Find Hisense Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Amine Tazi says:

    Usually all those fans who buys a smartphone Apple cares relatively little about the technical specifications and gives more importance to the experience of use.

  2. Farah Salah says:

    well i am surprised last time with the 4K and Full-HD and QHD what above than this is might be a mystery

  3. Mahajan says:

    So you have at least a rough idea dimensions OnePlus One.

  4. Mustafa Kemal Kaya says:

    Dual Upgraded to Android 5.1 Lollipo but what about the Marshamllow update on the xperia z5 will update soon ? Or is available for which carriers?

  5. Israr Ahmad says:

    I have q mobile noir quarto z4 I want to sale contact me 0557292092

  6. Tareq Bajelan says:

    z10 is just a lag of your money but not this phone is. i like this smartphone and have high speed and power

  7. Randa Yousef says:

    AMOLED display is not quite normal in the nexus shades very much low

  8. Tariq Alshaer says:

    The S6 Edge also incorporates a sensor for heart rate, a feature especially appreciated by lovers of the sport.

  9. Waqar Ali says:

    why using no camera phone.. I thing people want lte and video calling features from smart phones.. No one want to just make little browsing and play games.. For this high recommend machines are available in markets

  10. Abbas says:

    what is the price of samsung galaxy ace 3 in qtar.

  11. Saad Al-mostareeh says:

    I feel it in your pants pocket hard, but there are those who, on the contrary, says that such a delicacy much nicer.

  12. Aishath Eashal says:

    the fact that has a lot of technology later used in Android phones

  13. Kochar Haseeb says:

    the exynos. even the gpu is better on the note 4 with better higher resolution. But company claims it shoot perfectly in dim light. Whereas there is no OIS and darkness sometimes come anywherre in the pictures

  14. Qaiyoum says:

    steel frame and weighs is really good of this mobile. low-light conditions phone is capable to take good photos with hd hdr video feature i really like this phone

  15. Hasan Abdulhadi Salih says:

    whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 is beautiful, and I remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived also in ACTIVE model alike the previous series

  16. Ahmed Salim says:

    what about the OS information of this phone ?

  17. Aluni Wankhade says:

    is there is a8 chipset on this one?

  18. Zulqarnanjk says:

    Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB or 64 GB price are almost same.......

  19. Mostafa Talat says:

    So the Koreans and the also the LG brand mobile phones as we can nseen have little broken and different screens previously, now they also include the similar glasses

  20. Asim Yaseen says:

    Happy to test 1.1 amazing version for new smartphone users.