Find i9500 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Malik Shahid Awan says:

    In the settings there is a separate menu item, which is dedicated to the side screen - you can choose any picture, and then it becomes a vertical piece of wallpaper.

  2. Hi Ma says:

    As well, the network has details that the BlackBerry Classic Q20 model be able to catch an remarkable camera with a resolution of 13 MP

  3. Hrakee Hour says:

    The choice to bend merely one side was not due to technical difficulties or extravagant and extremely ergonomic aspects.

  4. Mores Kilarje says:

    but this is not the single handed phone.. a big size phone bust has maximum build qualities you like it

  5. Kate McClelland says:

    For the first time not I am saying that is the full and final to make the big size Phablet.. they just make a first step in this era and lot more is come in future, they might be include now more categories execp iPhone

  6. Faisel Almal says:

    a huge battery capcity and overall a huge screen finally but has still a hude different a ong the apple and samsung devices. the OIS is still absent on the big phones and should upgrade requireds in this manner

  7. Samuel says:

    yes the phone looks pretty and look like standard phone... but what i not like is that this phone is not much slim... however phone include natural sound, and specs are good

  8. Ashraf Kmal says:

    the first is the ability to capture movies in slow motion up to 240fps

  9. Numair says:

    improve the mobile experience, sony launched many new innovative things like this phone.. vitality smartphone uses to a new level, its high brightness and screen size is not too big and not too small

  10. Ibraheem Imani says:

    i check a review and find that two models of this iphone 6 are coming ... and also they are now approve by govt agency for Import in Asian countries

  11. Shiraz Abbas says:

    the new options to save battery will be updated on mobile phones with the iOS 9; tell me about the watch os is the battery saving mode option is updated?

  12. Sharaf Aljayosi says:

    the screeny height if more than that so it is called a note totally?

  13. Zeinab Ayhm says:

    The handset Li-Pol battery capacity of 2915 mAh. The charger kit (5V, 1A) charges a completely discharged apparatus for 3.5 hours.

  14. Bakhteir Saddi says:

    The second specific feature of the 2015 Smartphone is video stabilization which Apple calls "cinematic".

  15. Mutaz Saraireh says:

    so the top level of the premium but not the all performance is lacking people think that it is but you can find this all high tech

  16. Osamah Abo Mhamd says:

    that keep revenue and profits high this is small beast actually coming for us and a perfect strategy to deliver the same in small sizes

  17. Muhayyim says:

    Also worth noting is that the rear socket of motoroa moto series s made of glossy plastic..

  18. Guisser Amine says:

    the new Surface Pen is goodmark up work right on the touchscreen with this kind of digital pens

  19. Mahdi Hasan says:

    this is a totally unique new model with the best design i like it very

  20. Waseem Aslam says:

    oh.. finally Nokia inspire me with their device after long time