Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sandip Tamang says:

    Yes they have some benefits because they are the owner of iOS there self made software, while at the other side many phones got the Android each and every…

  2. Ahmed Safrawy says:

    With its antecedent awarded as the Best cell phone of the World at the Mobile World Congress 2013, we make a guarantee to you that "The Best" has recently got well.

  3. ALfrjne ALfrjne says:

    1.5 GB RAM and there is just few specifications that is low than the orignal phone and the price tag set by Korean is budgeted

  4. Majd Ibrahim says:

    lumia 730 prices please ?? i know not yet official but any more news about exp prices that it is mid range phone or expensive one

  5. Abdul Maesry says:

    Z handset are good but as compare z5 to the galaxy s7 which has now removable options and micro sd cardslot it looks like samsung has a lead here

  6. Faiza Ebrahim Alnoor says:

    good phone but not the same in the case of lg k7 as they do with the lg k10 a really smart move by them but afterall I am expecting some thing more user friendly and nice for handling

  7. Juneid Iqbal says:

    when nokia is making this kind of cheap phone include lte technology I not want 3g network because 4g is too fast and best for file sharing as well

  8. Mahadeen Bajelan says:

    improvements in all possible areas of the photographic field and that is a great thing obviously after low pixels and low unit of camera lens in iphone 6 and 6 plus

  9. Areeb Ansari says:

    Korens has done a remarkable job agian and now they have show that they are the best in every thing.

  10. Alee Mansur says:

    Excellent remarkable built quality of the note 4 give best experience to me. And stylus pen for now really work good

  11. Loay Ajam says:

    I am expecting a better screen this time because previous phablet not good something really sharp and crisp compare to samsung phablet note 5.

  12. Hassan says:

    What is the model number of Note 4 Gold is it n910u or n910c or n910s

  13. Khaleda Alfoqara says:

    have fingerprint scanner that will work just like the apple phones but the phone has more nice handling because of good size this time

  14. Hassan Qaroot says:

    If you find it a practice to interact with that kind of premium phones is turned on while lying on a floor, know that tapping that is best..

  15. Jem says:

    I need this.. Where to buy?

  16. Abid Zaheer Khan says:

    what is the price of Samsung Galaxy Light UAE...

  17. Ali Almalekie says:

    Great phone by all means price, hardware and all are ok.. But s5 samsung is quite bigger then this phon but display of htc this time much improved..

  18. Hamdy Elsayed says:

    headphone output is correct and provides faithful sound made without creating any distortion.

  19. Abo Hia says:

    In fact, it is a compromise. In my opinion, looks GALAXY Note 3 quite pleasant, looks much better glossy Note II and S4.

  20. Zourab says:

    In the US, Motorola's official website has been officially opened for sale Nexus 6, but did not know before checking out the goods there, which is something no slow hand, the supply is very limited.