Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Eplak says:

    i like lg phones.. looks good and big in size

  2. Heba Hamarshi says:

    it is a good phone but got too much highly realistic technology give awesome visual material to play games and watching hd movies in more true colors on galaxy s7 edge phone

  3. Masry El says:

    with a perfect played specs list used in galaxy s6 model and substantially improved compared to galaxy s turn

  4. Sohail Kamal says:

    prices of iphone 5c are not too low but still low as compare to iphone 5s... big difference on both but have ability to do all useful things

  5. Aljabrii Yassin says:

    right now one of the best gamble yet is about the design that will definitely going to get some new enhancement with the built, material and has to be something already to be compete with the iphone 7

  6. Med Sahbi Ben Ali says:

    new phones got the same density of pixels per inch (326 ppi), and their rise in the number has fall down to increase the area of 0.7 inches.

  7. Ahmed Tarek says:

    16GB version isn't big enough for such big sizes phones and 32GB model is just standard options than. To a great ground-breaking things like aluminium 7000 giving stronger built and it's design

  8. Mostafa Darwish says:

    Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors are available and the apple iphone 6s aluminum shell phones with this colors look impressive

  9. Syed Faiq says:

    still this one has a mysterious featurers

  10. Hamzeh Hesso says:

    i wait for this grand

  11. Nik says:

    i have iphone 5s@ 35000 INR n note 3 @ just rupees 27000 INR .. all new branded cell phones are available just contact me on whatsapp +919545292525 .. im from India ..

  12. Ahmed Elattar says:

    is an excellent phone, and it doesn't cost as i am expected it is too much underestimate by me. whereas the specs of the iphone 6s is not so much high end just mid level configuration wiht the camera and the cpu

  13. Aresh Chrani says:

    want to know some useful applications best for my htc m8 phone... that is instantly able to run in my phone and also i need to know best messenger to be run on htc phone

  14. Faheem Memon says:

    the camera got better but not with the pixels just as well with the features

  15. Al Taqe says:

    899 aed is good prices set for this 5 inches smartphone packed with good features.. noot feeling good with its battery capacity but phone is good looking

  16. Rami Khador says:

    whole faster in performances I am pretty much impress with thisaluminum bezels making the galaxy device to be familiar to iphones and HTC devices

  17. Carolina Moreira says:

    it was little disappoint me that last year when the 5s by Apple did not get more RAM, and now the same they do with the 2014 phone

  18. Eshine Wafaa says:

    Yes tell me any more details when this is coming in the markets now the year 2015 is ahead and still there is no news about this phone except the images

  19. Jawed Ahmed says:

    In the settings of this different phone , you can also easily set the basic display for missed calls and voice mail, as well as add an indication for any installed application.

  20. JEck Deep Maxx says:

    Just a good design I say else there is nothing special and new in it. you can also do many things excapt this but not recommanded