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  1. Rafey says:

    Galaxy note 3 is still much better than galaxy s5... it is actually lag of your money

  2. Qaesr El Skark says:

    I notice after this iphone se lauching many other rivals expand their high end line up by reducing the sizes of their smartphones

  3. Mohamed Khaled says:

    the design looks boring and just same as the HTC M9 and M8.. they are copying totally Apple

  4. Mohammed Rifky says:

    In terms of placement controls the main difference between iPad Air 2 from the first iPad Air - is the lack of lock lever (in the iPad Air, he was placed on the volume keys).

  5. Ahmad Abomhamad says:

    flagship may arrived at the end of 2015 or may be at start of the next year..prices should be economical for this one

  6. Atyaf says:

    the same method is used in most of the much smaller devices it is . may still not be able to execute the operation with one hand , really interesting phone but prices are still quite high for my budget

  7. Al Sultany says:

    variant seems to be works really great either they going to use the same housing of metallic and protection glass covering on the body

  8. Shehzad Khan says:

    the graphics ppi much be more to 500 ppi

  9. Saleha Ayesha says:

    the leather as use in the g4 enhanced the quality materials and workmanship among the gadgets but as this phone is available to the masses I like the glass finishing

  10. Sandeep says:

    nokia nice

  11. Fares Ajaj says:

    high quality and perfect around many of the device but Connectivity issues sometimes with my xiaomi mi4 may be it is carrier issue

  12. Bibo Khaled says:

    The aluminum case has already received one scratch - the owners of the iPhone 5 and 5S before know that the faces rather quickly covered with nice glass for protection and the same we seen in the new iphone 6s and plus model

  13. Om Oday Shabatat says:

    may be they compete now Xperia device that has packed approx 3GB of RAM and the GPU is quite high 430

  14. Amjathkhna says:

    dear, want pay Samsung N620 mobail

  15. Sayd Bayz says:

    not so much high price and special camera perfect even with the low light finally. slightly tricky situation with the s7 edge and the galaxy s7

  16. Danish Khan says:

    Hi crazy deal, Its mobile phone prize 45 dirham or anything else ?

  17. Al Shater says:

    Good camera + good features like prima facie that offers to you a totally good feel and design is good but the prices are still very high for me and I think for many this phone is not affordable.

  18. Samir says:

    will be the best of 2014.. phone looks great

  19. Fajer Sarmini says:

    Skype- especially because it is not possible to uninstall, although clear them to not work on the terminal

  20. Aslam Malik says:

    The sound is pretty good for a tablet and a lot of times, I have not felt the need to use my headphones or external speakers because in all previous lumia tablets by Nokia all is good