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  1. Taker Amal says:

    the camera with all the high setting become the most high end unit with all the latest features no other is comparable; while also the g4 camera is nice; waiting of sony z5

  2. Ayota says:

    not just the camera and processor performance of grand 2 phone is good also it is good in making video calls and wifi is quick to connect with internet..

  3. Bilal Hamadani says:

    i like this smartphone i have use to very easy handling

  4. Husham Alzain says:

    if samsung include 16mp camera and make it more slim than it will become next grand because there is no need of more upgration in this phone... just little bit need.. i find no problem in this phone..

  5. Amita Malik Hudani says:

    Inside the smartphone there is a high speed processer working to fix all your issues and if you are wondering to have a fast speed smartphone buy Note 4

  6. Hind Khalil says:

    curved Edge phones and second screen is bit look apart of the device so no worry about the new experiment over screen

  7. Al-Fulani says:

    Does your HTC One X have a broken or damaged screen

  8. Javed Khan says:

    The Z3 Compact by the Sony buttons are somewhere in the midst with a trademark round aluminum power button not like same as this phone?

  9. Firat Ugurlu says:

    So it goes, if only they had given an iPhone for lying, but the problem is that I do not think they have given them anything, but is simply social pressure and influence of the company.

  10. Tami Omar says:

    By the way, this parameter can be increased by using a standard MicroSD slot right up to 2TB.

  11. Abdul Aliyy says:

    many qualities in this phone.. however, that really pleases - Stylish back cover,very pleasant to the touch. Also worth noting is that this case is at least free from fingerprints.

  12. Abdalla Hassan says:

    The color rendering index remained very natural and pleasant, unique characteristic of IPS, and the display is capable of reproducing the full spectrum of colors of the sRGB standard.

  13. Cahaya says:

    Show appreciation to kindness I have an A8 chipset by means of 64-bit structural design and 128GB of graphic memory.

  14. Pawan says:

    Nyc phn

  15. Nizamani Abdul Razaque says:

    The wide 85 dgree front camera is really very amazing and good to take the best and quality images.

  16. Nidal says:

    good phone come with 4.7 inches nor too much large neither too much small

  17. Shmssudeen says:

    s4 zoom is good or galaxy k zoom new camera phone is much better??

  18. Samir Husin says:

    I use it note 5 and apple has low performance but the battery usage and consumption is far better than Android Smartphones and also phone has enough screen resolution

  19. Abdalazem Ahmedt says:

    the Nexus 5 comes into market against the top end of the range of competition in the segment of smartphones

  20. Panhwar Anwer says:

    There are two best phones of this year by Motorola one is nexus and another one is moto maxx.