Find I9235 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Izhaar says:

    now play games and run hd movies and more with the 5.5 inches display really good height of the phone Bigger than similar kind of rivals

  2. Hedil Khedher says:

    after 31 march 2015 it is sure that this phone is out but still not got full availability in international market

  3. Yousef Abdallah says:

    many other phones brands offers more big viewing experience phones with lot of new features... with best display and many are available with variants... but blackberry z3 is only one of its kind

  4. Abo Mohammed says:

    I want this phone in Dual-sim. and get it here... after note 3 i like this phone.. looks pretty in hand and packed with many things that is useful

  5. Shashi Bhatia says:

    The camera and the inside material is really of amazing quality just a small battery is letting all the things down.

  6. Khaled Mazed says:

    as we all knew that the phone like this need more thickness body to got big battery and the high resolution make it bit more bulky. but lg v10 as compare to samsung galaxy note 5 is not a good deal which has similar specification in good body and easy to use

  7. Rafiuddin Azam says:

    things that especially noticeable for the e series is that they are using some cheap features also the 2MP front camera.

  8. Saeed Asse says:

    Poor speakers but however the good camera features and really appreciate the manufacturers for such great front camera in galaxy s7

  9. Weam Jamil says:

    i only buy android phone... and samsung is at its best in making android smart phones.. with all new design and pretty smooth back... also screen size and display is fantastic

  10. Alnaser says:

    use of metallic body will be grateful for us. The same resolution they are offering as in Note5 smartphone but xperia is ahead of them

  11. Fahad Wali says:

    5.2 inches screen size will be great but they are not making it more less bezel in this way. In my opinion they must have to change things specially their built

  12. Abdallah Awawdeh says:

    The largest model iphone 6 plus of the latest generation of smartphones Apple breaks with some of the features that they identified,

  13. Rana Sameer says:

    a unique device that was built with productivity... lg make big screen phones not just that that all are packed with high performing abilities plus better graphics as well

  14. Ghaith Jassem says:

    As well the new s6 comes with the new arc reactor charger and wow the iron man look is too fantastic

  15. Nauman Khan says:

    No doubt Apple has alot of haters. Now Apple launch iWatch, It look pretty and awesome with time. The best thing about Apple iWatch is work with fitness app which it the best thing in iWatch. No samsung and motorola we can compare with Apple iwatch. Please let me know when it will be available in UAE I will buy iWatch?

  16. Tarique Mohammad says:

    thanks to htc company this the big surprised to 2 dual sim lover and i am the one, with htc one dul sim, i am big fan of samsung but today i am moved to htc. any boday pl. tell me where is available htc one 2 sim. thanks, tarique mohammad saudi arabia

  17. Anwar Bin Ayub says:

    but now flat. When six of the first iPhone saw immediately remembered.

  18. Shinay Slankers says:

    4G Charcoal Black best prices are required.. need thress smartphones 16Gb, 32, 64GB

  19. Omed Hamzani says:

    very best mobile screens that is not offered by any other... no disappointment with the Display because this is the so important part of any Note Phone

  20. Rehan says:

    I like it because the video camera is very fast clicks to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.