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  1. Malik Alshmiry says:

    The one got the touchwiz the original note 4 but at the other hand edge not have it what is the big feature of this function?

  2. Karam Tanya says:

    Stay interpretation to grasp up on every one the newest rumors and come again? we would love to see reach your destination with it.

  3. Maykel Khalfalah says:

    here is the best deal I found the best price; thanks but need to ship this one in qatar

  4. Ahmed Hazori says:

    Home screen button still where is after the 3D news i am thinking they going to skip such things because of that which for sure i something reliable to go instantly by touch the iphone 6s plus

  5. BoSy K-MoHamed says:

    The phone has wow factors yes because has full alumimium uni-body and the much elegant I personally feel the most beautiful grip in hands

  6. Bobaker Alamamy says:

    the pink color is not good however the perfect Smartphone with good enormous design

  7. Nawas Sahar says:

    So the scrap book feature it is really great and perfect I like it. It gives out as an directorial kit, enabling user to set aside and save your unforgettable moment of life.

  8. Amir Aljaborey says:

    Much more from corporate cover that provides a secure grip.

  9. Maher Fshesh says:

    This system supported by Blackberry had a good chance to gain a foothold in the market if they make it support fully the Android.

  10. Adil Imam says:

    I want every reader of my comment that you should go up to specs of this particular phone and then go to the s6 page and then read the specs of that smartphone and see the difference.

  11. Ahmed Abbasi says:

    g3 is very good looking phone... and very slim.. with powerfull hardware i know why everybody like so much lg Phones because they all are packed with morderen tech..

  12. Fadli says:

    in many ways Apple is still better than this one

  13. Seham Alhamwi says:

    please give me the prices

  14. Goo Da says:

    the both phones new iphone 6S and iPhone 7 are just coming in 2015 so that is the great response after the best sell of iPHones in 2014 last period.

  15. Sewar Toufic says:

    and also there isanother 1335 lumia on way

  16. Rehman Ahmad says:

    similar design as one but in many colors looking great

  17. Musabeh Mushashae says:

    Especially for the new tablet, Microsoft released a new line of accessories: Cover Keyboard Type Cover, stylus and a docking station

  18. Kamal Surameri says:

    That is not a amazement change given the businessís clear aims to allow third gatherings to build produces with the Nokia trademark

  19. Najeh Maghsudi says:

    Charging problem along with the heating problem.

  20. Syed Irfanul Alam says:

    and is the similar kind of compact size as seen in the previous year but nice edges offering smoothness and other than this it has more nice handling.