Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sami Lakal says:

    The display is not that different at all as compare to lg v10 and the other high end smartphone; it's the same size of the screen but really nice combination with the ram and more pixels density

  2. Azan Asif says:

    I think Apple watch gold is so much expensive and I dont know that why apple has done it, why it is providing such an expensive watch having gold on it.. It look odd when you wear the gold wrist watch.

  3. Mohammad Abdelaal says:

    ios 10 update plus this phone has 2GB of ram and no worry with the camera this time because 12MP lens is even better as compare to iphone 6. in specs iphone se is far more better than iphone 6 phone and 6 plus even

  4. Kenny says:

    is there is any chance to use other app in this phone Samsung M8800 Pixon

  5. Faraj Amanj says:

    Models Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are the only riding Snapdragon 600, the previous generation chip from Qualcomm that uses the GPU Adreno 320 and 300. ; but now there is nice improvements with the snapdragon and some how new phones are more pretty looking

  6. Bennis says:

    Apple is the only major mobile phone manufacturers can walk over 8mp camera and the mark with best.

  7. Rmzi Almalaheem says:

    phone hit the markets with the affordable price point well that is amazing

  8. Rio Aquilam says:

    ,dual sim?s4 mini?

  9. Abdullah says:

    Curve not very useful as they also not successfully make it eye catching

  10. Hala Samir Samir says:

    The design is so much good and shows the quality outputand thats why it is so famous in the market right now.

  11. Amr Omar says:

    Additionally to this, the wider S6 Edge plus and the other plus has an improved People Edge so it be able to send images and emoticons (that is now update also). The latest news is these modifications are as well being roll out for the new S.

  12. Faheem says:

    What's the price of actual this??

  13. Flower EL Aaiun says:

    The phone is performing best with the latest Snapdragon 810 Qualcomm chipset and this is design to taking this smartphone into the next era.

  14. Wtban Harke says:

    Pleasantly surprised by the presence of few t3rd party Apps installed by default - Facebook (package contains the different apps now itself, Messager, manager pages) and Instagram.

  15. Muzaffar says:

    please tell me the best selling Xperia m2 prices for Dubai, UAE markets ,,, i am waiting for your responce i want this sony M2

  16. Aishath Eashal says:

    the fact that has a lot of technology later used in Android phones

  17. Saman Mahmod says:

    this year the excellent start up with the iphone se. but it is not that better and enahnced version what we deserve

  18. Riyad Murat says:

    The fingerprint scanner same module is been now available for many users and currently used by Huawei also the same technology under the same circumstances

  19. Shady Salama says:

    It is not just huge phone also the prices are not economical so I yet not able to try this phone

  20. Samad says:

    all peoples thought about apple watch are looking great, so apple want a good response and now they get it.. actually Apple deserve. Apple techs are the best