Find GSmart Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Subash says:

    Sony Xperia Z will not suport Memory card if you are ok with internal memory then you can buy. if any problems come up sony will not give any support. they are selling mobile with know issue , shony phones are use and through product

  2. Mare Mohamed says:

    IPS Panel that is offering a perfect full color reproduction and also much better than before viewing angles on this Smartphone

  3. Harshit Dave says:

    Tell any phone which can charge it self in just 10 mins leave the rest..

  4. Alaeddine Ka says:

    yes there is need to improve the battery life or reduce the performance usage of the bluetooth that hurts really battery

  5. Mushtaq Saein says:

    why not nokia is using qhd like display on their phones. It is good and make the screen to look more pretty

  6. Farhan says:

    I need 6700 gold plz call me or text me on what's app. My mobile number is 0526475305 And what's app number is 0508749635

  7. Shahzad says:

    Where available

  8. Ahmed Mustafa says:

    Is there is sound problem in Nokia-105???

  9. Hasan Beshkar says:

    In automatic mode, when the external lighting conditions as screen brightness is increased, and (well it is necessary!) Decreases.

  10. Adnan Kobani says:

    all markets though now the prices of this phone is really great and I found it here :) AED 1999 is best price

  11. Musawi Hanan says:

    NFC, Fingerprint sensor and curved display that all are at its best. but 3000mAh battery is not something that i am expecting from this all are above note 4 except battery

  12. Ashfaq Ahmed says:

    Note II is great mobile...

  13. Faiza Nizamani says:

    And things will get better, you'll see) this is really better and is excellent. product sizes are seriously increasing now.

  14. Raneem Mohamed says:

    expected soon to be launch in the uae markets but 2GB + 16GB or the 3GB + 32GB model which xiaomi redmi note 3 prices are shown above?

  15. Slo Alyoussef says:

    perfect smartphone packed with Amazing screen with long life battery that is the much needed

  16. Riccardo Lemugang Dzimiri says:

    Either you have spent lot of time to check the hardware but it is so hard to compete the performance with the iOS structure mobile phone… well it is extremely fast phone

  17. Adnan Baledi says:

    a so much big but yes the bundle for incremental upgrades what peoples are expecting from them. To be continued with their best metallic body frames which impress me at all so much great

  18. Dania Renad says:

    The screen compared to Mate 7 seriously improved. Full HD resolution, protected by glass Gorilla Glass last generation.

  19. Amanj Faraj says:

    some of the clear differences and are the major things is the design and built quality but not the s pen is got much more improvements as before the same and same features but even Apple made iPencil looks good

  20. Syarief says:

    From Indonesia i'm wait for it.ASAP.