Find Lenovo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nageeb Mohamed says:

    dual sim supported the p[hone is

  2. Hamza La Voyage says:

    clearly silly phone for those looking for top end phablet in the market just iphone 6s plus has cost more than normal phones because of use of 7000 aluminum? other than that there is nothing just it looks great

  3. Shermeena Rabbi says:

    7.10mm thicker well that is ok but similar to the previous version?

  4. Rajish says:

    hi adesh, i would like to advice, you should buy HTC Desire 200.

  5. Copra Mohamed says:

    The quality of the screen display beyond praise. Display resolution iPhone 6 is 1334h750 (density of 326 pixels per inch).

  6. Ausaf Ahmed Chaudhary says:

    all the versions are now available in the markets and I really like the color of the ipads

  7. Kamran Mirza says:

    The next step which is taken by the company is the improvement of the processors and it performance.

  8. Sharinah Alias says:

    3D touch on the mobile phones right now is something not new and ime saving

  9. El-Neel says:

    Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery which is non removable should not actually give Up to 14 h (3G) alike apple smartphone with Li-Po 1715 mAh battery which is also non removable battery. other than that galaxy s6 model has all high end aspects either cardslot absense is just another con in Samsung S6

  10. Arki Narki says:

    A pro photographer who final year arrived out alongside with the support of the high end lens and 4k video feature which is supposed to be unusual feature this phone get The snapper looked at resolution growths for both cameras even in front facing camera you can find the same, (OIS) is same working as s6

  11. Ziad Adrees says:

    the similar day the smartphones start on in twelve countries include Middle East well the same date official for Dubai.

  12. SouqMobi Admin says:

    The time taken for order delivery depends on the customer's location and store's delivery methods. Huawei Mate S Grey 32 GB/ 64 GB LTE is available you can select it from Huawei Mate S Variation.

  13.  Mukter Hossain Sajid Sajid says:

    I love the design of the Straps and this is really very good, That an electronics company is making products like this.

  14. Nabeel Ahmad says:

    Now i m using s5 but now i need to buy s6 with high capacity. Now market price so high .so i will await for low price as much i can buy. Thanks for Samsung brand who make our life very easy .

  15. Rabah Mahdi says:

    New version will have 32 GB of internal memory that can support microSD cards of up to 128 GB. It will not lack the classic white and golden

  16. Mustafa Butt says:

    Providing so many advance features and advance functions is not enough for the user if there is no big battery to let them entertain with the Smartphone.

  17. Saloma Laaz says:

    i need some of the new and free applications for the iphone find Around Watch app that is nice more like this?

  18. Hunaina Sohail says:

    It would appear Samsung Mobile has not done its research .... Battery not removable - no micro SD slot - not water resistant - no stereo speakers....

  19. Sayed Manzoor Shah says:

    this phone is really attention grabber

  20. Faiza Eltrhoni says:

    Slim design and the increased performance wiht the new iOS platform 8.1