Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Latif Abdul says:

    why not still the prices of this phone are same please tell me how much is the possibilities of this phone prices get down

  2. Katrina Quines Barao says:

    The camera result is very owesome and the LED is more brighter than the older version. I also like the 0.7 sec to make your camera open to take the best shoot. because sometimes camera took a lot of time to open and we miss the shot....but now it won't be a problem.

  3. Abdulaziz Saeed says:

    Why Samsung not added FM Radio on Samsung Smartphones?

  4. Ahmed Deda says:

    So use your smartphone will have two hands. Such a display is significantly better than the display Moto X (2014), in which the resolution of Full HD.

  5. Jihad Ismael says:

    qualcomm is got the new updates but they discover its own design and technology with the edge devices and the series of new note is perfect

  6. Nidal says:

    good phone come with 4.7 inches nor too much large neither too much small

  7. Magdy El Gendy says:

    a cover that facilitates more secure grip, even at the expense of premium hide that fact that they have finished with devices using glass as the htc m9.

  8. Naffy Rehman says:

    is this phone is upgradable to kitkat OS Android

  9. Ahmed Mokhtar says:

    As can be seen, iPhone 6 plus Smartphone got more larger than the others only by the width of the housing, the height, thickness and even weight model is not the largest.

  10. Malik Alshmiry says:

    The one got the touchwiz the original note 4 but at the other hand edge not have it what is the big feature of this function?

  11. Amer Ahmad Anbar says:

    there is multi tasking features so well working on the latest iPad but other hand many other brands are offering many good features as like the water resistance and more good RAM is included

  12. Deepan says:

    I come to know one person in tokyo japan, he has been waiting for buying iphone 5s or iphone 5c at Apple outlet, he is saying he would be first person to buy new iphone,

  13. Farideh Ahmed says:

    is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, a performance guarantee. Galaxy Note 4 Catch

  14. Ibrahem Hawary says:

    the decent specs of this tab this partly explains the price are expensive

  15. Toto Miro says:

    the display is small but not is say is the most smallest phone see the dimension and the resolution you like this Xperia

  16. Anwar Khaleel says:

    well where is the pro version in manner of hardware well the more slim and perfect tools not distinguish it with the before models

  17. Altaf says:

    having toruble after buy this lenovo phone.. Phone battery every time low down when I restart my phone… if battery is 90% then when I restart my phone come to 40… that is not a good thing

  18. Hikmet Sliem says:

    So Superb and luxurious feel in hands and offering more ease and comfortable curved edges of Smartphone than the Android

  19. Tekin Polat says:

    iPhone certainly arrive alongside with any new accessories and thing as never we found all that things with other. apple watch and Chargers and Cables is also available in markets offering different features and Lightning Dock is compact now

  20. Hrakee Hour says:

    amazingly advanced phone with the stylus that is offering a whole new experience with the mobile