Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Norhan Ali says:

    Apple as well recruits high end devices and biometrics business who have wound up on its latest wearable device team so I think the price should be high as like other

  2. Mahna Rahsed says:

    specification i see is bit more enhance now with the previous model. 320 x 320 pixel and display size of the screen is 1.6 inches

  3. Salah Salm says:

    You are right my friend i also saw a couple of comments regarding this.

  4. Heider Jabbar says:

    xperia phones compact range has also the same configuration in 2014 but not gonna make such sale. Just take a look on these phones specification even there is nice combination of the chipset and amount of such ram offering more accurate and fast processing afterall

  5. Yasir Hashmi says:

    Ultra versions are good but too much costly

  6. Harman says:

    If you only purchased, or just want to do it - do not rush to update the smartphone to android 4.4.2.The fact that the memory card for many applications becomes a "read-only" and very programs.will not be able to work with the files on a flash drive

  7. Manal Al-khalidi says:

    yes iPhone offering more real colors than other phones in their snaps.

  8. Waheeb Mehboob says:

    The huge sizes now, Google-powered advancements is one of the most huge size devices around; other rival Phablets

  9. Frhab Kobani Frhad Kobani says:

    Revolutionary laptop not just revolutionary laptop also a tablet that is best give you natural feeling

  10. Asmar Ali says:

    yes g3 is best one but not capable to give you best camera features and slow mo as apple iphone 6 plus is capable of

  11. Saly Elsaba says:

    I prefer the look of the other nexus, Samsung note and Huawei mate. Motorola phones as well look kind of bulky but they are awesome in performance. The lack of Bezels is awesome even tough.

  12. Fatima Zohra says:

    The camera is of 13 megapixel and works according to what i want. I love the camera result. The front camera is also very fine and good to take selfies.

  13. Abed Itani says:

    is fit mobile phone to compete with the apple phones with the good built. But not I give it full marks with the s pen which is same in size even the height is reduce but still little bit bulky pens

  14. Hamada Zara says:

    is the latest gadget Android device from the same company fully focusing on design and glass-metal powerhouse by means of one of the stunning cameras

  15. Samir Beiruti says:

    With just aheating problem the image of this phone is getting down, Else the phone is wonderful.

  16. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    to be honest this phone has so nice price point and still I said a best value because it has good ram, camera and front snapper need just more work

  17. Hoyam Altayeb says:

    Technically, the smartphone does not differ from the original model

  18. Mohamed Albhohayti says:

    no camera feature that going to disheart you this time with the galaxy phone.. All the brilliant things on their phones and samsung galaxy s7 is here with all top notch things on it

  19. Salwan says:

    fantastic screen and improved ergonomics in lg g2. feature and design and good value for money. no matter how you use this laptop because each view angle is best

  20. Shubham Verma says:

    This smartphone is good but when I play games it gets heated at the back and this is annoying because you would have to stop playing.