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  1. Jeshwin Johnson says:

    So like that the Koreans next big thing is this the edge and the note 4 is not going to be available with the alumunium; well I am expecting it to be have the metallic skin next time.

  2. Eng Yaser says:

    my only complain is with the camera which has not such great result in low light and images are bit blury

  3. Fawad says:

    sure ?

  4. Paddy says:

    can any body buy me on of lumia 1020 :(

  5. Rowida Ghassan says:

    instead producing a decent mid-range module may be we seen many new mobile phones comes with different names. as we all knew about just one Se

  6. F says:

    the suspense is killing me

  7. Eman Mustafai says:

    Beautiful design with high definition camera but still it needs some more improvements.

  8. Safa Aljaser says:

    Rumors are really getting market now a days due to this smartphone and i am shocked to see that people are believing on their report that miht be worng but i can not any thing regarding this sort.

  9. Jassem Al-jamous says:

    The phone is under the protection of the fine Gorilla Glass 3 which is meant to make a smartphone scratch less and dustless.

  10. Fatima Imam says:

    The sanpdrogn 810 is more faster and provide a speed of a rocket that you can not see. I like Samsung as it is providing some good quality and afforadble price so that I can have th one in my pocket.

  11. Abdul Rehman G says:

    this point should also be taken into account in the 64 GB version will be available a little less than 60 GB.

  12. Sajid Ali Prasla says:

    Nokia is a quality product provider and they always maintain the product list they have and thatís why they are famous in the market.

  13. Adnan says:

    xperia z2 is become my favorite smartphone

  14. Ramy Slama says:

    well i really surprised when sony unveil xperia t3 look and design and now i am expecting many things with this comapct version of xperia z3 phone

  15. Julie Santino says:

    is this phone is fully support wireless charging?? i not find any iteslf made wireless by HTC

  16. Ali says:

    it is available Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and tabuk

  17. Irma says:

    Fast and wireless charging with the great combination of well balance battery. the slightest modifications on the built Itís a clean look afterall in the outdoor visibility it can be seen

  18. Tito Sherif says:

    Curvy, Durable but not i am saying it is even most beautiful invention by them because they phone is too looking ugly just like its predecessor model which is not an eye grabber

  19. Avinash Sagar says:

    Way too big for few but for me it is awesome

  20. Hassan Hammeedi says:

    impressively slim and light boyd of this mobile.. just like previous xperia z2 .. tell me is this phone capable to record full high definition 1080 pixels videos?