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  1. Jabri Jamal says:

    But others obviously feel the same, as well, as next quarter; Microsoft anticipates that tablet sales will increase.

  2. Syeda Johra Jabeen says:

    external design of the note 3 is really impressive and looks great in the hands. Very good phone with some of the smart move

  3. Tasawar Shah says:

    In the synthetic benchmarks the performance difference with Note 4 Exynos, no, they are quite comparable.

  4. Ali Alsaad says:

    this is my small cctv camera as well able to record things around easily... anyone please advice me that is this glasses are ok for yes or not

  5. Umeir says:

    like its body design this time samsung phone looks pretty ... but why only dark colors on this phon?

  6. Mazher Ali says:

    is surface pro 3 is also able to run application of android?? Because people are saying that it is a replacement of ur tablet and laptop both.. So how can I run application

  7. Mohamed Hamam Hamad says:

    April 8 or 15, 2016 is may be the launch date of the phone well I waiting for this one

  8. Ahmed Alsaffi says:

    The both giants of its own kind while Google is a giant and make many things before; both pillars of Google Android OS and are batter as a partners not rivals, However their competition is still more thrilling to watch.

  9. Al Saboor says:

    moto x is my favorite phone of 2013 year and now this new model comes and I really appreciate the way that motorola create this phone. It is slim and equipped with all good features camera is more good as compare to iphone 6 but not I like the graphics

  10. Murhaf Almurhaf says:

    not like QWERTY smartphones and still blackberry phones include small screen size

  11. Anas Hasan says:

    there are many features that are more enhance but not there is new innovation in iphone 6.

  12. Muhammad Fahad says:

    It has an amazing body but I have a small problem with it. MP3 sound is not so much good and there is no quality in the sound ony handsfree provides you the best sound not the built in speakers that is so bad…

  13. Ahmed Siyaf says:

    Well the major part of their phones is at the beginning the phones are expensive but after the release of note series may be galaxy s7 prices less and similar as right now s6 take place in the markets

  14. Akasbi says:

    only the 32GB version available whereas different prices for the external storage of 128gb and more than it.

  15. Waseem Badami says:

    htc has to include card slot on this phone… just unveil another variant of htc one… with dual sim and card slot I will buy there phone

  16. Fareed Uddin says:

    windows is always better than android ... it is small slim more thick and comfortable laptop as well

  17. Sarwar says:

    I think LG Nexus 5 is batter and cheap

  18. Sana Khan says:

    The smartphone got the best response in the dubai and place which is near to the dubai but the whole world give a proper responce to the Apple and its Smartphones.

  19. Saeed Hamed says:

    apple is good and it is easily now to go to different shortcuts now. Iphone 6s plus really smart feeling little bit like the android phones now because of bit same UI for the notifications bar

  20. Meme Muftah says:

    I not say that this phone is one of the most advance yet phablet phones in the market because still the prices of not 4 is not launch… waiting for its prices to be come and than make any comment on this