Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Agila Agzim says:

    Flipboard extremely productively connected to the interface, and flipboard speed depends on the excellence and made quality speed of a connection is more improved than while interface.

  2. Hisham Humza says:

    Debut at CES 2015 and i wait for the event

  3. Aldren Calibo Malo says:

    i want to see samsung working with microsoft and samsung produce windows phone because i love to see samsung as windows phone windows phones are really good they perform well instead android

  4. Ainsley Mas-Eddy says:

    bumps the phone up with the latest operating system and the camera need more battery stamina as while recording videos with the full HD the phone heats up

  5. Hussnain says:

    any news and detail about this product accessibility in markets???

  6. Bakki Talha says:

    4128 x 3096 pixels on the camera for video recording that is another the best i know feature of the best nexus phone yet.. i see the photo of the phone i will going to buy nexus 6 it is much much better than iphone 6 plus and note 4 is also good but nexus 6 is slimmest one and more big

  7. T.R.MOSHIUR says:

    I like it.

  8. Haider Salih says:

    as well include nice handy features and also snazzy looks on both front and rear sides

  9. Ayad Azabo says:

    this is one of my fav tab of this year because it is not too big in size so it is easy to handle it because of light weigh and good design

  10. Rachid Cresbo Reali says:

    The front camera, which is now able to shoot Full HD video resolution 2.1 MP received.

  11. Hasan Sorany says:

    what is the price of 42mm sport watch blue color

  12. Mahmoud Hassan says:

    Briefly I will say this, that the iPhone 6 Plus is ok phone just ok

  13. Sergio Bazzan says:

    I'll wait for the full reviews before making the call but I have a horrible feeling it's again going to be another case of the worlds best looking phone with a fantastic UI let down by the camera - poor low light and no OIS?

  14. Tariq Alshaer says:

    The S6 Edge also incorporates a sensor for heart rate, a feature especially appreciated by lovers of the sport.

  15. Brahim Karwan says:

    Well as if that was not enough for peoples who think they not capable to make any premium device good looking, Motorola went out and unveil the best they can

  16. Tark Abu Shnaq says:

    Plus has a 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels which is good for taking images and shooting videos. this is the perfect combination.

  17. Heri says:

    Should be resolution at least 2 k or 3 k on this configuration.. It is FHD Only... Overall very good spec

  18. AJ_o1o says:

    just send me an email regarding your concern. I can help you with that. [email protected]

  19. Vipinan says:

    Where we can get oppo find 7 mobile phone in qatar , please provide us the contact details and contact numbers urgently. awaiting your return response. Regards/vipinan Nair