Find Jolla Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Tamimi says:

    wow another lumia colorful phone is coming ... Lumia 630 in black ???

  2. Mohamad Ayoub says:

    a lot higher and brilliant display for their phones all the times. in direct sunlight a much accurate and clearly visible view. Note 5 has identical fast charging capabilities which tops it up in 2 hours amazingly

  3. Ameer Alsalami says:

    repeated their all enormous hardware and software features.. the best improvement the smartphone will hot is the housing of removable battery and else things

  4. Nozorul Islam says:

    It is another phone featuring some of the relevant features as oneplus2, iphone 6s and new moto x pure version has but has more prices than some; the most high features use in note5

  5. Ridha Hamana says:

    very nice phone, i hope This will be known as best qwerty keyboard phone.

  6. Hewa Sulayman says:

    my note 5 stylus pen is soemtimes jammed and when I am in hurry always some controversy with the samsung note 5..

  7. Momen Sedek says:

    obviously get a big boost one time as this phone got more amount of storage and ram with such great software is remarkable. if they come back and give their previous phones more hardware upgrades than iphone 6s plus and plus models are amazing

  8. Ziad Adrees says:

    Launch in uae begins and now the gold black color is also included that look elegant

  9. Abumaana says:

    iPhone 6 is many time faster than the iPhone 5s so not compare both just the camera is same. it is necessary to study, looks very interesting.

  10. Ziad Elsayed says:

    4GB RAM and not just that there is 13MP camera.. well as we know phone coming with the 20MP but what about the performance with the software if there is 4GB of RAM

  11. Fahd Aziz says:

    GSM-only model?? is coming or another want.. please tell me fastly so i can wait more for the next and the bestq

  12. M Shahin says:

    recently i purchase Samsung Galaxy S4.... it has Android OS 4.2.2.., it shows that it is update but i want it to be update to Android OS 4.3.... how can i make this possible??

  13. Qutebha Thanoon says:

    fast, clearly and smoothly, the smartphone is not particularly strongly heated, even if you use it very actively.

  14. Asif says:

    I had a argument with one retail shop in Dubai couple of months back...He challenged me that I9502 does not exist.... And today I say that I9502 does not exit... It will never come to Dubai.... Samsung is fooling us

  15. Wafaa Ahmed says:

    may be we will see some lighter in weight and more less in dimension phone like iphone 6 but screen size just decreases

  16. Milda Monika Capaite says:

    I am one of those who spend a enough time to check hing end devices like apple iphone, note edge and others… and as same like all I test nexus it is amazing

  17. Suman Choudhary says:

    the picture quality decreases: clearly visible noise, suffers detail. However a9 2016 model is great

  18. Samer Hama says:

    Being an Android 5.0 Lollipop OS device, the Desire 820 will similarly be 64-bit empowered out of the gate, whereas the Desire 820 had to function in 32-bit mode due to a 64-bit version of Android being unobtainable.

  19. Sabin Alali says:

    all the features they are representing with the new S phone is looking awesome definately ahead of all the phones of that time ... and HTC with the M8 series is a good rival of Samsung Galaxy S

  20. Yamam Shalabi says:

    The more include RAM might be as well enable more applications to keep active at a time means more multi tasking in memory without relaunching.