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  1. Azra Khan says:

    Calculator, voice recorder, radio - all of these programs are executed in the same graphic style as the rest of the interface.

  2. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    remarkable innovation may be next recognization is with the eye and another thing to give is the force 3d touch and view for the device.. which they are right now one step behind to apple

  3. Mazlum Adil Hussain says:

    nexus offering always 300-400dpi is the most you should aspire, as the graphic guild stayed in 300dpi. Qualcomm chipset of nexus 5x is low actually well watching high resolution videos may be not like note5

  4. Nawar Nawar Saleh says:

    lasts longer than a smartphone and as the apple Watch offers no option to sleep tracking and it is quite large and cumbersome to wear while sleeping

  5. Ahmad Al Abade says:

    All manufacturers try to use larger sensors and lenses brighter and anyone with basic knowledge in photography knows that this translates into higher dimensions.

  6. Ambreen Shah Ana says:

    The design concept is old but samsung is still working on it which is not appricated and it has to be change

  7. Layla Esho Denkha says:

    so now they tell us they still on the race with some nice updates over LG G series. after a long time we seen something different on their devices with the different tag and price point is even high but premium qualities of the lg v10.

  8. Abdul Azim says:

    all the best qualities of the previous phone are much improved in this one..material similar to that used in the Galaxy Note 2 previously a powerful chip, each core is more better

  9. Wahiba Hamoda says:

    this one is always better and much better than laptops and tablets.. actually i totally dislike tablets because they not include useful features... but surface pro are v. usefull and best

  10. Ilhom says:

    Assalomu alaikum! Where can I buy HP Stream 7 tablet? What about the price?

  11. Hasham Taher says:

    Nokia's best Android snmartphone.. But it is just nokia best not world bes. yet not good as I m expecting

  12. Ashraf Imad says:

    so the A8 chipset that Apple is used in the new iPhone 6 and now as a result of that something need to be come with the Samsung S6... CPU and graphics performance is all the time up as compare to Apple with Korean

  13. Yassin Sankare says:

    I like their graphics and the size is for now normal 5.1 inches with too high resolution may be for long last use this phone harmful for your eyes.

  14. Ahmad Al Slama says:

    As is see a demo of this model I say that the edge is a paradox as many more claimed I am on the same.

  15. Komal Ahmed says:

    There are few varients of apple which is liked by the people not all...but i say something else..that is people like only few models of samsung not all. but when it comes to apple all the models are appricated by the people

  16. Amr Ibrahem says:

    Latest update to the new cameras is they got 4K recording features where as iOS camera has 4K video recording feature now and also offering more crisp snaps and good saturation with the dim light which must got even better in iphone 7 which is a successor model typically ahead tom the 6s iphone family

  17. Farah Yaqoob says:

    Adreno 430 is so good and better for playing games because each and every game get the best graphics. simultaneously video recording features are well

  18. Salah Bm says:

    so they say apple copies them but the design is all similar to the new launch apple devices with same back design and placement of camera lens is even dissimilar

  19. Faheem says:

    What's the price of actual this??

  20. Yasir says:

    I love it actually :D