Find i9500 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Alia Almanfy says:

    If a Smartphone has a processor like an octa core 1.9 GHz Exynos so it would have to perform well enough and user should have to appricte its performance.

  2. Malik Haj Hasan says:

    there are nice series coming in 2015 with the lumia names .. 535 is so best and now this

  3. Sanvi Shakar says:

    I want to buy Sony Xperia z , please share reviews....

  4. Syed Mutarrib Hussain says:

    Oneplus is going to be the next market king as its new smartphone is so impressive and having multiple features.

  5. Taha Hafez says:

    with good lighting conditions, the images produced are extremely clean and detailed, true colors

  6. Raheel Entesan says:

    consumer love the large phones because they attract many peoples with their unique big size and display and now samsung phone with the Super AMOLED 5.7 screen is the best value for consumers

  7. Khaled Waar says:

    The iPhone 6 uses a new system on a chip - Apple A8, which represents the third development of Apple's CPU micro architecture own design.

  8. Mir Wasim says:

    it is most favorite phone with compact dimensions; the UI is even more enhanced by them

  9. Fathi says:

    the presence of a dual LED flash that allows you to play with colors and therefore the temperature

  10. Danish says:

    please share personal reviews of Apple iPhone 5c-32GB, as i wana purchase.

  11. Maho Benari says:

    Videographer should estimate the ability of fresh generation iPhone 6s plus to shoot video in 4K format and even more nice experience within 5.5 inches size. Selectable shooting resolution in the camera settings menu in the settings of the smartphone

  12. Yasser Khairy says:

    those powering extremely well as compare to before generation absolutely identical between the 6s Plus and the 6 Plus but i like more the advance small size version not the plus models

  13. Admin2 says:

    i am one of those people who bought and use g galaxy s4 mini and this phone was awesome and i am waiting for its next model...

  14. Mani Zubair says:

    Although the most valuable feature to note and highlight about the Nexus is that it is so huge I say yes so big phone.

  15. Ahmad Abduladheem says:

    Perfect for people who are all the time revising what you entered notification and also a good way to look at it without turning on and off the big all the time, something that ultimately consumes the battery significantly on the lg v10

  16. Ali Mahmod says:

    Once the 1st Samsung groped niche Smartphone Galaxy and after than Note, which are now flooded with competitors, including very serious.

  17. Akmal Elnashar says:

    display is awesome I see a review

  18. Umer says:

    i found amazing wallpapers in this samsung galaxy a7 smartphone, love to see that which are so unique.

  19. Hassan Albasrawy says:

    the best thing on this phone is that there is a full screen on the front side that is look very prettier with such resolution

  20. Souhail Khiari says:

    with 4G LTE which enables data transfer and excellent internet browsing, connectivity beyond Wi-Fi and GPS