Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Muhammad Furqan Chaudhry says:

    Also LG G3 mode has two windows, when one program is displayed at the top of the screen, and the other - at the bottom.

  2. Mustak says:

    why the 3G need the LTE fastest internet so i can make more fastest streaming with this phone

  3. Bave Shero Shixmos says:

    improvment also in the camera lens on the front side. well touch wize is far better than before but still not perfect

  4. Mohmad Wrdat says:

    three versions available for the iphone and all in 3g and 4g options. nothing short of breathtaking afterall but with the iphone 6s there is force technology and more options

  5. Mohammad Deeb says:

    I m so happy to see this kind of phone made by them now. As world is waiting for this kind of device but Android is Android

  6. Hadi Momin says:

    Overall fairly easy to use all the iphones are and the color combination are brighter; fresh look going to change and will be more round edges rather make it looks more prettier

  7. Mate says:

    Sony Ericsson Sony Xperia U Black 3G want this mobile

  8. Azam says:

    how mach saudia prices lumia 525?

  9. Rana Rashid says:

    It is like that the latest model of the iPhones has to transition to retina displays and entire disappointed some peoples for sure they already with the bending issue and now this

  10. Nour Eldawody says:

    I do not expect a lot of changes and mofifications in their phones right now.. Mainly in this year we cannot see a big changes because they change after 2 years

  11. Azhar Masood says:

    A heating problem is present in it...The phone is good but when i start gaming it start producing heating.

  12. Muhammad Usman Khan says:

    The sensation of un boxing it and changing it on for the first time is a nice experience of mine :) I start with apple with this phone

  13. WAJDI says:

    HTC One E9 Plus

  14. Mohammed Hassan says:

    IPS LCD and offering 69.6% screen-to-body ratio; just keep in mind that there is more less screen size and more thicker body

  15. Hicham Tazi says:

    5.96inches display size1440x2560 pixels which is just like note and galaxy new devices but the ram is really nice and enough to give us nice speed

  16. Ibrahim Tarek says:

    previous model is also good one but not the edges are so comfortable; but I really not like the color combinations for their mobiles it really not looking elegant

  17. Wasif Ullah says:

    When the Smartphone is put into the support for charging, ,. It is extremely suitable.

  18. Samit Ghavre says:

    According to me 4.7 inchs of large screen is not suffienent for a normal user and thatís why a large majority is claiming its money as they havent find some thing new in it.

  19. Omar Al Hmede says:

    Though the Apple iPhone 6 has a more larger screen than before and 5S has as well low resolution as compare to the new one, there is not a more difference between the both devices overall in the resolution but big difference in the crispness and sharpness.

  20. Mehmood Emad says:

    so the resolution lower than every HIGH end phablet i use. but the different expectations, and Apple has completely this time left that crowd behind.