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  1. Rafik Gaby says:

    he model 6s and 6s plus alongside a suitable video comparison, for the moment we can only give a very positive vote to the iPhone 6.

  2. William says:

    i hear that iphone 6 coming in two variants. as well a 4.7 inches screen size phone is coming .. is it true???

  3. Sobia Sehar says:

    Apple Watch have quite a large button, which can also be scrolled as in a mechanical watch.

  4. Mukkhtar says:

    get best nokia xl price in dubai here.. do you have dual sim version also??

  5. Makram Hamod says:

    The flagship arrived in an stylish white wrapping among round corner, on which is in black and white the name of the model.

  6. Iqbal Saood says:

    12 inches display size of this tablet??... I knew that microsoft make pro tablets that include very light weight ..

  7. Mahnoor Nizamani says:

    The step of changing of the button from round shape to the bar shape like android phone have is wonderful. Change is good for Apple.

  8. Ahmad Lord says:

    the most best and the different after so long time Android device.. that is what people expect from Samsung.

  9. Alam Mohammad says:

    yes now Motorola Accelerated the performance of its phone and continuously they improving internal hardware but need to more even too much work is required to improve the exterior design

  10. Zahir Xoshnaw says:

    a USB-C port on this phone and is there is flash led on the front of the iphone Se like new phones or something else thy gonna do

  11. Ibrahim Mohd Khalil says:

    adds a 200GB microSD card and more amount of ram to the edge galaxy s7 meaning more power and performance enhanced in the new model but not some thing innovative I think like other has bit different touch display apple with 3d touch is looks great

  12. Omar Mejri says:

    No wireless charging, an infrared port, or FM radio but these things either not included in the iphone 6 and 6s series.

  13. Shahzer Bhatti says:

    Indeed there is the equal 2GB of RAM I say that there is really lot of RAM and most of the 4G LTE mobile need this

  14. Bonaa Alkhaldey says:

    A rarity desire to push out to become alot better. USB 3.1 or an older standards all are now gone as expected in the previous launch note 5.

  15. Mokhtar Ougad says:

    But after the release of Xperia Z5 sometimes with 4K-display leadership on a formal definition images taken over by Sony.

  16. Hosam Akhel says:

    Xperia M5 as well is available with some of the similar specs but will be different one in many aspects

  17. Faizan says:

    colors all that are available for this phone?? please suggest me the best one yet in look and also want phone in 64gb note 3 ..

  18. Humam Haddadin says:

    The phone is water resistance so you can take any where with you and one more thing it is dust proof so if your in dubai do not feel bad while in desert or in some kind of this place.

  19. Haroon says:

    hi shahbaz I do agree , you are saying true.

  20. Musab says:

    the idea that it be able to get the identical chassis, have a small tinker, throw in a fresh CPU, somewhat improved battery and camera, and describe it an completely successful machine.