Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Emad says:

    Barely the new phone and use of more ram, chipset make it play games run much more smoothly, but the other fact is that the device not even got hot as before we seen

  2. Um Akill says:

    yes you are right brother because they offering Good all-round camera and leadin performance features in great 4.7 inches screen size just on iphone 6 and big phablet just grown up but low battery and ram still.

  3. Omayma Tawfik says:

    the great! that lesson has might be learn only seems at entire the econommical, small stock of the Android tabs that are out there from now

  4. Emre Dilik says:

    the size not change the look but obviously features required to maximize in the PHABLET size devices.

  5. Mazin Kahlel Yacop says:

    I like the camera and the video effects a lot and it is the main reason for me and thats why i have bought this amazing smartphone.

  6. Sac says:

    How much does Galaxy Core I 8260 costs in UAE?? is it 929 AED or 406 AED ??? can anyone tell the exact price ??

  7. Khaled Diab says:

    the prices are high and as compare the phone with the new desire family and the huawei phones it is not such high end device but got really nice body

  8. Ahmed Ubed says:

    not to worry now with the performance of this smart phone because the makers of this phone is the world top mobile manufacturing company

  9. Rami Haffar says:

    Very high price of the iPhone and all its accessories, including USB power cable

  10. Mohammed Megahed says:

    up with multiple designs and you will now see many straps available in market. Apple Watch editions is the most expensive 38mm (that's about 1.5in and 1.6in) and 42 mm watchesa re more expensive

  11. Mohd Alam says:

    I like iphon. ..but what time release of UAE....iphon 6....

  12. Hasho Dk says:

    now devices hits the verizon markets and I found the black versions available in large stock in markets. Also if there is green color it looks more unique and elegant than all others because such kind of colors also Brown are very different and Sony also using this kind of colors

  13. Claudette says:

    How does this works did you offer delivery to Malta?

  14. Gm Germany says:

    Even though with the Camera capabilities and the mic are continually recording with best quality as possible, not anything is saved until you really take a snap

  15. Ghazal says:

    From where did u buy it??

  16. Khaled Alkassar says:

    look like a good tab.. capable of many things

  17. Jalal Taher says:

    there is a big difference in between both g flex models the new one got little more smaller design and offering the impressive display

  18. Ritaj Algerai says:

    Shorter battery life than rivals so not this the only thing also has low screen size and the class leading performance than others is a pros

  19. Nader Mobaraki says:

    have taken note of phablets entire range and tablets except the note 4 and note 5 this without microsd battery or I do not want nor given.

  20. Haysm Mahmoud says:

    Smallest size infact still most likely by many peoples arround and now their is acceptable prices for the iphone 5s