Find Lenovo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Khaled Mahmoud says:

    its battery life is perfect as compare to LG

  2. Saqer says:

    I spend extra money to a good cause…. So apple is just like what I want .

  3. Abu Zuaiter says:

    Excellent bright and juicy screen. Cross sensitivity capacitive touchscreen. Interesting notion of a "sidewall" display to the galaxy s5.

  4. Abo Bian says:

    talk about the speed and features hard core gaming, and that is my consideration with this kind of high end laptop

  5. Zain Ramadeen says:

    I using this phone and whenever you take snaps it is even more easier and performance of flashlight is great very close to natural colors and finger not got any difficulties while taking snaps.

  6. Mohamed Adel says:

    well htc has not any thing yet for the pay online like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay; it is even required feature and useful in future

  7. Soumaya Badreddine says:

    physically may be they going to make a compelete redesign

  8. Samir Omar says:

    when samsung make this kind of big screen size phone tht includes lte 4g coonnectivity.. i want 4g in my grand 2 it is too fast and best for sharing pics and videos

  9. Pariket says:

    Huawei Premia 4G M931is suport 3g and 4g Network.

  10. Nagwa Kareem says:

    The phone not able to give much life with continuously calls sms, internet surfing this all make impact on the battery life instantly.

  11. Mano Ghauri says:

    The sensitivity of the radio does not reason for any troubles, it is at the level of such Smartphone as like the Galaxy S4 / S5,

  12. Nadia Said says:

    This is now becoming quite common that females are buying smartphones, not for there self but for their bro sis and now here for husband.

  13. Sumit Das says:

    3 GB of RAM is good to handle the game and if you are consious to operate many apps at once so this is the best smartphone for you. You would enjoy having this smartphone.

  14. Abo Elfadl AbdElazeem says:

    some are bit more thin and light in weight; whereas some are come with the round shape by rivals

  15. Omer Alamin says:

    feature 16 MP camera a great numbers for the camera but not deliver that brilliant result with the dim light actually.

  16. Rashidam Fernandez Patasaha says:

    this phone is not just big and beautiful also the new lollipop give many thing especially the number of new fonts that enhance the visibility of text.

  17. Michael Aziz Alpeshmori says:

    32 GB storage only for this one?

  18. Ebrahem Shef Hurghada says:

    There are two ready-mode, standard and bright, and user mode with manual correction on four scales: hue, saturation, contrast and intensity.

  19. Sharef Akmes says:

    specific colors choosed by apple

  20. Ahmad Sabbouh says:

    why should i buy this... in these prices now nokia phones are available with pretty much great features and looking pretty as well