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  1. Faiza Rasheed says:

    Maybe its means that the phone has a quite good display or they were trying to say that the display a Quality HD one which is the latest thing added in the Smartphones.

  2. Osama Elagmawy says:

    This is a wide departure of this famous brand, mark a occasion when it is admit that the manufacturing, sharper design and the outer look is just like before little more smooth edges and last 4 Smartphone models of the same series is a bit out-of-date and required to up the ergonomics to actually compete.

  3. Abdallh Ataher says:

    The result is also a slightly higher weight, but we did not find the annoying difference.

  4. Mohammad Sabir says:

    additional customization features they give to the iOS and iOS9 has nice upgrade but i am facing a little issue after update my operating system. After update passcode comes up how can i remove passcode which not i actually setup?

  5. Mohamed Hassan says:

    A lot consequently so as to the iPhone 6 was go on sale and manufacturers concentrating a great deal of its publicity on the films as public imprison

  6. Heba Hani says:

    It fully supports the installation of a Nano-SIM well the new flagship also available in Dual SIM model codename is not confirmed please tell me I want to buy dual sim note 5

  7.  Rohan Pattnaik says:

    Apple pads are really providing some qualty results. This is one of teh best Pad i have ever seen in my life.

  8. Lucky Vineeth says:

    sounds good.. Another characteristic of the screen Galaxy Note 4 - supports up to 10 simultaneous touches.

  9. Azad S. Ahmad says:

    how the phone looks?

  10. Khaled Sadam says:

    got not improvement with the design of the phone start/end phone buttons and QWERTY as like same in the previous models

  11. Njm Dadoush says:

    except that bent a little stronger., and a more comfortable viewing angle for watching videos. Another distinctive feature of the LG G Flex 2

  12. Anous says:

    tell me some of the basic new features of this desire phone ... more than video calling and rear camera is also best looking .. want to know something different that company include..

  13. Haleemdad Khan says:

    Deliberate attempt to calculate the sensitivity of the radio promotion model look absolute ideal

  14. Abdala Elsahly says:

    this is good news for me that they are now make more edge models; as grand edge and more like this comes up

  15. Imran Khan Alikhil says:

    when it comes

  16. Mokhtar Ougad says:

    five-inch full HD Reality Display is enough not need to make it more thick and wider

  17. Ayhab Ksabrh says:

    is this phone run whts app and bbm like applications ... and good for using via 3g,2g connectivity... anyone using these features on this phone please guide me

  18. Abdo Ali says:

    yes nice impressive premium design but not the sport watches looks good as compare to the elegant stainless editions apple watch

  19. Raed Albeddawi says:

    i want iphone 32gb model which is best looking in color i am thinking to buye gold color

  20. Alal Misod says:

    you can also play videos on group with the apps at a time tell me any application best working on M8