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  1. Dr-Raqi Rawashdeh says:

    that all makes simple to grip and calm to hold with the single and both hands

  2. Mohamed Gareb says:

    clearly seen that the Samsung Pay and fingerprint sensor is just been modified and will the new s pen has something more unique

  3. Ayaz Latif Dayo says:

    It is really much better than the rivals and other high end slim tablets, compare all specs with the xperia z1 and z2 tablet instead of the water resistance

  4. Hakim says:

    I do agree with you, Nokia famous his friendly user base.

  5. Kaza Mezaa says:

    Screen of the phone is really impressive and I find the pixels density of the phone really high and immediate response of each query

  6. Abdelghani Talhi says:

    First, I bought my S7 like phones right from South Koreans so there were no carrier additions, then logically the device vessels with Samsung’s currently evasion TouchWiz application for the Android over the leading of the new Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

  7. Saakim Pathan says:

    I thing s3 is best mobile in galaxy phones I used it

  8. Mahmoud Eldoktor says:

    In Blackberry 10 in the present state for the equal brand such no chance. - is not the first and last product I think like this.

  9. John Fikry Zaki says:

    not the phone is look stylish but the red color may be the thing that catch by eye so far

  10. Ahmed Sambo says:

    The 6th smartphone by Apple and there is a actual sense this time that this phone is in fact quite different and so unique.

  11. Mohammed Hassan says:

    IPS LCD and offering 69.6% screen-to-body ratio; just keep in mind that there is more less screen size and more thicker body

  12. Abd Eido says:

    among the best of the market, to see that they get the rest to improve

  13. Ammar Sood says:

    still optimus line up fones is much better in looking, performance and graphics... why not lg make phone like xperia devices or something else like htc

  14.  Mukter Hossain Sajid Sajid says:

    I love the design of the Straps and this is really very good, That an electronics company is making products like this.

  15. Sara Sara says:

    The LED light is very much good than the new M9. This phone push the HTC more far and it is the big sucess of HTC. The phone is really very good and amazing.

  16. Zayad Asmer says:

    bad phone... not having great spec... also camera is bad

  17. Rajesh Solanki says:

    I hope the new changes will be aimed in term of their user interface and software enhancment that is obviously not comparable to iOS devices

  18. Mohammed Subhi says:

    going to spend my money on the greatest phone ever; I am at the event and love to see such innovations by Apple only

  19. Noor Aslam 0563191976 says:

    PL / I want one micromax x11i in Abu dhabi

  20. Dominic Cheng says:

    This time there is really a massive race of the Smart watch… HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and I am in so hungry to see Lenovo to make something