Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahsan Makin says:

    capacitive touchscreen as before but the new android OS will improve the performance and make it long lasting

  2. Mena Alkalidy says:

    best alternative to tabs like ipad but surface pro 3 actually significantly larger than the competition

  3. Marium Bilal says:

    Plus have some advance features and if you are a person having some great kind of stuff like you need to play games and watch movies so this is the best smartphone for you.

  4. Zono says:

    How much price?

  5. Jaff Tehseen says:

    camera and battery is alos more improved on apple new phones. dual-LED flash like features are good. while the phone is really good also in taking photos in low lightening ... i not like its 1,800mAh battery that is bad thing moto x phone has 2,300mAh with quite similar features

  6. Souhila Naalamene says:

    they extend the camera pixels as well as front but there is need to to impove the front camera lens and flash

  7. Hanaa Qaddomi says:

    The K10 has a 5.3-inches screen size 720ps is the low resolution HD screen is not so good, a 2,300 mAh battery, phone running OS Android 5.1 Lollipop on the board, and 3 color option within the same prices

  8. Azhar says:

    it seems to be a nice and economical smartphone coming this year; may be lot more new

  9. Asma Hassanjee says:

    not I like the edge screen but specs of the phone are looking high

  10. Gharep Al Dulamy says:

    Apple cameras are a good example of what can be achieved by controlling hardware and software. IPhone 6s is equal or better than all 6 in unusual circumstances

  11. Awasi says:

    Memory and storage space should be large than the GALAXY S5, using a combination of 3GB + 32GB's, GPU that is new adreno than i think this phone capable to compete with apple new phones

  12. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    hi i want to oppo mobile f1 call me immdiate +9715565310

  13. Mhamad Abdalla says:

    increase the strength of Gorilla Glass by about 20%. LG calls it «Dura-Guard Glass» and notes that this technology is more effective at the edges, where ordinary glass Gorilla Glass may crack.

  14. Arunakantha Threesingha says:

    This is really one of favorite smart watch as it provides the best style and an amazing performance which really makes me feel that I have bought some thing

  15. Midassi Farid says:

    in stores now the one cheap model

  16. Aladkatte says:

    first apple lead the market and now everywhere talk about the galaxy note 7 because of its brilliant. except many things are changed now with not so big but perfect hdr screen give best display

  17. Faiza Rasheed says:

    Maybe its means that the phone has a quite good display or they were trying to say that the display a Quality HD one which is the latest thing added in the Smartphones.

  18. Monu Singh says:

    Guys have you feel that Samsung have done it why?.. It has done it just because to improve the speed of the Smartphone SD card bring the vius and it distrubs the speed of our smartphone.

  19. Ali Lakrobat says:

    These devices have before now come into view in the store Google Play, but the page listed devices at present available for the domestic user.

  20. Saliha Ep Imed says:

    numerous elements that give depth and may be come two models has two different bodies one may be got unibody and the other one is plastic base material just bit cheap to the basic model