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  1. Mohd Shakir Gour says:

    To find out more about the features of the camera is put the both iphone and the Samsung new device in a satme situation.. the image quality of both are really close and I found the s6 little warner here with the low light…

  2. Muhamed Alshemary says:

    Apple has caution next to interpretation too much into dealer comments, since no one seller has a filled picture of its complex supply chain.

  3. Asim Baig says:

    moto 3 is a fantastic phone.. i also like androuid x series of nokia ... but this one is still better in many ways and android is best

  4. Mounir Mano says:

    a live photo is possible now with the low end and economical phones by apple. But I think many features they are offering right now already existed in many phones rivals

  5. Hashim says:

    galaxy s5 specs is not what i am expecting.

  6. Dima Basil says:

    One of the primary SOC, bent on the technical procedure approx 20nm. If the aim of the iPhone 6 for Apple - it is, in the terms of Intel; it is a nice concept

  7. Siwar Ehmed says:

    is a bit crazzy phone

  8. Fasiuddin Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    many of the iOS games are not even optimized to make use of the native resolutions with the both of the models honestly the zoom moved is unattractive little bit.

  9. Ali Radha says:

    metal frame significantly heated during some multi tasking for example while calling and doing some other tasking while it. Apple iPhone 6 assembled a very high quality as compare to other phones but why these happening?

  10. Samir says:

    when specification and other features for this model of iphone are official any news about it?

  11. Ahmed Sarhan says:

    not I like this bad design phone it is not solid enough and not a good battery

  12. Eosof Abo Skndr says:

    This get OS is not bit dissimilar from other Lumia Smartphone, but just got this time a quad HD display through a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels

  13. Khalid Mohamed says:

    what about the outdoor graphics of their phones is there is nice visibility than other Android phones also the note 5 has same class

  14. Haider Hayder says:

    Z3 Compact Tab by Sony, is also coming now so wait for it and see both

  15. Sunroof Abo Naseeb says:

    new tablet PadFone E looks pretty nice... also i like its resolution

  16. Jean Pense says:

    a great changes on its brother new gen phone iphone se than. unveils its next-gen phone with great camera, good cpu and new UI with the iOS 10

  17. Yahya Saad says:

    style and design all are perfect but need to more increase scree ppi

  18. Zareef Khan says:

    i find another phone like this is vivo x5 max

  19. Chonchol says:

    Good Afternoon. Please Can You tell me (Apple iPhone 6S Black 32 GB LTE Variation) How Much Price In UAE

  20. Mohammad Ahmad says:

    how much is the RAM on this phone please tell me my plan is to buy this one