Find Jolla Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Osama Kn says:

    not there is high durability as they are claiming with the average usage there is still a lack of batter performance

  2. Mariam Maikeh says:

    1080p display and a quad-core smartphone is no longer does not sell itself We are still working to . really pays off switch on stereo speakers desire 816

  3. Allyan Kalandri says:

    I like the battery that is big and the camera which is providing the best results.

  4. Abdalbagey Alsheikh says:

    many things now possible to do with that phone and with the brightness level 30% and some battery saving method offering more than a day

  5. Assaad Katebuh says:

    well the next s edition of iphone goy lot more in manner of design.. Looks may be the most elegant phone of the year because of slim dimension and lot more new things expecting

  6. Muhammad Noor Khan says:

    Oneplus one is a wonderful smartphone and I like it. LG and oneplus is now on the same track let see who would show some new stuff in their smartphone.

  7. Hussein Al-Husseini says:

    is not sure I am but they seems to be reduced many of the things on the next phones as well as they gonna give us modify connecitvity features on the iphone 7..

  8. Waqar Ali says:

    why using no camera phone.. I thing people want lte and video calling features from smart phones.. No one want to just make little browsing and play games.. For this high recommend machines are available in markets

  9. Talha Rais says:

    subsequent I am searching for top beautiful looking cases for the Samsung S6 that will be more secure for this expensive one it matters really!

  10. Rana Sajjad Arman says:

    MicroSIM card slot is hidden a small tag with the data on the device, have not seen this before.

  11. Rehman says:

    while the Hi-Fi Plus module’s socket is specially made for the audio enhancment this module does add another headphone socket which is just a best option I know in the new additional accessory to include multiple headsets to your phone

  12. Noor Adein says:

    and this is reflected in a better portrait lighting. A much larger than traditional, which is nothing more than a panoramic photo with the front camera.

  13. Ahmed Hamody says:

    that is the best thing that i seen in this phone; all the major ports and speaker is set on the bottom side of the phone.. the phone is slim and edges are more reliable to give best grip

  14. Faizi says:

    what is the price of samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 in india?

  15. Ahmed Megahed says:

    Yeh exynos can wash the ground among snapdragon simply as it's linked to a charger... exynos is a battery eater.

  16. Anand says:

    I need to Purchase CoolPad Note 3 Lite. Kindly guide to purchase of this phone. Contact Anand : 056 37 24 778

  17. Abdul Majid says:

    This Smartphone is quite expensive but it is a wonderful Smartphone and thats why people like it a lot. Expensiveness one side but if we talk about the performance it is the best.

  18. Richard says:

    i like this cellphone very much

  19. Berivan Jawad says:

    a best phone, successor of the moto x 2013 model and i also like this phone and buy moto x 2013 as it comes in markets, but how much better this phone is to be found when i get my hands on new one

  20. Raza Wasy says:

    now i buy this phone and it is good, slim and best in performance.. also battery is long lasting