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  1. Ritikesh Ghadouani says:

    this available now??

  2. Yaser Armanazi says:

    s pen is working so much fine on the note 5 mobile phone and is really familiar work as apple is offering in ipad pro with the ipencil.. i am not saying that there is same light weight and design of the s pen but is great features they you need in the smartphone

  3. Ghorab Altaala says:

    Memories Made Bright now with htc phone... when htc offer same camera pixels as others than htc is a best in offering the best quality in their mobiles

  4. Ali Alhamedi says:

    for pre order this phone is available or note kindly tell me need best deal for note edge 16GB

  5. Ghadeer Salah says:

    what is the released date of Nexus 6 and when Nexus 6 is available for shipping.....

  6. Asif Rohit says:

    wifi and cellular model both are different or both in the same iphone?? and tell me about the turbo charging feature

  7. Amel Hameed says:

    hardware design seems to be so much like the before but the screen size is little big

  8. Sani says:

    although Apple has arrive on the market much earlier (the first version of apple watch came back in 2012),

  9. Rose A Zeiny says:

    for the lifetime of the conveyor face of our hero several times pulled up to company standards, we have not yet arrived at a premium to the current design

  10. Saeed Ali says:

    little changes that most of us find out among the camera capabilities is with the dim light results; where as photography with iphone 6 is faster than android

  11. Fares Elahlam says:

    However, few rough complementary limits and other work of art at rest nearby. However, owing to the extremely high resolution, they plainly affect image quality.

  12. Waled Mosa says:

    exlusively all new renders like s6 is high end in performance and all ways but not anyone going to make such kind of design

  13. Riyad Murat says:

    The fingerprint scanner same module is been now available for many users and currently used by Huawei also the same technology under the same circumstances

  14. Aya Foda says:

    the prediction about the release date of the phone is not yet revealed by any

  15. Amna Hussain says:

    Screen GALAXY Alpha - 4,7 ", that more iPhone 5s, but less modern Android-flagships.

  16. Mohammed Atef says:

    that's my 1st smart phone... and it is awesome perfect in my hands... but i do not have this in Gold version :P

  17. Taher says:

    Things are made possible thanks to the larger screen, the iPhone is much more .. but as well small size variant is best in its own kind

  18. Paavan says:

    over all great mobile phone,but nfc is market depended and also not supporting browsing and edge.

  19. Karimove Arwan says:

    is this phone dual version is also come? and can this phone is capable to run a whole day with music

  20. Narjes A Shennieb says:

    Among the rivals of the G Flex 2 can be known as LG G3 its own, Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6 Plus.