Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Beeka Abdull says:

    not any big feature were removed on the apple iphone se phone but the killer difference is with the ram and the display of phones

  2. Abdulrahman says:

    J100F has dual sim slot support?? And what about the removable options on the samsung j phones

  3. Baker says:

    is it available in Dubai.

  4. Abdul Hannan says:

    running SWIFTKEY 4.3 application and it is very best working on my note 3 phone.. through this one easily one handed my phone typing

  5. Sukkar Sukkar says:

    video quality is just awesome while the gold version looking so pretty all best features remain unchanged in the big one

  6. Abu Ali says:

    after take a look on detail characteristics and improvements on the phone over the last one their is some people opinion they just give the new s7 some old features like water proofing, cardslots features. but i think all is good stuff and nice small sizes

  7. Qamar Vohra says:

    I want to buy Moto X kindly share reviews about Moto X.

  8. Abdul Adium Abody Kshad says:

    wow the final version got the 5 inches size but why there is a lack of high resolution

  9. Hamidullah says:

    perfect smart mobile ... i get my hands on it and it is awesome.. also 13 megapixel is quite enough to make it more amzing

  10. Muna Khayri says:

    The more carriers that support the Samsung Note series and the note 3 the better it is for samsung investors.

  11. Abdu Hasan Algmaie says:

    5 hd display and the 4g connecitvity well this is ok but why the prices are so high

  12. Abdullah Khan says:

    need to test first the camera of the device because last time the camera with the low light is not good and working not so well as compare to the iPhone

  13. Bestun Abdulla says:

    The high end curve phone by LG is really amazing and wonderful.. Good to see a samrtphone with the amazing shape and body dimentions.

  14. Firas Masri says:

    screen and front cameras are really seems to be similar become increasingly important because of its economical rates

  15. Ammar Alibrahim says:

    this is right now another big deal for us that the galaxy s7 and the edge phone has usb type c connectivity option where as no other phone has the same capabilities.

  16. Foza Hamood says:

    In the Home button, of course, integrated fingerprint reader

  17. Fadl Kamel Ahmed says:

    well a series of similar Smartphones look like that they are puzzle to manage there selling ratio with one device

  18. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Currently according to source it will release on 24-September-2013.

  19. Ataur Rahman says:

    i like galaxy s5

  20. Basharat Kahloon says:

    And on the Galaxy S4, which is the equal size and dimension also display has similarities, this number for some reason does not pass - on the same Chrome too small letters and merge.