Find Kindle Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mostafa Darwish says:

    Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors are available and the apple iphone 6s aluminum shell phones with this colors look impressive

  2. Haji Waqas says:

    It's time for Sony to drag out the first rate from its cover - the Xperia Z3 Compact has an IP68 rating, creation it totally dust tight and clever to dive beyond 1 meter of water.

  3. Awder Halonai says:

    comes with the new Lollipop and the great front camera 8MP

  4. Zahviya Mehmood says:

    There are two screen sizes: the height of one - 38 mm

  5. Axil Akeles says:

    one of the great and good looking phone but not like this kind of phones in dark colors except black ... however features and quality of this phone is great

  6. Marwan says:

    it is great than galaxy s3 ??? i want to buy but dont know which one is good s3 or s4mini

  7. Wazni Kahla says:

    a beast of a phone in more ways the headache for the others specially xperia and htc phones it is a nightmare

  8. Dularchan Thakur says:

    where can I find this lumia 830 mobile in qatar

  9. Hanumantha Shez's says:

    The unit 3 GB of RAM and 16/64 GB of internal memory. MicroSD card slot is provided, so you need to be defined in advance

  10. Abdul Salman says:

    fantastic looks and build quality... i think affordable value for money.. thnx for these price comparison get most cheap yet available rates for this phone here

  11.  Mustaqeem Khan says:

    Amoled is getting popularity and this is getting the market might be it won't be able to be in the market agian because another good stuff is getting ready instead of this.

  12. Hamza Kazbati says:

    but the viewing angle can be dazzling big screen, 0.3 seconds of speed AF function as well as the introduction of the heart rate sensor but not like samsung galaxy s5 phone is not waterproof and dustproof new instructions in the user experience aspects , S5 is undoubtedly superior.

  13. Sara Mustafa says:

    In fact, there are advocates who say Apple hardware where Windows works best is in an Apple machine.

  14. Raja says:

    handling this kind of phone is much more comfortable as compare to its own Note series that is not pretty to handle with single hand

  15. Husaien Bitar says:

    Now the best Brand and my fav Microsoft step in the Smartphones era so hope there is something innovative

  16. Md Baktheir says:

    after the usage of this phone Everyday i think the much more fast phone is apple compare to the galaxy s6 and others because of nice power consumption

  17. Shasho Hesho says:

    AMOLED really provides the superb display and i like this mobile just because of its new and intreting look. Samung is really working in some new direction.

  18. Sherin Murad says:

    what is the major difference on this phone and m8 eye

  19. Hosam Alloush says:

    overall phone is impressive and has very good design with the good display and fast processing speed.. Not the camera is best

  20. Hassan Xilo says:

    Screen AMOLED 1.3 inch (37 mm) // 1.5 inches (42 mm) which is some great thing if they increase dpi