Find Infinix Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmadwali Monhaj says:

    The pixels are improved but selfies taken in low light has also a better quality than other phones

  2. Yasser Sy says:

    been announced: Surface 2 - on the platform of Windows 8.1 RT and Surface Pro 2 - with full Windows 8.1 Pro.

  3. Arafa Ibrahimq says:

    hauwei mate series of smartphone is packed with everything you expect in a premium smartphone.. waiting for mate 3 to be come in markets

  4. Yahia Mahran says:

    Aascned 7 and now 8; need no increase in the size of the phone just Huawei have to make front and primary camera more powerful and sharp and work fine with low light and processor should have to be updated

  5. Mostafa Aboud says:

    why the price looks a little ridiculous as compare to the least edition. In this category huwe nexus 6p has to compete with the venerable PHABLET such as Galaxy Note 5 or iPhone 6s Plus.

  6. Sumbal says:

    becomes smooth, sharp corners are need to be dissolved in the next galaxy phone

  7. Habeeba Abu Shammala says:

    For example, if at the same time open 6-8 pages in Safari, you switch they will restart.

  8. Tanyee says:

    Generally, the camera on this device will be my favorite aspect at all because it is nice griping just like the s6 module, with its superfast focus times and offering nice burst mode

  9. Abid Hussain Abid says:

    I not recommend to update operating system of the following phone because it is not such kind of phone to perform faster with that

  10. Qubliah says:

    this phone is more sleek and thin than before release models. it is good smartphone with no of innovations

  11. Haroon Arshad says:

    what kind of technology sony is using for its display ... same as samsung super amoled or something else... i think something like braviia... m i right???

  12. Abdul Barr says:

    The size is really very good and fixes on my hand perfectly and i feel like that i am wearing a watch which is quite good and intresting.

  13. Imran Danish says:

    I am shock to see the Processor...its of 3GHz not even note-4 is providing this..They are offering 2.7GHz..LG will conqure the market soon.

  14. Anas Melhem says:

    Easier to hold than previous Notes in hands the same handling they are offering witht the galaxy s6 phone but there is not good speakers on the note 5 and the glass finishing not is so remarkable

  15. Ahmad Belhasan says:

    oppo alos make slimmest phones but as we all know that the there is a little battery heat up issue on the phone and many now using plastic material for that because alumunium looks to feel heatup in hands

  16. Ahmed Damascus says:

    super slim body needed to the htc m9. front glass allegedly as leak before

  17. Lenove A5000 says:

    I need this cell

  18. Talib Hussain says:

    where can I find in Saudi Arabia or Dubai Samsung galaxy s4 i9502 plz send contact and location thank u

  19. Bashar Al Salah says:

    Fast and wireless charging with the prettier price tag for the basic model and look elegant in the beautiful contrast among their back and front panels

  20. Amer says:

    it is not a good as we look on its display and screen size very small screen