u want desire . It is just good as lg g3 and other s5 like phones

  14. Khaled Aboholi says:

    S6 camera might be let owner of the phone to choose among 3 different to each other focus modes, containing a manual mode that give access to user to manage shutter speed.

  15. Ubed Rehan says:

    battery is able to give you up to 10 hours so so it can be say that the best battery life ever use by Apple

  16. Vibhor Krishan says:

    it is a truly panic phone with ultra high resolution and fully support all kind of multi tasking and also good and smart

  17. Shadab Khan says:

    Rendering to display specialists, Display Mate Technologies Corporation , Note5 has the superlative performance of the new 6s display that are now tested

  18. Usman says:

    i love a banana phone

  19. Fida Hussain says:

    The smartphone boasts application Lumia Camera - professional program for recording, which allows you to manually change almost all parameters.

  20. Hadeel Hani says:

    I'll definitely grab grand 2 in future. Samsung are the best every where Your RIght!!!!! innovative features and nice graphics