Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Jahmad says:

    This means that you can set the flashing LED when you receive new messages, mail, notifications Twitter, Instagram, and other calendar events

  2. Afaf says:

    I think HTC is kidding with peoples now ... in this modern era .. this latest smartphone having 4 mega pixel camera only !!!!!

  3. Badri Nath says:

    looks nice

  4. Ewinat Ewinat says:

    Seems very strong, too but not durable as my expectations.. because of thin body battery got more shorter

  5. Adel Ajoula says:

    the same array of trick once again we saw they repeated on their mobile phone. All the operation through this one is that easy and you can do all with the single hand.

  6. Shibu Siddiqui says:

    Everyone liked their phones, disadvantages compared with Android are the same: security (if invent and store the password by iCloud in a safe place)

  7. Mohamed Aziman says:

    I think that the M7 was good not the M8 or the M9. I do know that the specs are not equal but the m7 perform amazingly good with the specs it has.

  8. Ahmed Al-tahier says:

    This phone is my hero

  9. Musthapa Zaki says:

    But it happened again that the next Sony Z4 appear so quickly and comes last on the market.

  10. Dana Charafeddine says:

    12.9 inchest tablet size is actually ok it is too small size for a tablet

  11. Mohamed Taktak says:

    it is look like sony xperia devices but not a same glass protections and material alloy is not use in this one

  12. Hamza La Voyage says:

    clearly silly phone for those looking for top end phablet in the market just iphone 6s plus has cost more than normal phones because of use of 7000 aluminum? other than that there is nothing just it looks great

  13. Jayasiri says:

    I need IPHONE 5S 32 GB GOLD

  14. Mushtaq says:

    desire lin up is ok.. But why not htc is not making windows phone… htc wp phones are very best as compare to lunmia

  15. Anjum Hamimi says:

    Xiaomi mi 5 is the best value for money and is one of the most elegant looking smartphones in 5.15inches screen. However very low 1080x1920 pixels resolution and display need improvments in future

  16. Fawaz Habshi says:

    A9 Chip and 2GB of RAM and the Apple TV New Remote Control and App Store many things is updated

  17. Nouri Amar says:

    storage space for 16 / 32GB optional and can be expanded via microSD card to a maximum of 128GB

  18. Onur Seyhan says:

    Easier to hold in hands than all the previous notes finally after along time but the smartphone is not comes up with such great speakers and audio quality we seen before in note 4, note 3 and galaxy s6 also has good

  19. Juleana Esho says:

    well xperia z1 compact is the best phone ever...

  20. Ali Saleh says:

    It is launched on Dubai's Souq.Com website around 1800 AED