Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohammad Merajuddin says:

    HTC One (M8), superficially similar to its predecessor HTC One with two noticeably unique features.

  2. Omar Al Abbadi says:

    the new plus model is coming for this phone I say it a new note edge 2015 model because it is a phablet

  3. Arshad Sheikh says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy Note, everything is f9 but i am facing battery problem..

  4. Osama Mohamed says:

    support for LTE and water repellent coating. And the design is really looking cool

  5. Jahanzeib Mal says:

    not this is a lag of money just take a look for yourself of the apple iphone 6 plus camera and more that company offering. simply bigger but not just big also more enhanced and good as compare to iphone 5s.

  6. Ali Riaz says:

    There is a good roomy space to explore with nexus and good battery life.

  7. Nilesh Patel says:

    loveley phone... i am expecting something like that from samsung ... i disheart when i see galaxy s5... because it looks a bore hope this device come with all beauty

  8. Marline Kanbar says:

    not full fill the requirment of their user that much because there is low battery performance and durability at all

  9. M Rami Tawakol says:

    Unlocking the smartphone is obviously the game, but especially the "private" mode, which allows the phone to hide certain content that is fly.

  10. Alebrahemy says:

    unique Variant by Sony, play HD videos on it, will get it soon

  11. Savnar Kurdi says:

    macbook are more pretty in looking but never able to become tablet.. the only thing i want to do apple is to make something like this

  12. Alrabi says:

    alpha is might be a good new series if Samsung include more bright color on this series like Red, Yellow and more like this. Also there is need to improve the dimension

  13. Amine says:

    that one looks pretty.. when i can pre order apple watch actually i love this watch and want this to wear on my wrist..

  14. Vashi Haran Blackorbullz says:

    When ever I play games this smartphone start getting heated and I reallu dont like this.

  15. Shubham Verma says:

    This smartphone is good but when I play games it gets heated at the back and this is annoying because you would have to stop playing.

  16. Karuppaiya says:

    Sir Thish mobail 3g or 4G and 4G 32gb how much cost

  17. Jaber Marmar says:

    The phone has a M8 coprocessor that your steps and actions in freedom; you can use a third-party programs as well now on Smartphone with Apple.

  18. Rapeih Horany says:

    Additionally, the touch screen is actually better and there are no issue with that also the durable battery life and the view angle of the phone is great

  19. Hssan Elsud says:

    in the list of all high end phone there is two more.. one plus one and the new 2015 version

  20. Farouk Badshaw says:

    This is sweetest display ever that this phone got but the new note 5 is just the same as this phone is because the size is same and specs many include camera unit