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  1. Katriina Dunn says:

    The metallic frame is all throught looking more nice and give the skin with similar color textures little bit shine. Look prettier as like before HTC M9 and the rear camera is so well with maximum features.. also there is same camera features to capture food images.

  2. Ahmad ALsumaidaie says:

    the back camera design of huwaei and lg looks bit similar but lg give just a bit glass use with the lens instead huawei give a whole top but same kind of home key button on both devices.

  3. Alaa Orabi says:

    it is the so amazing phone with the lot of things inside it

  4. Mamat Shahshbo says:

    my expectation is that the galaxy s6 got more than 20MP camera but still they not use much higher lense but finally they use OIS

  5. Yusuf Mohamed says:

    e series is not too good and going to change my model with the a series which is infact more good

  6. MAhamed Hamed says:

    The phone has a wonder ful camera result and good for making long videos and you can also take it to the long journey with out having any fear that your phone battery is going down.

  7. Sheikh Ahtasham Raees says:

    Samsung S6 would heap up next to few last and current rivals well the amazing G Flex2 score is from when I 1st saw the device at CES I really impressed

  8. Mohammed Humza says:

    Both iphones have just a different screen size but camera and all other features or same?? or phablet one is equipped with more improved things..is iphone is water proof??

  9. Tamimi says:

    wow another lumia colorful phone is coming ... Lumia 630 in black ???

  10. M Najam says:

    old thinking

  11. Fahmy Mosalm says:

    but not they done better with the colors and combination of their protection things for the lg g5

  12. Hamoudi Kaya says:

    And the company claims that the latest A9 chipset offering even more faster faster processor speeds and up to 90% better graphics performance than its predecessor but even in the plus version not the same performance because of the huge display

  13. Saphira Toor says:

    love this kind of device

  14. Mehmet Ali says:

    perfect phone launch of picture talking image stabilization prevents blurry snaps and do a lot more with galaxy s6 16MP lens but i think front lens is got low pixels

  15. Jahanzeb Ali says:

    when LG G90 is come the markets... how it looks like??

  16. Abdullah says:

    One. Of the best phone I use in my life.. I want big screen phone like this iphone 6 is coming in big size also but still iphone 5s has not include big screen.. So I need new variant with big size

  17. Princess Soma says:

    and surely the camera OnePlus One cannot be measured classic for the Chinese smartphone, the quality of images the machine is comparable with other flagships, though not all.

  18. Zubair Qamar says:

    I just dont like this Smartphoen having lower battery and slow performance I hate this Smartphone and I think that it is the waste of the money that you but this smartphone.

  19. Ahmad Abduladheem says:

    Perfect for people who are all the time revising what you entered notification and also a good way to look at it without turning on and off the big all the time, something that ultimately consumes the battery significantly on the lg v10

  20. Hemen Mythos says:

    1080p displays offer a great balance in these diagonals and althoug samsung has AMOLED screen offering much good sharpness to display than iphone 6s previously phone we seen. Samsung would have won in this fact