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  1. Loay Ajam says:

    I am expecting a better screen this time because previous phablet not good something really sharp and crisp compare to samsung phablet note 5.

  2. Entsar Ali says:

    likely September 2016 we seen new editions with alot of new things and probably iphones with alot of options like cardslots, waterproofing on next iphones

  3. Ibrahim Hassan says:

    Among a great and high potention with the processor also and 2GB RAM, the Smartphone move from side to side menu and multitasks by means of easiness

  4. Wrea Haje says:

    In the Music application, using Force Touch display on a scheduled track might be carry up a list of options by means of the choices to include the song to a playlist or save it for offline listening as well that is great option.

  5. Anas Al Hilale says:

    I am now looking for upgrade my phone because note 3 is not now supported new features as lg g3

  6. Junaid Zaheer says:

    what about the dual sim status ?

  7. Saizo Kano says:

    The front face shooter is as well attractive and got some updates and it is value a 3.7 MP sensor among an aperture of f / 1.9.

  8. Mxare Mohamad Salih Mzoory says:

    results of all our performance tests smartphone hardware filling and the duration of its battery life.

  9. Keshab Roy says:

    Longer battery and a curve on a screen. Heavy ram and a powerful snapdragon what else a user want exacpt it.

  10. Farah Riaz says:

    belongs to the category of the best phones come so far after the launch of the s6 phone.

  11. Rafiq Bakr says:

    Considering the highest results we have achieved in the three rounds of each test, we can confirm that the Snapdragon 800 chip

  12. Pradyumna Singh says:

    The faster ram means a vast range of different work so that you can enjoy more and more like you can play games and run different Apps.

  13. Farhad Jalal says:

    well some of the upccoming products by them this year include large size ipad, macbooks, apple tv 2015 and iphone7 may be this year

  14. Mohammed Haneef says:


  15. Malik Haj Hasan says:

    there are nice series coming in 2015 with the lumia names .. 535 is so best and now this

  16. Anas S Malchawi says:

    Want to discuss one thing that I now run on my device Google Maps while regards to few of the most nice scripting, it recognize since it is Monday and you are now at your sweet home, you are most probable direction into work, so it significally fetch up a way and provide you all the useful information

  17. Sami Zimnako says:

    The samsung not 4 is still cheap.

  18. Harminder Singh says:

    for the first time htc played smartly... one m8 mini will be a best phone

  19. Xulfi Mahesar says:

    Good to use QHD Display it is pretty one and Quad Display improve the colors and each thing in graphics.

  20. Milad Samawi says:

    moto e not capable to give you that all if you are expecting from it. Good battery life, excellent voice and high resolutions