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  1. Husam Abbas says:

    remember that the thickness of the iPhone 5s was 7.6 mm. Soon the latest Smartphone from Apple will be paper-thin, funny.

  2. Tahir Zubairi Pti says:

    Wow I just see some concept images of the new coming Galaxy it looks very beautiful in white color; obviously if there is something like that is coming that this phone is best.

  3. Walid Haydari says:

    may be they going to boast all the things; camera, cpu, ram, iOS and the new iSight features with the new finger print sensor

  4. Abdul Moyed says:

    due to screen size… and hd display I like this phne… because phone is good for entertainment.. But for application I like windows phone…

  5. Interiesta Ayoub says:

    This architecture allows you to do lot more like the all other moto x devices specially there is some feature nexus phone include

  6. AL Janabi says:

    what about its downloading features is it offer great response while downloading through following tablet

  7. Shmshad Coor says:

    very good premium handset note 4 is with a ultra high this time color contrast awith QHD super AMOLED.. and i really like the features like e booking and more that is best needed feature on a phoen like this

  8. Mirani Moh says:

    Within AMOLED display samsung all time give best display and now the most high display in this phone and not just this a total new experience of new curved screen

  9. Sameer says:

    is Apple iPhone 5s-Silver available in Doha.

  10. Mowafak Zatare says:

    It was appropriate for this size, otherwise the body would seem cumbersome.

  11. Daoud Sukhni says:

    In the company's confident earnings report, released on Thursday, the Microsoft revealed that Surface profitsbeaten $908 million for the quarter of the year.

  12. Raman Kumar Chhibber says:

    Samsung A7 body thickness is best in the new series, can be noticeable as very slimmest phones of the Samsung. One-piece metallic body builds it obvious integrity, feel very impressive

  13. Mustafa Seghir says:

    The rest is already Apple Watch are comfortable and have an extensive functionality. In fact, the only complaint which can be presented to the first smart watch from Apple, is that they are not independent: the watch does not have access to the Internet and cellular networks without the participation of iPhone, period.

  14. Musavir says:

    I'm waiting for this phone...notify me at [email protected] Thank you

  15. Haitham Amary says:

    but there are no of available photographic comparative such as lg g3, galaxy note 3 and oneplus one is also in a list to offer such qualities as iphone 5s with iOS

  16. Ahmad says:

    I need one

  17. Ciwan Hassien says:

    up to 128 GB internal storage and card slot is expandable that is ahead step by them compare to Samsung and Apple

  18. Diari Kader says:

    does not bulky or thick, but not bad protects the screen and helps set the table at an angle.

  19. Shubham Verma says:

    Android 4.4.4 kitkat is a wonderful OS but I think this smartphone deserve 5.1 as you can see the specs which is of high quality and amaizng.

  20. Rashid Khurshid says:

    welcome back Nokia 2048 MB RAM is a lot of RAM that is required