Find Huawei Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sabah Aljenaid says:

    why not they incease the screen size it is also good increase size of the phone

  2. Iqbal Saood says:

    12 inches display size of this tablet??... I knew that microsoft make pro tablets that include very light weight ..

  3. Yousif Alkurdi says:

    wide viewing angle needed on this kind of phone and now HTC has the same

  4. Walid Haydari says:

    may be they going to boast all the things; camera, cpu, ram, iOS and the new iSight features with the new finger print sensor

  5. Tanwi Muneem says:

    it can be supposed that in future note series become the most best selling smartphone.. because it has good features and people now know it..!!!

  6. Mhuks Ahmad says:

    Apple has little resistance with the water, dust and scratches infact it is also good phone but not full water proof

  7. Adeel says:

    not be ready for a spring launch may be they are just waiting for the apple iphone to be come this year. spec improvements and perhaps a lot of new things we gonna see now

  8. Sora AYa says:

    well they not practice anything on the iphone 6 but we seen more big sizes and more high capabilties with upgrade camera and display in the s series .. Special phone with a lot more and also prices are too high for iphone s

  9. Kald Alerns Alernc says:

    I think this is the only phone which got out from the market when its launch and people were searching it in different shops and malls.

  10. Zaher Shbair says:

    aluminum and sturdier glass just got new updates well the shape is same. For me it is a magical device and i am going to buy it soon

  11. Aamir Arafat says:

    The camera iphone 6 which is also in iphone 6 plus captures 1.5MP seconds before and after we press the button, it makes 1.440x1.080 pixel resolution at 15 frames per second.

  12. Aditya Gurung says:

    As a result the Samrtphone that all got a plastic rear side covering, people say they look good but in hands feel not good like the other phones as the HTC, Apple is capable of. Feels fresh their phonmes and the quest for style is needed

  13. Moulay Ismail Ed-dafali says:

    all the technical speciifcations they are offering in this mobile phone is really impressive M8 Coprocessor has very nice improvments and expecting lot more in future

  14. Rayhan Abbas says:

    good and fast enough browsing with many sony mobile phones.. also nokia is good in this with sim 3g and 2g

  15. Ismail Abdullah Al Bahar says:

    i need a selfie stick for my 4.7 inches iphone 5s or any flexible slefie sticks are available well Wired Selfie Stick Bundle I saw in some online stores but not in pakistan market

  16. Parkash says:

    watch in dubai when available ?

  17. Babar says:

    i m alwasy satisfied with lg phones ... material use in these phones are v.unique and durable battery

  18. Kochar Ayota says:

    impressive display hd. also the edges of this phone are good and well design phone

  19. Shosho Dozan says:

    can anyone restore the iphones even if network has blocked it? i need urgent guide please tell me so i make myself capable to use iphone 5s...

  20. Samer Said says:

    build frame of this phone is nice as like the others have many advantages of aluminum design