Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Khalil Ali says:

    still love iphones??? those are jokers who saying these kind of words.. just take a look with z1 and z2 and now see z3 specifications... fully packed with powereful hardwares ever used in any device

  2. Abdalkhader Alhasnawi says:

    Quick Charge 2.0 and wireless charging which apple is going to offer in 2016 editions and the battery needs to be get time after time different addons

  3. Abdul Rahim says:

    However, due to the use of additional moisture protection had seals, eventually increased (compared with sony xperia t3 device) and the dimensions and weight is very different

  4. Mostafa says:

    each test software we were running five times and take the average of five times this comparison. on blackberry z3.. battery is ok and ram include in this is just good with this phone cpu

  5. Leen Nassif says:

    as take a look on the design of the classic the previous phones with the same series has the same module and same QWERTY keyboard but not offering such display with such fast browsing capabilities as this time

  6. Tureifa says:

    design of oppo phones i very unique and good looking in white color... but why not more colors are avaialble for oppo phones like apple???

  7. Saleh Alsiyabi says:

    It is a quite attractive, they make a Smartphone that not just packed a great knock, also seems to be the most fantastic as well

  8. Malik Sattar Awan says:

    as the and as well as a front facing camera of 2 MP r video calling and selfies purposes i think it is best for its time

  9. Yousif Hassan says:

    well balance settings with the battery and all the enorgonomics but g5 will be more pricely for us

  10. Muzzammil says:

    a whole new and packed with extra ordinary features sereis ..galaxy products are awesome. I like this device in blue color

  11. Mohsin Abbas says:

    , several of the most critical point is this: the system, the price, and competing products.seems reasonable market there are some irrational ingredients inside!

  12. Ben Attia says:

    e8 price should be too much expensive .... as one m8 and other are

  13. Ansam Said says:

    very great body design, in this slim design need 4.7inch HP smartphone as well also with same spec

  14. Saleh Homma says:

    it is a little pro version of the iphone6 just or I say like Sony apple make Ultra version

  15. Debs Saood says:

    yeah that is why i just love the samsung. but still prefer my iPhone 5s that is best of its time and still comparable to the new samsung s5 that arrive in 2014

  16. Usman Yousaf says:

    for an amazing stunning display you can get clear view all the time

  17. Hassan Afifi says:

    iphone 6 plus not give me a whole day whether I am not using any battery saving mode but why so? Which are the major applications I have to must stop to run in background nand from where I can do this previously using android phones not know much about the iOS

  18. Shehab Fahim says:

    the graphics and the other things looks better; but if they include alloy body and also metal use with support of the glass panel protection it will be the most beautiful

  19. Mehtab says:

    I play all high recommend games and application on this phone.. All I get … and the phone not heatup for while… I m using lg g3 till month and it is perfect phone

  20. Sohail Khan says:

    such a great amazing smartphone … when galaxy s5 price are come , then next new available come then buy again i cant save any money about my life.. always new life new wife and new mobile ......