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  1. Ahmed Ali says:

    when i first saw this phone in my hands and see the display details i amazed

  2. Obeid says:

    do not like this one no front camera on this phone... also no flash and with low Ram it become a lag phone...

  3. Sitwat Ikram says:

    I dont like the screen size but the internet is running so much fast in it and it is the best part for any smartphone user that the internet is workig very good.

  4. Sathish Kumar S says:

    I need one. How can I buy from your site

  5. Abu Ata says:

    very very well design of the phone with high quality material that is used to built asus phones.. bu why not phone is water proof

  6. Adeel Ahmed says:

    i buy this but it has some problem in speaker :( what is actually happen i don't know because after weak it having this problem

  7. Hamza Shareef says:

    hate this kind of the sizes of the smartphone well the new one has suitable value in each type and also the dimensions suitable to hande long while

  8. Ayman Alamer says:

    As for the cost of other good tablets from Apple, the cost of iPad mini 2 now starts at $ 269,

  9. King Hussain says:

    The most latest mobile Android OS that is simple and more pleasant to use, optimized to work among a different device that never ceases to amaze.

  10. Zinar Doski says:

    what is the big issues come after put this phone in water for half an hour.. What is the most sensitive parts I recently drop my iphone in water and there is some issues with my speakers just

  11. Marwan Khalel says:

    for the beginning the competition of the PHABLET phones are really high. But now even the small in size phones are once again become trend in the markets and I really like new mini version of iphone

  12. Ali Alqasim says:

    The Health Application is another thing that make me mad to get my hands on this watch. real-time data and track things much accurately . this the future that apple make

  13. Hexcell Dimaun Vergara says:

    should be the next phone is capable to give perfect and clear images well battery should be more that 3000mAh

  14. Sesual says:

    The question is will this come to saudi?

  15. Anwar Rk says:

    Apple is making new changes in the market and this is good for them as their people are liking these changes.

  16. Amr Diaa says:

    New retina HD display on this huge screen is doing well with its own latest features qualifies as an HD screen totally but they also maintain the same quality for their small version; so I recommend you that handset

  17. Burak Colak says:

    to get another "average" price range to almost top-end smartphone they has to now unveil some of the small versions of iphone 6 and even iphone 6s family

  18. Suliman Petay says:

    my fav color is gold because it has nice finishing and fresh color

  19. Sam Riaz says:

    so ios8.1 is better or android 5.0 is much more good tell me

  20. Ahmed Moustafa says:

    battery life should have to be more better than this on this kind of advance popular phone very disappointing battery