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  1. Crorkservice Fiverr says:

    May I simply just say what a relief to find someone that truly understands what they

  2. Blal Sy says:

    expensive especially i say because some of the featues look similar to iPad air 2 and different OS Android Lollipop

  3. Younus says:

    plz i want this product

  4. M Basir Ali says:

    but the realization that it is not enough to know the specifications of the CPU / GPU / RAM to determine its efficiency.

  5. Hamza Nasir says:

    Both phones big and small one at top of the screen is similar to the distribution of sensors and cameras, also internet connectivity and other features are all same except resolution and size??

  6. Muhammad Gamaludeen says:

    32gb galaxy s7 available for all carriers and with different contracts same method as before we seen. Also now south koreans are offering other accessories like samsung gear vr with your purchase in some regions..

  7. Usman Rana says:

    Apple has change the way of wearing wrist watches because now you are not just wearing a wrist watch watch instead you are wearing a technology.

  8. Farrag Elferjane says:

    might be and excellent device... but i want to know that when ipad 3 is coming ???

  9. Kamcharla Venkatesh says:

    This is a smartphone for those people who love entertainment. So get entertained and bring a Smartphone for yourself.

  10. Bassam Ibrahim says:

    some of the notable features upgrade in the new s7 is storage, depending on the region microsd cardslot, 3,000 mAh battery and always on screen as like lg g5

  11. Sawsan Bakly says:

    system in which you are now put, you have the confidence to spend that money one whose hardware is great; otherwise it has ok display panel and design is actually perfect

  12. Mahmoud Abed says:

    Setting up in the spirit of "classical» AMOLED, which were not provided for color profiles.

  13. Burk Cheema says:

    Both the devices squared off in a latest dropped test 6 and 6 plus and also as compete to latest other with the same material made phone galaxy s6 it is pretty similar results.

  14. Husyin Omar says:

    skins available for the xperia z5 where as the color combination of silver with grey looks more good for this one

  15. Ali Elnmer says:

    2K screen + OIS powerful camera BNM LG G3 comprehensive evaluation well as compare to rivals not other has this with just Body thickness 8.9mm

  16. Magdy El Gendy says:

    a cover that facilitates more secure grip, even at the expense of premium hide that fact that they have finished with devices using glass as the htc m9.

  17. Rajeev Bhatnagar says:

    Finally I have a tablet that can survive 20 hours of brower suffing. People are very consious about the battery timmings of their devices and they are only buying those devices that can proivde them a huge back up.

  18. Naser Hmide says:

    this is great. i am talking about the watch sport and it is very nice looking on wrist and the pebble is also a good one

  19. Nightwalker Tariq Majeed says:

    A smartphone that is the best seller of its time an now Iphone 6 has beaten it.

  20. Ismaeel Salhab says:

    the phone is really awesome but still moto turbo has more nice features and powerful battery