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  1. Ahmed Salama says:

    Samsung Galaxy note 3 is a newly released gadget by Samsung. Samsung Strikes yet once more with its new Galaxy Note 3.

  2. Qais Fatih says:

    Hours offering by microsoft with the LUMIA 535 pleasantly surprised me

  3. Adeel Akram says:

    ascend mate 2 lte version of the phone.. is especially included feature in this new phone... i really impressed from Huawei ascend features, new included applications and body design

  4. Joya Sumit says:

    still amazing phone

  5. Akbar Ali Khowaja says:

    The battery back is so good and it is of 2600 mAh and if you love to have a smartphone that can bear long day back up so this is the best choice for you.

  6. Laura Jad says:

    there is number of assorted colors for the ipod

  7. Mohamad Altorku says:

    I think that the aluminium back body is really very good and wonderful. The best part in this phone is its fast speed and this is the main reason why it is getting famous in the market.

  8. Qaisersardar Sardar says:

    they improve the autofocus technology on the note new line . slo-mo option and as well the burst mode is great this time..

  9. Amirwalid Chtewi says:

    the previous phone has many advantages with its nice compact size and now I think the same size but less dimensions and ligter weight. ofcourse something like iphone 6 in manner of built

  10. Ahmad Syrian says:

    the perfect device is this. not i sure why people saying it is not good just compare it with the galaxy tabs

  11. Abdul Mubdi says:

    Why would the dock for the 5c be different than the dock for 5 and 5s?

  12. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Prices are now updated.

  13. Galym says:

    Give me please any body no where is available in uae please thanks

  14. Raji Mgrabi says:

    it looks like this phone is still not come in this year

  15. Mohamed Milad Albriki says:

    Apple understands this and therefore the team Air iPad 2 a sensor 8 Megapixels

  16. Bigbaag Baag says:

    n1 is good

  17. Bilal Alhassan says:

    That is not to speak the brand has not set aside few of the design tradition in there - following all, Samsung is a one only brand that is full-size on custom.

  18. Abo Hia says:

    In fact, it is a compromise. In my opinion, looks GALAXY Note 3 quite pleasant, looks much better glossy Note II and S4.

  19. Ashraf Fawzy says:

    though at first the Chinese version arrive among ColorOS on board, in UAE Dubai it is sold, as a rule At least in the online shopping store

  20. Seraj Mj says:

    Closed the speech hardware, we speak about ergonomics and materials. LG has clearly ridden the fashionable metal and glass but quite decide a exacting rule that possibly will be the correct selection to distinguish.