Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sanaa Tawam says:

    While in the Apple device even in iPad using Maps and on Macbook Force Touch on the destination to arrive turn-by-turn directions that is amazing.

  2. Morad Moraad says:

    the phone featuring 13MP camera and much more new as we all expecitng to see

  3. Gadgud Yahya says:

    well and in general on the locked screen this strip can be freely used.

  4. Pipo Yahiaoui says:

    there is always bit thicker devices by xperia but has reallyn amazing abilities in manner of performance and yest best for gaming xperia new z5 premium is

  5. Mazin Hamid says:

    one m7 is also a good camera.. many people really like thsi phone but not the prices are low down

  6. Mohammed Al Nemi says:

    screens (and other features): not compare with the Samsung Gear S, I see a major errors on the other devices whereas apple watch has nice display screen, no sensitivity issues and clear view

  7. Shady Abdalrahman says:

    there is new metallic body but the same thickness and round edges are different but compare to iphone 6s. create a sleek finish is required overall.

  8. Nazmul says:

    How I buy it?

  9. Aadel Ahmad says:

    they finally give it a different look and also phone looks like iphones.

  10. Halimeh Taher says:

    lg phones always used to be best and not a single worst service i found. nice carriers and connectivity with the internet and also prices of their phones are good

  11. Konstantin says:

    +79126004448 Aim in Dubai

  12. Nader Halaf says:

    usually enables all sensor pixels; and turn out to be a great 13 MP camera which gives really great pictures than. Very same camera setup se seen and it is a pretty wide f/1.7 aperture

  13. Elbeeranasir says:

    Android 4.4 (KitKat) so ram of the phone is must be 3gb.

  14. Amro Ahmed says:

    the camera of ascend p7 has evolved to provide much clearer and faster snaps... phone looks beautiful

  15. Zuhair Abbas says:

    i am waiting for samsung galaxy note 4

  16. Mohd Mustafiz says:

    I like it very much, if the screen size maximum 4.3 inch and external Sd card slot.

  17. Mazen AL Jafre says:

    You are right with the camera features specially the Recording Mode is now longer now accessible in the camera setting of the latest Notes both…,

  18. Maicaella Johns says:

    its being too late when I heard about this phone and still no news

  19. Saeed Abu Wahid says:

    Waooow what a phone and the screen resolution is very high. I always capture pics with my note 4 and it seems like DSLR photos.

  20. Naddo Benghazi says:

    six uniquely elegant collection of this watch are coming in 2015. sapphire crystal protected display that is unique . really it is a killer watch