Find I9295 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Fares Ferruodj says:

    but there is really worst design of the their phones bulky, not good dimensions and slim enough

  2. Mustafa Sahdet says:

    the specification of this nice handy elegant device is just like the new note5 which is the most top notch enorgonimcs ever in mobile slim phone

  3. Haytam Boualam says:

    and today everybody is looking forward to include metal body and such frames to their high-end series as we seen same with galaxy, xperia and huawei phones, and squeezing in the general qualities also. In spite of all that, iPhone 6 is still the Premium phone par excellence.

  4. Reda Essnoussi says:

    not again a cheaper phone and also their camera is so much better than others. is retailing prices also looks little bit cheaper and prettier for pockets

  5. Vinoth says:

    Hi I need 6230i nokia phone I am living qatar

  6. Talha Qureshi says:

    Hello, I need this phone Nokia N-Gage Please contact me Raflo

  7. Hamza Chikh says:

    may prefer that size they are offering because there is reasons behind this phone manufacturing with the metallic built which is previously experiment in alpha, a series and s6

  8. Amer Hadzic says:

    but the S6s curve are something new and are softer and the earpiece itself fewer extensive.

  9. Ahmed Mohsen Elkhouly says:

    Apple lastly has free a wider screen phone. The device is the greatest device ever official by them and has actually stunning covering and look.

  10. Milad Alghadban says:

    not there is killer battery in the iphone 6s PHABLET as I am expecting from apple to put more capacity and larger batteries on their big sizes smartphones.. However not to worry about this all because there is iOS 9.3 on it

  11. Eplak says:

    i like lg phones.. looks good and big in size

  12. Atef Hilme says:

    I am using connectivity applications to connect my note 5 to the PCs or Macbookss. Application name as SideSync that is good fast way to connect whereas docs include images, videos can be share easily through it

  13. Mourad says:

    it will be more awesome if the nexus phone itself will be powered by a 3000 mAh battery and that will make this phone performance more cool with the marshmallow combination than

  14. Othman Fraij says:

    This Smartphone is really becoming past and it new partners are really becomming the leaders in the market microsfot is really working in a good direction.

  15. Noor Adein says:

    and this is reflected in a better portrait lighting. A much larger than traditional, which is nothing more than a panoramic photo with the front camera.

  16. Raisul says:

    is these kind of phones include 2k display ?? probably many features of this lenovo phones will be more efficient than one with its network capability and processor performance

  17. Tas Baqir says:

    It is more eye catching, well offering a really nice display and include powerful punch in the Smartphone era not just that also fantastic design

  18. Abrar Mousa says:

    The front side is totally amazing and also the Gorilla Glass 4 is good, while at the both sides of the phone there is a frame alike the iPhones but nice choice of colors

  19. Fma Hayam says:

    This smartphone is best and powerful with battery and Microsoft now with the 1st time generate with Nokia WP Smartphone after break aside from the Nokia name.

  20. Lloyd O. Persie says:

    Where to buy cheapest ipad4+cellular?