Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    in the game StarWars from Disney you can see how the map is drawn in sequence. On the tablet such problems have been reported.

  2. Abed Barbara says:

    the best part in the peek and pop to view the link even and without open the application you can view other things more quickly

  3. Omerfaruk Gok says:

    compare to the galaxy s5 there is no micro sd cardslot even display ppi density of the galaxy phone is more compare to the iphone 6

  4. Nuzhat Abbas says:

    m8 is good phone and the design is veryy preety and really minor gap with the scren and edges of the phone is really good

  5. Mohamed Alamoudi says:

    some of the issues I am facing after update the iOS as my battery performance is not so well right now after month

  6. Hamoda Bardan says:

    It is especially fast charging using USB power adapter that comes in the box while support for multiple wireless charging standards, it is preferable

  7. Syam says:

    I want to by a ZTE v9180 Where is your shop in abudhabi

  8. Abdul Badi says:

    The watch is of water resistance and the dust proof technology and i think this is the only watch which could be coonect to the laptop and the Tablet.

  9. Shams UL Islam says:

    The design is not like the Galaxy S5 as the Samsung is now carry on the most latest metallic designs and yes they are good looking premium..

  10. Berat Bileke says:

    but is also a great improvement from its predecessor which is the lg nexus 5 smartphone. Nexus 6 is also more greater but costly phone

  11. Hamoodh Afrin says:

    In particular, anywhere the plastic is distorted elastically,. Though, the equivalent tests have revealed that the bend occurs at a imperative force of 40kg approx, and it is distant from normal in use conditions.

  12. Mahmoud Brksha says:

    very few phonea available offering 8X Digital Zoom however the 4K video recording is now available in many after new lollipop OS

  13. Sameh Habib says:

    Samsung is trying its best to become in all kind the best

  14. Ejaz Ali says:

    good capicity battry in this phone as compare its battery performance to nokia x series other phones... but nokia has to make its camera more better like lumia phones

  15. Abbas Mohamad says:

    The connectivity and data options include Bluetooth, WI-FI, Micro USB, etc. processor for high-end performance without delay

  16. Rajab Ali says:

    Anyone has used BlackBerry Q10 Black with 8 or 9 month warranty colour, who wants to sale, rely me.

  17. Naveen says:

    can anybody shares reviews of Apple Iphone 5 64Gb Black as i wana purchase it.

  18. Soltan Amani says:

    the battery life of the 2014 version of Moto X is really great and improve really a pure new editon this is

  19. Ali Alyali says:

    quite low specs that my samsung s5 has but it is also a good phone. however as compare to iphone 6 apple phone is excellent build and all is good thank you !!

  20. Eijaz says:

    you can apply hard rest method to unlock your device you can find the mehod through google search try search this How to Soft & Hard Reset Galaxy S6