LG Nexus 5

Category: LG Best Price: AED 868
Price in Dubai AED 868 | Price in Saudi SAR 885 | Price in Qatar QAR 859

Store Price
Google LG Nexus 5X 16GB 4G LTE Carbon Black
AED 868 Contact Seller
LG Nexus 5X -16GB Black
AED 899 Contact Seller
LG Nexus 5X 4G LTE, White, 32 GB
AED 929 Contact Seller
LG Nexus 5 Red / 16GB Internal / 2GB Ram / Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 / 4.95" Screen / 4G LTE
AED 1229 Contact Seller
LG Nexus 5 16GB 4G LTE Black
AED 1289 Contact Seller
LG Nexus 5 16GB White
AED 1295 Contact Seller
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LG Nexus 5 Review

LG Nexus 5 are announced which was also known as Google Nexus 5 as well, this new LG machine comes with wireless charging, Nano SIM, New Android OS version (4.4-kitkat), with rear High Definition IPS-Plus touch screen. In the company of 16-M Colors and 1080 pixels (108*1920 p) display. New LG Nexus 5/Google Nexus 5 having 5.0 inches screens size and having 13 Mega Pixel LED Flash rear cameras. LG Nexus 5 available in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar very soon, also LG Nexus 5 price in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also not yet applicable, LG very soon probably in November,2013 makes an announcement to launch its new Google Nexus 5. Google Nexus 5 Dubai prices are seems to be high because of its features and better specification as never before. While, In Dubai, UAE LG Nexus 5 are also not yet available in online stores, but very soon as LG Nexus 5 price in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are provided to consumers and customer both markets LG Nexus 5 makes its fully availability in Dubai, UAE very far.

Specs & Main Features

You can find no of available applications in Google Play store that is smoothly run on this Nexus Smartphone such as a Snapseed best application for photography that twist images to an amazing snap, SwiftKey Keyboard by which you can quickly as possible type and chat. In support of Quad-core 2.3 processor users can now play HD games on Nexus 5. The most popular 1st person games like Call of Duty Strike Team. LG Nexus 5 is now available in all markets and also in online stores so you can buy it in different colors and 16/32 GB and more options. In the company of all these amazing hardware and specifications and latest OS v4. 4 KitKat that is as well upgradable to v4.4.4 Kitkat you will get phone at reasonable prices.

Update: Nexus 5 or had better we say Google Nexus 5 is claimed to be the most prevailing smartphone of the world because of its fastest performance and the slimmest looks and features in the Nexus family with a striking 5 inch HD display touch screen or in some way 4.95 inches would be more precise. It be the first ever smart phone to be powered by the newest version of ANDROID named 4.4 KitKat which is incorporating various latest features that never seen before. Featuring a 2.26GHz Quad-Core processor alongside with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset escorted by Adreno 330 GPU, offering absolute control to the beast whenever required.

The Smartphone can beat any Smartphone on any particular day in terms of picture quality. The 8 Megapixel rear camera as well as of 1.3 megapixels front facing camera. Pools numerous exposures that capture a single perfect photo shot with intense daytime and Crystal clear sharp night time images that your eye would have not ever seen before. It is an absolute power to play on and on and on...

LG Nexus 5 is available and being widely sold in all over Middle East markets at various prices and rates. Here we have gathered all the information about the Smartphone features and LG Nexus 5 Price in UAE so that people can have a look at them and can easily buy your desired phone.

LG Nexus 5 Specifications

Price Insights

  • Cheapest price for LG Nexus 5 in Dubai, UAE is AED 868 sold at Cost Price
Currently 6 store are available to offer LG Nexus 5 with 148 (one hundred and fourty-eight) reveiws has been posted for LG Nexus 5 till August 24, 2016 with 55583 (fifty-five thousand, five hundred and eighty-three) pageviews of LG Nexus 5 page.

Reviews on LG Nexus 5

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Majda Brimli

it is little bulkier but camera is concerned to be more good because there is really low pixels and front camera is so bad

Mon, Aug 22 2016
Jherson Emilio Lopez

I like the phone but the galaxy j series is good than the nexus and also new amazon fire hd phone is good

Fri, Aug 19 2016
Lopez Jimenez

sharper visuals display but is just a simple device whereas it is not one of the most premium phones in the category

Thu, Aug 18 2016
Sano Shan

display is not superior compare to the nexus 6p; especially one-handed experience buit not such resourceful features on the nexus 5. Low amount of ram, not too high capacity for their battery and also less cpu

Wed, Aug 17 2016
Ammar Deya

either they use little metallic hosuing on the edges from the sides it will be look elegant. As the same Samsung done with the galaxy s6.

Tue, Aug 16 2016
Heba Eldemery

exceedingly quickly change in the prices before for the nexus phones because there is not good combination of cpu and its built is not that good

Mon, Aug 15 2016

Usually in "odd" years, when LG releases nexus model with the 5 prefix, around the devices is less than the media noise

Fri, Aug 12 2016
Ahmad Salah

Device ofcourse is a brilliant, running the modest os by the google new Marshmallow 6.0. Comprehensive reviews of the OS is also in the network perform more well, so we will focus only on the major features that are worth to know the average user.

Thu, Aug 11 2016
Abu Alaeed

Nexus 4 and 5 do not want anything other than the nexus as the are now launching nexus 5x which is cheaper but lg g4 is more good

Wed, Aug 10 2016
Abdul Kaleem

really something crazy they are doing with the nexus series; as previous there is nexus 5x, nexus 6p and nexus 6 come. Three models with top noth hardware housing but still the old nexus 5 prices are not so cheap

Mon, Aug 8 2016

UX features are a mixedture of just the different android phones but not good built

Fri, Aug 5 2016
Bandi Subandi

enhance brightness and and really this one is at glance in the list of great display phones these times. suitably impressed by their performance before

Thu, Aug 4 2016
Keshav Sharma

to produce cheaper devices, predictions about the future of the smartphone can be quite modest looking as well now

Wed, Aug 3 2016
Mohamed Salah Azab

Still made of plastic and battery life of these phones are less than average which i expected. they must give it more life and some quality features like galaxy s4 which is more better

Tue, Aug 2 2016
Anas Saleh

model with combined slot MicroSD + nano-SIM are more user friendly than. located on the bottom, and the output of headphone things many at the same place as nexus 6p

Fri, Jul 29 2016
Ali Ismael

not a high resolution screen; but somehow the manage with the saturation of the device as much more luminous and contrast will be less

Thu, Jul 28 2016

nexus phones dimensions are so much thicker just follow the trend like motorola droid series which has maximum ram and screen resolution but cheap feel in hands because of bulkier and plastic material

Thu, Dec 17 2015
Ahmad Hasan

Incidentally, I note 3 will retire LG (hello G4 pro) or Nexus. Big screen, though.

Wed, Dec 16 2015
Arousha Shehzad

Edge has some gentle features and the elegent design is lovely. Android and the updated version is also very delightful. Samsung S series is going on the top.

Fri, May 22 2015
Hamza Khan

Not a good design but a large view it is providing to the custmers. A large view with a high resolution so that an image over the screen could become a lively image and can show some exciting resluts.

Thu, May 21 2015