Find i9105 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hassen Mami says:

    Very Impressive Configuration over the galaxy s series actually. bit low configuration as ram is 3.5gb and using 25gb of internal storage but give all new features accept barmometer to the galaxy a9 pro new

  2. Hassam Salameh says:

    4.7 inches screen size is the perfect size of the phone and what it is more slim and thick it become the best of all. fits in my your perfect easily the overall performance is the great one

  3. Sanam Butt says:

    Even one cannot say whether it would be value if it was rounding on both sides and the front face surface might be fully symmetrical But if we evaluate the design in isolation from the technical innovative devices, the proposed solution even more interesting.

  4. Naser Kassim says:

    other than camera, battery and cpu it is all nice but please apple keep that in your mind followign are the three most highlighted features on their phones required to improved

  5. Zahid Hussain Bhatti says:

    the maximize battery may be the best part of this phone.

  6. Zulfiqaar Ali says:

    please tell me about its prices and also tell me when it is available in markets???

  7. Shekh Luqman says:

    readily spot the difference among the iphone and HTC devices is the operating system and UI of both devices are compeletely difference

  8. Muna Nabi says:

    mini 3 is good i like it

  9. Youssef Youssef Morghi says:

    20-megapixel but still there is lack of more mAh ...2840mAh battery is not much durable for that kind of high end phablet

  10. Adham Kannanbi says:

    they really promoted this one in the event more than their standard model of Z5.. Overall this is the most high end and amazing high pixels

  11. Mahjabeen Ali says:

    Very hard to believe, however among decreasing thickness and dimension of the Phone Samsung plans to make large the size at the same time not just the performance but also the battery life need to be more powerful and durable

  12. Zaher Shraideh says:

    seriously man there is a need to improve the thickness because now new rivals are coming with more thick body and high ppi.. just they not always make big size phone and become best sell brand

  13. AbrahaimFurqan Khan says:

    my experience with this smartphone is ok but not the good phone for those want the best multitasking and easy to use phones.. Unfortunately not competable to the note 5 family

  14. Naji Almusaoe says:

    interest in the nterest in the Moto 360 has been high that has been high tech device coming soon

  15. Parvez says:

    I m waiting for iphone 7

  16. Nada Nader says:

    Dont worry about this

  17. Mohamed Fathi says:

    As we have talk about before in section within, September 24 BlackBerry creators determination formally unveil two QWERTY-smartphone

  18. Anna Idriss says:

    edge always come with more bigger pixels and contrast is well balance. in a camera shootout I think the both galaxy s7, edge and also note 5 results are same but s7 camera is more nice with the low light

  19. Ali Ajmer says:

    5 MP camera a good affordable prices but not a good cpu speed i am looking for

  20. Chandio Sarmad says:

    But why 13MP camera still, it is very low pixels in this kind of phone I am expecting something really awesome with the camera