Find Karbonn Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hakim Essalah says:

    versus this phone to the iphone 6 in enorgonomics things are just as the same remain but the advantage of this phone is with the price tag which seems to be not so much high in that way

  2. Soud says:

    YES 8MPO CAMERA on this phone produce and offering slightly best result as compare to previous... present phone is very good

  3. MUSTAFA says:


  4. Chokri Seghair says:

    the entire top of the screen down to the middle display, allowing us to more easily reach the buttons on top.

  5. Fariha says:

    such as screen can and who can provide information for the " second screen " experience for TV viewers ... and phone include lightweight cases

  6. James David Heironimus II says:

    what about the UAE released of Z4 phone and in how many models this one is coming.. I like the camera, cpu and the same like design is not what make this phone looking eye catching.

  7. Mouaz N Aldoore says:

    Its February when the amazing phones are coming, which indicate that Samsung is Again back and now extremely hurt Apple

  8. Karem Waleed says:

    a higher resolution screen actually required even more density and sharpness; comparing 2K display to the iPhone there is big difference

  9. Hassan Afifi says:

    google likely to enhance their LTE carrier and just the same is with the low end google nexus 5x. Qualcomm Quick Charging no longer supported but on this smartphone and that it is the thing which is need to be included on their phones

  10. Qutiba says:

    these iPhone 5s price are the best prices that i seen here

  11. Hasan Al-qawzai says:

    LG has equipped its G2 gorgeous Full HD-TV, made by technology IPS, the size of 5.2 inches

  12. Lalaram Suthar says:

    Can I get at AED 600?

  13. Venkatesh says:

    I am from India. How much total it costs

  14. Jawad Jan says:

    I wanted more pixels on there devices same performance like the note 5 than i say it is a perfect addon and a phone ahead all others

  15. Alfayad Mo says:

    4K video is made your battery perform low and heat up as well if you are using following feature in iphone 6 but may be the next model has so much new in that way

  16. Ritaj Algerai says:

    longer battery life is really responisble for major improvments give to this phone after 5s which has some heat up issue while video recording and playing games

  17. Huzaifa Nawaz says:

    if you are in searching of a windows tab than it is great as never before.. but as compare to android it is not much better..

  18. Nermien Mohamed says:

    things that are missing and need to improve is the audio quality that is not that well

  19. Afaf Adnan Al-Hassan says:

    just the battery is capable to give you half day with some over usage just 2550mAh battery. With this kind of specs people play games,do lot of multi tasking and watching videos & Movies but the battery should be a bigger con

  20. Hassan Afifi says:

    iphone 6 plus not give me a whole day whether I am not using any battery saving mode but why so? Which are the major applications I have to must stop to run in background nand from where I can do this previously using android phones not know much about the iOS