Find LG Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abu Bakr says:

    one m8 graphics is very good i compare its hardware with sony and apple phones and i think this phone is much good many peoples love htc Phones because they all are packed with morderen tech..

  2. Yusaf Ali says:

    Am lookingbfor nokia 6700 gold. Pls update me on 0559838820

  3. Jak says:

    Overall, the surface is no longer the only characteristic of the LG G Flex series.

  4. Muntaqim says:

    any notifaction for the available store for iphone 6. public security and order. all info i want sir

  5. Mocktar Yaken says:

    This more luxurious type of the S series spocially in the form of design. It offering not only few software updates as well elegant curved display fair do not do much to defend the additional prices.

  6. Abdullah Totti says:

    it is the most powerful yet 7.9 inches tablet that has5 MP, 2592 ? 1944 pixels, autofocus with max features

  7. Ajmal Azzam says:

    i check the fresh look of this phone and find this phone very good looking quite similar as lg g3

  8. Ahmed Amine Ghenim says:

    other than Performance and battery life there is massive size of their device after mate 7 another nice update for those who feel premium with such giant devices

  9. Asghar says:

    gold 64gb lte version of this phone i want and searching for but there is too expensive prices for this phone that i think also include shipment cost... want free shipment in uae but not prices are too high in between 2699 that is my budget

  10. Fares says:

    some of the new designs with key changes that everybody is looking for their phones

  11. Al Lateef says:

    I see a demo of this phone many things that never include in lenovo phones are now dubbed especially with the camera and front shooter is so nice of the p90 phone

  12. Ahmad Qassem says:

    offers the better deal in future that i know because after the prev g flex now LG know what to do with this kind of phone

  13. Rayan says:

    hi nabel,send me ur cell # email in below email address then i will further communicate you...

  14. Ahmed Moosa says:

    Nice phone but not a complete device

  15. Azan Asif says:

    I think Apple watch gold is so much expensive and I dont know that why apple has done it, why it is providing such an expensive watch having gold on it.. It look odd when you wear the gold wrist watch.

  16. Tarek M Shams says:

    you are right it is absolutely thicker and iphone 5se is a suggest name for this one because it is just a modify version withing same built

  17. Hassan says:

    - with the right photographing the pictures are quite not badi t's magic, before that I could not have imagined that the smart will have to shoot,

  18. Sheikh Aslam says:

    I dont knw why i will happening. I am really love to work this out this out

  19. Basare Baguinda says:

    Or fast charge may be another highlight feature. emphasize improvements presented regarding the last phone

  20. Noor Afzl says:

    I actually love my Note 4 and now switch from note to galaxy s6 and once again going to buy the new come note5 it does everything that I am looking for