Find i9502 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Tushar Pandit says:

    The battery timmings are long hours I play games and watch movies and at the end I got a large battery to do other kind of work.

  2. Nadjib Oualdi says:

    r9 and r9 plus is also available now in markets, well the phone is very slim and popular because of it. well-build and durable phones but bit costly compare to other chinese phones

  3. Moud Gamal El Feky says:

    it can be supposed that more than 70 percent of the Apple A8 and A8x chipset that name draw closer from TSMC among the Samsung offering the balance.

  4. Huda Zyod says:

    70% faster CPU than before but still the same cpu performance after a test to its standard model.

  5. Afham Lafir says:

    This is a dream smartphone and I like the light weight and a smart performance of this smartphone.

  6. Yasar says:

    the Galaxy S6 are based on models with 32 GB of storage (not like others, cough, iPhone, cough)

  7. Wafiya Sain says:

    investor on these phone should know that reselling point of these phones is continously down

  8. Matovu Kasimu says:

    I need also one

  9. Ajman Tarik says:

    really the phone include good and pretty display with its 4.5 inches screen size... offering a wide viewing angle as well. have to say that best yet phone with QWERTY keyboard

  10. Abdulwasaa Mogahed says:

    The users of these phones are excited what the new ROM and OS got and what will offer improved UI than Apple actually

  11. Abdalah Kareem says:

    The new Grand phone that is next exception to this rule was not. The main interest is still present technical parameters

  12. Aneesh says:

    i need one samsung galaxy note 5 white 32 gb

  13. Qamar says:

    The huge phone has its own benefits and small has its own. The better battery life and as Apple is previously official a statement that Smartphone should have 4.7 inches Size and now they also move on the Phablet series.

  14. Adel Halim says:

    Seems to be it is great in the range of 10K including 1.4GHz fast cpu speed ... i think due to 1-GB Ram your smart phone might note be slowdown

  15. Agio Came says:

    so how the Galaxy Alpha phoon is also nice and the new launch samsung a9 which has nice chipset, ram and performance abilities against note 4 samsung phablet

  16. Abu Hamam says:

    the best keyboard cases for this mobile phone is in QWERTY well not same thing like we seen in BlackBerry slider phone in future. Cover-Up WoodBack is a best case I found with the black color combination

  17. Mark El Blid Elmetrobi says:

    so the edge version of the S6 phone is coming and has the limited edition because note 4 edge has same

  18. Hasan Al Tobee says:

    Expandable memories and new samsung phones got water proofing with phablet comfort handling compare to the big size apple iphone 6s plus and 6 plus

  19. Obaksh Forza says:

    You are right, Sony makes unique smartphone and according to my knowledge they are the first to introduce the water resistance and dust proof smartphones in the market...

  20. Madeeha Ali says:

    The front camera of 4 megapixels is not just good but I think it the best smartphone for a user who like to have some really very good stuff.