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  1. Anwar Ali says:

    Yes there are few of some awesome features but the main is the keyboard shortcuts that create this time a much useful and effectiveness to find and search and quickly open all the other application by manually crating the shortcuts with shortcut keys options.

  2. Cheruine Hamza says:

    I have a question that how can use the multi windows on the Note 4 I am not a keen user of Smartphone just recently bought this phone and switch to the new Lollipop

  3. Tareg Albrgotee says:

    Now it is alright taking best selfies via HTC phones the desire is the best example that they are still alive to give quality

  4. Mhamad Awad says:

    Become an even superior image by involving the Note5 and at the list of other Phablet’s might change in screen resolutions, display, rams and performance is amazing

  5. Ehab Mohmmad Al Hallaq says:

    In this regard, Lenovo fellows, and took the case to the imagination - a box, which came Vibe X2, exactly matches the design of the gadget.

  6. Jwanro Ahmad says:

    a huge battery yes it is but the not the phone looks exiting however not bezel free and is ugly

  7. Aywsh Aywsh says:

    packed a large angle lens, fit utmost in your selfies and skype video calls in support of the 5 Mega Pixels the rear and front face camera

  8. Omar Bayosh says:

    has unluckily lost few the attraction of the G2 and like this phone that is still among the Smartphone with the screen ratio / body best on the market.

  9. Mehmood Humza says:

    nice Li-Po battery (27.3 Wh) battery easily give you tp to 10hrs.. that is the best thing another time Apple give with the ipad air

  10. Almansoor says:

    experience the new Galaxy S7 is decent and beutiful choice right now for us; try the update lollipop version and after it the new Android N is also work nice; not look same as previous phones are

  11. Abdul Moyed says:

    due to screen size… and hd display I like this phne… because phone is good for entertainment.. But for application I like windows phone…

  12. Idha says:

    just little difference.

  13. Jamel Abu Alkean says:

    is incredibly important to give these phones new connectivity options usb type c which is useful to connect multiple things by connecting only one cable with your phone and also it is more faster

  14. Haider says:

    desire 210 looks good smart and mid range phone coming in uae markets... waiting to get it

  15. Muaed says:

    good to be in my hand... soon get it as it comes

  16. Alebrahimi says:

    take a review of some of the lowest price models which release so far so they need to rapid make modifications on battery and some of the video capturing should be improve

  17. Ghilas Karim says:

    A9 chipset on the small size phone meaning the most advanced and fastest phone in world with such combination

  18. Humza Mehmood says:

    the battery is really best of this phone. but still the nokia is the leader with the lumia all invited to just take a look on this phone 1520 it is a best

  19. Ahmaed Alhmyre says:

    Super-efficient processor they are offering and the samsung galaxy s7 for maximum performance with faster cpu. The only camera you'll ever required is 12MP with such capabilities

  20. Ahmed Kilani says:

    front 8MP camera as I am expected from lg. life is good afterall :)