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  1. Alex Sanches says:

    So 2015 the company lastly took some of a major step all among enhancing the outer look totally redesign that is not now feel cheap

  2. Hannu says:

    I am going to buy this at Jarir Bookstore!! So exited

  3. Nuha Fidda says:

    I like previous the mechanism of the s as it looks to be useful for many times but now after seen other PHABLET phones it think it is not much required thing they are offering for years.

  4. Ali Atya says:

    Well the bold one does not mean it is a better one but the potential to grow than always with its brilliance look. Setup is fun, fascinating among these.

  5. Najla Mohammed says:

    sometimes dominated by shades of green or yellow in the highlights photos and videos. But the readability of the sun became even better by increasing the backlight.

  6. Peshwan Restem Isso says:

    Orange, green, white and many new fresh colors for their devices but still look cheaper in this

  7. Omer Ali says:

    is this phone front camera is good so can i make video calls.. i check many reviews for this phone and find no problem with phone

  8. Sahar Albalkhi says:

    The maximize performance abilities as the same findable with the HTC M9 and LG G4 after the launch..

  9. Malk Adam says:

    Button! Large and functional button! All is good looking with the watch

  10. Sddam Krem says:

    was now involve in making some kind of luxurious looking phones that gave Apples designers a run for their values

  11. Alsham says:

    Cameras, though deprived of the opportunity to record video at ultra-high resolution in the note 4. that make it much more enjoyable while photography

  12. Sungaya Watson says:

    It just a waste of money i dont want to recomand any pone to but this stupid watch....charging problem and it is not working quite well...I dont know what apple did with this watch

  13. Khalil Saad says:

    the best sapphire display on the screen of this.. that is wide now.. and touch screen is more improved and give a good control with nails.. as is saw in a video review of this Apple smartwatch

  14. Sardar Idreeis Sudozai says:

    the good thing about this phone is that it got good design and hardware performance is too nice but the other side the battery not performing too nice

  15. Maged Mohamed Sobhy says:

    digital zoom significantly reduces rendering, which is necessarily more regrettable in the 4K mode.

  16. Tarek Alnaji says:

    laptop in a lightweight and having all advanced features inside it. have to say that finally Microsoft make something better than a tablet

  17. Alansari says:

    rather there phones are predicted before to got all such capabilities, mean while claims that the space will be more less in the next but still the same gap among edges and the screen of galaxy note 6 is possible

  18. Deedar Hossam says:

    can i Install all of mine favorite desktop software and do multi tasking on this mini version apple tablet

  19. Alsaood says:

    and increased battery capacity; the most powerful stuffing i know is its good cpu performance

  20. Jiwan Chikhou says:

    global uk verison prices or local prices ? Please tell me which carrier