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  1. Tolga Guzel says:

    the plus size iphone 6s not mean everything enhanced just some features got different but the display and performing abilities has not big improvements. battery is more because of more room in the iphone 6s plus

  2. Versatile Principle says:

    Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors; and may be available in more colors adopt by samsung as they new green color and chocolate color

  3. Marwan says:

    have to say best of all time wearable compute tech

  4. Hammad Mohamad says:

    apple a8 chipset is good and more improve the performance of both CPU and GPU with 20 to 40 % that i realize

  5. Ahmad Fayiz says:

    The final effect can be more or less spectacular, depending on the subject

  6. Noor Hadad says:

    12MP camaera featuring 2160p resolution for video recording as compare to last one there is low resolution for recording. Who is saying the new one has no new features

  7. Sivan Kito says:

    Normally, Samsung integrate TouchWiz as its home user interface well that all is not precisely the edition that was capable to test the S5 or Alpha like phones so few more attractive changes have been arrived to create it even more

  8. Hakim says:

    after long time Nokia has launched awesome mobile.

  9. Iqbal Mugal says:

    This is quite slim and looks so beautiful. I like its design without the home button. The perfect design for me. :)

  10. Samar Tariq says:

    As we take a look on the way of the screen of this phone that curves into the framework offers a small pastille tablet feel like ipad air.

  11. Om Rana says:

    well the 5s is the best one of its time because of size and the performance with the hardness as well

  12. Sohail says:

    camera further offers stunning appearance photo... want more better phone so prices should be high... i really like combination of the prices set for this phone

  13. Mohammed Zia says:

    When it will launch in UAE??

  14. Abeer Alward says:

    cursed be the disappearance of the really functional covers i found there phone just look stylish and slim other than that not such high specs list

  15. Jahangger says:

    dual sim phones are good and usefull... but not know i like sony more than it

  16. Mohamad Zarour says:

    While Apple iPhone smartphones have historically been quite bare-bones in terms of software with iOS and hardware with premium quality so far, featuring just the essentials users need

  17. Hammam Alaqrabwe says:

    there is lack of somethings… include that you can not play games as in the grand prime and other phones by Samsung and Sony xperia z2 is still better

  18. Ahmed Abbasi says:

    best next gen phone… will be available in september now iphone 6.. Hope come in big screen size and have removable battery as well

  19. Md Tabraiz says: