Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Haddadin Alaa says:

    what about the keyboard features of the iphone 6 is anything improve with this feature or same as iphone 5 have.

  2. Mohamad Alsolmi says:

    apple is right now working on the next gadget and exclude many things to make it even the lightest and the most thinnest phone

  3. Bave Bankin says:

    The new features include some of the brand app,. Update apart, TouchWiz has been completely redeveloped with the new lollipop 5.. and now the 5.1.1 lollipop is updated.

  4. Mat El Klam says:

    A microSD card is also a Plus point present in A7 which means that if you need to add some extra space you can do it by replacing your microSD card.

  5. Givar Kobani says:

    and the size of these two interfaces can also press and hold the center button to slide up and down to adjust.

  6. Haval Sabah says:

    this phone us yet unvailable in the markets so when the prices are updated please tell me any info so i make my mind to buy moto x2

  7. Wessam Sa says:

    16GB, 4G LTE, Blue is this is available in the markets I am searching for this model and not found the best price yet

  8. Al-aloosi Xulfi says:

    Nexus series of smartphones with name of Google has all the times been an aggressive price dumping.

  9. Al Rahman says:

    I still think if they made it more smaller it will be even more prominient and cool for us. Too big are always hard to handle all operations

  10. Javith says:

    htc one mini price in uae?

  11. Amin Fares says:

    thinner phone has good outer look and offering so nice grip in hands but there is one noticable cause of all that phones with the battery side

  12. Marwan says:

    it is great than galaxy s3 ??? i want to buy but dont know which one is good s3 or s4mini

  13. Zeyad Nuhilla says:

    Do not seem to be similarities with the Galaxy Note Edge , as we had originally planned, the edges are thinner and less brilliant finish.

  14. Meeroo Mero says:

    the major con of their phone is that they are expensive and non removable cardslot and even batteries

  15. Layla Esho Denkha says:

    the proof is in it compared to galaxy s7 in manner of graphics which is right now the place holder in manner of high end and awful graphics; xperia z5 premium has at the other hand similar capabilities but even more pixels

  16. Nizar Odeh says:

    the most thinnest phone Vivo Max; which is additional improved through the Hi-Fi 2.0 hold up as of the Smartphone speaker.

  17. Sajid Ali says:

    Clear screen tells a wonderful story of this amazing smartphone and the wonderful specs are also very good and you can call it a smartphone having wonderful technology.

  18. Shahzad says:

    I need oppo f1

  19. Assa Sayf says:

    afterall the new things is 4k video capturing but it required alot of storage to film for a long while actually

  20. Mah Sb says:

    double nano SIM card on this phone?