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  1. Noomen Guesmi says:

    All-day battery life with this one but i am using this watch for 18hrs now it looks like my battery is over and have to charge my apple watch

  2. Burhan Saddiuie says:

    Simply awesome design and look, Must buy i have this once .. (y)

  3. Ahmed Kassim says:

    I want to buy this samsung and please I dont know how to make the payment.

  4. Mahdi Aboali says:

    nice one design and against aspects compete to its rivals phones. even aluminum use in next devices

  5. Adeel Tamazawa says:

    Luckily for apple iPhone is good enough with the iOS9 all-metal and covering of glass

  6. Amamra says:

    offering outstanding battery life that is durable enough and give you best hours. In your pocket the phone is quite big

  7. Adam Ali says:

    I am glad to see this information about the upcoming amazing phone

  8. Biroj says:

    +971 504252325 call me I want Sonim xp6 in dubai

  9. Mohd Jearail says:

    so the other thing you will be notice on the major application that have not been optimized for the 6 Plus model as it has to be, the applications before I am using on my iPhone 5s is now become little blury on the big phone

  10. Ahmad Al-Sayed Ali says:

    the Samsung they have is a screen where one or both extremes sides are not independent curved and whether to cover the rest of the screen under the curve whereas lg v10 has the extra screen on the top

  11. Sabri Dom Udom says:

    The operation took 30 seconds for the first (via Wi-Fi n) and only 16 for the second (Wi-Fi ac), confirming a net performance improvement.

  12. Mallah Mohammed says:

    The usage of the iPhone as a main camera and music player will be covered up by expanding the storage to 128 GB.

  13. Hassan Ahmad says:

    2930 mah of li ion battery is really very huge and if some one of you are a sony smartphone user so you might understand that this would be proving you a long duration of back up.

  14. Hadar Hamed says:

    the fresh piece meaning we will see many other compact phones time after time even with the iphone 6s and more modifications we will see than

  15. Abdul Baqi says:

    no technical problem yet I found on this mobile phone.. The best reason I buy grand 2 galaxy phone Powerful Performance , and front high definition good camera

  16. Adeab Alikaj says:

    Fewtimes pull site in order and data from your Smartphone made by Apple over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi get a extended occasion from time to time better applications take forever to load

  17. Praveen says:

    Hi I want to this mobile but I am exchange my lava v2+ please tell me ok please call me 0559707866

  18. Raqeeb says:

    Laser Focus will be faster and more accurate focus, and you can shoot in low-light color more accurate picture, allegedly LG G3 focusing speed is 276 milliseconds.

  19. Morad Almozoghy says:

    latest news about the device revealed that there is both combination or different models are coming featuring Windows 10 and Android operating system; might be totally different UI can be seen on such amazing phone by Nokia in 2016.. Will be they back with the best plans

  20. Muhammet Halil Turkmen says:

    May be they they try card slot in their future phones