Find Hisense Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Haidar Majad says:

    still searching for the iron man edition of the s6 edge and as well s6 but not find the best price in united arab

  2. Nezar Alhalabe says:

    in all ways design, material and housing iPhone 6 plus is good; however with the battery this Phablet not got any interesting improvement.

  3. Khamis says:

    Hp slate 6 is a nice phone

  4. Serwan Ali Al Azzawy says:

    Of course, not gone away slot microSD. In the maximum configuration available 64 GB + memory card support up to 64GB.

  5. Rewan Maho says:

    In terms of storage, there is alway lack as they not make its cardslot removable and we need to transfer our all of data all the times. default capacity works fine no issuew with that

  6. Mado Alsaffi says:

    top level edges very surprising and come with lot of good features with display

  7. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    new droid maxx 2 is also coming may be with more high end features and great camera unit

  8. Faheem Rafeeq says:

    larger battery is an issue as it canmake users to get entertain for a long duration of time and I think those smartphones which do not have a larger battery they would be loseing their market.

  9. Hadraoui Aek says:

    immersive stunning screen and the P-OLED screen first use by LG in the flexible model

  10. Rebar Muhammed says:

    Unlike the Note 5, it has the new generation of Gorilla Glass, but this does not make the phone into a gadget indestructible

  11. Naiel Hamdan says:

    518 pixels per inch used in the note5 may be the same we will see in this one

  12. Abdalohab Mnesy says:

    The model is available for pre load ship since last year 2 months as like the 5S and appears to be not so much different than this phone

  13. Fatimah Tariq Khan says:

    I like it just because of its design and it name. I have a vast experience with the sony and I always want to buy sony smartphones they are of high quality.

  14. Mohsin says:

    yes i don't like its camera but there is no need of HD camera in such kind of tabs.. it is useful because it is much quick than before

  15. Aziz says:

    good phone bot no too much good in look and graphics

  16. Shah Qhurrum says:

    in black color it looks really great and also black and gold combination the skin really look elegant

  17. Mostafa Marzouk says:

    HTC like designs are nice just think that Apple employ the same design because it looks really nice in hands

  18. Sanjay Shankar says:

    You are right but tell me one think. The stuff which you are talking about happens once in a blue moon, not every day, but the hanging problems and other problems occurs all day long (constantly)..

  19. Altaf Aljaje says:

    ok the phone camera that is 13 mega pixels is a good included feature by LG.. and alsu 5.2 inches size of the phone is a good one of its own kind but the phone prices are still to high why?

  20. Mohamed Hassan says:

    The study showed Chipworks, chips for iPhone 6s produced simultaneously by both kind of contractors