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  1. Rizwan Ahmad says:


  2. Esam Salah says:

    all kind of accelerations is nice on this Smartphone and I add many new gadgets plus high setting and battery not drain too much

  3. Rashid Shahid says:

    To unlock the screen, you need to swipe your finger up or down, it is a pity that there is no function as a tablet Xperia, when you can tap your finger across the screen to activate.

  4. Saif Allymoun says:

    afterall lg g5 as like its brother phones and previous g series not got water resistance certification whereas samsung galaxy s7 is water proof phone. The amount of ram, chipset and many things are similar whereas lg g5 got 16MP camera on it

  5. Trilok says:

    I am really happy as I chooses the HTC One Lte Silver,its wok great and good features specially i like this colour.

  6. Jamal Jameel says:

    the lower-megapixel camera? Just like apple and samsung htc has the same quality improve camera lens. As they not improving the pixels but make it more crisp and high quality to offer more nice detail results of each snap even taken in dim light

  7. Hashim Zaxo says:

    they are crazy actually in 2014 and 2013 about the sizes of their phone that is why we seen so much bigger phones by samsung specially note series. as note 4 not looks great and is hard to grip.

  8. Sultan Rouge says:

    life form an iPhone is a lot difficult than I consider they were not dismissive approximately when they said "it just works."

  9. Ghani says:

    its superb fone i really appreciate motorola for mhataking this.... please make like more

  10. Abdallah Ali says:

    native Android and the s7 galaxy battery life is enough to give you a day I play many games on a day and have no heatup problems

  11. Shahid says:

    I need redmi note 3 back cover and glass protecter.where I can get.

  12. Mustafa Quraishy says:

    The Smartphone has a big battery and every one is saying this but just check the battery your self and you'd be saying after reading that what is new ???

  13. Raihan Miah says:

    The curvy smartphone and now the g flex 2 is also come but not is like that. Just another particular style by LG; well as like that the both are going to experiment their new series

  14. Rethish says:

    why the price is different from other sellers ? this is original phone ? can you please tell me the varanty and specifications. i do like to purchase one blackberry passport red colur. please provide me details and specification at the earliest.

  15. Alaa Abahre says:

    This all might have been all the fans of the Samsung Korean giant but not just that after the Note 4 and now the S6 on way just after the same period

  16.  Ameer BaluUshi says:

    I want to see some thing really very new in this smartphones as its owners has tasted the market that what is going on here.

  17. Abu Wadha says:

    a very nice visual effect which is further enhanced by a dark matte finish around the screen and on the back of the smartphone. Also they use smoothing glass.

  18. Hisham Anwer says:

    and because of same size they work with 6s iphone, it was accompany by an image of a brilliantly colored phone docked into it.

  19. Lakshman Bandara Weerarathna says:

    5.5 inches of large screen is really very good. It is best for watching movies and the game lover would like it so much as it has a wonderful screen resolution.

  20. Gyan Kobani says:

    pure new style and pure performance now with the Samsung performance is same as its latest devices but a complete new design