Find I9235 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Luqman Ahmad says:

    you like the back of the phone but in hands you really dislike the handling because of dimension that is not slim

  2. Eddie Goodbrand says:

    The phone comes up with the perfect superior material, more sophisticated stylish body and enhance camera features, the series of new coming phones with the edge also I impressed

  3. Abo Mohamad says:

    it is the birth of new evolution by Apple

  4. Jomaa Al Marai says:

    The Edge is quite good Smartphone and the most interesting part is its edges and curves on both sides.

  5. Ramzan Ali Sony says:

    this is actually a special launch edition of the Oneplus one with good feature working nice with JBL E1 + earphones

  6. Hussein Al Ali says:

    behold, the new iPad Air 2 is necessarily the best iPad now

  7. Shosho Abdo says:

    it has also another version with dual sim capability going to buy this

  8. Ali Khyber says:

    If talk about the Apple and Samsung so we would got to now that these two Smartphones are of same time but they boht have so many difference which is making them unique in the market…Samsung is cheaper and wonderful but Apple is Expensive and have nothing..

  9. Najeh Maghsudi says:

    Charging problem along with the heating problem.

  10. Sam Ghouri says:

    Yeah right! i am having this Smartphone with no issues till yet.. i often play games and use different Apps on it but it works perfectly good.

  11. Omar Salah says:

    It is a fine argument that lot of the users might quite have somewhat more thicker Smartphone in swap for improved battery life although this is a good thing for gaming

  12. Yassoor says:

    why there is a need of dual camera on the backside is htc one m8 dual camera is useful??? or just another lag feature on HTC device

  13. Samiya Nur says:

    256GB flash storage on the phone and now as we all know they are upgrading every possible feature may be the next phones carrying built in 256gb of storage

  14. Abdelzaher MO says:

    as you take a look on the new oneplus one smartphone that has the same body and i think the front is bit same but more decrease in the gap between screen

  15. Vikash Ghosh says:

    Camera of wider angle is making the market of Grand prime and this is the main reason of its sale. People loves to take selfies and Grand prime is selfie smartphone.

  16. Abdul Muhaimin says:

    s4 with zoom is awesome i have this and it looks great in my hands

  17. Abdul Ahad Jilani says:

    nice phone with good camera regardless of size.

  18. Noshen Issa says:

    many of the new mobile phones are coming now with the best camera and huge body size

  19. Abdullah says:

    I bought this device before.. Love it

  20. Ariel says:

    Where can i buy this phone?