Find i9502 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hilal Albaydaa says:

    you can quickly go to the shooting panoramas, filters, HDR, and other functions. Advanced mode allows you to set the focus modes, ISO, white balance and shutter speed.

  2. Omar Alnuaimi says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and OnePlus One these are the three phones has many nice features for different users... both choice for Android is in your hand either you are seeking of any low budget go for Oneplus.. Whereas the best quality device for me is the Galaxy S6

  3. Sohier Mohamed says:

    is a fine device in manner of performance, taking photgraphs, but not a bit good battery

  4. Afaf Raheem says:

    I m a android user and i like most of the things as compare to apple iOS but iOS is more faster and smooth. still android phones has alot amount of ram and memory but still not make such impact

  5. Teja says:

    waiting for mobile when it will release

  6. Jridi Karim says:

    i talk about some good and some bad. first the good is the design still bit premium, and well shaked display on the phone with support of marshmallow. but the bad is still not catch the attention of the consumers because ergonomics compare to other cheap phones in market has more better features

  7. Mhuks Ahmad says:

    Apple has little resistance with the water, dust and scratches infact it is also good phone but not full water proof

  8. Raqeeb says:

    apple although use a relatively high hardware configuration for its wearable watch. amazing potential of Android Wear.. tell me how much prices start for apple watch dubai UAE?? want in aed.

  9. Ssenjule Henry says:

    my browser is no working

  10. Salman Gurikar says:

    The reasons for negative response, the Samsung clearly has, and it can barely be call a important failure. But somehow it is strange - the degradation, and even in such an advanced flagship.

  11. Mostafa Sharara says:

    Roller Jerry became quickly gain popularity in the network. Apple fans gloated (thanks to a solid aluminum iPhone 6s almost no bends) and fans of Android-smartphone stated that decided not to buy caressed reviewers device.

  12. Abdelrhman Elzain says:

    The Edge display is your opportunity to regularly used application and essential in sequence.

  13. Alnajem Beshir says:

    Its aluminium build with the edge screen make it more looking awesome in hands and offering more nice handling but why they are using big screen sizes

  14. Sallam Usman says:

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  15. Bhy Rhon Llamas says:

    I dont believe on rumours, they are always wrong. I believe on company's own statement. I thing this phone would be in the market after 2015 becasue this year is reserve only for 6s and 6s plus.

  16. Elmazini Hano says:

    expansion via MicroSD card will be a great option if included on the future iphones; iphone 7 is seems to be a great phone absolutely feature liquid metal and more great things we see

  17. Deepak Kumar says:

    Someone better screen, somewhere has a better camera or moisture protection, the performance is also not the maximum performance; and best part is its ram which is 6 gb

  18. Mohamed Hikmat says:

    unbearably fast and really this phone is smooth i really appreciate the makers of this phone

  19. Rafah Alhariri says:

    The metal body has an excellent view on this phone and it looks perfectly good in a metal body.

  20. Shivam Dubey says:

    A new and flat shape is good and Nokia is using android is also very good. Working alone is not good but working together is something better