Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Wawan Abdillah says:

    The valuable important thing the majority users will speculate about sooner than selection of plus iPhone: how will it in fact feel in the hand?

  2. Joufe Majid says:

    this phone is really the best phone

  3. Ahmed Hasone says:

    the mini version is still not on sale I need it.. However the phone is not so worthy and has good display, all of the brand-new interface is offering by OPPO which is impressive

  4. Sajid Nauman says:

    So in our charts present the results for the hero of this review, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 ??

  5. Muhennd Kazem says:

    The nano-SIM and cardslot trays on the left side of the edge experience now even more solid than before, are simple to right of entry and stay nearby credit to a little rubber seal.

  6. Seraj Ansari says:

    Seraj ansari 0526448965 Plz today 1 pic xiaomi redmi note2 pink 32 gb lte please contact me

  7. Hammad Lahig says:

    iphone is a good phone line up and now with the two of new iPhone there is latest silicon and more quick wirless

  8. Nizaar Alawadi says:

    responsiveness has not dropped either the phone constructed really good. OLED technology use looking pin sharper and more brilliant resolutions.

  9. Labieb Najdawi says:

    so the name of the watch is Microsoft smart watch or something else. and is this is fitness wearable watch.. so by it users can control microsft which kind of devices...or connect it with the nokia phones

  10. Mohamed Mousa says:

    just like the iphones their is same kind of home key they are following and the bottom of the front

  11. Al Qader says:

    this phone definitely perform well. in simple way that is something different and more enhance this time.

  12. Amas says:

    any person guide me that what is the difference in neo version of the grand series.. It is good or bad..

  13. Sobhi Mansour says:

    Phone size has the perfect diagonal as important adaptability, throw in the status and the social network and a variety of messenger and more apps with the perfect growth.

  14. Sidi Azad says:

    most relevant phone of this year

  15. Ali ELagooz says:

    their claim is to give it more battery life, more ram and performance abilities improved even it seems to be an advanced model. But after the launch we all knew that it is a burdern in your pocket actually not I prefer iphone 6 plus over iphone 6

  16. Rabae Nour says:

    Sony's best phone yet; and also the most expensive phone by the company with really impressive Sony Exmor Lens

  17. Akber Malik says:

    It is a local smartphone but I like it processing… io don’t like its camera it is not according to my requirements… I like the other stuff..

  18. Altaala says:

    so this is on its way to come to markets now within a few weeks. same that samsung is going to official its best note 4. but i like ths note edge instead of note 4.

  19. Rami Baker says:

    the phone got the most advanced connecivity and the prices is in mid range.. the camera result on low light is good and the premium look of the phone

  20. Dana Charafeddine says:

    12.9 inchest tablet size is actually ok it is too small size for a tablet