Find HP Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Almasafir Bahameesh says:

    need some of the older accessories of the lg nexus so can you give any detail to me so can i look to buy

  2. Amodi Tima says:

    rather boring previously but after giving the extra curve screen combination that all become really remarkable. looks like older device as samsugn s3 phone is because when it comes there is all prettier things on the phone

  3. Akshatha Shetty says:

    A7 CPU and M7 GPU these two are not just a different names as well the performance is totally different and unique for the users

  4. Zeeshan says:

    not this phone is just bulky also too hard to hold it with one hand

  5. Naciima Waasuge says:

    also the marshmallow has new notification top bar as well as some features in future going to updated to work alike the iOS to consume battery life more lower as compare to previous consumption

  6. Bilal Ahmed Khan says:

    As you can see that it is using a Quad-core 1.7 GHz of processor but at the same time you can see that Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 is also being used which means a slower smartphone.

  7. Usama Alrody says:

    USB 3.1 or an older standard or the standard of their USB is something remain same as in the iphone 5s phone

  8. Mandeep Singh says:

    4GB of RAM and Exynos 7420 chipset combination is extreme for their phones such hardware. not much sure that how good and beneficial is Built-in (Qi, Powermat) wireless charging on note 5 samsung

  9. Abdul Halim says:

    The is really wonderful. I recieve my mails and other message very soon but i dont know that what has happen to this company that the they have stopped producing the new and amazing smartphones.

  10. Sameera says:

    How Much NOKIA N1 Price And How To Oder ?

  11. Sarfraz says:

    hp elite x3 how mach pric sudi arab

  12. AmAbdulallah Aldosary says:

    besides a lot of things you may found even when you are using this decvices shutter speed is increased but not the feature that need to be highlighted

  13. Muftah Aborawe says:

    iPhone 6 become the eighth in its series and stand for the 5th generation smartphone design by Apple.

  14. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Phablet is really a bad word they are using because for now I seen that more than 6.8 inches mobile phone is coming… it is a kind of tablet actually is a tablet

  15. Om Maen Tawfeeq says:

    The opening of a fingerprint reader offering a lot of add-ons connected to Security.

  16. Anum Shahid says:

    what about GPU is there is or not??

  17. Taha Alazzawi says:

    no matter what is the design people love to buy the samsung devices because of their high end performance, display and also battery

  18. Mohamed Khattab says:

    not i say that this gadget has the most advance wearable tech

  19. Alzahir says:

    ascend G6 price tag looking to be set in mid rang phones... good one for me

  20. Guisser Amine says:

    what about the warranty. is there is 2 year warranty also for uae users