Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohammed Sinjar says:

    what is the date of the availibility of this handset in the uae markets… and in how many variations this phone is coming please tell me

  2. Shamshad.ali says:

    I want samsung glaxy beam 18530 hurry please

  3. Dil Jale says:

    Does this phone have the mouth to do battle among the S6 new, the apple phone coming in 2014 end and g4 also is coming now and Xperia is also on its way

  4. Soltan Amani says:

    the battery life of the 2014 version of Moto X is really great and improve really a pure new editon this is

  5. Hasan Alhamad says:

    Qualify exactly in many ways but bit expensive; feels reassuringly weighty as compare to before. intuitive side screen make it more impressive.

  6. Duleeka says:

    How much

  7. Rayan Awadat says:

    many things is just because of the new update ios 9 on the phone. just try comparing this with the note 4 2014 model of Samsung phablet serious competition with the camera and major differences

  8. Aish Khan says:

    you might be a apple user or you have used the samrtphone first time. because this is one of the best smartphone made by samsung.. i have it and it is working fine enough

  9. Zahraa ALmosawi says:

    Gorilla Glass 3 is really very good and this is good in providing the best ever qualit and protection to the smartphpone.

  10. Bassmal Fadeel says:

    making it very comfortable in the palm of the hand and all in all not too big.

  11. Saeed Asse says:

    sister has a Nexus 5 on my recommendation and no way to be given a patch to fix the endless list of failures that prevent you from using the phone as normal.

  12. Abdulmuhmin Tangkian says:

    the last year model that might be so called a replica of the iPhones is now got more valuable features with the new name mi5.. the perfect features as expected

  13. Kamal says:

    what is the exact rate of s4 in qatar right now?

  14. Mostfa Albhadly says:

    in the upcoming devices they must increased low-light photography with also giving more advance OIS. Possible the high in class results within the same camera lens 12MP

  15. Zind Ahmed says:

    anyway this is the future of the phones.

  16. Muhsee says:

    , but also in terms of small wearable watch, this is lot more than it. With good dimension, screen display is better, also fashionable smartwatch

  17. Aravind Mohan says:

    it probably be a simple phone with normal performance

  18. Omar Elbadry says:

    well the new one is become nearby waterproof phone and has more resistance with dust and water than previous one

  19. Jamsheid says:

    have this phone.. Any new update on nokia xl… and is nokia looking to make a next version of this xl phone.. That also capable to run application like whts app.. And check ios operating system it runs application of android smoothly.. Noki has to make somehting like this

  20. Amir Bego says:

    yes there are many reasons why people like the last one as they are not big and has great battery and fastest with good prices now phone is available.