Find GSmart Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmed Alganabe says:

    looks modern enough for all of us the new google nexus 6p is but i think aimed is to give something different for young audience this time

  2. Dolly Magdy says:

    this phone is a real hero to me

  3. Muhayyam Altaf says:

    elegant black color iphone 6 prices are quite different and not available in large stock

  4. Hasan Rashed says:

    majority still prefer the big sizes phones

  5. EmMi BuTt says:

    Fast smartphones are loved by every one but a smartphone having fastest speed and a wonderful design it perfect.

  6. Yousef Ameen says:

    because they not change the design and style of the Smartphone people say that there is no new thing updated for this phone

  7. Abeer Abeer says:

    there are many reasons to pick this one ahead of iphone, huawei and new nexus devices. The main thing is the camera unit and capabilities of phone performance for multitasking

  8. Bilel Merzoukene says:

    with apple I all the time feel so luxurious. So as many of you and now all alongside with the 64-bit Architecture and IPS LCD Panel on the just 4.7 inches as previous display but got more improved

  9. Anwer Magsi says:

    That is really an interesting phone, that I really waiting for.

  10. Hannan Kobani says:

    great camera. And that's both handsets note 4 and iphone 6 plus i like.. but more i like iphone 6 if the prices are more come to low. not this phone having the richest specification ever also not the most slimmest phone in market. so why prices are so much

  11. Zarif says:

    Hi all, Whenever I connected my Galaxy Note 8.0 to my laptop , a red X makes its appearance on the battery but my tablet is charging ! (with low speed)... why?

  12. Ahmad Amru says:

    and for all those improvements i talk about the orignal phone it has to be low down yet there is a higher price point

  13. Mohd Faisal says:

    Iphone 6 plus silver white very very nice

  14. Hammad Yousef says:

    why not samsung jsut unveil one device with all features... dual version is i needed but prices are not found yet.. also mini version has two variant

  15. Lovely Reda says:

    there is some issue with the Bluetooth connectivity few possible solutions needed

  16. Wafa Murad says:

    . And home is not only in line nokia, but also among all windows phone and now this kind of phone smartphone in general, given the dominant position of the company

  17. Aleem says:

    what big things around that official with z3 xperia phone.. And what is the display now more than QHD also I found camera of this phone is similar as before

  18. Ibrar says:

    Nokia can not compete android or samsung.

  19. Ahmed Ubed says:

    not to worry now with the performance of this smart phone because the makers of this phone is the world top mobile manufacturing company

  20. Prense Ali says:

    and may be in future they unveil some of the phone with cheap plastic material and glass as well on somewhere with the same or bit more thick body. iphone 6c and more phones will be come