Find ION Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Saman Hemn says:

    april 6 this phone is expected to be come but still no news why?

  2. Mohamed Ghareeb says:

    the new leather bands and straps and not sell by apple directly so where can I found new all collection for apple watches please tell me wanna buy it

  3. Khaled Mazed says:

    as we all knew that the phone like this need more thickness body to got big battery and the high resolution make it bit more bulky. but lg v10 as compare to samsung galaxy note 5 is not a good deal which has similar specification in good body and easy to use

  4. Mansoor Pirzada says:

    The RAM is also fast enough to bear the load of my game and I play the heavy games and this smartphone is best for all those games

  5. Mohamed Hairani says:

    Unique curved panel display and a lot of improvments that i love to use

  6. Hegazi Najdawi says:

    i am ready to claim my new iphone. Super-premium feel and as i know this phone give me excellent feeling in hands.

  7. Hagar Zaki says:

    Obviously, the overpayment for a fashion model status. If you need to mix well-known brand, Android and thin body with a metal, the GALAXY Alpha could be an interesting choice after the price reduction.

  8. Seraj Mj says:

    it amazing and good features

  9. Ari Khasraw says:

    not just for aluminum and glass, but as well for the location completely assemble and totally with no edges.

  10. Hanan Ahmed says:

    a great model but also galaxy note 5 samsung is expensive at any level compare to previous notes because they looks cheap and many things are just as they find it not much useful. now they also reduce the camera lens unit in the new one from 16MP to 12MP in galaxy s7

  11. Haris Malik says:

    UI is far more complex than an Android Wear-based wearable device; however nothing felt too confined throughout testing, along with simple and clean and graphics menus. It is compatible with all Android OS version 4.4 and up.

  12. Keshav Sharma says:

    to produce cheaper devices, predictions about the future of the smartphone can be quite modest looking as well now

  13. Shameer says:

    how can i buy this staying in abudhabi

  14. Mahmut Dilekci says:

    The most usual insight is it stems from iCloud holdup errors in iOS 9. Few of the users approximately their statistics was misplaced when they reinstated their Apple 6S from an remaining Apple Samrtphone backup (in the case of additional devices)

  15. Haseeb says:

    price is little high.

  16. Ruwayfi says:

    nexus 5 is more good than this phone but not grand 2 is also big in display that is why many people go for this phone

  17. Rode Mohamed says:

    it's a very attractive terminal and nice to see lg devices with innovative new technologies,.. Whereas many options and user interface is easy on lg g series hope the same with the new lg v10

  18. Remaz Tahhan says:

    Group selfies with more friends you can now share more instantly with the LTE option and phone has really adaptive display

  19. Mohamed Amine says:

    I just bought 6p today in uae but I feel not well with the phone right now too much hard to handle this phone and take inside the pocket.. Other wise about its camera I try my best but not find out a good things with the dim light

  20. Amr Khaled says:

    These connects wireless charging for Blackberry previous phones of 2014 also.