Find i9105 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Amina Salem says:

    when it appears?

  2. Belal Salih says:

    One obvious difference that I found about the performance of the lens with light sources. Apple is far good than others

  3. Muhamed Mansour says:

    First of all the Snapdragon and the Apple chipset has many things not in common actually Apple make more fast performing chipset that is enhanced now more

  4. Haris says:

    need an iphone6 16 gb

  5. Mohamed Badawe says:

    13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels primary camera so it will be the same as the other rivals but you can find more unique features with normal price tag

  6. Nor Nor Mohmmad says:

    may be the great choice for playing high graphic games without draining the battery life of the device

  7. Ali Nahy says:

    12.9 inches is too big for me and the same features bit has galaxy tab s2 new edition got

  8. Paddy says:

    can any body buy me on of lumia 1020 :(

  9. Sherman Datcher says:

    As well the phone got a nice display as compare to note 3 but yes it is so nice with the AMOLED superb display and the ppi is lot more but the LG G3 is ahead in the manner of ppi

  10. Ubed Najdawi says:

    the best new arrival by Samsung, by means of a first-class face lift and an attractive to the eyest more better 5.7-inch Quad HD display, Note carry on Samsung's time in power of Phablet supremacy.

  11. Khalaf Saeid says:

    actually many features enable through m9 motion co processor that is why they not updates many things in the iphone 6 in which they using prev gen m8 motion co processor also hey siri has new functionalities

  12. ???? ????? says:


  13. Maher Omar says:

    A latest constituent selection mode (photos, messaging, files ??) by picture a selection by means of the S-Pen here and the option to fasten notes on the home screen there, an still additional elastic organization displaying 2 simultaneous apps

  14. Abo Jamal says:

    Watch OS is the operating system and fundamental platform accountable for showcase your clock face like features that is useable, powering notifications and also use to launch and running your applications even more prettier.

  15. Mona Ahmed El Masry says:

    new m9s is come with more upgrade specs when is the prices in AED are available for 16GB storage

  16. Ahmed Kasem says:

    absolutely innovation is this is.. But hopefully the greatest phablet yet made by Samsung

  17. Uzair Marghoob says:

    People are writing some negative comments but I think that this smartphone is the best and those who are writing commnets without testing it so they are basically mistaken.

  18. Karkora Eshak says:

    here is the best device nice shape and size but button placement should not ne kind of that

  19. Said Hamed says:

    No water proofing

  20. Aleem says:

    my like huawei mobile