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  1. Sidiboy says:

    good looking phone.. wht i m expect from samsung is now coming

  2. Ihsan Ullah Khan Morena says:

    Videos are being uploaded by the user and if you have seen any one of them so you would have found out that the qualilty of the vidoe is not just good instead it is wonderful.

  3. Taman Huma says:

    I am consumed with the new s6 and the note 5 advice me the best phone which one is nice for me?

  4. Anam Ayisha says:

    I dont know why their is heating problem in alomost all the smartphones of samsung...

  5. AlBakar says:

    some good parts of the newest phone include the amount of ram greater than ever. well they include the same screen resolution but 518 ppi pixel density on the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

  6. Nour Rahaf says:

    but obviously after year we see nice series galaxy a, galaxy s6 and note 5 all have good dimensions and great use with the single hand. Even Galaxy Note 5 has bit more larger size but as compare to note 4 it is more less screen size but something alot more change in the design.

  7. Sibghatullah says:

    love its camera result

  8. Sanjeev says:

    how much price

  9. Saif says:

    Hello ho much is iPhone 7

  10. Fareedah says:

    i want a help,, tell me that nokia lumia 525 is compatible with windows xp???? pls tell me fast as possible

  11. Sayed Phuong says:

    i saw leaked images and it looks like a big thing is coming now. A look is fantastic but as like before the same kind of camera lens and dimensions are smooth now

  12. Mohamed Medo says:

    The entire of the display of this watch that is not come in round shape they said is feel more reliable and not give feeling like old watch

  13. Harshit Agarwal says:

    For comparison, iPhone 5s - 1560 mAh at GALAXY S5 - 2800mAh. So still I say it is good phone and has perfect features

  14. Mamdoh Sargeos says:

    Fortunately for us Nexus 6 can play music in two stereo speakers above and below the screen

  15. Liba Razi says:

    price of the mobiles of lg are expensive ... while looking at its specifications expectation is all about with its performance

  16. Abbas Khan says:

    I want to buy blu vivo 5 32 gb storage 3 gb ram phone

  17. Behnam Jafarian says:

    5MP selfie camera required on the phones because samsung has not that elegant sharp result with note edge phone

  18. Eldinali Abu says:

    And one of the first curved-screen Smartphone may soon have the right to a second model, according to Android Authority website.

  19. Neyaz Yunus says:

    right now i am living in Doha Qatar. so please update as soon as possible

  20. Mohamed Fathi says:

    4.7 inches display will be enough for this device