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  1. Mohmmed Nour says:

    Wonderful phone without the sctachless screen and the screen wont be having thescratch because it is made up of the best glass used by ever sony.

  2. Udara Lakmal says:

    Inside specs are heavy enough and you can run many different Apps so that you wont be hanving a hanging or other this sort of problems which is mosly seen in the tablets.

  3. Kamal Surameri says:

    That is not a amazement change given the businessís clear aims to allow third gatherings to build produces with the Nokia trademark

  4. Mohammed Abuad says:

    compared to conventional single-lens this time their is alot impressive housing of their quality lens plus OIS is updated

  5. Azam Mukhtar says:

    best phone found in quad core category ... amaze with its slimmest and light body design.. price of the t3 is very good

  6. Rasheed Baggash says:

    i want this

  7. Shazeb says:

    just average phone.

  8. Qadeer says:

    i recently update my os on moto g.. and now camera application is not working .. i try to fix this proble and reboot my phone but not working

  9. Mohamad Issa says:

    last time I really disappointed with samsung galaxy s6 and note phones because there is no big capacity for battery side and also the phone has no cardslot options.. So what we have to do after buy new phone is to transfer all files from previous phones

  10. Ellatif Moudafar says:

    Doubtlessly the ipad Air2 is superior to the ipad Air, its more slender, speedier, better cpu and illustrations, better show, better battery and general better in every conceivable way!

  11. Ashok Kumar says:

    I am sorry to disturb you.Why you don't sell lenovo z2 covers in Qatar?

  12. Elawa Wael says:

    HD Display is always looking good in big phone .. but all peopele want is good os inside and processor

  13. Khalid Alhadi says:

    but somewhat costly 5.5-inch Smartphone with an stimulating and amazing pressure detecting display.

  14. Gafara says:

    Koreans, to highlight the +ve varieties of your screen, produced a set of stunning wallpapers - colors are bright and juicy, pleasant for the eyes

  15. Oguz says:

    The Nexus S , despite being a large terminal, went unnoticed by the market because of its resemblance to the great Galaxy S

  16. Noureldeen Ahmed says:

    the next device is still not available but as company claiming it will be on markets next month

  17. Raneem Mohamed says:

    expected soon to be launch in the uae markets but 2GB + 16GB or the 3GB + 32GB model which xiaomi redmi note 3 prices are shown above?

  18. Ammar Alkhateeb says:

    As above shown the features and specification of the latest coming Galaxy S6 may be more high end because they working on this phone since year.

  19. Hamad Nasser says:

    Unluckily, the sleek plastic look and experience is quite cheap I say. It pull towards you fingerprints and scrape extremely comfortabily. We would propose using a case alongside this Smartphone - if possible

  20. RAJU SOLANKI says: