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  1. Khan says:

    For sale nokia xl very goog set every thing is ok garanted price only 220 darhams in dubai

  2. Saima Omer says:

    There are only few Smartphone company which are providing the dual sim Facility..Sony is among those but they produce only few phones not a number of might switch to chinees phone they would give you 3 sim facility in just a single smartphone..

  3. Salman Malik says:

    Call this compact unit can not, he comes close in size to the Galaxy Note 3, which, however, does not prevent him to be comfortable in your hand

  4. Maihe Gsmla says:

    with the lower resolution display on the apple SE phone they give more life to this one. to last a day of use is easy with this one

  5. Ademmohamed Chwihdi says:

    It is also accurate about the iphone 6 plus that is has bad selling ration over the orginal iphone 6

  6. Rabea Habib says:

    it is very good mobile i have used it. spicelly bettery network and sound

  7. Tolga Guzel says:

    the plus size iphone 6s not mean everything enhanced just some features got different but the display and performing abilities has not big improvements. battery is more because of more room in the iphone 6s plus

  8. Faiza Akhtar says:

    The Go-back button should be on the right side like sony.. I feel very good while using and find comfort. i really feel uncomfortable while using the left side...

  9. Eldali says:

    when lumia 1820 hit uae markets?? please shared some more news, specs about the this phone contains 5.2 inches screen size on it ????

  10. Umer Farooq Butt says:

    Since we are dealing with the new 2014 edition of the Note which is the most advanced yet, there is a cloud App also for Note, employs a new stylus Pen.

  11. Alperen Saglam says:

    is very good, finally a smooth interface, almost no lag if they gonna use the metallic frame and give it round edges as well. screen testing agains the galaxy phones with the lg g series is bit exceptional for me

  12. Taman Huma says:

    I am consumed with the new s6 and the note 5 advice me the best phone which one is nice for me?

  13. Danish says:

    please share personal reviews of Apple iPhone 5c-32GB, as i wana purchase.

  14. Khaleda Alfoqara says:

    either they change now the position of their keys so you can do successfully all of your operations with single hand easily as the power key and volume key is placed alike iphone

  15. Yarbe Amine says:

    will be the best selling phone of this year either there are many like this similar specs and high end then this phone is on markets but people love to buy iPhones

  16. Elmasry Adel says:

    I remember that previously also nexus 7 comes in the markets well it is not have this kind of spec and hardware that this phone has

  17. Mahmod Smadi says:

    Now it seems that they have lost their most loyal audience, who not only bought a new Samsung every two years, but their virtues preached all over the Internet.

  18. Luqman Ahmad says:

    three other unpublished assets specifically dedicated to the use of the stylus.

  19. Karthik says:

    I want to change my mobile Samsung k zoom

  20. Fahaa says:

    Hello friends !! Can u plz help me by giving ur adice... im confused which mobile should i buy... i hv used s2 an wat to buy some thing new.. plz help me