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  1. Mustafa Zaidi says:

    Does anyone know if it will be dual sim phone ? awesome specs whit awesome body design.. i want apple to also make a device with big screen size like lg

  2. Andrew says:

    I want to know the price of nokia n82 .. Thanks

  3. Rabih Haidar says:

    yes some of the changes in the successor model but the more good battery life in the ipad mini 4 quick performing iOS; now the new update on it

  4. Mougehed CH says:

    Some words concerning to the bent "iPhone". Even though the issue at first Regarding iPhone Plus, rumors cast a shadow and a mini version is still good.

  5. Al Saboor says:

    moto x is my favorite phone of 2013 year and now this new model comes and I really appreciate the way that motorola create this phone. It is slim and equipped with all good features camera is more good as compare to iphone 6 but not I like the graphics

  6. Al Rahsed says:

    Premium Experience with desire phone now. essential and easy to control input features i like this phone functionalists

  7. Antrikash says:

    go for 5s because it hat 64 bit processor which is is way faster than s4. In future the apps will come that will support only 64 bit processor. Apple camera is way better than s4. Apple is a premium brand and has very good resale value. for more information you can contact me at [email protected]

  8. Ibrahim Mithoo says:

    It would be a normal smartphone as sony is concentrating on producing normal smartphones.

  9. Suhel Mam says:

    Many comments are presents regarding this smartphone design but I want to add that the design is really wonderful.

  10. Fayaz Haroon says:

    not this new series going to join the edge family because it is so big phone and people feel bad with the extra screen usage

  11. Nesma Abdelazem says:

    i feel little confuse to find out the best watch because there is many three collection and each has no of options include color, material and leather type so suggest me any formal looking style for the watch

  12. Darren McEvoy says:

    Entire of these belongings creat the One most excellent for an skilled Google OS fan who needs as a great deal liberty as the Operating System can carry

  13. Zunaeid Hasan says:

    Is HP Slate 6 voice tab available in White colour in Qatar?

  14. Reber Mustafa says:

    And as I consider that a better part is that require a compact and good size small phone that quickly comes to be grateful for the power a better handset bring with no hurting quality.

  15. Norhan Ahmad says:

    I really can figure out how to just instantly enter text quickly at any time with this 3 rows QWERTY keyboard of Blackberry.

  16. Hannan Kobani says:

    great camera. And that's both handsets note 4 and iphone 6 plus i like.. but more i like iphone 6 if the prices are more come to low. not this phone having the richest specification ever also not the most slimmest phone in market. so why prices are so much

  17. Hamidullah says:

    competitor of Galaxy Round let see how much it is in cost....

  18. Majid Almohsine says:

    i have yet the 16GB model wiht 3G plus WIFI and white color is so pretty for this phone.. tell me is this product is yet in stock?

  19. Meshal Abdullah says:

    Mobile payments up ahead for HTC phones also available? Pleaese tell me about this phone got all mobile payment features or not

  20. Atahar Hossain says:

    when it comes to the performance oneplus is step ahead of many of todays high end android phones even with the iOS phones.