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  1. Ahmed Fthy says:

    Its no hesitation that Apple has understood that the larger display size is well-liked too.

  2. Mohd Jearail says:

    Samsung s6 is having 1.7 GHz and S6 edge is having 1.6 GHz but they both are down from the the Note-4 becasue it is powered by the 2.7 Ghz processor...huge enough to bear the load....

  3. Hesham Salem says:

    NFC chip for apple pay need many many improvements at all and also Live Photos like features adapted from the 6s and some are from the normal version iphone 6 on this one

  4. Amany Saeed says:

    they enhanced the features of their camera to snap while onjects are moving more accurately and produce more crisp result. Which means basically they are doing great with the galaxy phones right now within 12MP camera pixels

  5. Ahmad Sharaa says:

    i like the bracelet and it looks so amazing from the sides. Premium gadget with incredible new things as you can not found in any galaxy gear. But yes the moto 360 is also a good options for those who want something like Apple Watch in cheap rates :)

  6. Abdalraof Abdalraof says:

    16 GB iPhone models are the cheapest with the 3G

  7. Dasoki says:

    please sir tell me the best prices for LG L90

  8. Emad Alkady says:

    The conference issued a total of two different sizes of the iPhone, were named iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Two iPhone adopt Retina HD screen, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 inches with a resolution of 1334 x 750,5.5 iPhone 6 Plus with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

  9. Othman Homidan says:

    adopt many things right now with Android phablets phone as they are now offering more amount of ram, chipset improves but this is something far more greater and high in performance agains android devices

  10. Abdul Ghani says:

    This amazing watch has a wnderful prcessor and if you have not seen the chip on which the complet watch is depending then you must have to see it.

  11. Ahmed Elshahawy says:

    Some of the 4rd party applications for their new iOS; 3D force touch at the moment is not much worthy as I want it to be. App developers now take in a part to the 3D technology but not got a good deal by them

  12. Ameer Alsalami says:

    repeated their all enormous hardware and software features.. the best improvment the smartphone will hot is the housing of removable battery and else things

  13. Taha Taer says:

    this is a good phone that is now more bigger with 5.5 inches.

  14. Chris Cooper says:

    Do not going to miss this one as the silver color is so nice for me; in hands iPhone look like the monster phone either you buy the giant iPhone 6

  15. AL Zubaidi Bassam says:

    the unique, different and something appreciable that looks really amazing. I hope also the graphics are awesome with long lasting battery life people not just need design and camera also unique in performance are required.

  16. Shuja Hashmi says:

    really this phone get high and best ever consumer demand people love to buy iphone 5s in duba and I m sure same with iphone 6

  17. Ahmad Sawas says:

    If the iPad mini seems to be little recognizable, it is by means of good cause – almost not anything has distorted compare to the iPad mini 2 in together plan of design and dimensions

  18. Amro Wadeed says:

    so may be they uses usb port type c or something else on the phones. storage options is required to be improve bit in iphones because the future android phones seems to be got flash storage

  19. Rachid Inan says:

    nice small one as compare to iphone 6 the features looks still stron and the display is fantastic

  20. Abd Er Rahman says:

    very cheap and pretty to everybodies pockets.. many peoples love lenovo Phones due to this that they all are equipped with new features and as well