Find HTC Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Almistarehi Mohammad says:

    the screen is both are among the best devices and it seems the iPhone 6 is the best LCD that have proven

  2. Yousif Alshamery says:

    This one is much be better as there is 4K video and 12MP camera on this one but still some how they manage with the sale ratio

  3. Khaled Abomorad says:

    It do keep hold of a fake leather-like rear plate, other than at least there is a lake of the unwanted edging around the edges.

  4. Halil Mermer says:

    Edge software is just same as they bit improve and create some shortcuts functions for the users of the new s7 edge phones

  5. Omar Alnuaimi says:

    bring a great accuracy plus the extreme level of features expecting from the samsung galaxy s8 kind of phones.

  6. G Muheeuddin Jatoi says:

    They say that the glass covering the display, often poorly adheres to the metal frame. In my case it is true.

  7. Dhwani says:

    i think Blackberry should be the price of BlackBerry Z30 to low get back into the market. i think it would be around 250 US dollars or AED 1000 in UAE.

  8. Oguz Gul says:

    so what is the killer feature they are offering to amazed us in samsung note 6 line up: where as I know more phones like note 6 edge, note 6 plus and may be active line up is on the way alongside with this phablet in 2016

  9. Asif Jagha Gujjar says:

    The front camera is of 8 megapixels which means that selfies would be like never before you have taken.

  10. Boulaich Abd Rahman says:

    The screen high resol get a boost ahead to the Samsung S5 last model and the smaller screen now contains display like Note

  11. Syed Mateen says:

    The 6S iPhone plus has 401 pixels per inch but I prefer iPhone 6s small phone which has 326 pixels per inch but looks more crisp display

  12. Walid Regaya says:

    more than enough power on this apple SE phone and has right now even perfect potential to relieved best device in future to us

  13. Karo Karo says:

    z3 is good but not screen resolution of this smartphone is high enough

  14. Waqas Viki says:

    the phone look neet and clever with the following chipset and RAM is not too much low as the screen resolution are acceptable in such prices

  15. Maram Marmar says:

    oneplus one uae free shipment available?

  16. Mian Shabir says:

    The Smartphone is packed and loaded with the 2.7 GHz and good for only those who are willing to work in a fast speed and they can run thier smartphone without any problem.

  17. Abdo Ali says:

    yes nice impressive premium design but not the sport watches looks good as compare to the elegant stainless editions apple watch

  18. Jirari Youssef says:

    has mounted a camera terminal with 8 Megapixel sensor and optical stabilization thanks to a system that moves the lens

  19. Debby says:

    it is a nice phone right but still need to upgrade the softwear

  20. Hamada Beboo says:

    Fast Meets Even Faster yest that is correct because the edge now arrive with two edges screens and the amazing level of hardware