Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Asif Bhutta says:

    Yeah I am using the note 3 and I notice the same that there is improvements with the MSG, contact and S Health features also the visuals is now better

  2. Lance says:

    If only someone knows where to buy this Blu Pure XL here in dubai.. I really fell in love with this phone..

  3. Berivan Mahadeen says:

    The front facing camera of their phone is great as we seen before and now is said to be of the 5MP UltraPixel quality lens and will be recall technology with samsung

  4. Hashim says:

    any one need pls condact 00971556305699

  5. M Abdul Ahad Raja says:

    Rumors hands are really very big and thats why they are saying stuff realted to the smartphone and the best part is that their info is so much true and realistic.

  6. Amira Hajjem says:

    robust battery, powerful processor and much more that is needed in the Smartphone, yet fast-charging 3,900mAh durable battery

  7. Raneem Raneem says:

    We must pay tribute to the designers HTC phones- the colors chosen for the smartphone is not beaten, if you look at the Grey, White and Silver M9 is already take

  8. Samra Batool says:

    Alpha is smartphone which has a good camera and amazing features.

  9. Baher Ali says:

    As for the battery performance, the device is not quick discharges and with the use of 3G and LTE it gives more hours as compare to rival with same display brightness and options.

  10. Saif Addali says:

    but the phone has wireless charging benefits also which is another useful feature update to their batteries right now

  11. Javed Khan says:

    The Z3 Compact by the Sony buttons are somewhere in the midst with a trademark round aluminum power button not like same as this phone?

  12. Seniora Jana says:

    all packed with the uniqueness Decent Camera, decent battery and decent Design

  13. Sanoos Mohamed says:

    its resolution is 1080p or 720p?????

  14. Masry El says:

    with a perfect played specs list used in galaxy s6 model and substantially improved compared to galaxy s turn

  15. Wael Elmordisko says:

    Plastic as on G3, expandability complete with battery and replaceable memory and a design very similar to Flex 2

  16. Nasseb Gul says:

    Not there is any need to mark off the iPhone 5S the current next edition, known the fact that the price of previous 4-inch model in the Apple is now dropped more online

  17. Mohammad Haj Baqer says:

    Maybe at the cost of thinnest design and high end phone is low in future but yet it is too much expensive.

  18. Mohamed Fars says:

    tell me is there is free shipping for qatar as well if not suggest me seller any with free shipping

  19. Anis Hanen says:

    when iPhone get too big but they not manage with the hardware of their big phones previously now as a result of it we saw mini version of iphone 6s actually. more practical companies like Samsung and lg also make some of nice phones this time

  20. Nedal Qweder says:

    a price drop is possible than in the iphone 6. first of all the most basic model has possibilities to come to lower point