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  1. Hamdi Abdul says:

    incredible and most amazing fast performance of the note 4 wiht the perfect match of colors. yes i not like the pinkish one

  2. Mohammed Farhan says:

    front side is actually same to the 5s model

  3. Keshab Raj Gnawali says:

    I need iPhone 7 and i don’t now about price please call me

  4. Cristiano Moh says:

    Great specs. but please not compare this kind of brand phones with apple and samsung smartphones

  5. Azizullah says:

    I need this offer price in uae for me.. sumsong s7 can the company provides this sal phone ...?

  6. Daniel says:


  7. Belal Alsraheen says:

    great for texting, long battery life and also now there is more important features we going to seen in the next galaxy s line up. OS 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for the Galaxy S6 and the new Plus S6 model

  8. Ahmed Fethi Ben Ali says:

    8*megapixel is really very good for those who thing that their smartphone is their DSLR and wants to shoot every monent of their life.

  9. Yaser Farha says:

    the premium Galaxy devices by south Koreans and has always completed. Currently, if just it remained resistance with water.

  10. Almansory says:

    not lenovo is a good brand for high quality phone… but making good looking smart phones… and I hope in future lenovo invent something new and innovative

  11. Djamel Haid says:

    they did not actually make a better deal out of this for few facts, but the newest operating system over-the-air update for the Note4 offering in few of the better latest features included among few bug fixes.

  12. Fatima says:

    Hii I Wanted to know the price pls Thanx

  13. Muslim Aqeel says:

    as my expectation is the 12MP camera enough for photographic capabilities but according to some rumors they gonna jump to 16MP

  14. Rehab Elasmar says:

    some of the unwanted feature as the live photo which is anonymous extention for me while i want to save it and share on social media not supported so what can i do with that

  15. El Bahrawy says:

    compatible with smartphones based on Snapdragon processor 800 and newer, which contain an additional chip on the motherboard that controls the charging process

  16. Kenda Albakour says:

    this phone also got smarter charging that is capable to be charged in 10mins for 4 hours usage

  17. Nilesh Patel says:

    loveley phone... i am expecting something like that from samsung ... i disheart when i see galaxy s5... because it looks a bore phone...now hope this device come with all beauty

  18. Ahmed Almosuti says:

    Mix-and-match built of this mobile phone doest not going to impresse many because in market right now a giant s7 is available with a great things on it inface ground breaking design

  19.  Chaudhry Faisal Ameen says:

    The Smartphone is really showing some new and wonderful stuff and i think that this would become the cause of their sucess for sure.

  20. Mahmoud Abd EL-Wahab says:

    Although the technology used for the IPS panel is always, Apple calls the new HD Retina display and not simply Retina.