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  1. Ahmed Abu says:

    why note Samsung include NFc on their phone that is the main reason i am going to buy Apple iPhone 6 PLus or Nexus

  2. Ahsan Ahmed says:

    The first microsoft Smartphone who has taken the Windows os so much high in the market and just because of this phone people know now what microsoft is.

  3. Nhat Hoang says:

    I would like to buy One sonim xp3300 fource yellow. How can.i do??? Help me???

  4. Rakib Raone says:

    - a waterproof htc smartphone and is is equipped with a high-definition display view from any angle, perfect for entertainment on the go

  5. Kaveesh Iranga says:

    The new version of this smartphone is bettert than the older one but I like it as well because this was a smartpone which was so good and I used it and I never get any compliant

  6. AJAY Singh says:

    One piece (48) AJAY Singh

  7. Kumar Rameez says:

    At the base - lattice stereo speakers that is bit different use by Oneplus and microUSB-socket, as well as the major microphone.

  8. Raphael Varane says:

    The new come model being tested is to leather well it looks very fine and as explained in the some of the video previously revealed, to select the alternative in plastic.

  9. Maimunah says:

    built-in wireless charging for the both note 5 and the galaxy s6; actually a great design plus the combination that take the feel great withing hands and offering nice grip

  10. Noor Eleyoon says:

    Furthermore things that Peek and Pop engine offering some of the nice gestures as not use in any macbook and I recognize that the same force technology used by Huawei but still not ahead of Apple they are

  11. Abdelghani Talhi says:

    First, I bought my S7 like phones right from South Koreans so there were no carrier additions, then logically the device vessels with Samsung’s currently evasion TouchWiz application for the Android over the leading of the new Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

  12. Hamed Ali says:

    without a doubt they are extending the capabilities generally infact the new iOS give many things to users

  13. Elbeeranasir says:

    Android 4.4 (KitKat) so ram of the phone is must be 3gb.

  14. RaziULLAH says:

    it is similar as galaxy s 2 previous///// what is the difference? only 720 p.. and 5pixels camera is it is a joke???

  15. Muaed says:

    good to be in my hand... soon get it as it comes

  16. Ahlam Singer says:

    Why not their map is still successful; the new map by them is still not have any option to sync offline maps whereas this is one of the most required things their developers need

  17. Kodali Dinesh says:

    6s plus has larger screen and it is not necessary to have always such high resolution as samsung- and you have the iPhone 5S, the point in buying, in my opinion.

  18. Abdallh Alremone says:

    the last one I know is too bulky phon hard to take inside the pockets and also very big..

  19. Mone Alsahley says:

    even its own competitor is the Galaxy S6 model which has also similar things except one "S-Pen" and the new note has more small size

  20. Ali says:

    Does it work with GALAXY NOTE Edge