Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Iqrasajid Sajid says:

    look will be totally change

  2. Mohammed Abdo says:

    now it is widely available in the stock and in all color it look elegant

  3. Fajer Sarmini says:

    Skype- especially because it is not possible to uninstall, although clear them to not work on the terminal

  4. †Arslan Islam says:

    This is true that those who do work with microSD won't be buying this smartphone next time and this is the best stuff i think Apple have to promote its smartphone.

  5. Osama Jumran says:

    and you can choose one of the voices for individual listening. On your presentation, you can take a picture of an individual slide,

  6. Mohamed Elhassi says:

    appreciable design of the yotaphone

  7. Julius says:

    i want to buy Galaxy beam 2, but where store available in saudi or even in quatar.

  8. SmSm El Masry says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note5 64GB i want to purchase it tell me is the device is new and what about the warranty

  9. Moustafa Abass says:

    the iphone 6 has water resistance actually and also resistance with dust. But not water proof meaning alike the new galaxy s7 and xperia devices we seen.. There is need to use some cases for this

  10. ‹mit Simsek says:

    On the other hand, it does not seem to me to be the type of phone that one out for a run or to the gym takes, hence the fact that a sensor integrated heart rate appears to spare me and not complaining about, , which lacks good features in manner of design in xperia z5 premium and be able to eliminate some functional features.

  11. Karimove Arwan says:

    is this phone dual version is also come? and can this phone is capable to run a whole day with music

  12. Mir Gulab Shah says:

    Overall for 13 MP of this pixel level, in such prices it is good

  13. Alzaeem Migo says:

    should be less than 5.5 inches because this is actual size of this kind of phone.

  14. Alrouh says:

    A similar effect was achieved through mineral glass 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3. Go ahead. We all remember the sensational Galaxy Alpha.

  15. Eng-Hussein Ismaeel says:

    Well I think you should have this in order to charge in the same way as they recommend it is not an expensive accessory; you can buy charger online.

  16. Sateesh says:

    Hi I need c5

  17. Wasim Amjad says:

    well i think there is lot more to come in future as the more premium OCR scan me feature

  18. Syed Alee Azher says:

    It os containing a 2070 mAh of battery which neither large nor small so if you are a normal smartphone user so you would be loving this particular smartphone.

  19. Abdulbaari says:

    a battery little bit drain instantly because of the notification light and additnal screen on the edge phones which features are always on

  20. Loay Ajam says:

    I am expecting a better screen this time because previous phablet not good something really sharp and crisp compare to samsung phablet note 5.