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  1. M Rami Tawakol says:

    Unlocking the smartphone is obviously the game, but especially the "private" mode, which allows the phone to hide certain content that is fly.

  2. Nazek Mostafa says:

    it is too much easy for us now to take this phone in our pockets and easily handle all of the operations with single hands. Also nice pair of accessories with this mobile phone I got

  3. Ahmed Gomaa says:

    I cover moto maxx and more this like phones slightly different

  4. Abdo Radwan says:

    this is a nice device but so big to use with the one hand.

  5. Aqsa Malik says:

    This is a low quality smartphone and the silicon chip is not good for doing any thing the Smartphone get slower so many times and thatís why people are getting fat up with it..

  6. Yawar J.$ says:

    it is not easily available in market, you have to work hard in market...

  7. Ravikumar says:

    how much in Omani rials?

  8. Anees Masood says:

    Starting with the GALAXY Alpha, Samsung has changed its approach to the design of smartphones to satisfy the request of the metal audience. However, this too loudly.

  9. Sobhy Kassem says:

    well there is a huge difference in between the application developers of android google app and apple applications.

  10. Salah Jaber says:

    identical beautiful body of the tablet not expected with the Nokia but it is all ok if there is an Android Operating System

  11. Alabadi says:

    New Galaxy A Series appeared on the store's of UAE different versions. It used to be that the market will be only 4 options, which is very interesting.

  12. †Rahul Saha says:

    According to the Rumors the A8 chipset is specially desgin just for this amazing Smartphone. People are saying that why they dont did any think for the battery.

  13. Tamars Farahteh says:

    Yes, many have noted the strange strip with LG logo under the screen, painted in bright colors.

  14. Fazi says:

    hi rewaj, if you have screen issue, then you should take samsung cell phone,

  15. Sajid Khan says:


  16. Yemen Saran says:

    the sleek design.The phone is made by Apple and apple make all phone in a same way first ... make phone more slim, and resolution and also make phone good in performance

  17. Reza Ahmid says:

    phone design is much alike to moto g ... and as compare both specs there is a big difference ... Yes it is a great mobilephone

  18. Safaa Elsnan says:

    similar features and spec as moto g packed with

  19. Syed Alee Azher says:

    It os containing a 2070 mAh of battery which neither large nor small so if you are a normal smartphone user so you would be loving this particular smartphone.

  20. Mores Kilarje says:

    please tell me in how many prices and colors this one is coming