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  1. Abbas Moto says:

    so the worlds first Smartphone offering retina hd display in 4.7 inches size screen

  2. Mohamed Khalaf says:

    first I see the image of the phone I think it just another rumor leaked image.. But now I have this phone and using this amazing gadget by LG

  3. Ahmed Ali Ahmed says:

    But not this phone looks so much bulky as there is many things I like in that a good bezel free design and attractive screen with support of cool for the first time use of premium aluminum frame

  4. Karuppaiya says:

    Sir Thish mobail 3g or 4G and 4G 32gb how much cost

  5. Mistefa Kobani says:

    a nice touch features right now and even the most advanced features on the apple iphone 6s. The cover glass panel is just like before

  6. Giray Cirit says:

    great 3D Touch games for the force touch AG Drive i am playing with all the actions new included by apple

  7. Jana Marym Talaat says:

    smartphone also supports fast charging, which allows you to get 60% charge in about 30 minutes.

  8. Hussain says:

    xperia Z1 compact is a wonderful phone, small screen with too much capabilities

  9. Adly Mahmoud says:

    The best part is the handling of the device that is lovely and combination of the material they use like iPhones little bit shinny grey model is also in markets now.

  10. Zo Ro says:

    ipad 4 is not better than the Air iPad... but this might be a big gun by Apple

  11. Harry Ghangs says:

    Old is gold I miss my 5S and I hate my iphone 6. I was wondering that I would be having a smartphone that is better than the 5S but I was wrong

  12. Bassam Akel says:

    i cannot say much about the battery because while making hd videos the battery drain and with the high setting even more

  13. Fatoom Naif says:

    Straps are really of good and provide the best comfort when you wear it. The Watch is so much good but a same problem it has as we can see in the Smartphone iphone 6. Low battery.

  14. Fawaz Moussa says:

    now the list of new Blackberry phones are coming but why there is another bulky phones...not any phone is much slim in dimension

  15. Hamza Kazbati says:

    but the viewing angle can be dazzling big screen, 0.3 seconds of speed AF function as well as the introduction of the heart rate sensor but not like samsung galaxy s5 phone is not waterproof and dustproof new instructions in the user experience aspects , S5 is undoubtedly superior.

  16. Abdo Benjooder says:

    After 2 months, they covered they make steps to give with a fingerprint sensor. Without it, the phone is not unlocked. All files are erased after resetting the password, restore failed

  17. Saif Elden says:

    seems better one, but again only 2.8 inches screen ... i thin touch sensor with this screen size not acceptable

  18. Vaishak says:

    Need to know the price of N6 Black 64gb

  19. Toty De Ana says:

    the pro version still need a time

  20. Tsong says:

    do you have this mobile. and wat is the price