Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sameh Qabbani says:

    they do well and is step ahead to those phablets right now with the same display and performing abilities just because of use of metallic housing and after making less bezel the new note 5

  2. Bakki Talha says:

    4128 x 3096 pixels on the camera for video recording that is another the best i know feature of the best nexus phone yet.. i see the photo of the phone i will going to buy nexus 6 it is much much better than iphone 6 plus and note 4 is also good but nexus 6 is slimmest one and more big

  3. Mahmod Maen says:

    it is not too much late actually but after 2 years just one new device with such capabilities withing small size.

  4. Rehana Badurdeen says:

    3500mAh battery is really very big and i think best for this smartphone. LG really shows something new and extra ordinary in the market and thats why it is becoming a major part of the market.

  5. Ayham AL Zoubani says:

    the new 2016 models supposed to be a killer of some of the huawei, lg and the low end motorola phones with little expensive specs list and good exterior combination on the phones

  6. Mohamed Hikal says:

    this phone really promising me many of things that I am not actually thinking of. SE is about as future proof and yes it means a lot for those who are in need of small mini versions iphone but why not they are using force 3d technology than?

  7.  Naz Hussain says:

    This is a average mobile but its newer family members are quite good and they are leading the market right now.

  8. Mohamad Farhat says:

    SM-G920FD model no is for pakistan for the new galaxy s6 which is they awesome device just 5.1 inches and truly nice thick dimensions 6.8mm

  9. Salhi Mar Ouane says:

    as compare this phone to the note it is not much nice. Display is low, camera is ok but battery performance is not good

  10. Mgad Mgad says:

    For the previous big size phones there is need of a bag actually; Thank God they now use reduce the size and dimensions

  11. Irshad says:

    Samsung Galaxy s series is good in performance, but it does not have class like iphone, which is the sign of luxury. Samsung tried hard to be in that list but failed, that is why i am not buying Samsung galaxy S6 this year

  12. Mohamed Mustafa Meka says:

    The both new gadgets has different sizes but not has the same battery well the big one has more battery, But will be Feel Heavier.

  13. Scorpio says:

    Hey hi I want to know what the prices of sliver blackberry passport in Qatar with English version and Arabic version

  14. Saihin says:

    look a bit bulkier considering the screen size, lot of space is waste unnecessarily on front screen between boomsound and screen which makes the phone a bit lengthy. design wise, it fails me

  15. Sajid Nauman says:

    So in our charts present the results for the hero of this review, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 ??

  16. Fatima Zara says:

    People are sayinh that the phone is far more good than the apple but i dont think so...i think apple is one of the best smartphone company and about this product...i would say that it is a wonderful productand could be compareable to iPhone 6...

  17. Ali Sattar says:

    will be so soon got iOs9 beta update I think

  18. Abdo Waki says:

    Built-in speaker produces a very loud and quite clear audio (although the bass could be and more).

  19. Rafia Naeem Khan says:

    confirmed that the low range prices that is great. affordable cousin of high end phones with stylish design but still not thicker

  20. Salma Ehab says:

    There is some problems found and it is a over heating issue on this phone unfortunately… I think because they not use too much plastic?