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  1. Nora Jdid says:

    so the more big sizes are available also nice options

  2. Sabah Yak says:

    i am ready to see the great shots of the amzaing camera phone; from the rear side it is even the most beautiful device but please include glassy body panel covering that make it even more nice looking and solid

  3. Walied Shomen says:

    need it

  4. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    there is the superb identical display that is offering a fantastic true colors entire time you can best...

  5. Faizzy Siddiqui says:

    As for you fans of selfie, you may be obtainable among a 1.2MP front face snapper and the resolution is so well. As, the lenses is not too wider but capable to produced 720pixels (Perfoect Quality) with best continuous shot mode and HDR facial appearance I also use Apple selfie application made by professionals CamMe - Best App for Taking Selfies on the App

  6. Sami Drissi says:

    I worry a little graphic chosen for such resolutionl is responsible to drainm the battery life of the lg v10..

  7. Riad Mohamad Deeb says:

    8-core Exynos works actually fine and the free bezel design also

  8. Alia Magnis says:

    issue is that the phone icons is not much clear looking in the menu option is company not notice that or this is something fix with the new updates?

  9. ???? ????? says:


  10. Habeb Azzam says:

    Apple's fingerprint sensor work totally fine in this iPad. Yesterday i get my hands on this one it feels good in hand and really as company is claiming it very light in weight

  11. Khaled Salama says:

    Note Edge sold in two colors only - black and white. But the memory of the two versions, 32 and 64 gigabytes

  12. Farg says:

    Yet the 5th generation Note Phablet Note 4 (you might not disregard the Note 3, did you?) is as well equipped with the perfect features and run all of your apps you want it to run smoothly.

  13. Renante Recabar says:

    notify me the price

  14. Bhagat Sachin says:

    It is a smartphone that is good in shape and good in design and provides a wonderful view but inside it is like factory of different amazing stuff and it works so fine that you would love it.

  15. Mohammad Hussain says:

    It is not fairly as unattractive as the single on the S6, a slightly thinner phone not thicker phones any more, but it still plunder or else perfect-differnt dimensions of the Edge.

  16. Sara Ahmed says:

    great news for me 2.5D glass working on the front make it look elegant actually

  17. Anjaan King says:

    It is reported that the diagonal of the screen Surface Pro 3 can be rise from 10.6 to 12 inches, and the Windows key self-control be moved to the lesser horizontal frame on the vertical side.

  18. Mahdi Dakhel says:

    they have really brilliant stuff afterall. But as we saw each new model is come with more less dimensions so keep their trend same meaning we will see more less dimensions than 7.1mm in iphone 7. I is bit suprising for us to know about how they manage with their battery and chipset

  19. Qutebha Thanoon says:

    Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) all are nice as compare to other precedessors also like all the capabilities of media

  20. Ayman Mohamed says:

    Additionally, the new Operating System includes skill to build calls over WiFi as cell coverage is not accessible. For those users by means of spotted coverage, that is a blessing.