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  1. Nazek Mostafa says:

    usb v2.0, Type-C 1.0 a new feature announced with the nexus phones a single cable need to connect all which is personally a good idea to do several things now

  2. Abdulla Salim says:

    ok with that this phone is best yet selfie phone.. but when c3 coming markets of uae

  3. Rezkallah says:

    has been comforting many with the economical price point and also the personal small size they give to the new apple iphone se

  4. Mukesh says:

    I must need this phone where i can received

  5. Aziz Balloti says:

    such thing is elegant looking and it seems to be too much sharper. compromise on camera quality and use thinner body frame this time compare to previous but 8 MP and 1.2 mp front camera is low lens

  6. Maged Arafa says:

    nonetheless they are as well taking more on the perpendicular axis when snapping in scenery this all providing us an impression of how "large" an image will be with the landscape mode when you take pictures

  7. Batol Ali says:

    They as well as contain a major separating layer that enables a better gratitude of the screen when no direct sunlight, better color reproduction on the iphone 6s series better contrast even though an alignment process

  8. Salah Mohamed says:

    enough for this year was good enough within this price tag because their prices are economical and offering more elegant things on the same way as before

  9. Khaled Marmar says:

    desire eye has stereo speakers?

  10. MiDo Misbah says:

    Titan silver as like before is not included for this one am I right?

  11. Sondos Khaled says:

    today i buy this phone and now i want to update the new OS so what is the procedure to update my Miezu phone... i need to improve the camera features and also the power saving mode

  12. Mustafa Ismail says:

    what is good if they are even in the latest generation not offering wireless charging, others rivals models s6, lg g4 and more charge faster than iphone 6s

  13. Ubed Munim says:

    one-sided design is awesome and phone comfortable but very very big

  14. Sherwan Ibrahim says:

    so nice to get a new update of the Lollipop 5.0 Lollipop release but also right now after some issues facing by Google now they launch the next 5.1

  15. Hsaam Hteb says:

    contrast of the phone need many improvements also there is gap too much in the screen

  16. Boughanmi Ayhm says:

    when the moto g2 phone is available in the markets. i like this phone because it is more packed with high end features when coming

  17. Ahmed Almosuti says:

    Mix-and-match built of this mobile phone doest not going to impresse many because in market right now a giant s7 is available with a great things on it inface ground breaking design

  18. Fazal Mohammed says:

    that is actually new in it as we take a look at previous models it has same features

  19. Ahmad Restm says:

    Conventional voice calls in excess of cell networks sound unpleasant to everybody concerned. Happily, that is not our just alternative anymore.

  20. Mohammed Alrefai says:

    Just 2 GHz of processor for making the smartphone run like a bullet. I want you to check the LG G4 it is far more good and amazing and having the best specs that no other one has.