Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mouaz N Aldoore says:

    It’s February when the amazing phones are coming, which indicate that Samsung is Again back and now extremely hurt Apple

  2. Dhammika Dulaa Bandara says:

    I like the screen resolution and the camera result but not in the lower light.

  3. Marc Martinuez says:

    Fingerprint Reader Touch ID, NFC chip those are somethings that is included in the new iPads.. so all now with the NOKIA now they are in the same page

  4. Bessan says:

    i do not only buy Smartphones according to their popularity or by seen other using it, i like xperia z2 with unique and useful features not galaxy s5 its again similar not good

  5. Nazim Uddin Wahed says:

    As they also make another big size mobile phone called Moto X 2nd gen phone a replica many saying of the last edition but is a good one also in the manner of attractive design… the eye catching phone more than this one is the nexus

  6. Kazim says:

    whts price?

  7. Mahmoud Abdel Wahed says:

    in many aspects this phone is great.. But the display is not unique as peoples estimate with this Smartphone

  8. Yasar says:

    the Galaxy S6 are based on models with 32 GB of storage (not like others, cough, iPhone, cough)

  9. Emad Sohail says:

    what a feature.. While browsing your music collection phone landscape view display is very instant and qucik as compare to other smartphones

  10. Ahmad Alali says:

    i facing an issue while upgrading my os but now is all ok after factory default my phone

  11. Raveen says:

    if that mobile isRAZR XT910 4G internet and 16GB storege so please call me i need that mobile sir 0552339100

  12. Taher Farag Elkhfify says:

    THE New when it comes: the iPhone 5S integrates a biometric sensor in the home button that is something really special for me and many Touch ID! It thus put back (if desired) for the unlock code.

  13. Nona Nabil says:

    If your priority is to make extensive use of the camera, do not buy the 16GB model basic model of the iphone 6s, a minute 4K we will easily hold 400 megabytes of our precious space.

  14. Noor Hameed says:

    Since Apple Watch, primarily the clock, then choose to focus on the dial, you can always adjust by itself.

  15. Vitthal says:

    Grant 2 pride how much?

  16. Ruman Khan says:

    wireless charging and quick charging mode if included it will be really great but they are still not make good sale with new phones

  17. Algzawi says:

    hello nokia please improve your display and make phone more thick as possible ur phones are not smooth

  18. Ibrahim Mohd says:

    I do not see actually a good improve camera in the samsung s7 model it has 12MP meaning they left now in mega pixels wares themselfe.. Comapre to lg new phone it is not soo nice specs list

  19. Omar Elbadry says:

    16MP rear camera results are similar to the xperia and the iphone; also they are offering Quick Charge 2.0

  20. Agila Agzim says:

    for myself, it is particularly the stability technology that I discover huge, especially if you have an Apple iPhone 5w or iPhone 6 Plus next big.