Find I9295 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmad Zikiriya says:

    i have galaxy note 3 yet,, but after seen this one in my friend hands i really like xperia z1, it is stylish and great

  2. Pongkong Wangpha says:

    5.7 inches of large screen is best for those who is sticky smartphone user. You can see movies and play games on it and one more thing I would like to add is that it has an amazing resolution.

  3. Ali Abbas says:

    Camera features of note 4 is nice such as the latest OIS and dual LED flash

  4. Mohamad-Hussain Ali says:

    z3 looks the cheapest model by them however why they are now again going to use the same plastic material on their phone.. Metal frame is more good

  5. Ooss Samk says:

    Apple iPhone 6 can be use for statement (calls, messages, e-mail), and tablet iPad - reading books, browsing and video.

  6. Noman Tariq says:

    I have the 64 GB storage smartphone and I think it is best. I have an account on icloud and if I got some extra data I put it there.

  7. Zahid Shah says:

    plz tell me about LAVA IRIS X8 in Dubai, how can I get it.

  8. Suman Baloch says:

    The size of the smartphone is good and you can carry it easily and it fixes in my pocket it is not like theose smartphone whose size is extremly big and could not be handle.

  9. Fahed Abo Saa says:

    but actually the size as compare to other rival phablet it is comfortable and more reliable. I am not agreed with you what about the samsung and LG than?

  10. Mohamad Alyosef says:

    At the same time increase the degree of opening of the diaphragm to f / 1.9. And what about the quality?

  11. Asheeniya Lahaba says:

    LG G3 back material is polycarbonate, although the plastic but LG at its top with a layer of sprayed coatings, but also have the effect of brushed metal in general, feel very good, is excellent ability to resist fingerprints

  12. Naveed Zakaria says:

    A processor is really very good and if there is Exynos 5 Octa 5430 inside your smartphone so you would be loving it.

  13. Sol says:

    where are you from

  14. Ibrar says:

    Nokia can not compete android or samsung.

  15. Hosen Anes says:

    6GB of RAM if included then there I finally no problem while doing some of the specific task without any issue; like calling, chatting, playing games while that and more

  16. Muhammad Ghozlan says:

    In practice, however, to keep the device a some days in the pocket, containing my home keys, no hint of such a "flaw" has not been noticed.

  17. Yanis Anis says:

    balanced device, nor the most suitable to different users

  18. Ahmed Shoaib says:

    Front camera is low that is not what I am expecting from Apple. Need high pixels camera with this kind of big phones look at note 4 features

  19. Ismaeel Salhab says:

    the phone is really awesome but still moto turbo has more nice features and powerful battery

  20. Majdi Muhandes says:

    there is some rumors about the camera of the device which is may be 12MP this time.. It means it is a monster device coming soon