Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Noor Moaiad says:

    so this time we have more options because samsung also make after some days an announcment of low budgeted and small in size devices like s7 mini

  2. Haleemdad Khan says:

    So, LG G Flex 2 previous to it formally! If you contrast the Smartphone alongside with its predecessor - G Flex, it is improved to the whole thing.

  3. Barros says:

    On 1st entrance keen on S Health element request concerning your name, gender (male or female), age, height and weight, as well as way of life

  4. Saniuora says:

    when lumia 930 released in international markets?? any information?

  5. Shahzadgul says:

    Comment(Required)Huawei-P8 Silver 16GB LTE

  6. Salman Shojaa says:

    this not feel like a second class model at all same as other premium and matte chamfers with flat edges make it look just like the iphone 5s phone. I enjoyed their 2 years old design also it is good design

  7. Younes says:

    you can still capture Live Photos and this time with the low price phone the best phone for single hand use it is amazing one

  8. Zenab Ali says:

    This is a device with the excellent display and is sharp enough fit to their device trends and quality of the stamina is just another thing

  9. Mostafa Abdelmenem says:

    USB-C for charging and sync well all things this nexus 5x got is the advanced features 8MP front is impressive and good

  10. Chathura Prabath Thilakarathna says:

    Windows 10 smartphones are only good else the rest of the phone are not so much impressive. Microsoft has to learn so many things from android.

  11. Abdul Ahmed says:

    To make rounded edges that is good?? No you cannot able to stand your phone for a while without help of any stand

  12. Sdam Awad says:

    in some ways it is tougher than its all new handsets as the new alloy body and protection glass make it look more prettier

  13. Zainab says:

    so great with the new version of the enw adroid phone note 6 will be a great of all time and stand alone against many

  14. Ahmed Aung says:

    Why is this astonishing? Since till currently as American had been in deed its the most brilliant way to amazed their users with the 3d touch but why not included in the special edition of iphone 5?

  15. Ahmaed Alhmyre says:

    Super-efficient processor they are offering and the samsung galaxy s7 for maximum performance with faster cpu. The only camera you'll ever required is 12MP with such capabilities

  16. Alan says:

    hi sir i need 1100 phone 0501342917

  17. Endris Abdu says:

    The Phablet looks to spot a silence to this enlargement by hang about on the last in size by means of a amazing options and different alternatives: it is as well a slightly more thicker and solid than its earilier model I Say.

  18. Riyazali says:

    Bhai Nokia xl main full HD videos chalty hey ya nahi

  19. Seraj Alglassy says:

    first i must say Samsung stole the show when this best gadget is official for public a brand new skin with multiple new features... and yest the big also

  20. Simon Laew says:

    it is the slim design and battery really recharge quite quickly than the last edition of galaxy. Galaxy s7 has also similar capabilities but big improvements to the note 7.