Find Iocean Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hassan Ali says:

    smartly refined but not such excellent graphics as they are offering at a time of galaxy s4. Significantly they skip many things on the galaxy s5 phone.

  2. Bisma Khan says:

    If you have droped your smartphone than you can have this heating problem else it is a wonderful smartphone having water resistance and dust proff technology.

  3. Uren Youssef says:

    physical features of this phone is good as compare to moto x2 2014 phone. stops motion blur in bright light, and as well phone is instantly charged

  4. Ahmed Awan says:

    a healthy battery upgrade of the note 7 like phones will be predictable. will ultimately give you a reliable source of the future technology

  5. Yoosuc says:

    I am witing for iphone7 When lomging Dubai [email protected]

  6. Abdul Qayyum says:

    rafted to fit your lifestyle the best design and has all game changing capabilities

  7. Zafarkhan Pasban says:

    The proper version of the device and also the edge model is best and cool factores included inside the phone

  8. Essam Alatrash says:

    I stay with my Note 3 my microSD card, my, my covers and interchangeable batteries ... however not such cheap feels as people are talking because note 3 is luxurious looking phone and i think new has bit cheap look

  9. Sanaa Qabaja says:

    Ergonomics Samsung GALAXY Alpha liked. Still here fingerprint scanner, The Hardware is perfect and well equipped

  10. Dongolawi Wbas says:

    everybody amazed wit the 3 rows keyboard on this phone but large 3450mAh battery life what about that?? it does not amazed you??

  11. Haider Abdi says:

    16 megapixels od amazing camera is ready to show you some amazing kind of stuff and yo would be loving it so much as you are having a smartphone that is stylish and having a wonderful camera.

  12. Messahel Laid says:

    yes this is really great and now the all models are avaialble for du carrier in country and you can buy it

  13. Ahmed El Gannam says:

    well after take a look on the leaked images of the htc m10 phone that looks like a same kind of phone as lg do with the lg g5 because this time there is more round and bit thicker looking htc m phone is

  14. Harem Muhamad says:

    In Surface Pro Windows button 3 has been moved to the bottom of the right side. Also present on the body of the volume buttons and power.

  15. Mohammed Ashoor says:

    38mm Sport Band (MJ2X2) - Black how many you have this model i want in 38mm and 42mm both this apple watch

  16. Mohamad Kattan says:

    Altogether 3D Touch more accurately detects pressing force, whereby the screen is not required to press too hard to obtain a second and a third click.

  17. Mustafa Absi says:

    isn't a little hit better actually this phone as compare to previous phablet perform similar but either offering more nice display and fast performance

  18. Moulay Ismail Ed-dafali says:

    all the technical speciifcations they are offering in this mobile phone is really impressive M8 Coprocessor has very nice improvments and expecting lot more in future

  19. Marwa Chattaoui says:

    i like it

  20. Mustafa Alaasem says:

    LG like brand self design in the higher body, white finishing making the phone look more eye-catching.