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  1. Batool says:

    what is the price of Samsung Gravity Q T289 in UAE?

  2. Hassan Javed says:

    Mobile shop is providing such a lower price tag but I dont have any idea that how much time will it going to take to deliever the smart..Does any one know that what are the deluevry charges they would ask for this smartphone ?

  3. Salah Siraji says:

    the popular apps have some more options with the iPhone 6S force touch panel. Even the iPhone 6 plus got just bigger size not more new things on it

  4. Adam Khan says:

    South Korean brand is now agreed to get hold of the provider of Smartphone wallet way out with the LoopPay

  5. Hamid Khafaji says:

    it is Inexpensive and unlocked phone but No wireless charging capabilities this phone got which will be a major lack in this device. RAM is 2GB which is just similar as lg g2

  6. Jack Rosa says:

    There are three colors options for us white, indigo and gold color are the options while there are two models LTE and 3G only for the LG K10 available in uae markets withing this month

  7. Bimal Gautam says:

    not the hardware configuration of the nexus 6p are too lower or nor too high. i confuse because of older nexus 6 google phone - it is larger and not be one of the good phones.

  8. Aziz Solangi says:

    ?ts not perfectly in your hands because of large size of this ipad.

  9. Kamal Abu Suaileek says:

    the same body, that the current model has is with the m10 also and we seen the same appearance on the htc m8 so they are continuously repeated there own built time after time without any innovations

  10. Ahmed Alsafah says:

    excellent color reproduction previously on the a series actually but then we see some new phones with more cheaper prices "j Series"

  11. Gabry Gabry says:

    The phone is good and every thing is fine but i need to add one thing that is the design. Apple should have to change the design and apperasnce of this phone.

  12. Hanin Ali says:

    with thinner sides, this phone t3 is good but not like prices of the phone . it is costly.

  13. Mohammed Abbad says:

    it's the first time lg is on the board with nexus and offering cheap price point because previously with lg nexus there is high end and expensive model also not such good body on their phones

  14. Mujtaba says:

    it does not matter for this kind of cheap phone that how big is the screen size and display is hd or not... is good for normal usage than it is a good option

  15. Khaled Muna says:

    To build quality no complaints - all at a high level, there are no gaps between the elements; buttons fitted tightly, no squeaks.

  16. Al Rafay says:

    some of the reasons by which i recommend to update iOS 9.2 on iphone 6s because now the apple siri has features and fully support some other traditional languages include Arabic language support

  17. Ismail Abdullah Al Bahar says:

    i need a selfie stick for my 4.7 inches iphone 5s or any flexible slefie sticks are available well Wired Selfie Stick Bundle I saw in some online stores but not in pakistan market

  18. Hussain Ali Khan says:

    this phone is a lot bigger and bit slippery because of so huge size and metallic housing this time. but not afraid because their is slim and less bezel display with more smooth round edges meaning you can get nice grip either

  19. Aafiya says:

    i bought recently blackberry z3... is blackberry z3 is also official in only 3g?? i use only 3g service because in my area 4g is not arrive yet

  20. Sohail says:

    now it seems that Samsung is working in new deigns as styles... and will be making its own effort not copying apple