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  1. Waled Alhareb says:

    Send any modifications to this benefits of high resolution, performance to the Note 4

  2. Ahmed says:

    I appreciate that your specifications are so brief, i can get every details from here for OnePlus 3 smartphone which is new for me, also the high quality images is giving a clear picture of this amazing smartphone.

  3. Ausaf Ahmed Chaudhary says:

    all the versions are now available in the markets and I really like the color of the ipads

  4. Alibadr Edin Ali says:

    the device seems to be elegant looking in future love to see the stylus pen features in sony .. well the waterproof feature is much useful

  5. Noman Gamar says:

    the backside is totally look alike same as ipad mini I say that Nokia use the same material but there is inside some of the different things include the camera and platform

  6. Akram Taher says:

    but while viewing games and pictures I found really nice color combinations and crisp display as well. Note 5 has the most awesome display at the other side but iphone is bit disapointment in some kinds

  7. Sibghatullah says:

    waiting for this phone, great one

  8. Khalid Khayyam says:

    Look elegant in gold color but from the backside the phone should be look alike note5 in future that is bit nice

  9. Gihan Sophe says:

    interesting self-healing features and yest the phone has too much comfortable features that ease while surfing web

  10. Zeeshan Shani says:

    This is a very low quality smartphone it got bend in my pocket and apple is saying that I have done something extraordinary. I have been using smartphones for years and now they are teaching me how to use it

  11. Ertan Can says:

    well iphone live photo feature is actually fast enough not need any application and it as well not hard to do so where as android application has not such capabilities as iphone 6s with the force touch. it is really cool and does many things

  12. Hamdan Aljehishi says:

    a 13 MPcamera capable of making 4K videos and a front camera of 2 maga pixels integrated on the front as well for selfies and video chats.

  13. Adeeb Wassouf says:

    5.1 inches diagonal size is great; so nicely pocketable not bulky phone; and the new additional colors make this one look more elegant and beautiful. Truly I like it. They using Quad HD because it is so nice and also something new and beneficial for their users; all icons are looking too sharp because of high resolution, display features and the new OS updated successfully on s6

  14. Mulazim Ali says:

    A main feature of the case is a record thin frame around the screen and the thickness of the smartphone and may be this phone looks alike same as the new iPhone's

  15. Seraj Mj says:

    Closed the speech hardware, we speak about ergonomics and materials. LG has clearly ridden the fashionable metal and glass but quite decide a exacting rule that possibly will be the correct selection to distinguish.

  16. Waqas Khan says:

    Dual sim is really amazing my father need one and I am searching a smartphone that could be a dual sime

  17. Hoyam Altayeb says:

    Technically, the smartphone does not differ from the original model

  18. Ahvic Reyes Belizardo says:

    6.5 ounce is the weigh of the device well the storage capacity option is limited just one model 32GB more will be required

  19. Tahir says:

    I have used the entire series of galaxy s by samsung and enjoyed a lot with these smartphones, now i just want to know that what Corning Gorilla Glass 4 can do in samsung galaxy s6.

  20. Umut Grey says:

    yeah it has nice option and marshmallow is great for us. orginally this lg v10 is the great and has all excellence value in the good price tag they are offering. alternative for this phone is note series by samsung has many things alike and high end compare to lg but v10 has great camera on the 0ther side with marshmallow now