Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ziad Hussein says:

    history of Samsung in the evolution of built quality and diagonal sizes .. many things apply and improved on galaxy s7 alike before

  2. Sam Etorki says:

    20MP can be seen on the new models where as 4GB RAM and same on galaxy s7. note 5 new rival is coming soon :)

  3. Adham Kannanbi says:

    they really promoted this one in the event more than their standard model of Z5.. Overall this is the most high end and amazing high pixels

  4. Yaseen Hassan Alalou says:

    apple got the 64 bit chipset while at the other side korean include inside exynos and snapdragon

  5. Husham Alzain says:

    Samsung should release much more big thing with high end Grand line up... because phone have all that peoples needed ... beauty, slim, good quality sound and fast connectivity

  6. Lahcen Ouhamouch says:

    just compare with the iPhone; not single thing is comparable and quality issue by Samsung is now been resolved

  7. Ahmed Aljnaabe says:

    Is additionally significant here than always earlier. By debut a 4-inch devices that is prettier, expensive as compare to its rivals models than

  8. Hmzah Abuordon says:

    Now everybody is talking about expertise for wireless charging. The major benefit of this technology - no wear of mechanical connector USB- port and its water- and dust-resistance covers.

  9. Abdul Al says:

    Nice features and look of the phone is bit different with the edgest and more slim now with the same screen size. Good HD retina Display but not as much capable to give true colors as note 4

  10. Motaz Scott says:

    4000mhA is required In such phones and Non-removable Li-Ion battery type they are right now using in all devices and the phone has 3 GB RAM

  11. Josefino Velasco says:

    Where can I buy the LG G3 Gold 32GB LTE product to be delivered in Qatar? Please help

  12. Sara Zidan says:

    non removable battery in this phone??? and tell me that is this phone is also available in more colors.. like pure black color??

  13. Faisal Suliman says:

    As soon as you drag the stylus as of the hole, there is a framework menu so as to user of the S Pen can call and press the button on the pen.

  14. Shumaila Danish Pirwani says:

    The 4.7 inches of large screen is best for viewing the games and to do multiple things. I like Apple cause the retina display it has is so unique and no one else has this kind of display.

  15. Sarah Yahya says:

    can be disputed with super-fast charging just like its rivals of Samsung, lg and htc, built-in wireless (not-so-quick before with the iphone 6) but now iphone 6s charging and an ultra power saving mode

  16. Anas Khader says:

    It is thin, Large, high-quality screen size of nexus 9

  17. Sultan Almamari says:

    This is a product not from the samsung but from the rumors because things which they were saying about this particular phone was absolutly right and correct.

  18. Mohamed Salameh says:

    2160p video recording at all fps rates. Exynos 5433 variant is more advanced

  19. Faisal says:

    I need oppo neo 3 black

  20. Omayma Tawfik says:

    the great! that lesson has might be learn only seems at entire the econommical, small stock of the Android tabs that are out there from now