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  1. Ibraheam Souleman says:

    will gather in one place and organize data from a variety of sources, including websites, YouTube and image gallery

  2. Saif Mona says:

    720 x 1280 that is what company is offering last time and it is low specs i want big Smartphone in my hands with the round shape

  3. Nasim Sultan says:

    It is the best curved screen smartphone I have every seen inmy life. I was expecting this design from the LG but Samsung did this for itself which is good.

  4. Abrahim Bakoour says:

    full compatibility with their own made applications but little bit hard for people to do some of the things withou jailbreak their iphone.

  5. Alrjbane says:

    By means of the official price drop, the predecessor models of the iPhone are at the present being available at really pretty prices as never before and also many offline retailers in UAE are selling them.

  6. Maad Qutainy says:

    Design 5s and a little outdated characteristics retained, so as not to compete with its own flagship iPhone 6s.

  7. Omar-evil Roni says:

    At 401 per inch all the irregularities fonts are clearly visible, but maintain compatibility by means of obtainable programs

  8. Mezin Mostafa says:

    Design and build feels pretty weighty in the hand as compare to the iphone 6 may be is more because of more among of ram and housing of different hardware as well as new camera lens on the iphone 6s

  9. Kareem Ali says:

    many peoples around using such new features of charging like qi wreless chargin but what if their is need to charge laptop or other devices through it?? how much energy and power of battery it consumer

  10. Guisser Amine says:

    what about the warranty. is there is 2 year warranty also for uae users

  11. Ali Kamal Tawfik says:

    Quick actions from the home screen is possible but need to compelete such things with the two hands impossible for iphone 6s plus to handle with single hand such features. press down on home screen icons so we need to handle the phone from the bottom

  12. Omar Elbadry says:

    has thrust it up a nick in the with the nature and appreciation of beauty well new galaxy s6 has similar kind of front design

  13. Mohamed Elmasry says:

    Screen Resolution manufacturer considers the green sub-pixel, the other two it is two times lower.

  14. Taha Kadom says:

    Moreover, they have also confirmed that the phone will run on latest version of android that is Android Lillipop

  15. Mohammed Yahya says:

    internal space is enough and also there is no need of additional flash storage plus cardslot removable options on their devices. Iphone 7 has some of the lightning accessories for external audio.

  16. Ooss Samk says:

    and what about the next iphone 6s as it comes you gonna get your hands on it and say it is best

  17. Mahmoud Abdel Wahed says:

    in many aspects this phone is great.. But the display is not unique as peoples estimate with this Smartphone

  18. Harjot Shivam says:

    when I get my hands on this phone it give me feeling of lg smartphones

  19. Mohamed Saeed says:

    how can i delete my full browser safari cache and clear data also but not i want to delete the login i want to keep all my logins so what can i do now in iphone 6s how is it possible to save my data and claear unwanted cache and if their is any application tell me

  20. Fathy Saad says:

    yes you are right about the user interface with easy to use features. Whatever people say apple has its own quality to give us best as they can. such as the new camera sights capabilities and dim light result of front camera of iphone 6 also improve i have this phone for 2 months