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  1. Mohammed Ali says:

    the gun metal and all the colors included on this phone is like before... but not they going to include color like Desire 626?

  2. Dilan Hassan says:

    The main camera of this sleek smartphone offers a target of 16MP, 5MP while the front is perfect for taking selfie sharp and bright inside.

  3. Matovu Kasimu says:

    I need also one

  4. Ali Abdullah says:

    It is a surprise to many, the moto g that will also arrive with the latest operating system and its flat-design.

  5. Abdulrahman Abosife says:

    16 GB, 32 and 128 gb storage capacity and nice colors available.. display size is remarkable

  6. Awad Nimer says:

    as i find there is a 20 mp camera on the device... so they has another plus point as compare to Samsung and apple phone... Camera got more pixels.. what about the battery, CPU and RAM on the phone??

  7. Husham Alzain says:

    if samsung include 16mp camera and make it more slim than it will become next grand because there is no need of more upgration in this phone... just little bit need.. i find no problem in this phone..

  8. Sam Mohammed says:

    which mobile is good new s5 or iphone 5s?? i knw screen size of both phones is a big difference but i m saying which one is good in performance

  9. Hasan Daraa says:

    yes after the last phone success there is some huge improvments on the 5S; that easily found while using this phone with specific more detail capture capability of Camera and with iSight Apple

  10. Lana Murad says:

    yes you are saying right because lg always for a long while making a same kind of phone styles.. As the body is very comfortable and looks pretty in hands but need some more

  11. Mohammad Osman says:

    4.5″ Super AMOLED display but i say the performance of the Samsung galaxy S5 is prettier than this mobile phone.. also the Galaxy ALPHA is much better

  12. Mohamed Elsehimy says:

    who was the 1st to hint of the comeback of the 4-inch Smartphone so far stated that there ideas for the 4-inch devices have since been scrap.

  13. Ammar says:

    htc phones always charge very slowly.. And as well battery performance after this not much good as I m expecting

  14. Ather Qasim says:

    not the fastest but in this size the most fastest device on planet it is.. Iphone se is really a great deal for me and I love having this kind of phones in my hands.

  15. Shuzein says:

    in this mobile phones all is best and ok but battery timing is not much impressive

  16. Hassan Elawamy says:

    the big version is not that dedicated and user friendly power/sleep button has shifted to the right and to press it you need to use both hands all the time because of the big size however with the basic iphone 6 it is slightly possible to do so

  17. Karim Barca says:

    they make it looks fantastic and also the actual size of the earlier phone is same but not all the ergonomics are actually such awesome which we see here

  18. Mohamed Badreldin says:

    The best phone ever!!! i think nokia has to know release this beautiful phone... hope The the battery is good

  19. Malek Almohammad says:

    how can i turn off any notification of each applications and how can i turn of all notifications on my iphone 6 where can i get this option?