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  1. Safaa Busarira says:

    The simplified design is quite good and intresting, and make you hand feel relax while holding. Not a heavy weight and you would feel some thing good.

  2. Mohammed Diyab says:

    They done a good job in every handset they made now… fixed all the bugs and impressively as no one knew that they are going to introduced new phones with the metallic body

  3. Monib Karkoutli says:

    the colors selected by the brand for this big size thinnest phone is very good. also the Unbelievably low price for this

  4. Sam Mohammed says:

    which mobile is good new s5 or iphone 5s?? i knw screen size of both phones is a big difference but i m saying which one is good in performance

  5. Mohammad Alrfoo says:

    a good flagship once again despite feeling really premium with samsung phones also samsung alpha, galaxy s7 and other phones like this is good and nice looking phones with good rates available

  6. Mansoor Wazir says:

    the Note's retains it modest without any different tricks, but comes with the typical slew of filters, panorama style, and HDR.

  7. Rashid says:

    please send a price

  8. Bhupinder Singh says:

    whear tha Lenovo k3 note available

  9. Mustafa Khalid says:

    The design is amazing and if you are searching a gift for someone so this is the best gift you should give to your love one and If you give it on a nice place the moment will become yours.

  10. Kamal says:

    Wrap up with all the new things as we say the same things in the previous note 5 phone. Galaxy s7 and the edge is be sure the best phone within such prices

  11. Mahmoud Bahri says:

    it running the latest android and otherwise the brilliant display screen which is more less bezel than before. I like the design of note 5 and also now galaxy s7 5-star rating from my side to this mobile phone

  12. Ahmed Oveid says:

    definitely it is good as compare to previous models because it is new phone. 9.7-inch display is good and look skinny i like this tablet by the world most best brand

  13. BHAGAT says:


  14. Alkontere Ahmad says:

    Good use of what it is, I do ask, do not have any problems again.

  15. Saber says:

    i am from Oman, and have no idea yet when this Windowsphone will be available here

  16. Zezoo Karem says:

    i see the large phone i say now apple is copying Samsung and now i not thing that there is a far away difference in both iphone 6 and 6 plus just Apple increase the size of the phone

  17. Saadi Hadad says:

    Everyone is so much busy in typing comments on the iphone 6 i think it is now the past. You should think about the present and iphone 7 is best for you to think.

  18. Aaqib Jan Ji says:

    The P90 features a 13-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization as well as front-facing wide-angle camera of 5 megapixels.

  19. Ahmed Ali says:

    in manner of design yes apple always good but not this is good enough to perform fast

  20. Kaabi Sami says:

    may be the size is just same as the s6 but more pixels, camera is 20MP and enough ram like Note5 new