Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Fahad Khan says:

    but not LG G2 sags and tougher modes High Quality / Ultra High Quality

  2. Anwr Ahmed says:

    so this phone is different because it look like a passport but not this phone is very slim

  3. Abu Yussuf says:

    the smartphone is really amazing in these cost... and i will definately going to buy this one... i am happy with kind of phones... that includes all new tech and looks pretty also

  4. Saran Darvan says:

    now the Apple smartwatches unveils last year is on sale and is all new editions with double strap is available in online markets means there is no way right now to see the new watch coming at the time of its good sale revenue

  5. Tareq Hameed says:

    until early 2015 this phone arrives or when this is coming in the markets i really like this phone. 3.7-megapixel front is also good thing to include

  6. Nazek Mostafa says:

    Apples current iPhone 6s lineup is very very promising in look and now offering entry level phones

  7. Abdel Aziz says:

    The phone's dimensions - 158.1h77.8h7.1 mm, weight - 172 grams.. that is really good and easily handable to work on one hand it is impossible with the small one

  8. Aaban says:

    The unique capabilities of photos and videos on your smartphone with waterproof housing , but now this kind of good prices setted by sony.. indicates that sony is one of the best brand in making smarthphones now..just in a line of Samsung and Apple

  9. Arki Narki says:

    this is great to include more features with the help of new iOS even the required thing is to maintain the life of the device that need to be optimize

  10. Sadam Al-Zoubi says:

    indeed it is the first gen of 3d touch smartphones as they called it meaning we can see many new phones with the same technology but enhancements time after time

  11. Hisamadden says:

    The proof is in OS X apparently is optimized for the iMac and MacBook, but works better than Windows on the same machines.

  12. Ahmed Saeed says:

    The other noticable change lies certainly in the description of the screen that go from 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 pixels.

  13. Alamerafof says:

    has pretty steps and made this great within the small sizes. a return to old ways they now and s7 mini two separate versions may be come in dual sim and the single sim

  14. Al Rawashdeh says:

    core specs and best thing they done with the design quality which is required on lg devices. ensible option by sticking to Quad HD and Micro-SD card slot (up to 200GB)

  15. Abdul Aalee says:

    I wish I could return to the previous version 4.1.2 ... because I just hate this update battery, it is very bad and also Wi-Fi signals are very poor ...

  16. Arun David Billa says:

    The same concept for the S6 Edge. Smasung need to change the way of the work they do because they are producing the same smartphone design again and again

  17. Ali Buzi says:

    The display of In short, it is one of the best screens ever seen before.

  18. Madani Khan Bughio says:

    They browsed through at a time, start with the obvious, it can be a ruler with labels, including folders.

  19. Neivaldo Cruz says:

    i like to play games in more big screen and it is more good experience of mine with that all..iphone 6s plus and and the iphone 6 plus is both alike to each other

  20. Sihad Hassan says:

    ram is 3gb of samsung note 4 that is just ok not I say wow because other brand offerint the same in quite different and cheap prices.