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  1. Karrar Al-mayali says:

    too big phone like iphone and note and yes low-light photography is improved

  2. Abo Fares says:

    oneplus two has some tactical same classy body as the new lg phones has but several changes on the models as they are improving some optimize features to give more durable life to their batteries

  3. Moumen Mardini says:

    Appendix S Note, user can go into the device figure that the apps be familiar with, and you might be clever to call at once.

  4. Samrit Bhagtani says:

    especially I like the design and smooth edges that are bit curved and even more slim it become so you can hold this phone with perfect grip

  5. Ghulam says:

    Hi i want to buy this set Contact me plz 0529954645

  6. Noor Mustafa says:

    some of the new features of iOS 9 found hard and after a long time with actually the pp pop up at the proper time and do alot more in the iphone 6 the notifications is also change and siri can do alot more than before

  7. Firoz Ahmed says:

    hi. I wants buy nokia xl how much prize please contact my email where in qatar this mobile shop

  8. Ayesha Mehmood says:

    pre orders for this phone is available. This huge phone is so awesome looking and offering bundle of new features with thye marshmallow

  9. Salah Al Haidary says:

    this another excellent phone made by the south koreans and generally in all points it is able to stand but i think as compare to the operating system with the iOS apple is great

  10. Saad Yousuf says:

    great smartphone but only available fro shipping for verizon yet ?????

  11. Nur Al Din says:

    And with internal storage 32GB, users will have enough space to store their digital content.Pricing and Availability in qatar for this mobile phone??and in what place it is new? note 3 is like this one is this HTC note 3

  12. Shaikh Zaid says:

    This is available here ?

  13. M.sabry says:

    Im waiting samsung is best

  14. Haroon Agral says:

    that is great that they are using HDR now; big thing to be more enhanced and give a new technology to the world that is also best thing to consume more less energy of the phone where as 2k display and 4k required alot big battery to work like the same as the samsung new launch note 7 is capable of

  15. Pongkong Wangpha says:

    It is a large screen Smartphone and the best resolution is providing some good quality of stuff so that you can see things not just in an amazing way but in an owesome way.

  16. Musadiq Alhadi says:

    Buttons below the display are illuminated by a light blue left here are the keys Menu, Home, Back.

  17. Amin Raoof says:

    camera of iphone 6s plus doest a fine job as same performing abilities as the iphone 6s phone. All shooting photos through it are pretty obvious

  18. Amine Miloudi says:

    two variant of galaxy s7 are coming one with the 5.1 inches screen size other one with 5.5 inches traditional phablet size

  19. Mostafa Saleh says:

    Expensive at any level their every product but clever interface give a lot more things. a fantastic smartwatch however but costly

  20. Ravi says:

    lulu price is 2685.