Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ebrahim Aldon Mohamed Ahmad says:

    Experienced looks and most high end top notch characteristics make the more innovative, metal use is ok in the Android phone to beat for 2015.

  2. Hicham El Fallah says:

    battery and camera amazing, too of this great innovation.. z30 is also good and this phone has all features that other full touch screen smartphone has.. one thins is more good with teh keywboard that this time no need to press extra buttons when you want to press one specific one. Overall i is the best

  3. Nishant says:

    Oneplus One felt monolithic, though in practice the cap is removed, even at home, but it is assumed that just because the user will not do it, and how to cover removable..

  4. Safwan Alhasan says:

    It's pretty luxurious for the first time and a game changer obviously but why not they put 3d touch screen for this mobile phone?

  5. Hala Off Gh says:

    8 GB internal storage just but there is still low ram just 1GB

  6. Naresh says:

    this mobaile available now

  7. Faysal Jehad Sweis says:

    For those who wants to have a samsung smartphone with a without the heating problem so there you are. S6 is crafted in such a way that it can monitor the heat with its ultraviolet technology.

  8. Thanaa Ka says:

    Their are only few phone from samsung having the heating problems but not all.

  9. Mokhallalati says:

    it is too early to get information relate to the galaxy s8, out as the cardslot memory options are included in the previous phone. That is why the next phone will be the same of course and also water proofing

  10. Kamel says:

    apple carry on their suing intellectual among Samsung

  11. Atef Hilme says:

    Maybe the main cause for suitable a lesser battery in the Galaxy S6 approach losing to design

  12. Walid Ben Brahim says:

    how can I order the phone from motorola site; there is free shipment of middle east buyers or any suggession for any motorola store in Qatar from which I can see display demo of the phone

  13. Asif Raza says:

    hide some of the thickness as compare to ultra t2 phone previous release by sony.. easily be found on premium handsets. made by sony in xperia series

  14. Nawal Hamid says:

    Sound, power, speaker, headphone jacks and USB are in the same place but they now using round dials which looks more greater

  15. Layla Esho Denkha says:

    Apple has achieved making the iPhone 6s is even thinner (just 0.71 centimeters) than last gen and rounding the edges will be good thing., giving a sense of elegant use and in line with the high end at which the apple claims.

  16. Abu Hief says:

    it is a good looking phone as compare to the nexus 6p and that kind of others. Water and dust resistant plus the removable options this time

  17. Ahmed Shaheen says:

    The first things is that the phone is available with cheap prices for the 3G connectivity and the most low capacity

  18. Shahroz Haj Nabo says:

    Nevertheless, given the importance of the characteristics specifically for this class of devices, screen quality can be considered high.

  19. Noor Hameed says:

    Since Apple Watch, primarily the clock, then choose to focus on the dial, you can always adjust by itself.

  20. Dua says:

    The battery timmings are not so much good I want the battery of 6 plus so that it can provide me some long hours.