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  1. Amine Bhd says:

    is a flagship while the A9 for the 2016 year making its another way to compete the other rivals with bit more elegant stylish body performance and all these things we will missing in the samsung galaxy s6 should be includdd in the galaxy a9 model

  2. Alaroda says:

    OLED setup on their graphics are great (QHD) it is more looking sharp but they manage all with the graphics and the dpi pixels however

  3. Diana Medina says:

    And also there is so much sof as found stutter when using swipe, given the value of some functionalities as I presume might be exclusive with the lag, but it is even only depressing that it is previous year and Korean still has not yet so much make optimized its OS

  4. Khumeir Shams says:

    apple is using the Willow Glass that is the another thing that make this watch best look

  5. Khaled Mohamed says:

    Advantage over other all new coming Android phone is the high display qualities which is not even found in iphones and other OS with the Lumais. it will remind me of galaxy s3 phone which is great of its time

  6. Mark says:

    From where I bought this mobile.!

  7. Rodina El-sayed says:

    just like the previous s6 edge there is also something new and more attractive than before.

  8. Omar Mjlba Salh says:

    5.1 inches screen size is more user freindly and the display resolution is such high; even more than note 5 which is the more huge phone; that is amazing thing

  9. Ahmad Ibrahim Al Nasra says:

    But something tells us that this technology is added to the smartphone interface is a new dimension, excellent prospects for the future.

  10. Monaa Choudhry says:

    UI running on top for that kind of devices well 5MP front and 13MP primary camera packs in all the new devices what is new

  11. Anter Abo Dafir says:

    yes your are right even more great when comparing to its handheld gaming competitors in spite of that the fact that they have more room to squeeze in huge batteries and do not supports fully cellular connectivity.

  12. Tlha M Alrajeh says:

    Sony Exmor camera and the more slimmest body that has the perfect beauty with aluminum frame

  13. Waleed Al Zyoud says:

    Galaxy Note Edge visually looks more brighter than the note 4 LCD screens are not well as the Note edge screen is, as well as on the screen of the Smartphone Edge is often essential to look at least at a slight angle.

  14. Badaruddin Badar says:

    The other issue is the plastic imitation leather on the backside of the devices both new. Samsung looks persuaded that we totally want the Note give the feeling of holding a slimmest device and smoothest one in hand, and we can at least take pleasure in the loss of false seams.

  15. Umm-e Sarah says:

    bit bigger in size than the normal phone but laso there is something unique about the front facing camera as I seen the leaked image of the device there is I think flash on front

  16. Akeel says:

    yes this is the price

  17. Melad says:

    Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450 is a good thing to include in this kind of phone Any dual SIM version come in future for moto maxx phone? ??

  18. Ismeth says:

    UX features are a mixedture of just the different android phones but not good built

  19. Nema Ahmed says:

    metallic body and seems to be a big phone but low end budgeted phone g8 has 13MP camera and front 5MP that has HDR on both

  20. ....... says:

    how much is it in ksa ? and when will it be released ?