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  1. Nore Manan says:

    Galaxy J5 has an impressive specs. The idea of a flash on the front makes great selfies in the dark. Admin can you please tell me about its battery timings and wifi speed.

  2. Saeed Fadl says:

    ROM features on the Nexus 5 got some new updates any one know that kindly share the information with me

  3. Eman Salama Salaam says:

    voice interface, search bar and alphabet scrubber that are something i am expecting with the new iOS update when they launch new iphone 6 also the keyboard features is bit changes and just alike now Android phones

  4. Haitham Amary says:

    The brightness is more compact and better panel z5, I do not obsess the screen resolutions in the valuation impact many aspects ... that used in the new iPhone is excellent, in my opinion only surpassed by Samsung

  5. Noor Ali says:

    mini version is still nice and enough for all kind of users you can play modern games, watch hd movies and do lot of browsing also multitasking

  6. Ahmed Yousef Bneeissa says:

    4.7-inch model won’t have the new tech.

  7. George Tomhe says:

    Korean’s heavy sknning of the latest Google operating system will be one of the best parts of the phone but there is might be some issues with that one that is why the new 5.1 is very far comes..

  8. Kalid Rb-g says:

    iPhone 6 Plus in conjunction with the new, eighth version of iOS, which we have dedicated a separate review

  9. Ahmed Barodi says:

    Phone turned out perfect! camera, hardware, screen, stylus, a lot of memory to 32GB a lot to me, does not mean a lot of little well, it means good so everything is fine!

  10. Sahr Alele says:

    expressed m y interest in purchasing a xperia z5 premium just because their is great camera display and the features with the video recording and filming

  11. Eslam Osama says:

    I say this because if you end up implanting it into a future iPhone 7 and the news people that revolutionized the market again

  12. Zamil Salama says:

    they now actually what is the innovativity and how to maintain their class. This is a winner phone in such phablet size however camera need to be improve in future

  13. Dustin Paceley says:

    higher density pixels are the best part always from the note edge. They are expanding its resolution and make it more identical for 4k display and usage of gear vr on the new note phones

  14. Liyaqat says:

    is this laptop capable to play high recommed games as well?? and what about battery life.

  15. Farah Al-Basha says:

    There is some issues with the buttons as the sleep and the wake button is not successful to give accurate result.

  16. Jahanzeb says:

    when it s prices are available ???

  17. Khurram says:


  18. Asanka says:

    they have 2 type of version. one for Note 4 & other for S6 & S6edge. S6 version is a upgrade one. it has usb power supply & Fan for remove the fogging. :) People it will work only with above mentioned mobiles only.

  19. Imran Mikrani says:

    I would like to check If you have Black Berry Q10 Black Qty 7Nos

  20. Ayub Khan says:

    It i comfertly handle bu one hand and for the big screen their is another varient of its family to entertain the big screen lover.