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  1. Harem Muhamad says:

    all modern phones have the bit similar specs what is the big difference on the 2014 version tell me

  2. Sarah Mohamed says:

    admit the real reason of extend the camera unit which is actually Samsung, the latest Apple Smartphone is robust and not ever successful to curve through such pressure. Though, I texture such as that we should not feel content our devices no longer bend

  3. Khaldoun Ayaasreh says:

    should you can deliver this phone near Al Fahidi Fort how many days it will take?

  4. Azad Rashid says:

    a rounded design is actually looking more elegant than the rectangular shape phones like xperia and now also the size of the iphone is actually fit inside your hand meaning the size is still not so big and even more slim..

  5. Abdul Rehman says:

    what is the process to root the glaxy s4?

  6. King Obaida says:

    this is not good to make it just cheap and all the hardware has low quality

  7. Aljbour says:

    P9983 price in dubai are when available. i want to know all enough details about this blackberry innovative and best stylish phone. and why bb make phone that is wide spread in width.. it is too hard to take this kind of phones in pocket. Check out iphone 6 plus.. it is big phone but Apple just increase its height so peoples can easily take phone in pocket. Blackberry i know you make phone with name passport but it is too looking bad idea to increase its width.

  8. Irfan Ahad says:

    Inside are all carried out is also very solidly and carefully: cardboard insert with compartments enclosing a charger, micro-USB cable and headset

  9. Boudissa Mohamed Amine says:

    quietly a best device for those who think to enjoy all the benefits of apple ipad air in the mini size device with the same specs as the galaxy tab 2

  10. Jamir says:

    i am now UAE i need nokia n 1 where i found pls give location

  11. Mostafa Sharara says:

    Roller Jerry became quickly gain popularity in the network. Apple fans gloated (thanks to a solid aluminum iPhone 6s almost no bends) and fans of Android-smartphone stated that decided not to buy caressed reviewers device.

  12. Layan Allan says:

    It is obvious that prev the statement of Samsung Galaxy S6 left very little time and now the rumorshas been exposed the largest leak of information about the future Smartphone.

  13. Junaid Iqbal says:

    Oh!! Apple iPhone 6 is coming after success of Apple iPad air ... Hope it removes all the previous problems and issues and comes with unique design as always...

  14. Faattah Saleh says:

    each and every body love samsung because of note series. take Bright and Clear images before and now more bright images and clarity on images, perfect to shoot bright images with best camera.. also i like 3.7MP front-facing camera that includes F1.9 lense

  15. Amel Daoud says:

    camera is not what i am expect overall performance looking good and have all such as data transfet fast speed, wifi , dimension is good and weight is light

  16. Hussam Alabbasi says:

    images are clearer and sharper with the Camera of this mobile phoe but after updating my os i found some times with low light blury images

  17. Najwa Saleh says:

    now there is some news for the new version coming in 2016 for apple watch.. alongside with iPhone 7 we will see new watches coming with new bands and different shape as well

  18. Mido Ahmed says:

    there all devices are really nice for multimedia; because of high in demand now in middle east prices of predecessor are still bit low

  19. Mohammed Abdul Nayeem says:

    In different cases, press similar icon to unlock the App on one half of the screen so you can do more with the mult task options. On the other half, the user choose a 2nd well-matched Apps that required to display. It is of course likely to alter the height (or width in landscape mode) of ever app they want.

  20. Hamoodeh Alami says:

    I get recently my hands on the s7 edge and s7 both phones and I like edge more because it looks pretty a different thing in hands