Find iTouch Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Asmaa Salah says:

    Battery is really very small and i think it can not bear the load which iam thinking of giving to it. The phone is design for those only who love to be in the party and uses their smartphone just when they need it.

  2. Ozaen says:

    apple iPad air is something what i am looking for, but why apple not added memory slot on this???

  3. Sly says:

    Hi, I live in Dubai and i want to buy Kyocera Brigadier kindly help me access one.

  4. Zaki Rostom says:

    a drop-down menu functions are more improved because it is always need of as possible shortcuts on it which is now possible with the samsung note 7

  5. Dilan Hassan says:

    The main camera of this sleek smartphone offers a target of 16MP, 5MP while the front is perfect for taking selfie sharp and bright inside.

  6. Ma Makram says:

    Depending on how you push the display, you can activate actions similar to receiving a peep at the inside of an emailing, chatting or receiving a look at a website ahead of you leave there.

  7. Muhammed El Gamaal says:

    In accordance with the the developments the memory type Graphic RAM reduces energy consumption up to 26% of the screen when displaying a still image, which generally increases the autonomous use of the smartphone is about 10%.

  8. Osward. says:

    Hi is it possible for me to buy these phones online and be delivered to Zambia?

  9. Mousab Mari says:

    The front camera of 5 MP is able to give shots with a resolution up to 2592 x 1944 pixels in 4: 3.

  10. Ahmad says:

    their phones are too clever and however Camera still needs work and body of the phones is cheap

  11. Shani Khanoomi says:

    they have to certainly survive in the big market because they are giving their phones really impressive standards. look sleeker indeed

  12. Abid says:

    I got that mobile recently.

  13. Mahmod Otsha says:

    outside that screen design factor; but not like edge phone in which they applied just in one side curved extra screen however there is nice handling than before bulkier phone

  14. Abdulhameed Murshed says:

    Edge is one of the first devices from Samsung, who will receive an update to Android 5.0.

  15. Ahmed Sambo says:

    The 6th smartphone by Apple and there is a actual sense this time that this phone is in fact quite different and so unique.

  16. Renad Kabaz says:

    HTC One 2 available in markets???? what is the HTC One 2price??

  17. Lubna Naeem says:

    Not a hig quality but providing some good stuff in the smartphone. Iused it a day before yesterday and I have found that for a normal user it is perfect.

  18. Fatima says:

    Hii I Wanted to know the price pls Thanx

  19. Saeed says:

    I Want lg 3

  20. Karim Abdelsalam says:

    internal memory with 4GB of storage is not quite enough for this kind of tab atleast recommend internal storage for Gigabyte Sierra S1 is 8GB