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  1. Ayubi says:

    where to i get this iPad???

  2. Enzo Chamorro says:

    It is clear that the need to make allowances for the fact that a fresh battery, and to look at how it will behave in a year, but now - all is very nice.

  3. Fouad Oubla says:

    apple let you do more with this phone.. it is good phone ever and always that apple makes. And what a fabulos camera of this phone is . let you snap in detail of amazing color give natural colors to each snap

  4. Labieb Najdawi says:

    so the name of the watch is Microsoft smart watch or something else. and is this is fitness wearable watch.. so by it users can control microsft which kind of devices...or connect it with the nokia phones

  5. Muzammil says:

    Samsung note 3 and design than the previous generation note phone big changes.. screen size is increased Although the bottom of the screen design entities

  6. Mustafa Ismail says:

    what is good if they are even in the latest generation not offering wireless charging, others rivals models s6, lg g4 and more charge faster than iphone 6s

  7. Alhia says:

    c3 is good for taking selfies but what about its video recording features for making video calls and tell me about its networking connectivity options is this all is also good??

  8. Noureddine says:

    nokia use a7 processor on this lumia 630???

  9. Nariny Roony says:

    slam the rivals and robust phone features and by the additional analysis make this phone bit more advanced. more capsule-shaped and metallic material offering nice handling with the single hand

  10. Saleh Ali says:

    the best feature that i like more than its camera is its multi tasking ability with much smoothness.. also this phone include 4k display

  11. Asad Ullah says:

    The result is also a slightly higher weight, but we did not find the annoying difference

  12. Abel Arroyo says:

    The battery life is enough for you to see the video in Full HD quality at maximum brightness of the screen for 11 hours in the galaxy a series.

  13. Samrit Ahmed says:

    still Missing Dual SIM on the iphones but very effective for cloud storage and more improved features with the camera, with the speed and also with the battery

  14. Suhail says:

    need to buy nokia phone 6131 Abu Dhabi, thanks

  15. Al Umar says:

    the positioning of its main opportunity is an upgraded version of Apple's Nike +, the core of this product is additional precise to human health, including exercise, sleep, and other deeper health tracking techs.

  16. Firoz says:

    Samsung galaxy a5

  17. Loole Abozaed says:

    it seems to be a long life Smartphone with the single Day charge. nice value for money and better improved Wifi speed of Note4

  18. Suman Baloch says:

    The size of the smartphone is good and you can carry it easily and it fixes in my pocket it is not like theose smartphone whose size is extremly big and could not be handle.

  19. Masmoudi says:

    spend a little more money on the plus model of the apple iphone 6 and now thinking that why not i wait of the s series

  20. Eslam Miligy says:

    they now in reality bigger has more stunning display and more things some of the benefits with battery as well