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  1. Naseeful Imran says:

    crazy backside really they change the whole thing; Ultra-Slim design and one of best in the premium quality phones

  2. Ahmed Alcarori says:

    Also Samsung has never sold such phones to have 2 separate screens at all that is because there is many rivals for their own models by themselve. Whereas LG V10 has sole stand in the series with the whole new experience

  3. Nabil says:

    surface is one of the most beautiful laptops or i say is ultrabook yet

  4. Telmidh says:

    battery backup of their mobile phones are also updated and is really superb now; look remarkable and should have nice color tone

  5. Abdelati Asfi says:

    will be waiting for more news about this phablet

  6. Cheruine Hamza says:

    First-rate performance plus the most honest features and well balance software combination of the apple iphone 6s..

  7. Abdek Hadi says:

    nice ipad love apple ... :)

  8. Alione Mustapha says:

    the new security features are included in the new phones and that all seems to be more relevant to iphones in futures

  9. Della Sid Ahmed says:

    wider aperture but the samekind of options they gave to all new series of apple phones. the world gets an updated octa-core and quad core but apple actually not need such things on it

  10. Piyush says:

    I want iphone 7

  11. Mostafa ELezabi says:

    Mobile world Confrence is the best place for samsung not for the Apple and HTC, Beacuse samsung got the highest ranking not the Apple or other Smartphone companies.

  12. Jala Homs says:

    but I still do not see the point to take pictures with a grand series

  13. Tarek Allam says:

    Though, important updates to the iPhone 6S camera skill, an innovative form of pressure-sensitive navigation called 3D Touch, and a quicker computer all unite to stay the next-generation

  14. Ejaz Manzoor says:

    you can easily trace anyone who has this watch so my dear fellow readers do not buy two apple watches one for you and one for your girlfriend because she would be tracing you all the time.

  15. Yaseen says:

    Wow amazing and awesome phone... love it

  16. Sana Areej Nabiha Sohail says:

    even the camera test with the apple phones is still not make it even better; as the new nexus has low quality camera

  17. Rahim Y. Baig says:

    Motorola is working on some great ideas and their invebtion is amazing. I like camera which they are using in their smartphones and it is amazing.

  18. Younes says:

    i do not believe it is a monter device coming because they are just making it more advanced and more modifications to its software without giving much amount of ram to iphone 7

  19. Ali Abbas says:

    I want a smartphone which can provide me a large battery back up and I think note 4 has done it as it has a 3220 mAh battery which can provide a complete day back up.

  20. Bogoce says:

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