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  1. Lamia Samy says:

    I found that the phone is available in light bluecolor but not I found it here please suggest me where do I buy I sky blue

  2. Mer Yamo says:

    any seller available?

  3. Ktesh Tareff says:

    Usually as not like before, in landscape you can do lot more also play games in HD and there is a whole new experience of that, watch hd videos and lot more you can do with that

  4. Muzamel Noor says:

    I like ipad air 2 more than then air 3... It works perfectly good and provide every thing that i want form it. I dont want to switch from any other pad not for now.

  5. Med Seddik Rahmouni says:

    significantly better battery life is not just the best part also there is many essential tricks Google also sharing. during the 6 percent of five minute charge duration the phone just ontained 3 percent more life with no use of further steps

  6. Abdulfarooq says:

    when 6s come in markets... galaxy s5 like mobiles just gone forever in the silence

  7. Agead Abdalhafez says:

    the specs not looks to be a highest but will be a mid range phone

  8. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    It is a high end mode, more high priced than any Smartphone ever made by Koreans because it has bit same price tag as the iPhone and offering more nice experience with the Android

  9. Ayman Al-Qaisi says:

    possible to simultaneously open two applications in two rugs screen,you can still run a bunch of small applications - but the sense I do not see this = )

  10. Khaled Elzahar says:

    the prices with the contract are even the most high prices i ever seen please make it possible to buy for usual users..

  11. Hamada Elmelegy says:

    No microSD slot may be a thing people not expecting on the new model as the camera and battery life is amazing i make a test with the video recording perfect it is

  12. Fakhir says:

    Sapphire crystal screen… just ok but is 4k display is included on this phone… I want this feature on iphone 6 badly … this feature use in xperia phone and it is really impressive one

  13. Ahmad Wled says:

    identical if they are offering all like same features as they are offering in the later phones.. Well the size will make phone look bit cheaper because its rivals right now in markets is so much for us to give

  14. Mohamed Emad says:

    In the Battery we are also at the bottom of the list, and those 2,300 mAh placed him in last place with HTC One and away from those 3,000 mAh LG G2 model.

  15. Chehnaz Edoo says:

    the major fact i notic is that the 4-inch and also now the 4.7 and then 5 inches screen with such sensors can easily wield a finger of the hand in which you hold the smartphone.

  16. Layan Allan says:

    It is obvious that prev the statement of Samsung Galaxy S6 left very little time and now the rumorshas been exposed the largest leak of information about the future Smartphone.

  17. Chris Schafer says:

    they not included the Micro SD cardslot because it is one of the most needed function in any phones.. life underwhelming is so also need to improved

  18. Mehmet Barzani says:

    yet i found only sony that is making all innovative things around... with tablet, 4k display phones leds.. or like this slimmest phone that look very elegant in hands

  19. Mohamed Mosbah says:

    Dual SIM Smartphone is this which is looking bulky not like the previous HTC Smartphones

  20. Hocine Raouf says:

    Yest before as we see that the phone got really heat up instantly which is so much annoying with alloy phone