Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Imran Khan says:

    yap i agree Sony Xperia Z2 will be good but please do nt put too much price 4 and 500 difference is ok

  2. Nizar Alshalabi says:

    megapixel iSight Focus Pixels but why still has 1.2MP camera whereas other has even 5MP front camera shooter with flash and more features

  3. Star Herki says:

    Expanded 3D Touch features more are expected with their iOS 10 and also need improvments with the hardware; offers different ways to access and grouping images is not that easy actually still

  4. Hamdo Mohammad says:

    It is difficult to reach with the thumb to the upper end of the housing when the screen 5 inches or more.

  5. Zarif says:

    nice phone...

  6. Nasma Alaby says:

    but as the release date of this model is coming continuously new rumors are come and the news are in flow that the camera is not 20mp just 16MP

  7. Bazgha Waqar says:

    via applications of camera as well to YouTube and other videos; superior new application for connecting and organization the device with a PC.

  8. Hanan says:

    what is its expected prices??? tell please

  9. Tariq Rasheed Khokhar says:

    All alongside with the good roomy screen in 4.7 inches.. yes the phone is roomy because this is thin and smooth and new NFC is useful many times.

  10. Shaymaa Elsawy says:

    Separately want to note the complete absence of gaps between the protective glass screen and the edges of the smartphone.

  11. Sanam Butt says:

    Even one cannot say whether it would be value if it was rounding on both sides and the front face surface might be fully symmetrical But if we evaluate the design in isolation from the technical innovative devices, the proposed solution even more interesting.

  12. Hassan Alomda says:

    but they are offering similar as in iphone 5s display also no improvement in the ram of the phone so iphone Se may be just another phone with same size but different built actually

  13. Majdi Alsaleh says:

    give me a chance to take best selfies with a mobile

  14. Omid Rostim says:

    fast charging with the fast performance and with high usage there is no instantly decrese in battery life

  15. Mohamed Allafi says:

    how can I check with imei that what region my phone is manufacture please tell me codes of different countries

  16. Abdelaziz Khaldouni says:

    The camera of this particular Smartphone is good but the processor is not so much Good. It is of just 1.2GHz and i think it is not as much good as we want it to be.

  17. Dler Duhoki says:

    In actual use the phone, you can get two days of work with confidence at the hour of calls, a couple of dozen messages a couple of hours listening to music.

  18. Raneem Mashih says:

    so the compact version is just low in prices as compare to this phone.. I like purple color that is quite shiny and make this phone to look different and unique in hands

  19. Huma Sundas says:

    I want a display which have to 2,560 x 1,440, QHD and i have found this amazing combination in this smartphone.

  20. Silverado says:

    When it will be available for sale in the UAE?