Find Huawei Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Safwan Alhasan says:

    It's pretty luxurious for the first time and a game changer obviously but why not they put 3d touch screen for this mobile phone?

  2. Shaban Nasir says:

    when this is arrive in the markets of middle east

  3. Ahmed says:

    It seems much nice and comfortable, thanks to the very nice equipped design and edges that are more smooth much thinner than the previous

  4. Adel Riaz says:

    htc m8 is not able to provide some additional Apple's phone. devices such as the iphone 5s.. but i like , features and in big phones it is good

  5. Ibrahim M Hammash says:

    and battery life gain as well on the phone while there is a heavy usage of the graphics while gaming

  6. Ahmed Medo Medo says:

    release date and i see the rumors specs about the upcoming galaxy s6. owesome :)

  7. Nazir Mahmood says:

    There is fantastic camera but why Sony very far unveils xperia z3 after this phone is there is something wrong with xperia z2?

  8. Asaiyb Wasi says:

    Battery of this much mAh is not good for me but instead it is best for me. It will make my Smartphone to make me enjoy the whole day

  9. Antrikash says:

    I completely agree with u. But people don't understand this. For them big screen phone is a better phone and they will always criticize i phone. The new Iphone 5s has 64 bit processor which gives desktop experience on phone. But still people say iphone has small screen but they don't understand phones are meant to be small and comfortable

  10. Ahmed Samy says:

    what does note 4 coast ? what the best Sony Xperia Z3 & Samsung galaxy note 4 ?

  11. OsMan MuGhal says:

    great stylish body from the backside as well as front is stylish; tell me is there is finger print scanner on the moto phones?

  12. Amro Lahabi says:

    I like this device as the color and the dimension and the body need to be like the mate 7 device that is so awesome and high end phone by the company

  13. Kamael says:

    was a chronic weakness of the company's previous Xperia devices and life-LCD is muted maintain true and vibrant colors , while strong enough to appear black is really black , and the viewing angles are almost ( but well ) greater only one HTC, iPhone 5S good quality

  14. Shahseb Wali says:

    this phone is ok in Better Browsing not i am saying that it is not fast enough but while streaming there is something wrong with this Smartphone

  15. Zeyad Ahmed says:

    display that offers excellent visuals, good to play games on my lg g2. lg make it good in all ways including multimedia, Connectivity and 8 Megapixel camera has good features

  16. Sona Algazery says:

    camera configuration are so nice with just 8MP lens as never you can see in any phone

  17. Fraferoo Basha says:

    at maximum brightness with an active Wi-Fi smartphone and as compare to the note series by Samsung there is more better slim body

  18. Maybin John says:

    Please release it in this month :D

  19. Murtada Hassan says:

    Yes, and the display itself, of course, is great, but with the white color it is clearly not out of luck.

  20. Nassif says:

    lumia 1520 prices are much expensive , hope it come down in future as lumia icon and other nokia phones hit markets