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  1. Agha Abu says:

    Curved is just similar as the infinity pool of the edge phone and the best thing is the bend edge face of the Smartphone from the front that is capable to give you more ease to control you app with personalized the shortcuts and notifications as well.

  2. Mustafa Klela says:

    wow samsung galaxy s7 has 20MP camera where as some people saying about the 12MP pure view camera with enhanced features and video 4k resolution

  3. Mahmoud Salem says:

    about the durability of the Smartphoe it is not all thing is ok because with the large size of phones what you love to do.. Love to watch videos and movies…

  4. Ahmed Fethi Ben Ali says:

    8*megapixel is really very good for those who thing that their smartphone is their DSLR and wants to shoot every monent of their life.

  5. Om Jala says:

    I read a lot of reviews about the phone specially there is all ok reviews specially for the battery side.. which is as compare to the big Note Edge is even more better and user friendly interface as well the phone got.

  6. Mohmad Asma says:

    To have the genuine multi-window in all sides, the phone is best to go from side to side with the multitasking key in Note as like before

  7. Ashraf Sarsour says:

    air versions of apple is also very fast, The best phones i really waiting to buy in 2014

  8. Tasaheel Matarneh says:

    A bit more durable battery, aluminum frame, latest sensors, fingerprint scanner is the new, an efficient camera with more fast speed and filling

  9. Muhammadayaz Samim says:

    there is need of another variant model with the good pixels for front facing camera shooter because this phone is best in all ways except this

  10. Fares Ajaj says:

    launch this one on February 21 press event where we see galaxy s7, s7 edge, s7 plus and more news about the upcoming note 6 can be expected after the launch of this phone. MicroSD slots are back and the same screen size we seen in iphone 6 plus and other phablet phones.

  11. Manoush Karabetian says:

    it is really an all round packs all in it and front facing camera is well packed with all the modest things on it with good wider angles

  12. Furkan Bas says:

    Smooth and the stronger chassis are now available for protection but looks ugly, live photos option is not first time given to any Smartphone but they put it very nicely

  13. Samer Almoadel says:

    one of the advantage of using the galaxy tab s2 excellent bright and juicy screen. Cross sensitivity capacitive touchscreen. Interesting notion of a "sidewall" display.

  14. Mohammad Alghool says:

    an impressive design after a long while but Variants will offer an 8- or 5-megapixel rear camera also the battery capacity is not so much high

  15. Mohd Mustafiz says:

    I like it very much, if the screen size maximum 4.3 inch and external Sd card slot.

  16.  Rems Pakos says:

    810 Snapdragon is really very good and it is giving its best when it is asked to give its best and i think that this is one of the best smartphone just because of the snapdragon.

  17. Taimoor Ahmad says:

    3 GB RAM that is best

  18. Fahad says:

    gets Android 4.4 KitKat for this phone and works fine.l.. not sure what happen next when i run more applications on this os ...

  19. Arif Adel says:

    So either you are next in finding the most advance tech phone that would not break your money probably note 4 is the best.

  20. Farag Bosif Fathala says:

    you can not find any replacement and alternative to this one because in such prices there is no one capable of such things