Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Fadi Farah says:

    The new lollipop is really working very fine here in this smartphone and i recommand people to buy this Smartphone. The camera, Speaker and so many other things are quite good in it.

  2. Madii Ice says:

    well as we all know that Apple design there icons and engineers are well built gesters and it is good looking.. While Samsung is know doing the same with the icons as well that give mobile phone more richability

  3. Zied Zizo says:

    iOS 5 or later but tell me working fine not the iOS 7??

  4. Malek Almohammad says:

    must say that nice feeling with the mobile phone and the excellent unit of camera and I test the zoom in the day light

  5. Abdul Abush says:

    so now surface pro 3 dubai launch now.. and the prices are very very high . hopefully this product is also makes its availability in retailing stores in uae

  6. Husyin Omar says:

    multi-tasking monster and the only one stands against all of the high end models like lg v10, htc one m9, lg g4 and also the new motorola phones not make this with their bulky body such multitasking

  7. Brijbasi says:

    i need this mobile

  8. Aflah says:

    an easy and elegant smartphone. It is made of Advanced Sony technology fit in the slim smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.1 inches

  9. Sara Raquel Sota says:

    this year or they going to unveil it next year because this year they launch a no of devices with some enhancments

  10. Parshant Pandit says:

    This is a complet hand set for those who love to have all in just a single smartphone.

  11. Alin Sam says:

    Given this clear break in provision, it's supposed that the feature will be added to unsupported devices at a future date.

  12. Alkontere Ahmad says:

    Good use of what it is, I do ask, do not have any problems again.

  13. Shahbaz says:

    this is a good mobile very good speed internet a complete mobile

  14. Shafqat Mahmood says:

    Kindly let me know price of Huawei Honor 5C

  15. Sham Rooz says:

    what is the nexus 9 screen resolution is nexus9 includes full hd resolution??? and what is the expected prices for this tablet

  16. Naciri Jamal says:

    well in hands it is much smooth and alike ipad but not Nokia still capable to give such a display and features as Apple

  17. Abedalgane says:

    powerful machine all the times instead of the others however his is a big step up and is amazing thing for them to give force touch, good resolution and memory options

  18. Mohamed Fathi says:

    First Smartphone seem wide and large. Its solid body mass is 184g decent, other than different other heavy mobile phone Nexus 6 size somewhat wearing a veil visually.

  19. Mostafa Sabry says:

    Performance and Battery these are the two nice features on this moto

  20. Jhanzaib says:

    I am still using the S4, and here we have the s6 now, but still in love with the features of Samsung galaxy s4, i will gonna buy Samsung galaxy s6 after few months.