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  1. Rawend Hattab says:

    not find many mix match with any phone right now by any brand; either it is not like iphone and nor samsung galaxy phones. A whole new taste given by lg to the new g5 models

  2. Shiju says:

    Hai u number please

  3. Malik Mahmoud says:

    i love the style

  4. Mark Martinez says:

    At the same time they launch note 4 the next edge version is arrived, alike that is happen with the Sasmung S6, as before the S5 got some poor hardware experience but not they do a same mistake this time.

  5. Salma Bana says:

    High battery and a high resolution in a smartphone is just amazing so if you are looking to have some good quality smartphone buy Samsung it will show you all the necessary stuff.

  6. Saleha Anuar says:

    hit next year the markets and may be they totally change the design because now amazingly the galaxy devices got a new look.. Look at the galaxy s8

  7. Mahmoud Hanafi says:

    A few words about the connector microUSB new technology they going to use in Samsung galaxy s7, which is a liberal part of mankind previously obvious to send to the argument and waits USB Type C. For myself, I'm worn out pull a second cable, continually overlooking, and so few Smartphones I have charged only at homame, where there is such cables that is another important thing.

  8. Fahdi Ali says:

    Perhaps the only negative is the battery ...Great phone with a bunch of applications for a photo snap! you enjoy taking pictures! and come across such moments you're sorry that there is a device with excellent optics.

  9. Ibraheem Alasmr says:

    this phone is awesome except the design that is similar to before models,sorry

  10. Abo Rayan says:

    I like apple iOS updates but they need to give nice notification screen and methods to make it even more better and user friendly

  11. Fata El Hazine says:

    4k results is actually awesome in iphone the best in quality and even the colors are real

  12. Manaf K Ivey says:

    ven though theres plenty of room right now on this big phablet and they are adapt many things from nexus 6 even with the style but a whole new material and unique body make it look more elegant and far more different in the outer look compare to the google nexus 6p

  13. Abdin Zainul says:

    Both are good and no matter with the size if there is something new in Smartphone era, I must try this phone.

  14. Umair says:


  15. Khairi Alwerfalli says:

    The Smartphone is really telling the stories of the new journey started by the saony in a direction on which they would become more and more successful.

  16. AmEn Insomniac says:

    nice combination of battery and features with such a good characteristics but the phone style is not comfortable for long handling

  17. Mohamed Khalouf says:

    I expect lot more than this as they are offering in the new phone

  18. Lorena Gonzalez Garcia says:

    this Smartphone readio features support for international edition carriers for UAE and Middle East other carriers

  19. Anwar Abuawad says:

    bead-blasted aluminium is more good well that is not equipped on this mobile phone. Next gen series of s series is more nice either the iphone 6 price need to be decrease now

  20. Mirza Zafarullah Zafar says:

    It is a smartphone that is loaded with many new and intresting stuff and would make you feel like you have done a correct use of your money