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  1. Ayub Khan says:

    The phone is quite heaevy but looks good. They run their own OS and thats why they have lack of Apps.

  2. Abdul Karim says:

    Sony is really producing the quality smartphone which is good for the tommorw and it shows that where they flow of techonology is.

  3. Tariq Ahmed says:

    I think it is just another rumor phone

  4. Nidal Mahamd Omar says:

    in the support of buttons interupt the phone style, with the true curved body

  5. Abeel says:

    i like this Galaxy series its like to see very nice smartphones... waiting to get hands on it

  6. Omer Musa says:

    bigger battery life after the test than the S6 either their is low mah on the iphone 6s battery but big different in the performance of the iphone 6s. just the same they do with the ram and chipset which is best combination I know

  7. Edi Abu Faresi says:

    The best and useful device has durable followed a cycle of constant new updates of features and technology: one year we have a brand new project and the next update an internal hardware with lot more new things arrived.

  8. Anaas Alragb says:

    just new addons got more pixels and few things like camera pixels but still the samge design they are using

  9. Furqan says:

    Go for it best phone of lg ... g2 is a good with durable capacity of battery.. other wise i test all hardware of the phone and it is very best...Great phone for a great price

  10. Ali Borra says:

    This phone is known exterior design is much simple, and good in dimension, one-piece design, diamond cutting, and so the details of the hypotenuse up till now stylish more

  11. Ghina-Murad Avsar says:

    excite the imagination? no absolutely not they give such potential to the phablets at all. aluminium 7000, nano sim and low mAh to the battery but just modifications with the software

  12. Mohamad Alhalaki says:

    what about the camera pixels..and is the platfrom is WP.. No need of windows phone..

  13. Amm Misr says:

    1599 aed for this phone might be a great value if they are offering in such price nexus 6 128gb model..

  14. Moneef Abdallha Aldbai says:

    On the volume keys in the LG G3 assign actions to the standby mode. If you hold a couple of seconds the volume button down in a state where the screen is off and the smartphone is locked, the camera starts, and if the volume button up - handwritten notes.

  15. Woled Ebrahem says:

    there is more new bands available actually bit different made by other handcrafted accessories makers; straps looks elegant really

  16. Yaseen says:

    Wow Amazing phone with awesome features....

  17. Fahad Kohari says:

    Hi, Just wanted to know when Motorola Moto G2 - dual sim 16GB will be available for sales on your website.

  18. Amany says:

    phone is durable with great things like water proof and dust also not easily scratchable.. phone is solid and pretty with its slimmest body

  19. Khan Habibullah says:

    Put on display the entire seal and varieties of an iPhone, similar to its best variety of materials, solid structure, and ideal look, this rebuild model is fairly honestly mid size phone.

  20. Shaalan Ali says:

    Yet it is hard to say whether this is attributable to the advantages of the sensor or a more aggressive program "sharpening"