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  1. Jna Jna Eprahim says:

    how much is the screen diagonal .. Please do not make this phone even more big.. M8 got the best size just need to make phone more thin and glossy body

  2. Zagros Amanus says:

    display, screen, speed i give 10 out of 10 to samsung by making this phone capable of all the things. great phablet should strive to be and no one compete it with similar price

  3. Kiko Alprince says:

    latest version looks same but the new color feel different and grab attention of peoples; finally over product that collects the bar for possible rivals alike iphone6s, Mate S and G4

  4. Samir Hajabdo says:

    the good amount of ram but the more big in size iss the lg v10 than. full marksn to this phone in manner of innovation

  5. Mohammad Alsyad says:

    can i use same smart battery cases as i am using for the iphone 6s in the other phones with the same os like iphone 6 plus and can i do same with the ipad pro in which category in your site i find cases for ipad pro for charging

  6. Mohamed Taib says:

    7.3 mm dimension for the nexus 5x is grateful for us to give such palm in hands as nexus 6p is offering with even more big diagonal size

  7. Abumaher Halil says:

    so 38mm fit on wrist; how there straps work if it is from 3rd party and what about there loop band

  8. Abdul Haqq says:

    The Smarphone is one of the best phone in the world and it is the fastest phone in all the new;ly launched Smartphones.

  9. Eslam Refaat says:

    lg urbane watch or the newest apple watch which one you prefer me. I knew that the cheapest one is the lg watch but is apple has it all with iOS platform

  10. Hajar Qader says:

    In terms of control, everything is standard. Is that the buttons become elongated, resembling similar to the iPod Touch or iPad Air.

  11. Orafaee Mohamed says:

    not all the time dimension and slimness of the Smartphone matters. the best fast performance and CPU, GPU is also more improved in this

  12. Huma Riaz says:

    Shatter proof glass is a kind of a glass that not just protect your screen instead it provide some good quality stuff like the best retina display and you would notice it when you use it.

  13. Shahoda Ayhm says:

    Perhaps this is done with an eye on the iPhone, but iOS such a step looks weird.

  14. Mohammad Taha says:

    Make forward steps over some rivals as they also borrow 4K technology to their camera, but knowing would record with quality and consume more power of battery so far

  15. Paul Michael Joules Salise says:

    Guys, It's right here for $296.00

  16. Soha Mk says:

    Korean likes certain that we totally want the Note offers the feeling of holding a Moleskine in hand, and we can at least be grateful for the vanishing of false seams.

  17. Latifi Kalidou says:

    what a nice way to include 14MP high end camera with the perfect LTE advance and big size phone

  18. Dawod Khalil Alsmoqi says:

    And it is very interesting, in which direction iPad design will be developed in the future, because right now, and the width of the side frames and the thickness close to the threshold beyond which it already starts to be uncomfortable.

  19. Amr Abo Zaid says:

    still iPhone is a best value

  20. Rafi Wania says:

    the best thing we all know so far about the note 6 upcoming is that there is not so big bulky sizes anymore.. which is the greatest deal for us