Find HP Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ali Mahmod says:

    Once the 1st Samsung groped niche Smartphone Galaxy and after than Note, which are now flooded with competitors, including very serious.

  2. Ead Bassah says:

    Better a good plastic aluminum poor. I do not know if the aluminum of the iPhone 6 is bad, that bends I know.

  3. Naseeful Imran says:

    crazy backside really they change the whole thing; Ultra-Slim design and one of best in the premium quality phones

  4. Ahmed Oo Hussien says:

    I like the apple phones buttons that is on the edges very smoothly placed

  5. Arshi Hoda says:

    In general, smooth hull shape better suited to large screen, especially curved glass.

  6. Somesh Amine says:

    so cheap prices thank you for the comparison

  7. Mostafa Marzouk says:

    The battery in the UAE version is bit seems to be durable than the other I use and equal to 3000mAh.

  8. Yaser Rahsed says:

    goes official in uae?

  9. Rfat Al Obaido says:

    might beat all of the Smartphones in performance; future-protection issues may be as compare to some future phones like Xperia Z5 and LG G5 but not with the iPhone their is any competition of Android phones in manner of performance

  10. Fatmeh Ibrahim says:

    i love this kind of phones... available in low prices... but please souqmobi... give me prices for this phone so can i able to buy this phone from dubai

  11. Ahmed Alle says:

    Better Display with Less Bezels that is what everybody is expecting from the next galaxy device. well this is perfect time to make phone little curve that give good feel and viewing experience

  12. Sohier Mohamed says:

    is a fine device in manner of performance, taking photgraphs, but not a bit good battery

  13. Tarek Ghossainy says:

    OPPO N1 opens a range of innovative smartphones the company - then realized the turning mechanism of the camera and touch the back panelThe camera can be rotated by an angle greater than 180 degrees,

  14. Daniel Khorshed says:

    smart phone comming in 5.7 inches screen size and its has full hd resolution.. but not know what is CMDA version of this phone.. i like g3 series and it is much similar phone

  15. Shahjahan says:

    Please call me

  16. Naveed Akhtar says:


  17. Roaa Alomar says:

    a challenging one for the rivals models but other than that you can handle phone with one hand. More ram expected in future

  18. Mohamed Taib says:

    the z ultra is nice series that is slim and yes big.. I try this phone and play games and do some heavy work and it is fine phone

  19. Burk Cheema says:

    Both the devices squared off in a latest dropped test 6 and 6 plus and also as compete to latest other with the same material made phone galaxy s6 it is pretty similar results.

  20. Idris Basil says:

    In addition, thanks to iOS 9 finally have the opportunity to see what the app how much energy it consumes, and if the eater is not very necessary, remove it so that the battery is not wasted but the ipad pro comes with nice software running on the board now iOs new upgarded version