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  1. Saeed Asse says:

    always there devices is been elegant looking and average price points but the mate series is expensive one and p9 is refresh roundup again

  2. Hamid says:

    hi is this mobile working in any UK's network(unlocked), do you deliver to London. Thanks Hamid

  3. Moumen Mardini says:

    Appendix S Note, user can go into the device figure that the apps be familiar with, and you might be clever to call at once.

  4. Nasser says:

    why not scree size of this phone is increased.. and in how many colors phone is available and internal memory is how mcuh

  5. Balkhair says:

    beautiful design.but why not Multi SIM Card on this phone

  6. Morad Alharbi says:

    so found the issue on the plus variant the Blue screen is first flash to red and then the logo of Apple arrive but can not turn it off just anyone guide me to how is it get disable.

  7. Samar Aljuboori says:

    Given the price of an iPhone 5 and similar with other device, we can say that Blackberry decided to very much save on materials.

  8. Rafik Guermassi says:

    absolutely HUGE and what a different look. i see the keyboard first and say what a joke but when i check the detail features of the phone it is amazing. and typing is very fast

  9. Mustafa Attar says:

    carrying a spare as the same as people desire from them. Feeling of the plastic is really not that palm as iphone. From the back the phone is just similar as the note 3 phone will be.

  10. Mohd Akbar Gouri says:

    this item is new im like this and warranty can you send me please

  11. GM says:

    I want to buy this in Australia please - Thnx

  12. Ibrahim M Shawaqfeh says:

    Special application available for buying and watching movies with apple own store so in future may all will be free.

  13. Mohammed Tolba says:

    The other design aspects come as we say inherited from the S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy

  14. 4227615 says:

    A new company according to me as I have never seen any ad and any smartphone lableing Oppo

  15. Najeh Maghsudi says:

    The screen is really very big and you can consider it as a tablet rather than the Smartphone.

  16. Nidal Arafat says:

    The phone also comes with a charger but find out that the ipad charger charge the phone more quickly. The sound of the Apple iPhone 6 is really amazing and the noice cancellation of the great phone

  17. Kp Besoi says:

    is their a way to find these phone in uae?

  18. Yara Chimy says:

    so the android wears in future available for Apple Smartphones and even the iOS updates reveal that the Android Smartphones have the same abilities

  19. Shivshankar says:

    When it will come? but i like its battery life hope come with a cheap prices

  20. Shamey Feras says:

    in gold color it looks so beautiful