Find Hisense Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmed Kilani says:

    The remarkably light structure and soft touch covering on the rear offering the Smartphone a excessive general sensation and feel in hands.

  2. Omid Rostim says:

    i use more than year the last edition of this family Grand 2 the phone has best dimension and features and also resolutions are great.. even the front camera and processor need to be improved because phone sometimes hang

  3. Amna Amna says:

    the sides are smooth and if they gonna make a budgeted phone with the similar design there is good option

  4. Abu Saleh Al-Fulani says:

    Nokia Lumia 720 or Xperia L?

  5. Ziad Obaidat says:

    honestly I think the note series is a fine phones because of good features but they are very very big phones

  6. Mamo Nour says:

    there is no of new cases by Spigen is available for this phone that looks awesome and nice for protection

  7. Ramandeep says:

    I need Samsung galaxy s801 please call me 0555155721

  8. Omed M. Saeed says:

    I think the graphics processor is not so much good. People are saying its good but according to me it is not working the way which i have thought.

  9. Islam Rafiyah says:

    The Smartphone is single carefully crafted, good-looking smartphone that is a slice on top of those plastic-bodied ones, other than more slim and shiny

  10. Yusuf Bedirhan says:

    many things are missing in the 4s and it does not make that sell which iphone 5s when it comes because it is brilliant

  11. Ahmed Yousef Bneeissa says:

    4.7-inch model won’t have the new tech.

  12. Abo Rayan says:

    i found one issue with that as the Messages are not coming via Whatsapp, increase issues more little bit...

  13. Cabdalla Yuusuf says:

    still after month it gives a perfect impression to people of wow the new nexus is in my hands and all the things are going perfect :) but one issue I found is with the brightness of the phone with the sunlight which is not so clear as I am thinking it has to be. not compare this phone to nexus 6p both are totally different devices with different display resolution and pixels.. even there is low dpi in google 5x nexus phone

  14. Maro Helmy says:

    But the stylus pen is not work alike the apple pencil there is need of work with that still

  15. Coco Azaan says:

    but the premium outer look has subtle development that go a long way in creation of it and making it more comfortable handier and improved ease-of-use while being handled ‘single-handedly’.

  16. King Obaida says:

    this is not good to make it just cheap and all the hardware has low quality

  17. Sandheep Wayanad says:

    A new kind of a smartphone is now avaiable in the market and People are appricating Samsung efforts as they has bought some new and amazing features in it.

  18. Abu Khaled says:

    this is also the prices of the M9 for abu dhabi,sharjah,muscat and is there is no shipment charges on all cities?

  19. Yaser Kobane says:

    it is an extra ordinary phone with some of the great things on it specially impressive camera and available to pre orders

  20. Shibu Siddiqui says:

    Everyone liked their phones, disadvantages compared with Android are the same: security (if invent and store the password by iCloud in a safe place)