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  1. Harizi Slim says:

    unibody design is always better looking against all the others well they has not good bezel less screen and front has too much room

  2. Abdul Adium Abody Kshad says:

    wow the final version got the 5 inches size but why there is a lack of high resolution

  3. Haytham Mohamad says:

    They official iOS 9 to the public this week well the phone is also coming this week in markets and online stores available as well looks at the recent release to emphasize many important changes in iOS 9

  4. Shade Alkhder says:

    the features of motorola moto x style are more than this mobile phone but not the phone is comparable to luxurious models like this

  5. Salah Lkhlidi says:

    There is a lack of right to use to the gyroscope also the microphone and the Bluetooth as it is then what is the best use of this watch.

  6. Suffiyan Anjum says:

    it has similar look, body design and also processor is similar so what's new???

  7. Mokhtar Ahlawy says:

    Is the mobile phone battery life instantly low down when you connect internet via 3g and 4g. I have this phone and facing an issue

  8. Elrahman says:

    desire 816 design looks quite similar as htc one, but i like its new features and should be have mid range prices

  9. Ankita Rajnish says:

    and truly this is so thin and perfect design ipad

  10. Mariam Khaleel says:

    The whole body of Sony is scratch less and gives an amazing look. Sony really owrks on its design and style and the combination of wonderful technology is really amazing in it.

  11. Savej Ali says:

    Battery capacity increased slightly compared to the s6 edge

  12. Mohamed Ali says:

    No OLED on the apple iphone 7 and they are once again using retina display. OLED plans actually required even more work and time to possibly happen

  13. Bekir Kaya says:

    super immersive one I am expecting from the next one; this phone may be got more immersive wireless freedom, stunning design.

  14. Ibrahiem Jaradat says:

    this is really modular fantasy lg g5 with a lot of nice moves taken by lg this time. all-metal body looks good but is they are still using plastic material somewhere?

  15. Majd says:

    this phone also have 8mp camera ??? what about its resolution???

  16. Jess says:

    Nice to see this sort of sell phone..

  17. Diab Diab says:

    Alongisde with entire this functionalities that are best manage S-pen remained unchanged, additional a couple of new brushes and styles of writing.

  18. Corrina Phillips says:

    The new lollipop is treating so well with that phone as the Samsung S5 is still not capable to got so nicely this one… well 5.1 is I am waiting for more because it comes with lot more

  19. Chauhan says:

    The phone's least storage space will also be getting an enhancement, initial at 32GB (double that of whats presently obtainable for the Z3s base model).

  20. Ikram says:

    You have Samsung golden3