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  1. Mohammad Hamdan says:

    Its rivals has same battery and chipset performances whereas now change in the camera features on the lg g5 and display as they are using always on new feature and galaxy s7 has different model with the edge name

  2. Abdel Barhou says:

    updated to better match with their previous phone but the same kind of additional screen on the top on lg g5 phone?

  3. Agre Rojava says:

    Thickness is indeed committed to a minimum in the iphone 6s , but the width! In my case - the width of the phone more than palm. Keep one hand uncomfortable.

  4. Mohammed Allam says:

    There is as well the powerful amperes with the battery which might have been even more valuable at the other hand still power consumption of the device for at least one day (24hrs) regular normal use

  5. Arslan Manzoor says:

    720p resolution is a v.low need to improve the res

  6. Fadil Mislim says:

    software requires some kind debugging before smartphone will be completely ready for sale.

  7. Adham Saker says:

    Its a clean, sharp and accurate display with the perfect performance with the battery while playing games and watching videos. while many phones using multimedia a day not capable to give you whole day

  8. Zakria Assad says:

    the laptops are continuously upgrade by asus aspire is very good if the prices are down..i prefer all to buy this t300 new it is best

  9. Hassan Afifi says:

    iphone 6 plus not give me a whole day whether I am not using any battery saving mode but why so? Which are the major applications I have to must stop to run in background nand from where I can do this previously using android phones not know much about the iOS

  10. Salma Soltana says:

    great starting point but not so much bezel free and also the galaxy s7 has good. comfortable with the changes and capability to grip in hands nicely

  11. Jaser Mohammad says:

    would capture images more quickly as compare to the galaxy s6 and note 5 latest phones therefore a lot better ergonomics even with the low dim lights

  12. Mohamed Kassimi says:

    i like one thing that is crystal clear images.. that also indicate that this phone is good for gaming and more.. but why not water and dust proof?

  13. Muhammet Poyraz Atas says:

    raded megapixels for bigger pixels and as like all the time increase in size and make phone more slimmer and promises more large pixels, view angle to the display and camera features are amazing on the galaxy note 5. Ultrapixels therefore on the upcoming note 6 with more bigger traded megapixels for sure they introduce

  14. Aek Abdenour says:

    Design is elegant yet sturdy and the best premium built use by apple in all the new iphone 6 models include s series. high resolution screen is now comparable to the AMOLED display

  15. Sona Aziz says:

    actually manufacturers thinks it is all about the size so they make it even LED Smart TV; just after that they name it Galaxy View Tablet which is yest worst thing ever seen

  16. Mai Mohamed says:

    The building of the case, and the notice to feature paid to basics fundamentals similar to the digital crown and strap connector that are exceptional.

  17. Sawsan Bakly says:

    inside the box of the iphone 6 plus there is Lightning to USB Cable, Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic , 5W USB Power Adapter additional accessories is apart of the box and have to buy those. i want to know what is they meant by sim free iphone?

  18. Javed says:

    dear users of lumia 830 will pls share hows the viber and tango application in this phone is anyone use this application in their mobiles..

  19. Nidal Mahamd Omar says:

    in the support of buttons interupt the phone style, with the true curved body

  20. Kyle Hu says:

    Although, in support of the amazing things happening RAM: 2.7 GB all applicable total, of which 4-5minutes later after turning as well get 2.1, and it also happens that remains only 300 megabytes of user required on the phone like this.