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  1. Saeed Asse says:

    not sure it might be an iphone 6se version that got all the new modifications with the connectivity; i do not expect with the iphone 7 to got new and different things on it because Apple do not do any experiments with their devices

  2. Gamal Basher Elnagar says:

    in the list of all 5-inch phone i think it is not much best because ppi is even low than the s5

  3. Liza Karahan says:

    in the line up this one become a leader because there is pocketable size and the useful features with the stylus

  4. Basseer says:

    camera, sound and video capturing features are enhanced as well? but the same non removable options for the phone

  5. Hamoda Bardan says:

    It is especially fast charging using USB power adapter that comes in the box while support for multiple wireless charging standards, it is preferable

  6. Ali Khairi says:

    also mini version of there devices will come after the end of this year may be the name of the device next one is iphone 6c or iphone 7

  7. Karim Alshikh says:

    In general,... because of what a nexus biggy one gives the impression of an empty sleaze. And I love the display of the phone which has perfect ppi

  8. Abdul Lateef says:

    user can do many things shortly buy pressing the screen and similar tips make you do it more easily. the power, portability and productivity all these things are remarkable than

  9. Jamil Alomoush says:

    If you hold the smartphone arms bent in front of the eyes, it creates a surround sound effect. The sound is quite good quality.

  10. Ahmed Elbasuoney says:

    new models iphone 6 and 6s arrive with beefed up internal hardware as well. and has new chipset, 4k video capturing feature and also 3d force technology

  11. Arwa Almuflehi says:

    The Google Nexus is a household name, many casual users say "Nexus" when they mean "Phablet Smartphone." It reached this status with consistent quality and measured updates, there are no leaps in most modest mobile phone features.

  12. Maymun says:

    a perfect tweeked design and a slightly wide screen gorgeous phone in many ways of its time..battery life can't be beat by any one..

  13. Alhazmy says:

    looks like they need to manage with their designs and built need to be little less thinner in the dimensions. So much easier if are made of metal like its rivals models like the galaxy s7.

  14. Ahmed Jaguar says:

    This year saying just one such Smartphone an economical model Blackberry Z3, an better version of which - Z3 LTE - still in the summer worked Canadians.

  15. Aditya says:

    any detail about apple iphone 6 official released date???

  16. Mohamed Elbanna says:

    how can i update my phone to KitKat 4.4.4... and applications of all google store than run smoothly on this phone or not

  17. Zienb El Amranni says:

    they are going so well with the ascend line up; every phone has something unique

  18. Taimoor Ahmad says:

    3 GB RAM that is best

  19. Yasir Jafar Elsanhoury says:

    The front surface of the two screens is formed as a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface which is resistant to scratches.

  20. Chaimae Rizek says:

    ahead of the lg g5 launch and both phones galaxy s7 and lg g5 are available with all best ergonomics in the market right now