Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Aom Ali says:

    with the memory RAM i think they are going ok but there is some thing bad with the battery life

  2. Badr Charqui says:

    i love my oneplus one phone and wait for the next one

  3. Eslam Asfor says:

    either the special one but there is a need to include otg usb option it is beneficial

  4. Khodr Aziz says:

    Lightning to USB Cable and as well USB power adapter is in the box of mini 3ipad

  5. Sabir Khan says:

    the feature look same like the g3

  6. Alwafi Abobaker says:

    thumbs up for the fabulous phone of the september

  7. Mohamed Mando says:

    BL setup and custom equaliser and there is earphone that is nice package now with the phone

  8. Memon Masood says:

    need this smartphone how can i buy this please give me detail

  9. Chawki Mojitoq says:

    why not they launch dual sim HTC phone now

  10. Mahmoud Saad says:

    best budgeted phone but still the performance is low as compare to galaxy note 3 and other phones as the huawei mate 7

  11. Jawad Jan says:

    I wanted more pixels on there devices same performance like the note 5 than i say it is a perfect addon and a phone ahead all others

  12. Ahmed Dheaf says:

    First, stylish s series not got another nice variant. Matt aluminum material of the iPhone Special Edition, appearances and feels very dissimilar than the 6s: to touch it appears to be more rough.

  13. Marivel says:

    Dear sir and ma'am, I would like to ask about Huawei matebook the price here in ksa

  14. Arkhwan Biram says:

    As the Note 4 has an imposing Quad High Definition Super AMOLED display, the such high resolution in this kind of phone needs more capacity

  15. Bukhtawar says:

    09-sep-2013 still waiting for lumia 1020 in UAE.

  16. Korn Litho says:

    the next Water proof monster is on its way.. But need the slimmest and smooth phone that is not the company is offering from a long while..

  17. Ahmad Brahem says:

    Nevertheless, Note 4 is still a little more than the S5 in the same conditions: the stage is better lit, and the details do not suffer too much.

  18. Faiq Asfour says:

    For those who lover wearing fashionable things has a large collection to choose for. Well the sport band and bracelet look for the professionals

  19. Hannan Kobani says:

    great camera. And that's both handsets note 4 and iphone 6 plus i like.. but more i like iphone 6 if the prices are more come to low. not this phone having the richest specification ever also not the most slimmest phone in market. so why prices are so much

  20. Sudeesh says:

    I need one in best