Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Jahanzeb says:

    waiting to get my hands on it

  2. Hussein Ali says:

    Clearly, they can do this due to not an full-metallic project. But ahead of the s6 I think they unveil iphone 6s plus

  3. Abdo Hnf says:

    and the phone prices are too reasonable but little ugly phone design

  4. Wael Ghazal says:

    Luckily, the increase in explanation does not consequence in a reduce in the variability in the direction-finding or in the performance of 3D games: 805 Snapdragon give the impression recompense successfully.

  5. Mohamed Bayomy says:

    well I am going to spend my money on something eligible for me. As iphone 6s plus is a right choice if you are in need of something big and beautiful but in case of hardware it is not a best one in market within such price tag

  6. Erika Al-Bunyan says:

    how much is its battery ability and how much it is durable in power saving mode...???

  7. Hafeez Shahid says:

    i like this phone but not like mini version of this phone... me waiting for next huawei mulan

  8. Saulate says:

    One possible tale has Apple tapering connectivity to a lone Lightning port, manufacture it terrible to charge the device and usage also now wireless charging.

  9. Abdullah Malim says:

    Wonderful phone with an amazing camera result.

  10. Absood says:

    sony xperia t3 screen compared to the previous generation product increased 0.1 inches, reaching 5.1 inches.

  11. Fatih Alhadithi says:

    now text and write your content and make drawings are more easy with the pen... and this phone seems to be the best choice for me

  12. Abrar Abed says:

    I believe they goint to stop making bulky flex models after the 3rd gen model

  13. Abygail Gomez says:

    now with the one touch we can unlock our devices and for more security with the mobile payments through samsung pay in galaxy note 6 may be there is iris scanner

  14. Zahra says:

    white color on galaxy s series always bit looks cheaper but after use of the metallic material on their body it is a good looking phone

  15. Je Suis says:

    The mobile phone must include 16MP camera as its rival has. Also there is new launch 4K video capabilities in Android Smartphone that is another grooming feature

  16. Abdallah Lahrach says:

    layer makes use of the way more enjoyable than ever stylus, and handwriting recognition continues to meet overall

  17. Abo Haseeb says:

    for this kind of phones i am always ready to buy it

  18. Osman Tawar says:

    i like their new phone graphics which is clearly visible also in the sunlight but the same touch id they are offering in all models for two years no improvement and any thing new in that with the iphone 6s as i am expecting more at a glance.

  19. Hamode Haleem says:

    how can i order this

  20. Anuj Yadav says:

    nokia xl good look and sccess phone